Adding Groups in your EarthLink WebMail

EarthLink WebMail is a great way to connect with loved ones, coworkers, and really anyone with an email address!  But sometimes you may find yourself wanting to contact an entire group of people (like relatives who are invited to a reunion), and it can get annoying to type everyone’s email address into each message you send.  This is why EarthLink provides “Groups.”  These are groupings of contacts that let you speedily send messages to the groups you want!  Here’s how you do it:


Once you are logged into to your email, click the “Create Mailing List” option.


Name your group. (For example, if you are creating a group of your relatives, you could call it “Family,” or “Work” if making a group of colleagues. NOTE: The group name can only include letters and numbers, so “My FR13ND$” would not be an accepted name (“My FRIENDS” would).


Click on the “Add People to Group” tab. Your current email contact list will appear, and you can check the box next to the names you would like to add to this group. When you are finished, click “done.”  Your group is now ready to be used!

3 thoughts on “Adding Groups in your EarthLink WebMail

  1. OK, so I have all these people in a group. If I want to email to all of them, do I have to check off each one, or can they be “batched” under one name or identifying list name?

  2. How do I select several names at one time from my address book all at one time and not having to do it individually? I am not referring to a group, as I might not want to send it to everyone in that group, just a few select individuals.


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