Data Ownership in the Cloud

Cloud hosting exists to make business operations smoother, not to hinder them. To be successful, business should evaluate potential Cloud provider’s ability to protect confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data. Business should understand what security controls are in place at the cloud provider and ask the cloud provider how these security controls map to their businesses’ regulatory obligations (HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27001/27002, PCI, SAS70 and SOX).

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Should I Click on This?

According to a 2009 study conducted by cNet News the average American spends approximately thirteen hours online each week. (Link) Most of our browsing is safe; opening an email, refreshing a website, and viewing search results. On the other hand, we know not to click on that link to help out an oppressed prince from a foreign country, the personal email from Bill Gates, or the chat invite from CuteBikerGal227.

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Hijacked Accounts Are on the Rise

Dramatic progress has been made in the last six months against spam sending botnets (virus infected machines, used to send spam). EarthLink has experienced a 40% reduction in overall spam volume and customer spam reports are at a 36 month low. But, spammers have not given up. We see evidence that spammers have stepped up distribution of malware in an attempt to build up the number of virus infected machines they control to send spam.
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2010 Spam Report

EarthLink is committed to protecting customers from email spam and viruses. We believe our partnerships with industry experts along with several proprietary technologies make a difference in our fight against spammers. Here are some interesting stats from 2010.
Earthlink systems:

• Detected that 90.6% of email sent to our customers contained email spam or a virus
• On average, stopped over 54,000 email spam and viruses infected messages from reaching customer mailboxes
• Identified 40% more virus infected spam messages in 2010 vs. 2009
• Received over 116 billion email messages during 2010, our systems detected over 104 billion contained email spam or viruses

Our systems stop roughly 1,000 email spam and virus messages for every message we missed and we will continue to work hard to stop even more spam and virus infected messages in 2011. If you receive a spam message and want to report it, follow these guidelines.