About this blog


I’m glad you’re here, so let me explain the purposes for this blog and how we can both make the best use of it. My name is John Foltz and I’m in charge of Web Mail at EarthLink, but I’m also the general “Email Guy” around here (which is the name you’ll see on my posts and comments). So most things email-related are fair game here, including spamBlocker, Address Book, etc., but with one exception. You won’t find much information here about how to use your own email software like Outlook Express or Eudora. You can find lots of information about those on our regular support site at http://support.earthlink.net.

What you will find here can be seen in the Category list on the left side of the main page. These include:

  • Bugs – information about bugs we know about and plan to fix, and possible workarounds in the meantime.
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, things that many users ask about, have trouble with, or get confused about. These come from your reports through the Feedback form in Web Mail (yes we do pay attention to those) and from call center reports, as well as from questions that are asked repeatedly on this blog.
  • Plans – things we plan to do over the next few months. Your feedback is essential to those plans.
  • Releases – information about changes in new releases when they come out.
  • Tips & Tricks – helpful hints about how to more effectively use Web Mail features. Good user suggestions will be added here.

My hope is that this site will stimulate discussion and comments, and help us continue to improve the products. I encourage you to comment here, as well as continue to use the Feedback form in Web Mail. That’s another valuable source of information for me. Before posting questions here, take a look at the FAQ and Bug sections as your question may already be answered. All posts have comments enabled except a few general ones like this one and the Ground Rules.

Most of what you see on this blog will be written by me. It isn’t filtered or reviewed by marketing, public relations, or anyone else at EarthLink. My interest is in providing the best email experience to you I possibly can. So I’m interested in hearing the straight scoop from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. In return, I’ll be totally honest with you, and I won’t avoid any prickly subject as long as it is related to the theme of this blog, and is information that I can publicly discuss. Sometimes what I write will be my opinion. Those opinions are mine and do not necessarily represent the opinion or position of EarthLink.

Please read the Ground Rules before posting comments or questions.

If you find problems with this blog site itself please report them. And let me know if you find that something I’ve done with the layout takes away from the usability of the site.

Enjoy the site, and please do participate.

Email Guy


Participation on this blog is welcomed, in fact essential. This blog allows me to interact with users about Web Mail and to help users with Web Mail problems that they have been unable to solve. Questions, comments, criticism and suggestions about Web Mail will be published if you follow the simple rules below. But comments and questions outside of the scope described here will be deleted.

  1. “Web Mail” means using the web site at webmail.earthlink.net to manage your email, and includes the features found there. This blog is limited to Web Mail topics only. Problems with your connection, your computer, your other email software, and your account probably won’t be published here.
  2. Please don’t try to use the comment feature for general support. I don’t check it daily, and I won’t have time to offer general support on common problems that our customer support staff is prepared to help you with right now. Most comments about things like “I can’t log in” will just be deleted.
  3. Before asking a question, please check the FAQ and try the Search feature on this blog. Your question has probably been answered before. If your question has been answered already, feel free to comment or elaborate or just say Great, Thanks, it works! But if you ask a question that is answered on the FAQ page already, it probably won’t be published. Also, if your question is too vague and I can’t understand it well enough to attempt to answer it, this isn’t a good forum for us to go back and forth, so it won’t be helpful for me to publish those.
  4. Use the Ask Email Guy section only to ask Web Mail questions, follow up to an earlier question, or add information about an earlier question. Otherwise, all comments should go either under the article they relate to, or in the Tell Us About It thread (including rhetorical questions where you really just want to make a statement). Stick to the topic of the article above your comment and put unrelated comments in the “Tell Us About It” section.
  5. No profanity or abusive language.
  6. Lastly, this blog isn’t the place for you to threaten to cancel your service unless we do what you want or because of something we did. Call Customer Service for that. Try to be civil and constructive here in this public forum, and it will get published.

Comments that follow these guidelines will be published, good, bad or ugly.

Thanks a lot for your participation.