EarthLink Web Hosting Tool “Announcer Pro” Lets you Control your Email Marketing

Businesses can often become so busy with day-to-day activities that it becomes harder and harder to set aside time for promotion.  Marketing takes time (and is incredibly necessary), but the business of, well, being in business often leaves too little time (a sadly counter-intuitive situation).  This is why many companies hire advertising services or agencies to handle everything from print work to the ever-important email marketing.  Sometimes this can be a smart choice, but often businesses would rather not spend the money, but hire outside firms out of what feels like necessity.  Well no more!  You don’t HAVE to give over control of your email promotions, because EarthLink Web Hosting has a tool called Announcer Pro.
This intuitive email marketing platform gives you back control.  Announcer Pro lets you create, send, and manage email campaigns with ease. The system is easy-to-use, and is designed to meet your email marketing needs, including
  • creative design
  • contact list management
  • scheduling
  • performance tracking
  • …and more!

With plans starting as low as $12.99/month, Announcer Pro offers unmatched value and flexibility for businesses of all sizes, so contact us now if you have questions and/or want to add it to your EarthLink Web Hosting service!

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