Creating a Domain Name That Spells Success

Picking a name sounds like a no-brainer. That is, until you consider that choosing the right (or wrong) name for your business domain can have a major influence on your brand equity and SEO results. What a shame it would be to choose a lame name.

Some advice on how to get it right.

Keep it short and sweet. Short domain names are easier to remember and simpler to share (especially by word of mouth). The general guideline: avoid domain names longer than 15 characters. With that said, it’s best to limit your domain name to one or two words. The easier it is to remember, the more it will be entered in search engines, leading to more site visitors and a higher SEO ranking.

Sound trustworthy. If you want to sound like a top-level operation, choose a top-notch top-level domain (TLD). Rule of thumb, .com is the most searched and most trusted by just about everyone…while TLDs such as .info, .cc, or .ws scream spam, as does injecting hyphens into a domain name.

Make it easy. Don’t make ‘em have to think twice. Make your domain a cinch to spell. That includes avoiding commonly misspelled words and intended misspellings (to be cute/cool). If your domain name contains a numeral, (e.g.,, it only makes sense to buy the domain name with the number spelled out as well (e.g., It may be an extra cost, but it covers you if someone types your domain incorrectly. Learn more about domain redirects here.

Factor in keywords. If you can make your domain name as brand centric as it is keyword rich, you’re golden. Your name should emote the qualities, strengths and unique value of your brand. And when you consider that Google, in particular, values keywords within domains for ranking purposes, you can see how key keyword integration can be. An easy-to-follow method if you’re going this route…take your chosen keyword and tack on another word to it for built-in SEO equity (e.g., Cablevision, Carmax, Cribcity, etc.).

Don’t be anti-social. Keep in mind the social media platforms that you are going to be marketing and conversing on. Do a quick search on Twitter, for example, to see if the name is taken and if you are able to modify it slightly to make it work for your brand as well as your domain.

Lock it in. Got a great name for your website? First, do a domain search to make sure it’s not already spoken for. If it’s fair game, you can make it yours by registering it with EarthLink. Lock it in now and no worries later.


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