Dial-Up Internet – How to Find a Local Dial Up Access Number to Connect With

Good news, dial-up users.

EarthLink has thousands of local dial-up access numbers you can use to connect to the Internet nationwide.

Maybe you are new to dial-up and need your first number? Maybe you want to see if there are other local numbers in your area with faster, more reliable connections? Mabye you’ll be traveling to another area and want to be able to connect without paying for Wi-Fi?

In each case, there’s the same quick 3-step solution.

Find a local dial up internet access number at EarthLink.

  1. Visit EarthLink’s Internet Access Numbers page.
  2. Enter the phone number for the location you want to connect from (such as your home phone, a relative’s phone, hotel, etc.).
  3. Make sure the Modem radio button is selected and click Find.

This will give you a list of dial-up numbers available in your area, the city and state for that number, and whether we think the number is a Local, Toll or Fixed-Fee call.* (I’m lucky enough to have 39 local EarthLink dial-up Internet numbers in my area.)

You may notice that some (or all) phone numbers have an asterisk at the end. This indicates the phone number supports v.92 dial-up modem compatibility.

V.92 is the standard for the most advanced dial-up modems; they offer faster connection times, faster downloads, faster uploads, greater reliability, and other benefits. So, if you have one of these v.92 dial up modems, try to select one of the v.92 dial up numbers from our list.

* Warning About Long-Distance Charges
We make every effort to list local numbers that you won’t be charged for by your phone company, but some of these numbers may result in significant long distance charges to you (it happened to me once – and thankfully only once – a long while ago, and it was not pleasant to get the bill). So we urge you to double-check with your phone company before you start using any new dial-up access number to make sure there won’t be any charges to you.

EarthLink Access Software
Of course, if you download and install our free dial-up access software called EarthLink Access Software, you’ll get a super-easy way to manage all your access numbers, plus EarthLink Accelerator and other benefits.

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