Email Marketing Results – How to Track Them with Announcer Pro

email marketing results chart in Announcer ProWant to grow your business or keep your current customer base engaged with email marketing? Then read on.

Several months ago, we posted about how to create and send your first marketing emails with Announcer Pro, an easy-to-use tool that’s built into the EarthLink Web Hosting Control panel.

Announcer Pro is included with all our EarthLink web hosting, ecommerce hosting, and professional website design and hosting plans. (The maximum number of contacts you can use, however, does vary by plan.)

After you’ve sent your first marketing email (using the 5 steps outlined in our previous post), you should get ready to monitor the results.

Today we’ll show you just what results and stats you can track with Announcer Pro.

How to View Your Email Marketing Results

  1. Sign in to your EarthLink Web Hosting Control Panel at
  2. Click on the Email tab and then the icon for Announcer Pro.
  3. On the Main Menu screen, you’ll see some results in the Activity section as well as the Latest Email Statistics section.
  4. Click on the View Results tab at the top of the page to go to the Delivery Results page.

Your Delivery Results Page

The Announcer Pro delivery results page is an easy-to-read overview of your marketing email. Here’s what you’ll see on the main part of the page:

  • A large pie chart showing the percentage of opened, unopened and bounced emails
  • Percentage of your emails that were successfully sent
  • Click rate percentage for your emails
  • Percentage of recipients that unsubscribed
  • Percentage of emails that were flagged as spam
  • Twitter click percentage
  • Facebook click percentage

In the left-side column, you’ll see an Email Summary with the email name, subject line, reply-to-email address, and date sent. You’ll also get links that allow you to dig deeper into the results of your email.

Click, for example, on Clicks: 40% (that was my click-rate on my last email test; so this number will vary by campaign) and you’ll see the URL or URLs that were clicked on in your email, and a list of names and email addresses of the recipients who clicked on your email.

At the bottom of the left column, you’ll have the option to download a detailed report as an HTML, CSV, or PDF file.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts. Let us know how you’re doing in the comments section below.

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