Email outage today

For several hours today (Jan. 29) users were unable to log into Web Mail or to POP using other email software. In Web Mail the attempt would result in either an “invalid domain” or an “invalid username” error.
This problem should be fixed now, and all users should be able to log in to their mailboxes again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “Email outage today

  1. I noticed in general that your webmail servers are slow. I’m on T1 line at work, and it still takes almost a minute for the webmail login screen to load. Other web sites that I browse load much faster, it doesn’t seem to be a problem on my end.

    I think it is on your end. We monitor it pretty closely and on broadband it shouldn’t take more than five seconds for actually logging in, and a fraction of that for the login page itself to load and for other tasks inside Web Mail. I’ve heard of this on work connections before, where some proxy or firewall or filter causes the slowness, sometimes specifically on sites with “mail” or “webmail” in the name, due to security filters on that local network. No matter where we test it from across the country, the login page typically comes up in about 1-2 seconds. You may want to ask your network administrator to check it.
    Email Guy
  2. I have noticed that Web Mail has been MUCH slower to get to than almost any other web site – not to mention the (more frequent than before) down time unable to connect to web mail.
    I must say that I have been dissatisfied with web mail for several weeks.

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