Faster Web Surfing and Searching? Use Tabs

Whether you’re a dial-up Internet user or someone with a super-fast high speed connection, we think a speed tip is always welcome.

So, here’s a quick tip for faster web surfing and searching: tabs.

Most of you are probably familiar with web browser tabs, because sometimes they open up on their own while you’re surfing around.

But you should try to get into the habit of opening them on purpose, especially when you are shopping or doing any kind of research.

For example, let’s say you are on your myEarthLink Start Page® or on and you want to find out what the best colleges in Boston are (because your daughter wants you to send her to school there, remember?).

So, you type best colleges in boston into the search field and get something like this:

How to search and surf faster using web browser tabs.

There’s a lot to read there, and you’re probably going to want to visit all or most of the web pages in the search results, to make sure you get all the information you need.

And the quickest, most efficient way to do this is – that’s right – to open each result in its own tab.

Simply hover your mouse over a link and right-click the mouse. You’ll get a pop-up menu that gives you several options. Look for the one that lets you open the link in a new tab.

  • Internet Explorer:  second option on the right-click menu will be Open in new tab.
  • Firefox: first right-click menu option will say Open Link in New Tab.
  • Chrome: first right-click menu option will say Open link in new tab.

(Using a Mac, you may need to click and hold until the menu comes up if you don’t have a right-click mouse.)

Simply go down the list of search results and right-click to open all the ones you are interested in in new tabs.

Why is that better? Here are my top three reasons:

  1. By the time you finish right-clicking on all the links and go back to read the first tab, the content should be loaded, even if you’re not on the fastest Internet connection.
  2. All the other web pages will be ready and waiting for you after you finish reading the first one.
  3. You won’t have to go back to and reload the search results every time you want to get to another site.

Comparison shopping this way is really simple because you can keep clicking back and forth on all the tabs to compare prices, shipping, and other details from site to site.

If you want to compare several sites that aren’t listed together with links you can right-click, simply open a new browser tab by pressing the Ctrl and T keys on your keyboard. This will open an empty tab window and you can type in the url for the site you want. Repeat with additional sites.

Hope that helps you surf the Internet a little faster and more efficiently.

Let us know how it works for you or if you have any of your own online speed tips

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