Faster YouTube Videos? Find Out How…

YouTube Feather Beta - for faster loading YouTube videosYouTube is a must-visit for music videos, comedy, news, family events, and much, much more.

But sometimes, unless you have the very fastest high-speed cable or DSL Internet  connection, the video pages can load slowly. Especially using a dial-up connection.

So, you may be happy to know that YouTube offers an alternate way to view its videos that’s optimized for speed.

Basically they strip away a lot of the extra features and other stuff that’s typically found around the videos and optimize the video to limit how much your browser needs to download.

YouTube calls this their Feather project (because it’s designed to make video pages more lightweight).

Although it’s been around for quite some time, Feather is still in Beta. YouTube considers it a “work in progress” and not a final product. So it may not work for every video.

If you want a faster YouTube experience and don’t mind missing some of the extra bells and whistles, visit the Feather Beta page and click the Join link.

After that, whenever you visit a video page that’s been optimized, you’ll see a blue box on the right side of the page that tells you you’re viewing a lightweight version of the video page. You can simply play the optimized video as usual, or click one of the links in the blue box to see the regular (non-optimized) video page Just this once or Permanently.

I have EarthLink DSL Internet service at home with a 1.5Mbps connection, so I don’t need YouTube Feather, but I have enjoyed the optimized videos and faster-loading pages.

We hope you enjoy a faster YouTube experience too. Let us know how it works out for you.

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