Google Shuttering Its Start Page – Time to Visit MyEarthLink

Over the years, search giant Google has either developed or acquired a vast array of products and services. Some, like YouTube, Google Maps, or Google Plus are very well known. Others, like One Pass, Wave or Knol… not so much.

iGoogle start page is closing down

When co-founder Larry Page took over as Google’s CEO last fall, he said he was going to pare down the company’s services to help Google focus on its core services, the ones that help the most people (and make the most money).

And he has done just that, closing down or combining 30 products.

This Tuesday, the Google Blog announced a new round of product closures.

Most will likely not be missed by our blog readers. Google Video was popular for a short time, but that was long ago, before it was dwarfed by YouTube.

The one service closure that is likely to affect the most people is the customizable Google start page, called iGoogle, that launched in 2005.

If you’re an iGoogle user, don’t panic. Google said you will have until November 1, 2013, to get ready for the closure.

So where should iGoogle start page users go?

How about EarthLink?

Most EarthLink dial-up , high-speed DSL, broadband cable Internet, and satellite Internet customers use as their customizable personal start page. If you’re one of our customers who has been using Google, now’s the perfect time to come back and see what you’ve been missing.

MyEarthLink features customizable news categories, weather, sports, stock quotes, email, movie showtimes, shopping, Google search, and much more.

If you’re not an EarthLink customer, you can bookmark and use the start page, but you can’t customize it. The MyEarthLink experience is much more robust for EarthLink Internet access members.

When it comes to personalized start pages, EarthLink has history on its side. In fact, EarthLink had an almost 10-year head start on Google. We launched our very first personalized Start Page way back in 1996.

We invite you to take a look at the MyEarthLink start page today. Go to

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