How can my other email software play nice with Web Mail?

This post is a variation on the “Where Did My Messages Go” article I published a while back, as it warrants publishing again. Also, in an upcoming release of Web Mail, a proactive explanation similar to this is going to be incorporated into the First Time User dialog that comes up the very first time you log in to Web Mail, to try and head off this confusion and make sure users understand it when they begin using Web Mail.

Note: everywhere below that I refer to Outlook or Outlook Express, that applies to any email software you have installed on your computer whether it is EarthLink Mailbox, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. They are all POP3 email clients and all work the same way.)

In the Web Mail Feedback mailbox (click the Feedback link inside Web Mail), one of the most common sources of questions continues to be users who get confused about the difference between Web Mail and other email software like Outlook Express or EarthLink Mailbox. The questions usually take the form of “Why were my messages deleted without my permission?” or “Why did my messages just disappear while I was using Web Mail?” and they often use much more aggressive language than that. These users are frustrated or angry because they don’t understand what happened. Then the next time they go into their other email software, their “lost” messages magically appear. Then we get another round of questions with the theme of “Why do my messages go to my Outlook Express, I want them to go to Web Mail?” or “How come I can get my messages in my Outlook at work but then I can’t see them when I’m at home?”
This article is going to answer all of those questions, and when we get them in the Feedback mailbox, I’m going to just refer the user to this article.

First I want to make two things crystal clear up front, because these questions are asked frequently:

  1. For any unique email address you have on EarthLink, there is only one mailbox. There is not a Web Mail mailbox and an Outlook Mailbox. There is one mailbox. It is a physical folder named Inbox on our server and it is where we deliver all of your new messages (except Known Spam and Suspect Email, which are just other folders). Both Web Mail and Outlook Express read from this same mailbox.
  2. I’ve investigated hundreds of user reports of lost messages, and I’ve not yet found a single case where EarthLink ever deleted a message from a user’s Inbox. It just doesn’t happen. So if you had messages in your Inbox that disappeared, the explanation is in this article. EarthLink will never intentionally delete any messages from any user’s Inbox. And barring some catastrophe that would probably affect thousands of users at once, it never happens accidently either.

So with that out of the way, let’s proceed with the full explanation of how things work.
When you check email using any email software running locally on your computer (like Outlook Express, EarthLink Mailbox, Thurderbird, etc.) that application checks the mailbox on our server for new messages, and then retrieves a copy of the messages from our server and puts them on your local computer hard drive to be viewed by your email software. And unless you have changed the default settings of your software, it then deletes the copies on our server for you automatically. This is what is meant by “retrieving” your mail. Most email applications do this automatically when they are run, and then continue to do so on timed intervals unless you shut them down. Once a message has been retrieved by your email software (Outlook etc.), the only copy of that message now lives inside that software, and cannot be viewed from any other computer, or from Web Mail, or in any other email software.
Web Mail on the other hand, is a way to view messages that are still on our servers, using only your web browser (hence the name Web Mail) and not requiring you to install any software. And Web Mail does not make any local copies of messages onto your computer, it only views messages that are on our server. So you can check Web Mail from multiple computers and see the exact same messages, plus any new ones that have arrived. If you only use Web Mail and never use other software to check email, the only way a message can ever be deleted from your Inbox is if you delete it yourself while using Web Mail. Otherwise we just leave all your messages in your Inbox for as long as you own the account.
You can summarize the difference like this:
WebMail – allows you to view and manage your messages inside your mailbox without ever taking them out of the mailbox. The mailbox lives on an EarthLink server, not on your computer.
Outlook Express and other POP software – removes all messages from your mailbox so that you can view and manage them on your own computer. But you can change the settings to also leave copies in the mailbox.
The two scenarios where users sometimes perceive that they have lost messages are:

  1. They use both Web Mail and some other software to check email, and the other software deletes the messages from our server, making the messages no longer accessible from Web Mail. In a surprising number of cases, the user doesn’t realize they are using other email software, they have it running automatically and just ignore it. Or they clicked an email link in a web page or document somewhere and that caused their computer to automatically open the “default” email program on that computer, and that software is set to just automatically download new messages. This is why we get reports that a user was working inside Web Mail, and all of sudden their messages just disappeared. That is because that other software just performed an automatic email check and deleted those messages. When we check the logs for that user, these cases are obvious. We see both Web Mail access to the mailbox and other software using POP access (what all other email software uses for EarthLink), occurring at about the same time.
  2. The user is checking email from multiple computers, and they see messages in Outlook Express on one computer, but then they can’t see them from the other computer, either using Web Mail or any other software. These scenarios are often at home vs. at work. Obviously the messages were retrieved and deleted by one computer and now can’t be retrieved by the other one.

So, how do you manage this? The solution is a setting that exists in all POP Mail software like Outlook Express and Earthlink Mailbox. That setting is usually called “Leave a copy of messages on server” or “Leave messages on the server”. It will be found in the Account settings in your email software. In Outlook Express, click Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced and check the box there. In EarthLink Mailbox click Tools / Settings / Accounts / Edit and check the box there. Once you have done this, that software will no longer remove any messages from the server, it will only retrieve copies of them. And those messages are then still accessible to Web Mail, and to other email software you may be running on that computer or another computer.
If you make this change, keep in mind you still have to delete messages sometimes to prevent your mailbox from filling up to its quota. You can do this in Web Mail, or you can occasionally do a manual delete from within your other software (most software allows this by right-clicking the message or selecting multiple messages before doing the right-click, and then selecting Delete). But now deletes won’t happen unknown to you and confuse you. My recommendation is that if you regularly use Web Mail, then you should set all other email software you use to leave messages on the server and only delete from within Web Mail. If you use other email software from multiple computers and you rarely use Web Mail, then let one computer be your master and only allow it to delete the messages from the server. Or always use Web Mail from other computers. Knowing how things work now, you can work out your own system for managing your messages on multiple computers.
My own preference is that I always use Web Mail exclusively, and I occasionally will start up Outlook just to retrieve and archive old messages when I approach my mailbox quota. What I give up by only using Web Mail is that I can’t work offline, but I’m always online anyway. I don’t need to review and compose my email while I’m on a plane.

Here’s one last tip about how you can use your POP software (Outlook Express) to archive messages occasionally. POP software can only see the Inbox folder on the server, and if you have created other folders in Web Mail to sort and store your messages on the server, those can’t be seen by Outlook Express or other POP software. So what you do is, in WebMail, move the messages to be archived into the Inbox, and then retrieve them with your other software and move them to the local folder you want them archived in. It is a little cumbersome, but you can move 200 messages at a time in Web Mail (go to Preferences / Web Mail options and set the messages-per-page up to 200). And in your Outlook Express, you can easily move the entire Inbox to another folder in a single action. So you can archive a few thousand messages from several folders in under 5 minutes not counting download time.

49 thoughts on “How can my other email software play nice with Web Mail?

  1. I have been reading a number of messages about the interaction between webmail and PC based email products like Outlook Express and other POP mail readers but almost all of those issues would go away and our PC based mail products would all behave as expected if only Earthlink would move to IMAP instead of sticking with POP. We could then use either Webmail or PC based products and see the exact same thing. Delete a message on Webmail, and it can be removed from the mailbox on all my PC based products. Today I am constantly having to delete the same message from Webmail, my home PC (which is always on and connected) and also from my work PC email client. the use of an IMAP mailbox would save me from having to do this.
    I use these PC based mailboxes because the clients are much easier to use and are far more flexible than a browser based client. One address book, instead of 3 or more, folders other than Inbox are available at all locations, I can choose to download messages that are not-read, etc.
    I know there are business reasons that Earthlink will be against the use of POP, but none of them are sufficient to ignore the benefits of IMAP. Having worked for a large email provider I’m aware of the administrative cost differences between managing a POP and IMAP service, and we pay plenty for webmail today to support the minor differences in the costs of an IMAP system…

  2. Hi! Is there a way to set Web Mail as the default Windows email program, so that when clicking on email contact links, Web Mail opens, rather than one of the default programs on the internet
    options drop-down list? I don’t use AOL, but that’s what opens, as it’s currentl the default. Can I add Web Mail to that list somehow? Thanks!

    Because Web Mail isn’t a program running on your computer, but is a web site displayed in your browser, the best you can do is set the mail default to open your browser and open the web mail login page. There is no way to have it automatically go the compose page and insert the address you clicked on.
    Email Guy
  3. I’ve read your article on WebMail & POP software as well as the comments — sorry if my questions were answered elsewhere but I’m not seeing them.
    First, will messages that have been diverted into the Known Spam folder on WebMail NOT go to my locally running email software when I retrieve messages?
    Second, I have just (tonight) changed the Known Spam settings such that those messages will be saved until I can look them over to be sure they are spam. I suddenly quit getting certain messages (forum notifications, etc.) that I used to get, and now I suspect they were sent to the Known Spam folder. Unbeknownst to me, it was set to the default, which of course meant those messages were getting deleted automatically.
    Is there any way to retroactively see those messages, or are they gone forever?
    Email has been a little funky since near the end of November (2008) when some sort of maintenance was being done on the server and I had no email for a day then sporadically for a day or two after that. I think messages got lost during that time.
    I hope this makes sense… and thanks very much for any ideas you have.

    POP email software can only access messages that are in the Inbox folder. Messages deleted from the Known Spam folder (automatically or manually) can not be recovered.
    Email Guy
  4. Thank you for writing this blog in plain understandable language that even I can follow. You have solved a problem for me that was very annoying but I could not understand what other sites were on about. Many. many thanks!

  5. If I read an email from my earthlink web mail, and dont delete it will it come up in my outlook as a new message or will it go to my old (read messages)
    Thank you,

    It will go to the Outlook Inbox as a new message.
    Email Guy
  6. I went into my Webmail tonight and every reply I made asked me if I wanted to add the name to my address book since I have my SPAM blocker set to high. These people are my regular contacts. After the third one asking me to add I went to my address book and Webmail told me I have no saved contacts. How can 250 contacts in my address book be missing?

    For a couple hours overnight the online address book was down for maintenance. All your contacts are fine and should appear now.
    Email Guy
  7. I had all my inbox e-mail deleted from webmail. I contacted Earthlink support. They thought I used a mail client like outlook express to download the files. I assured him that we never use any mail clients except for MacMail. We have preferences set on the Mac not to delete files from the server as we did have a similar problem with the Mac several years ago. While I was chatting with the technician, 1 new e-mail came in. I told him about this. A few minutes later that e-mail was also deleted. Only myself and my partner were here and we were both looking at my computer as we chatted with the technician. Is there any other information you can tell me about this? Is it possible a virus or some outside third party could be doing this without my knowledge. My sent messages were not affected and are still on the Webmail server. As I am typing this message, 4 more messages have been deleted from webmail and my inbox is empty. I changed the password to my account about 20 mintues ago just as a precaution.

    The logs do show that there were two POP clients checking your mailbox, and one of them is now failing with a bad password. Your other one is successfully checking and not deleting anything (as you described). Somewhere, on some computer, there is another email program running checking your mailbox, and it deleted your messages. It is still running at 3:30 EDT today, now, and still trying to check the mailbox at regular intervals but failing since you changed the password. It’s unlikely that this is a bad actor who has compromised your account (they wouldn’t just set the software to keep checking), and is more likely just another computer where you have input your account into email software. Look into that, and you’ll find the downloaded messages.
    Email Guy
  8. I’m sorry if it’s in here somewhere – I figure I’ve searched long enough to post a question 🙂
    Is there a way to get the messages I’ve SENT using Webmail to be copied/moved to my computer (I use Earthlink Mailbox)? The only way I can see is to move all of them to Webmail INBOX and then let Earthlink Mailbox download them (then I would have to move them to the SENT folder in Earthlink mailbox or otherwise ID them as e-mail that I’ve sent…).

    That’s basically correct. See this FAQ for more help.
    Email Guy
  9. I want to add new names to an existing mailing list. The WebMail Help only has info about creating a new list, or sending to, renaming or deleting an existing list. Thanks.

    Click on Address Book, scroll down to find the mailing list name in the contact list, and click on Edit to the right of it.
    Email Guy
  10. I am not ready to delete all my old messages on the server, but I would like to begin deleting new messages after 30 days. If I make this change in the tools menu, will it take affect with future messages or will it automatically delete everything over 30 days currently on the server? Thanks!

    I’m assuming you are asking about setting this in Outlook or some other email software you are running. Yes, when you turn that on it is going to delete all messages that are in your online Inbox (that appear in Web Mail Inbox) that are over 30 days old. To prevent this, simply move the messages to another folder in Web Mail, as the setting only removes messages from your Inbox. You can move an entire folder with a couple clicks by clicking on Folders on the left side of the page.
    Email Guy
  11. I am switching from totalaccess to earthlink web mail and want to move the email from my computer to the web mail. Is there a way to do that?

    No, there is no way to do it in bulk. You could forward every message back to yourself, I suppose, but that might be cumbersome. Once you have downloaded email to your computer there isn’t any way to put it back on the server.
    Email Guy
  12. Can I configure my Earthlink email acount/service to retrieve messages from some other account (non-Earthlink) via POP? I want the message from the other account to be included in my Earthlink inbox and by accessible via Webmail.

    You can’t do this in Web Mail. You can do it with EarthLink Mailbox software or with any other email software installed on your computer (like Outlook). Alternatively, you can set your remote mailbox to forward copies to your EarthLink mailbox, and then view them in Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  13. I have read your explanation of why and how emails disappear from an inbox. Neither scenario appears to apply. Twice in the past 4 months, my entire inbox was deleted for reasons that I do not understand. In both of these instances it occurred on my home computer after the last access was on my home computer. It happened today after I got a message in a little popup box in the lower right corner of the screen that I had received an email, then another telling me that I had 3 emails. I clicked on the Web Mail link at the top of the earthlink home page and it reflected that I had zero messages, when I had had over one hundred. I access my email one of two ways: from that link and from a bookmark of that link. This is the only email program that I knowingly use for my earthlink address. I do access the internal email from my employer on my home computer. However, they are in no way related, as far as I know, and messages to one never appear in the other. Please help me figure out what I did wrong!!! I’m guessing that they cannot be retrieved and I do not want this to happen again. Thank you.

    That “little popup box” you describe came from your other email software, as Web Mail doesn’t do that. So the messages went into the software that produced that popup. They will still be there, they aren’t lost.
    Check your Start menu for any installed email program. Before you open it up, I’d suggest you put your computer offline, to avoid doing the same thing again. Open the program and look for the missing messages. Then go into the account settings and set it to leave messages on the server, so the problem never happens again. Or, if you never intend to use it, just uninstall it. Then you can’t accidentally run it and have it retrieve your messages.
    I checked your mailbox logs and just today you ran that other email software and it retrieved and deleted 163 messages. This happened at
    Feb 14 12:22:07 EST
    That’s where the messages will be found.
    Email Guy
  14. I usually check my e-mail messages in Webmail first because it’s quicker than waiting for them to download into my Earthlink Mailbox. Later, as my Webmail gets full, I dump them into my Mailbox. I have two questions here. 1) Some messages I can read fine in Webmail (from two people in particular) show up in my Earthlink Mailbox completely blank. How can I get the whole message to show up in Mailbox? 2) In Webmail I can’t use the e-mail groups I can use from the Address book in Earthlink Mailbox. How can I work around this? I have some fairly large (20-40 names) groups and it’s too tedius to type the names individually.

    1) I don’t know why the message isn’t displaying properly in Mailbox. If you can tell me what software the sender is using I’ll investigate it.
    2) The two address books are independent and there isn’t any way to sync the group associations between them. The groups are just associations you set up between contacts to display them all together or use as a mailing list. Unfortunately the sync feature only transfers contacts, not group associations. However, it is easy to set up groups in Web Mail. Just click Address Book, click Add Group, and then select the contacts you want in that group. Creating one with 20-40 members will take you about 2 minutes.
    Email Guy
  15. Hello Sir, All the FAQs and notes seem to be about receiving mail, not sending it. I spent quite a bit of time last night writing an old friend. It was a long enough letter that apparently Earthlink dropped my connection for lack of activity. Then when I pushed ‘send’ I was told that my mail may have been corrupted and not sent. It did disappear. This was sent mail, not recieved, so where did it go and is it recoverable? It was written on webmail.
    Thank you,

    Unfortunately, if you attempt to send a message in Web Mail when you are not connected, the message is usually lost since it only exists in the web page and isn’t saved. Sometimes you can use the Back button if you were disconnected since a new page couldn’t load, but that may fail too. We are working on an auto-save feature that will prevent your work from being lost this way.
    Email Guy
  16. I can’t get my time stamp to work. You mentioned something about blocking the time or whatever, but this is getting really annoying and it would be helpful if you could help explain just HOW my computer is not communicating with earthlink email to make the time stamp appropriate.

    First just make sure the time zone is set correctly on your computer. Not the time, the time zone. You can have the correct time setting and still have the zone wrong, which will cause incorrect time display in Web Mail.
    We are aware of a bug where if you log into My Account first, and then you come into Web Mail (which won’t make you log in again) then Web Mail won’t get your correct timezone, since we do that only on the login page. Try logging out of Web Mail and back in.
    If that isn’t the case, then the only thing I know of that could interfere with Web Mail obtaining the correct time zone, would be some security software running on your computer blocking the javascript from working in your browser. Temporarily turn off whatever web security software you are using while accessing Web Mail, to try and narrow down the cause.
    Email Guy
  17. Earthlink hosts my family domain ( and family members routinely POP to email accounts I set up there.
    Today one of them tried to use Earthlink webmail, but it didn’t accept the ID ( or the password – it wouldn’t say which.
    I’m pretty certain he used the correct password but he couldn’t get into it.
    Please help. Thanx.

    Hosted domains use Web Mail at “” not at
    When he tried to log in to the wrong site, an error message with that correct link would have appeared. If he used the right site and it failed, then the credentials were just typed in wrong.
    Email Guy
  18. Hi! I am in the process of switching over from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. I am a Novice computer owner, but trying to learn! I need explicit directions on how to Import my Web Mail messages and address book to Firefox. Thank you!

    You don’t have to do anything. Just use Firefox and go to
    All of your messages, preferences, and contacts are stored on the server, not on your computer, and you will see exactly the same data from any computer and using any browser.
    Email Guy
  19. Hello. The ‘other’ (personal) computer is currently in ‘trying to retrieve data after crash’ mode so have been exclusively using WebMail on the work computer. One feature I acutely miss from TotalAccess is the ability to INSERT an image into the body portion of the email itself, rather than forced to send along as a clunky attachment. Will this feature ever be offered/configured? Thanks for your help.

    Yes, that feature is coming soon (within a couple of months if all goes well).
    Email Guy
  20. Nov 9th about 130am was using internet to find a clock repair shop and sent a tried to contact one of these shops from within their web site. I was asked to log in and did so and then sent my question. It appears that when I did that it activated Outlook Express which I have not used on my laptop… or if I have it is very rare. I then noticed that my Webmailbox inbox was deleted. I am not sure what settings to use to prevent this from happening if this is what did happen. I tried to open outlook express and there were no messages in outlook and no address book. I have not used Outlook because I was aware that my messages would be transferred to Outlook but I guess by using a contact section of a web site …. outlook is automatically activated…. any suggestions on how to prevent this or prevent losing my email from webmail when I do this…

    Your operating system has a setting for the “default email program” and it will open that when you click an email link. To prevent Outlook Express from downloading your messages accidentally, change the settings under Tools / Options and uncheck the boxes in the Send/Receive section on the General tab. Any messages that were downloaded will still be present in that software. You can also change the setting to not delete messages from the server after they have been downloaded, under Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced.
    See the FAQ above for more help.
    Email Guy
  21. I’ve been a WebMail customer for many years now. I’ve also inadvertently sent my e-mail messages to Outlook enough times that I no longer panic at the sight of an empty Webmail inbox and have been very grateful for your advice on how to save copies onto the server. However, I have recently added Microsoft Office 2007 and find that the directions for Outlook 2007 are a little different. Here are the steps I used:
    1. Click on Tools
    2. Click on Account Settings
    3. Click on the e-mail account I want to save on WebMail
    4. Click on “Change . . . ”
    5. Click on More Settings
    6. Click on Internet E-mail Settings
    7. Click on Advanced
    8. Click on Leave a copy on the server . . .
    9. Make sure to save changes
    Unfortunately, I could only do this AFTER my e-mail messges had all been diverted to Outlook and removed from the server. FORTUNATELY, I thought this might happen, so I did this with one of my less frequently used e-mail accounts (I tried to use one of the nice, anonymous e-mail accounts but Outlook was too fast for me). How do I put these changes into place for my major e-mail inbox BEFORE Outlook downloads it so that messages are saved on the server, and viewed on both?
    I really appreciate this blog and have been able to solve lots of problems, and get a better understanding of how my computer “thinks,” from it. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    To keep your software from ever deleting email from the server, you would have to set that option while setting up the account in that software initially, or before you ever check email with it. There is also an option to not ever check your mailbox automatically, but to only do it on demand, in any email software including Outlook. That also can be set while entering the account in the software the first time.
    Email Guy
  22. Dear Email Guy,
    (2nd message) I haven’t received any new emails since 6/19/07.
    They are not in Outlook Express. I haven’t changed anything in Webmail that I know of. I know I should be getting some email. Obviously you can’t contact me by email, but I can see new messages in your Ask Email Guy blog.
    Any suggestions welcomed.

    One problem is that you have your account set to forward to itself, which puts all messages in a loop. Go to Web Mail, click Preferences, click Forwarding, and turn that off or remove it. It looks like you also have it set to forward to your address Remove them both.
    Also, the message are being deleted by Outlook Express or some other email software running on your computer. Most recently this occurred at Jun 24 01:50:46 EDT when it retrieved and deleted 37 messages. You will find those messages in that software. You account was last checked from that software at Jun 25 01:59:53 EDT so it is still going to remove your new messages when present. You may find this FAQ helpful.
    Email Guy

    Email Guy

  23. Ok, I read the “where did my email go” and now that I’ve made this mistake and copied the emails that were in the webmail to my outlook express before realizing I needed to check the “leave a copy on the server” box, can I put them back? Is there a restore feature or option available?

    The only way is to forward them back to yourself one at a time. There is no way to put the originals back.
    Email Guy
  24. Hello,
    Outlook does allow you to set and option to delete retrieved messages from the server after a set number of days.
    So, you can have the best of both worlds your messages in Outlook and in Web Mail for up to n days. Therefore, you can read and respond to messages in either location while being (reasonably) sure your Web Mail mailbox will not get full and do so without acting to delete the messages on the server.
    1. Select Tools / E-Mail Accounts / (if needed) View of Change Existing E-Mail Account
    2. Click on the desired e-mail account, then click the Next button
    3. Click the Change button
    4. In the Internet E-mail Settings dialog, click the Advanced tab
    5. On the Advanced tab, under Delivery, select Leave a copy of the message on the server
    6. If desired, click Remove from server after … days, then enter the desired number of days
    7. Click the OK button as needed to exit back to the application

    Yes, this and other advanced deletion strategies are available in most email programs. Generally, sophisticated users who use such settings (users like yourself who manually edit html in a comment box) don’t need the basic advice in this article. 🙂
    Thanks for the tip.
    Email Guy
  25. Hi email guy,
    I’ve read the FAQs and your articles about “where did my email go” a few times, and I hope I’m following the rules by asking for clarification. I’m not a technical person by nature, so sometimes it takes a few times…
    Here is my situation: I’m currently living abroad for a few months, so I cannot access my earthlink email via my Mail application that runs on my iMac at home. I am instead accessing my email using Webmail, and have been now for several weeks. Today, I logged in and noticed that where I used to have lots and lots (100+) emails in my webmail inbox, I know have only 8.
    Am I understanding your articles and explanations correctly if I assume that the “missing” emails from my webmail inbox are probably safe and sound and accessible to me via my Mail application when I get back home? If for some reason I needed to access one of those emails from a couple of weeks ago, how would I access it now on Webmail?
    Thank you! I’m sorry if this is a redundant issue — I’m just not sure I totally get it.

    Normally the only way that can happen is that either you on the computer you have with you, or someone at your home location, has run email software other than Web Mail and retrieved all your messages. Those messages would now be stored in that software and not viewable from any other computer.
    Email Guy
  26. Several months ago, I had a problem that was partially resolved. Suddenly, no new mail was visible or retrievable from either WebMail or Outlook. I could send test messages to myself and receive test messages from Earthlink tech support, but no other messages came through (medium security settings). After several days, a support agent suggested that I empty the blocked sender list (although nowhere near the published limit). Once I did this, new messages could once again be received (although the previous few days worth of messages were permanently “lost”).
    Question: Can I once again start to block offensive messages or spam? If so, will the same problem recur?

    Yes, the block list feature works correctly. It sounds like you inadvertently had a wildcard in there blocking the messages you thought you should be receiving. Note that when you use the Blocked Sender List, the spamBlocker summary email will list blocked messages for you, so that you know exactly what was blocked. You can turn that on in the spamBlocker settings.
    Email Guy
  27. Digi – Kenneth’s comment follows the simple rules for the blog, and his opinion is relevant whether I agree with him or not. Your comment on the other hand, borders on rudeness and I debated publishing it at all. I did so in order to make this point that opinions are not censored here.
    The things he describes are present in Web Mail so I didn’t quite understand his confusion. But I do try to make things clear and understandable on the blog.

  28. I don’t need a DOCTORAL THESIS for my email. Read your own letters. You use twice as many words as necessary. You speak of things and use vocabulary that I have no knowledge of.
    I will not read all your CRAP. Either give me a usable email (and I don’t need other appelations)
    or send me elsewhere.
    There are no boxes next to suspect messages and no drop down lists.
    All the things that your crew can imagine are unneeded and cannot be readily understood.
    All I need is a check-off box that says add this to my adderss book.
    If you cannot do this you may be more sucessful selling vacuum sweepers door to door.

  29. Robert – Outgoing email is timestamped correctly by us when you send messages using Web Mail. Incoming email carries a timestamp set by the sender, and the timezone is then adjusted by Web Mail for display to you, using the timezone set on your own computer. If the timezone is not displaying right for you, then Web Mail is not able to obtain timezone information from your computer. This could be due to security software you are running, blocking the javascript that gets this information.

  30. I would like to be able to set the time and date on my web mail account so that incoming,and outgoing e-mail carried an accurate time and date. Right now incoming e-mail is about three to four hours later in the time and date line than when it actually appears on my screen. This is true even for mail sent in my time zone (Pacific)
    I’d also like tio be able to set some sort of alert signal on the e-mail web mail paeg to alert me whenever a new e-mail is received.
    I have tried to contact tech support elsewhere with no luck so Im checking in here.
    Bob Hahn

  31. Turn off SPA for all accounts and you will be fine. That isn’t one of the settings. You should not change anything on the incoming mail settings from what you always used. You only had to change your outgoing server settings since you are now on a different network.

  32. I’ve just gotten satellite access to the net, through wildblue. I want to keep my dial-up Earthlink account for my long established email accounts. I use Outlook 6.
    I was able to receive all my Earthlink email via Outlook, but couldn’t send any Earthlink email. This morning I found this blog and using the settings you gave Katie above, changed one of my account settings. Hurray, now I can send email from that address. BUT… now I can’t receive email for that address. Sigh.
    for example: Earthlink address FRED is sending okay. Settings are incoming, outgoing Log on using SPA is checked, Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication is checked. Settings for that include the full email address & password. cannot receive emails, error message says “Unable to logon to the server using Secure Password Authentication. Account: ‘ Mail Account’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Server Response: ‘-ERR syntax error’, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC18”
    Earthlink address HARRY cannot send, but receives emails just fine. Settings are incoming, outgoing Log on using SPA is not checked, nor is Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication.
    If I can’t resolve this problem, there will be no point in my keeping my Earthlink account… If I can’t send & receive emails from them from my Outlook.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

  33. I normally use Earthlink MailBox but I’ve run into a problem. May be you can help. I sent a message with a large attachment that fails with attachment errors. OK. My fault. If I try to send or receive new messages that original starts sending again. It is relentless. I can cancel the message being sent but I can’t get or send new messages without that one starting to send again. It won’t give up. Web Mail is the only way I can send or receive messages. Any help would be appreciated. just tries to send me to some where else that I can’t seem to get to work because it wants my access number but I’m online via DSL. Thanks.

  34. Kate – Your browser is saving that, not Web Mail. If you uncheck the box, then Web Mail doesn’t save it any more. You have to clear the saved form entries in your browser settings. This question (and how to fix it) has been answered many times on this blog, most recently here.

  35. I allowed the program to “save” my login and now I want to get rid of that since it’s on a computer that isn’t my personal computer. I tried unchecking the “save my login” but that isn’t enough. what do I do?

  36. EMAIL GUY,
    I have a problem sending attachments. The receiveing party only receives part of the attachment. The attathmnets have been both Word doc. and photographs.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

  37. Katie – The correct settings for sending mail from any email software, including Outlook, are:

    • Outgoing server set to
    • Port for outgoing server set to 587
    • Authentication is required, and enter your full email address for the login, not just the username part.

    If you have these right, you can send email.

  38. Email Guy:
    I just recently decided to start using Outlook, rather than Webmail. So I now have it set up so I can check my emails through Outlook and that works fine. BUT I cannot send email from my outlook account. I can send emails if I log into Webmail and compose, but I want to exclusively use Outlook. What is the reason for this? Is it in my settings or something to do with my security setup? I would really appreciate your help.

  39. Al – Web Mail and Outlook are looking at the same mailbox. Outlook retrieves messages from the Inbox folder of your mailbox. Any messages you see in the Inbox folder in Web Mail, are the same ones retrieved by Outlook Express when it checks your messages. The only possible way Outlook would not retrieve those messages, is if it already did, and you have either moved or deleted the local copy of that specific message. Outlook remembers which messages it has downloaded and will retrieve a specific message only once.

  40. Ruth and Henry – I checked your account logs. You are receiving email every day, and it is being forwarded out to a verizon address per your setting. There is a setting under Preferences / Forwarding for keeping a copy of forwarded messages, so make sure that is turned on if you still want to check it in your EarthLink mailbox.
    Other than that, if anyone is sending email that is not being delivered, then the sender will get a bounce email telling them why. With that information, I could investigate it. If they don’t get a bounce, then the message was delivered to your mailbox. If you have spamBlocker on High, check the Suspect Email folder.

  41. For some reason, our earthlink email account is not letting in any new messages since 1/29/07. We are able to send out messages using webmail. However, when relatives sent back test message replies, none have been received.
    These email addresses are not in our spam list. We changed the security settings to review suspect email, so none would be automatically deleted.
    Relatives have spent numerous hours trying to debug this, as well as help reestablish an internet connection from the computer. We had been using a neighbor’s machine to access webmail, but stopped getting new email on 1/29/07.

  42. Tamara – I normally don’t help with Mailbox or other software here (you didn’t read the rules). But when uninstalling it you should not be losing any old mail, select the option to not remove it. Then the new installation can read it just fine.

  43. Thank you for your post. It explains a lot. My earthlink mailbox program has crashed three times in the last few months. Each time, the program has frozen and had to be uninstalled and re-installed, losing all my stored emails. Today, it crashed again, after receiving only 5 of the 10 emails, but apparently deleting all 10 from the server. I archived some emails the second time it crashed, but if I try to open the archived emails, the program freezes again. You have inspired me to use only web mail from now on, but do you have any insight as to why the earthlink mailbox program keeps failing?

  44. Fran – the address you were given is for cases of mail from a specific domain being blocked. They don’t block email addresses. That address would have been provided in the bounced message to your senders also, along with the reason for the bounce. Sometimes remote mail servers get blocked due to being on public blacklists for being infected with spam zombies or otherwise being compromised. So it is possible that senders from a particular domain are being blocked (and not just by us), but specific addresses sending to your account are not being blocked. If the sender can send a copy of the bounced message to that address, it can be investigated. Or I can check it if given the domain or the headers from a bounced message.
    UPDATE – I took a look at your account logs too, and I do see some incoming messages, but they are (or were) being forwarded out to a remote address per your settings. Make sure you have it set to leave a copy on EarthLink if you want to also view them here. I also see that you are checking the mailbox both from Web Mail and from other POP software. Make sure you aren’t deleting them with that other software.

  45. my mail is being blocked since 2pm yesterday afternoon. I have been to India and back finally they sent me an address to send to unblock a particular address the email was returned See below:
    this is the email address of the Server unblocker’s dept where they Block & unblock the email addresses.
    Please send an email to this address stating that the email address from whom U din’t recieve any email is NOT A SPAM.. & ask them to UNBLOCK that email address from the Server.
    They’ll give you a trouble Ticket number & WILL fix the issue within the next 24 hours.
    If not resolved.. you can always get back to us with the trouble ticket number othat we can take further action.
    Thanks & Regards..
    Tech Support Team
    Now after spending 3 hours I am still not receiving mail no spam no nothing and yes all the blockers I could find are off. But I can and do receive the same mail from another account different ISP so yes Earthlink is blocking my mail and yes I watched it pop in then leave so tell me what gives and who can I really talk to. I have customers sending me large attachements all the time this customer I have had for years. And several times my password was requested it is my understanding that that is a no no.

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