How do I insert a picture in the body of a message?

Users frequently ask for instructions to insert pictures inline in outgoing messages using Web Mail.
Web Mail is one convenient way to access your EarthLink email, but like many other Web Mail services (browser-accessed email) EarthLink Web Mail does not currently have a feature to insert pictures inline in outgoing messages. We will be adding the ability to do this in an upcoming release. Currently you can only attach pictures as files to be opened by the recipient. To add attachments to a message, click on Browse at the bottom of the compose window.
You can put pictures inline using most installed email software with your EarthLink account, including EarthLink Mailbox or Outlook Express. You can download EarthLink Mailbox software here, and get setup instructions for that and other email software here.
Like most other users, I look forward to having this feature added to Web Mail and I’m pushing to get it done as soon as we can.

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  1. I NEED to embed pictures in my email and had to set up another email address in gmail in order to do this. Earthlink is my primary email and I am getting very frustrated with this since this issue has been up on the board for three years and STILL nothing has been done about it. I am very seriously considering dropping Earthlink if I am still unable to embed pictures in my email within the next few months. If gmail (and others like hotmail) can do this then Earthlink needs to do this right away and stop putting it off.
    I would like to know exactly when I will be able to have this feature of embeding pictures into the body of my email.

  2. Frustrated. using webmail plus. cant insert images in e-mail. is this possible now. a simple way?I see people have been wanting this for years

  3. Why do forwarded messages with images not show up in the Earthlink Mailbox, if the attachment extension is .htm I’ve requested all senders to use html NOT plain text, but it doesn’t matter. Obviously the first sender had a live web page from which to pick the images, and the first receiver sees the images. When that receiver forwards- that’s where the disconnect comes in. Based on the subject line, I can usually go out to the web site and get the images so it is a live website. I can’t tell from the html code what the problem is – the web page is referenced correctly. What can be the problem?

  4. I agree with Barbara… has been to long…..the question of inserting pictures into the body of the e-mail…..has and is a feature everyone wants… again….why is web mail draging their feet and not addressed this issue. Another year or two of waiting??? She may be right to move away from Web Mail to something more modern.

  5. an easy solution is that one could ask another one with a pop up mail /out look express to insert the graphics and send it to the web mail address. once msg with graphics rcvd in webmail, from there it could be forwarded along with graphics in msg body (after whatever necessary deletion and addition one wish to make)

  6. It has been a year since the above comment was added… why hasn’t the ability to insert a picture into the body of an email (using Web Mail) been added? In the world of fast moving technology, trying to get this simple enhancement is slower than a snail. Guess it time to move away from Web Mail into something more modern.

  7. there’s an easy way to do it using – an internet clipboard. A small program allows you to select the whole image or part of it and paste it into your webmail same way you normally would paste it into Outlook or any other local application.

  8. Please do not delete any messages in my e-mail box using the self cleaning device.
    Rita McDonald

    No messages in your Inbox are ever deleted by EarthLink and there is no self-cleaning. The Trash folder, and the Suspect Email folder, have self-cleaning settings that you control in the Preferences, and they can be set to Never. They both default to 14 days (messages older than that are removed) but you can change that setting.
    Email Guy
  9. You can insert a picture into the body of the email message in Web Mail. All you have to do is select the Color and Graphics mode to place the picture. Open the picture as a jpeg in Internet Explorer, right click the picture in IE and copy it. Right click inside the body of the email message in Web Mail and select the paste option. The picture will be there. Also add the picture as an attachment. The only drawback of this feature is that it works only in the Color and graphics mode and if you use Internet Explorer.

    Well, sort of. When you do that you are actually pasting a snippet of HTML that subsequently retrieves the image from a remote web site at viewing time; the image is not really included in the email. The trick only works if 1) you use IE, and 2) you copy an image from a live web site and paste it, using the method you described.
    So the trick is very limited in how it can be used. It is limited to including a link to an image that is published somewhere on a live web site.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Email Guy
  10. When will they update the Signature section so you can use html and fonts/colors to make signatures? I do like the way webmail allows you to use colors and graphics; be great to have that on signatures..

  11. I’ve had recurring problems with graphics and webmail. If I receive an email that contains multiple graphics and I forward it, the next receiver is unable to view the graphics. They come up as place-holder boxes. Is this a known issue?

    See this FAQ. Use “as attachment” when forwarding.
    Email Guy

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