How to Get Your EarthLink Email on Your iPhone

iPhone Settings Icon: Add your EarthLink email account hereWhether you use EarthLink as your Internet service provider for high-speed access or dial-up Internet access, you get 8 email addresses with 100MB of storage space each, automatic spam and virus protection, and Web Mail for easy access from any online computer.

But if you have an iPhone and want to check your EarthLink email on the go with your phone, what do you do?

It’s actually very simple to set your iPhone’s built-in Mail app to check one or all of your EarthLink email accounts. Here’s how:

iPhone Settings for EarthLInk Email

1. Click the Settings icon (looks like gears, shown above)

2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Click Add Account… (below any other email accounts already on your phone)

4. Click Other (bottom of the screen)

5. Click Add Mail Account (top of the screen)

6. Enter your Name, Email (full EarthLink email address), Password, and a Description (such as “EarthLink Email” or “Primary EarthLink Email”)

7. Click Next (upper right) to verify your account and complete the setup automatically

Typically, that’s all there is to it. Your iPhone will automatically determine the rest of your settings. So, you should be ready to go. Repeat for any other EarthLink email addresses you want to add.

But if your iPhone can’t determine your settings automatically, you’ll need to do these extra steps manually:

1. Select the POP option on the Enter Your Account Information screen

2. Scroll past your name, email, and description (which you entered above) to the Incoming Mail Server section

3. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter:

• Host Name:
• User Name: your full email address
• Password: your EarthLink email password (remember, it’s case-sensitive)

4. Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter:

• Host Name:
• User Name: your full email address
• Password: your EarthLink email password (remember, it’s case-sensitive)

5. Click Save.

6. Click Yes if you see this message: Cannot Connect Using SSL – Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?

That’s it. Now enjoy your EarthLink email on your iPhone.

If you need any more information, see this iPhone email article in the EarthLink Support

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