Internet Acceptable Use Policies – Hold Your Employees Accountable!

Most organizations require employees to sign and acknowledge some form of “Internet Acceptable Use Policy,” and most employees comply once they sign. But what about those who don’t? Do you know who they are? The problem is most organizations have no way to ensure employees comply with the policy until it is far too late. A company today can be severely damaged, or even worse, put out of business if someone accidently discloses proprietary or confidential information. Losses can also include employee or customer personal information or more importantly customer credit card numbers. Barnes & Noble customer credit card information was compromised by hackers just this week! Attackers planted software on computers to capture customer credit card information when they swiped their cards to make a purchase.

So how do you ensure Internet use compliance? Easy: deploy web content filtering.

There are number of beneficial reasons to deploy web content filtering: malware prevention, increased security, legal liabilities, regulatory compliance reasons or simply to monitor employee use of the Internet. The growing use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter has enhanced the need for organizations to ensure that company policies are followed and to reinsure the company’s reputation is continually safeguarded.

The most important goal for implementing any web content filtering solution is reducing the risk browsing the Internet introduces. Having an effective web content filtering solution in place that aligns itself with your internet acceptable use policy will ensure that you are protected from a security and legal standpoint and will improve the productivity of your employees. Web content filtering is one of many features built into EarthLink’s Hosted Network Security product. Go ahead and Contact your EarthLink representative today to learn more.

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