Internet Explorer Gains Back Market Share

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser, has experienced some unexpected growth, as it gained back a little market share in March and April.

While Internet Explorer (IE) is still the United State’s most popular web browser, it has been seeing its usage shrink due to newcomers like Firefox and Google’s Chrome.  But, for reasons analysts can’t accurately explain, IE’s market share actually grew from 53.8  to 54.1% market share from February to April.  And, it seems Firefox was effected it saw its market share drop (though slightly) from 20.6 to 20.2%.

Oddly, Google’s Chrome browser also saw a rise: from 18.6 to 18.9 percent,  and Apple’s Safari browser saw usage drop from 5.1 to 4.8%.

When it comes to mobile browsing (on phones and tablets), recent statistics show the iPad is now above the iPhone, making up a whopping 33.7% of mobile web browser use (while the iPhone has only 27.4%).

Whatever your browser, make sure you have a good internet connection (EarthLink has great dial-up and high-speed internet options!) or your browser won’t be worth it anyway!

One thought on “Internet Explorer Gains Back Market Share

  1. It sounds good to say that internet explorer is back. I loved working in explorer but with other advanced versions, I felt bored. Hope it’s the same lovable with advanced versions.

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