IT Security – Should it Be Outsourced?

IT security is often a confusing area for small and medium businesses because, typically, only large companies can afford to deploy their own comprehensive security teams, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect information assets against ongoing attacks or compromise. Smaller and mid-size firms just don’t have the capital or resources to commit to a top notch security team, which is why many are starting to consider outsourcing. Here are the 3 things to think about when considering outsourcing your IT security needs…

Security experts at your fingertips

If your company cannot endure the cost of deploying your own security team, why not hire one? For the overhead cost of employing a single, well rounded security veteran you can outsource at the same cost or less, and have and entire team of experts at the helm. In today job market, good IT security experts are expensive and hard to find. Security firms hire experts that have worked in multiple industries and can reach out to other team members to deliver your security needs. Think of it as employing an entire army of security professionals that are already trained and educated in your industry, all for the overhead cost of one.

Focus on driving your business needs

Outsourcing IT security can help companies stay focused on driving their business. Keep building and expanding your business by concentrating on your core products and let the experts help maintain and manage information security. If your company makes furniture, make furniture and let someone else manage IT security.

Buy what you need and only what you need

With outsourcing you only pay for what you need. It’s like buying cable television. If you don’t watch the movie channels then why pay for them? If all you need is someone to manage your firewall and to keep the bad guys out, then why hire an expensive security expert or rely on other internal resources that “know enough about IT security to be dangerous?” Pay for a monthly service and be confident that you are receiving only the services you need. For smaller firms, this approach will allow you to scale IT security needs with your business. IT security outsourcing reduces operating expenses by eliminating the need to train security staff and the need to purchase and update dedicated equipment.

When deciding what security functions to outsource, consider any security service a managed IT security firm can provide better, and at a lower cost, than you can deliver internally. EarthLink’s offers a suite of managed security services, contact your EarthLink representative to learn more.



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