Keep your Company’s URL Protected

EarthLink has discussed getting your business online and how to choose the right URL for your business, but did you know your URL should be “protected”?  To find out what we mean, here are three tools that you can add to your EarthLink Web Hosting domain registration.

Domain Guard
When you spend the time to find the most appropriate URL for your company, you’re obviously going to spend time and effort making sure people will recognize it (so they visit).  But, other businesses can register similar domain names (either as an attempt to take business from you, or by mistake).  Either way this is a situation you want to avoid!  With Domain Guard, EarthLink alerts you when a similar domain name is registered, so you can respond (to protect your trademarks, copyrights, and branding efforts)!

Private Registration
When registering domains, your information (name, address, email address) is stored for anyone to look up (should they want to see who owns which URLs).  With EarthLink’s private registration, your personal information is not recorded, and you’re protected from unwanted solicitations and spam!

Domain Monitor
Did you settle for registering a “.biz” or similar URL instead of a “.com” because the domain you wanted was already owned, but not active?  EarthLink’s Domain Monitor alerts you when existing domain names become available, so you can register the URL(s) you really want!

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