Should Web Hosting Cover Your Current or Future Needs?

Getting a business online is a lot of work.  When starting a new venture, or deciding to give your business a new online presence, there can be so many Web Hosting options that choosing feels overwhelming.  How much storage space will you use?  How many email accounts will you want on your domain?  Should you select a web hosting plan that fits your current usage needs and upgrade later, or pick a plan you’ll grow into so you won’t have to go through the hassle of a future upgrade?

Solve this by answering an easy question: what stage is your business in?  Here are three scenarios that can cover most situations (if you want more info, email “” and we’ll help you out!):

1) Start-up business

Start-ups are focused on growth.  It can be tempting to try and cut costs when first launching your business, but the time and stress of upgrading a hosting plan soon after purchasing it may not be worth the cost savings.  If you plan on growing your business, why pick a plan that fits your current needs when you could select one that gives you the room to grow?

2) Established Business Getting Online for the First Time

If your business is already established, and you’re getting it online (to a better hosting provider or for the first time), chose a plan that fits your current size. Unless you’re going to add an online store or drastically alter your business structure, you probably know the breadth of the plan you’ll need.  It could still be useful to select a plan a step above what you think you’ll need (especially if you’re adding an online shopping cart), but you can be rest easy by selecting a plan that fits your current needs since your way(s) of doing business are solidified.

3) A Side Business or Other “Small” Website

Being a “small business” can be rewarding.  Either it’s a side business, jut for fun, or the online component of your business doesn’t need to be huge (though you do need an online presence, since it’s “required” by consumers in today’s economy).  If you’re this type of business, go ahead and pick a small plan.  If your business does grow, congratulate yourself and then upgrade, but if you know going into it that your web hosting needs will be conservative, there’s no need to chose a more in depth plan until you have to.

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