Show Up in Google Search Results with an eBusiness Card

Business cards are the traditional way to spread your name throughout the business world, but times are changing.  Printed business cards can only be useful in face-to-face environments, and they have zero connection to the source most people use to search for businesses: Google. Of course, you can put your URL on the card, but what if someone you spoke with remembers your name, but not your specific business website?  EarthLink is here to help!

Using EarthLink’s eBiz Card, you can easily show up in Google search results. Your “card” establishes a search engine presence centered around your name, which can generate relevant business inquiries. Generate more call and website traffic and make it easy for prospects to find, contact and buy from you!

Here’s how it works:

When a prospect uses google to search for your name, your “eBusiness card” appears as a sponsored link in the Google search results (just like the graphic above!).  They will see you at the top of the results, along with the message you include “on your card” (which is actually a powerful Google ad).  Your Google ad can include a brief description of your services as well as a link to your business website (need help getting a website?  Click here). You can also include your phone number to make it easy for prospects to call you.

Why would you not want to have a sponsored ad promoting yourself on Google?  Get your eBusines card today!  (You can also call us to find out more: 1-800-201-8615)

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