Do You Know The Keys To Creating A Strong Password?


A password unlocks a kingdom of information — yet people often make themselves vulnerable to cyber attack by using weak passwords.

To create better passwords, use these password safety tips:

  • Use at least 12 upper and lowercase letters, symbols and special characters
  • Make an acronym out of a memorable sentence: My 1st son was born at Atlanta Hospital at 2:30pm= M1swb@AH@2:30pm
  • Don’t use personal information easily found from a Google search or social media
  • Don’t store your passwords in a Word document or on paper
  • Use different passwords for each account
  • Never share your password
  • Avoid logging into accounts on public computers or unsecured WiFi

If you believe your password has been compromised, change your password right away. If you need help, contact EarthLink Support.

One thought on “Do You Know The Keys To Creating A Strong Password?

  1. Relative to using a different password for each site, a password manager should be recommended. Preferably one with a “Trust No One” mentality. LastPass being one of those. Only the encrypted “blob” (salted and hashed) is stored on the LastPass servers. This allows for use over multiple devices while still maintaining the tenets TNO

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