DSL Without a Phone Line? It’s Freestanding DSL!

DSL service without an active phone line - Freestanding DSL

DSL has been a popular choice for high-speed Internet access for many years. And EarthLink has been a leading provider of DSL Internet services since 1999, when we were the first ISP to offer consumer DSL service nationwide. So we really know a thing or two about DSL.

What do people like most about DSL? Primarily its value: DSL offers a great combination of high-speed Internet access and low monthly cost.

What don’t they like?

Well, the #1 issue that comes up turns out to be a mistaken idea: that you need an active home phone line to get DSL Internet service. That’s just not true anymore; at least not in many areas of the country.

You can now get DSL without phone service in your home.

DSL Internet service did traditionally require an active phone line. But for several years now, EarthLink has been offering a less well-known high-speed DSL service that you can get even if you’ve cancelled your home phone service. We call it Freestanding DSL (it is also sometimes called dry-loop DSL).

Before Freestanding DSL, if you wanted to get DSL you had to pay the local phone company to keep your line active, even if you didn’t use it.

So Freestanding DSL can save most people money (quite a lot, actually) by letting them cancel their home phone service and just go with a cell phone.

The average savings is almost $240 a year. Pretty nice, huh?

If you’ve already cut the cord and use your cell phone exclusively, Freestanding DSL gives you another great broadband Internet option, along with cable Internet.

The one caveat about freestanding or dry-loop DSL is that it’s not as widely available as regular DSL. Our regular DSL is available in most metropolitan areas nationwide.

Our Freestanding DSL is only in areas where Verizon is the local telephone company. If that’s true where you live, then you’re in luck.

You can easily check the availability of both kinds of DSL (and cable) by entering your home phone number (if you have one) and address on our High-Speed Internet access page.

If you do want freestanding DSL but your phone service is currently active, it’s typically best to cancel your phone service first, before placing the Freestanding DSL order.

You can find more information about installing freestanding DSL, including options to install it on a second phone line, by clicking the Learn More button on our Freestanding DSL page.