Happy Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful For

This isn’t going to be a long post. It’s Thanksgiving Day after all. Which means you’ve probably got lots to do. Hopefully you’re able to be with family and friends.

We just wanted to take a moment to express how thankful we are for you, our customers, on this day of thanks.

EarthLink has always been a customer-first company. And we put Customer Service Excellence first in our company’s Core Values & Beliefs.

Because what we do, we do for you.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from all of us at EarthLink!

And thanks again for choosing EarthLink.

Get What You Want from Customer Service

Contacting customer service is rarely a fun task, since it’s usually to solve a problem or issue that you can’t solve alone.  Recognizing that it can be nerve-wracking (“What if I don’t get the solution I need?” “What if they don’t understand what it is I need?”), this article outlines the three things needed to help you get the most out of contacting customer service.

1) Call the Right Number

Most companies have phone numbers for sales, and numbers for customer service.  Usually, the number on their home page is for sales, and they have a “contact us” or “support” page that lists their customer service line.  Using this line will save you the headache of being transferred once you do call.

2) Have a Specific Goal in Mind

Stating only your issue can make the situation confusing on both ends, so be sure to first state the goal, and then explain the back story of your issue.  If the first thing they hear (or read, if using email or chat) is the goal you want them to help you reach  (“I need to receive the order I purchased; receipt number: 12345″) instead of the issue you’re facing (“I saw this product online, so I went to buy it with my AMEX, but then I…”) they will have an easier time paying attention to the back story because they will know how it plays into the problem.  If you don’t present your goal first, customer service agents will be listening to details they assume help you reach your goal (“I went to buy it with my AMEX card”) but they may be incorrect and miss the actual issue (“I wasn’t home when it arrived, and I need it sent again”).

Support people assist customers all day…make it as simple as possible for them to help you reach your goal!

3) Walk Them Through It

If you’re on the phone, walk them through the situation in time order after you state your goal (“I visited www.___.com, and clicked on…” or “My order number is 12345, and I’m not seeing it when I track it online”).  If you’re text chatting or using email, do the same (HINT: making lists is a great way to make sure the agent is following along and to make sure you say everything you need to in order!).  If possible, screen shots (which we’ve talked about before!) are a great way to give examples of your situation.

4) Niceness Is Everything

If they’re not following along with you as much as you’d like, or there is a barrier to communication (language/accent/technical knowledge), being as nice and patient as possible is key.  Agents want to help you (it’s their job!), so be understanding and kind.  They may even be able to help you more than you’d hoped, but chances are they’ll only go that extra mile if you are polite.  (NOTE: This DOES go both ways!  If a customer service person is rude to you, feel free to politely ask for their manager.  If they decline, feel free to hang up and call again!)