Cloud Providers – Addressing Security Concerns

Cloud providers often get a bad rap; IT professionals sometimes see the cloud as an insecure means of having applications and data residing outside their own data centers. Security should absolutely be a concern whenever sensitive data is involved, and that concern can be heightened when considering cloud services that operate outside your corporate firewall.  EarthLink Business wants you to be assured that these concerns are all taken care of with our services, and give you questions to ask while considering any provider.

Companies have been outsourcing services and technology for years. Just because companies may give up some control to the hosting provider when moving to a cloud environment, it does not mean they have to compromise on security. By asking the simple questions below, your company can build a trusting relationship with the cloud provider you are considering working with.

  1. How is data encrypted when stored in the cloud infrastructure?
  2. What logical and physical access controls are in place?
  3. Is the cloud infrastructure fully redundant?
  4. How well are cloud applications protected?

Ask these questions so you can understand the complexity of where your data may live. Consider only moving a couple less critical applications to the Cloud first, so you can start building that trusting relationship with the Cloud provider before deciding to go all in.

Also to help, The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a set of guidelines to help you manage security in the cloud. Use these guidelines to help compile a list of requirement questions before selecting a Cloud provider:

  • Carefully plan the security and privacy aspects of cloud computing solutions before implementing them.
  • Understand the public cloud computing environment offered by the cloud provider.
  • Ensure that a cloud computing solution—both cloud resources and cloud-based applications—satisfy organizational security and privacy requirements.
  • Maintain accountability over the privacy and security of data and applications implemented and deployed in public cloud computing environments.

The benefits of Cloud computing can help you cut IT infrastructure costs, provide new services to customers and streamline business processes, so don’t hesitate to take advantage due to security concerns. Contact your EarthLink representative today and start asking the right questions!



Internet Hall of Fame – Who Made It In?

You may know that the National Baseball Hall of Fame is in Cooperstown, N.Y. The Basketball Hall of Fame is in Springfield, Massachusetts. And the Pro Football Hall of Fame  is in Canton, Ohio.

Internet Hall of FameBut what about the Internet Hall of Fame?

Yes, there is a brand new Internet Hall of Fame, and it’s, no surprisingly…on the Internet.

And just this past Monday the inaugural class of 33 Internet Hall of Fame inductees was announced.

“Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf, inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Linux operating system Linus Torvalds, and former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore (who never actually claimed to have invented the Internet) are four of the better known  Pioneers, Global Connectors, and Innovators inducted this year.

If you share our passion for the Internet, be sure to visit the Internet Hall of Fame website at, read an exclusive Wired interview with Vint Cerf, or check out the Internet Hall of Fame on Facebook.

Did You Know? The official Baseball Hall of Fame website at is powered by our own EarthLink Cloud Hosting service. Read a short case-study about why the Baseball Hall of Fame chose EarthLink Cloud services.