IT Security – Should it Be Outsourced?

IT security is often a confusing area for small and medium businesses because, typically, only large companies can afford to deploy their own comprehensive security teams, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect information assets against ongoing attacks or compromise. Smaller and mid-size firms just don’t have the capital or resources to commit to a top notch security team, which is why many are starting to consider outsourcing. Here are the 3 things to think about when considering outsourcing your IT security needs…

Security experts at your fingertips

If your company cannot endure the cost of deploying your own security team, why not hire one? For the overhead cost of employing a single, well rounded security veteran you can outsource at the same cost or less, and have and entire team of experts at the helm. In today job market, good IT security experts are expensive and hard to find. Security firms hire experts that have worked in multiple industries and can reach out to other team members to deliver your security needs. Think of it as employing an entire army of security professionals that are already trained and educated in your industry, all for the overhead cost of one.

Focus on driving your business needs

Outsourcing IT security can help companies stay focused on driving their business. Keep building and expanding your business by concentrating on your core products and let the experts help maintain and manage information security. If your company makes furniture, make furniture and let someone else manage IT security.

Buy what you need and only what you need

With outsourcing you only pay for what you need. It’s like buying cable television. If you don’t watch the movie channels then why pay for them? If all you need is someone to manage your firewall and to keep the bad guys out, then why hire an expensive security expert or rely on other internal resources that “know enough about IT security to be dangerous?” Pay for a monthly service and be confident that you are receiving only the services you need. For smaller firms, this approach will allow you to scale IT security needs with your business. IT security outsourcing reduces operating expenses by eliminating the need to train security staff and the need to purchase and update dedicated equipment.

When deciding what security functions to outsource, consider any security service a managed IT security firm can provide better, and at a lower cost, than you can deliver internally. EarthLink’s offers a suite of managed security services, contact your EarthLink representative to learn more.



Internet Marketing Services from EarthLink Web Hosting

Internet marketing seems to be the only advertising people believe in these days.  “Direct Mail is Dead!”  “Door to door advertising is useless!” “No one listens to telemarketers anymore.” It seems that internet marketing is the way to go, but it can be confusing for a small or medium-sized business to know what to do.

Don’t worry, because EarthLink is here to help.  Let EarthLink help you successfully market online with our online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization…a fancy term for “get better results when people search google for you”) services!  They can easily be added to your Web Hosting package, and you’ll have the power of a team of experts behind you, making sure you have the tools you need to succeed.  Start using marketing tactics that work!

The Social Media Photo Filter Wars

The internet made sharing photos easier (you can email them, post them to social media, etc), and mobile devices has made creating them easier (all new phones are built with cameras).  And now there seems to be a war over who wants to help you style your photos.  If you’re confused by the current “filter” apps (filters are overlays that can make your photo look vintage, dramatic, brighter, etc), here’s a handy quick guide of the most popular available on both Apple and Android mobile phones:


Instagram is the current filter king, with pre-made filters that give you a limited amount of options quickly and with little effort.  Facebook owns Instagram now, so it’s incredibly easy to post your photos to Facebook, but impossible to post them to Twitter (when posted, a link to the photo shows up instead of the photo itself).


Twitter recently stopped users from being able to post pictures from Instagram, because they wanted in on the game.  Twitter now has pre-made filters (sound familiar?) that you can chose when posting a “TwitPic” to your feed. You can only directly post to Twitter if using this filter service.


Owned by Google, SnapSeed is google+’s answer to Instagram.  It has pre-made filters, but also allows for much more in-depth editing (contrast, brightness, spot-correction, frame selection, etc), making it a more robust but harder to use tool.  Posting pictures to Google+ is a breeze, and users can also post directly to Facebook and Twitter, making this the only service that integrates with all three social networks.

If you have a smart phone and like adding filters to photos, which do you use?  Facebook’s, Twitter’s, or Google+’s?

EarthLink Web Hosting Templates to the Rescue!

EarthLink Web Hosting templates make it easy and convenient to build a great web page for your business!  They’re simple to use and professional grade!

EarthLink has do-it-yourself web hosting packages that include an easy-to-use website builder.

The Website Builder includes templates, so you don’t need to do any coding whatsoever! Just choose the webpage template you know will work best for your business. fill in the text, add images (upload them straight from your computer), answer a few basic questions, and click on “publish.”

Check out some of the pre-made templates we have:

Website Templates Available with EarthLink Web Hosting

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Animals & Pets
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Astrology
  • Auto
  • Books
  • Business
  • Café / Restaurant
  • Children
  • Chiropractic
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Clothes
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Employment Agency
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Farming
  • Fashion
  • Flowers & Gardening
  • Food & Drinks
  • Funerals
  • Furniture
  • Games
  • General
  • General Contractors
  • Gifts
  • Health & Beauty
  • Health Care
  • Heating & Air
  • Holidays
  • Hosting
  • Hotels
  • Industry
  • Insurance
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry
  • Landscaping & Lawn Care
  • Law
  • Locksmith
  • Media
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Office Supplies
  • Optical
  • Organizations
  • Painters
  • Pawn Brokers & Auctioneers
  • Personal Pages
  • Pest Control
  • Pharmacy
  • Photo & Video
  • Plumbing
  • Politics & Government
  • Printers
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Religion
  • Roofers
  • Science
  • Security
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Transportation
  • Wedding

Don’t see a template category name that’s an absolutely perfect fit? Most of these web hosting templates can be easily adapted to fit other businesses types by altering the text and images you use!