New Year’s Resolution: Get a Faster Computer (Without Buying One)

Did you get a new computer this holiday season? No? Well you may still be able to cross upgrade my computer off your list of resolutions for 2013. And for a lot less than you think.

You see, you can start the New Year with a great new computer feeling without actually having to shell out the big bucks to buy one.

How is that possible?

With PC FineTune.

Our easy-to-use computer optimization software can improve your current PC’s speed and performance, diagnose and fix disk errors, fix registry errors, improve your PC’s startup performance, and much more. It all adds up to not quite a new computer, but a faster, better experience using your old computer. And a lot of money saved.

No, it’s not free. But at just $5.95 a month, you can enjoy that new computer feeling for less than 20 cents a day. There’s even a free 30 day trial to start you off.

How simple is EarthLink PC FineTune? All it takes is one click to get started.

Simply click the One-Click Optimize button (on the Optimize tab) to have PC FineTune start working it’s magic. Here’s what PC FineTune will do:

  • Speed up your computer - PC FineTune Optimization tabDefragment your hard drive and to improve performance and reliability.
  • Defrag and optimize your registry to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Optimize Windows memory settings to improve performance.
  • Optimize your network settings to improve Internet speed.
  • Improve boot time by disabling unnecessary startup programs.
  • Optimize the responsiveness of your installed programs.
  • Clean and fix your registry to enhance PC performance.

If for some reason you don’t want to perform all these diagnostics and fixes at once, you can click on any of the Optimization Tools to run them individually.

To find and clean up other computer problems, use the disk cleanup tools on the Fix & Maintain tab. Once again, simply click the One-Click Fix button to do all this:

  • computer optimization - fix problems on our PC with PC FineTuneScan and fix hard drive errors.
  • Detect problems with your computer’s hardware.
  • Protect your privacy by erasing browser, search history and cookies.
  • Permanently shred files using U.S. Department of Defense standards.
  • Undo changes that have been made to your computer.
  • Find and remove temporary and other unnecessary files.

You can also find and delete specific file types you specify, recover lost files, track Windows error messages, and schedule system maintenance. Click on any of the Maintenance Tools to run them individually.

While you can run EarthLink PC FineTune at any time, you can also schedule the computer optimization software to run automatically at any time you specify.

Start your 30 day free trial now. You can download the software at the end of the checkout process. The download will take just a couple of minutes with a high-speed connection. You’ll need to enter your EarthLink email address and password when accessing the program for the first time.

Here’s to a faster, better computer experience in the new year.

And an early Happy New Year to everyone!


Computer News: Shipments Down, Lenovo Up

Laptops and desktops sales downAs an ISP, we know our customers need computers to take advantage of the Internet access we offer. So we keep an eye on the computer industry, and know many of our customers do to. After all, a good computer can help you have a good Internet experience.

Just yesterday the research firm Gartner released a preliminary report about the PC industry for the third quarter of 2012.

The report showed worldwide PC shipments down over 8% compared with one year ago. In the U.S., shipments were down even more, with a decline of almost 14%. Analysts think that the coming release of Windows 8 contributed to the decline since many consumers may be waiting to buy computers after the release.

The other headline news for the computer industry was that long-time PC sales leader HP looks like it will be edged out of that position for the first time since 2006. The new #1 is projected to be Lenovo with 15.7% of the worldwide PC market compared to 15.5% for HP. Dell, Acer, and ASUS round out the top 5 for worldwide sales.

In the U.S., HP remained #1 and Lenovo was 4th in shipments. Here’s the U.S. top 5 with links to deals on laptops for each brand on myEarthLink:

1. HP
2. Dell
3. Apple
4. Lenovo
5. Acer

If you’re not yet ready to buy a new computer, remember you can still optimize your old PC for greater speed and performance.

Make An Old Computer Work Like New

Summer is a time retailers want to get your attention with sales, and often consumers use them as opportunities to replace items they need: ripped jeans, old grills, even computers.  But before you buy a new computer, know that EarthLink has a service that can help your computer function “like new” again.  You may not actually need to replace it!

With extended use (say, when you’ve had a computer for a year or more), your computer’s hard disk can begin to fragment. Put simply, “fragmentation” means the data your computer needs to access is not being stored on its hard disk as efficiently as it should be.  Fragmentation leaves bits of unused space between the spots being used, meaning that your computer could be functioning slowly when it doesn’t need to (because it’s acting like it has more data stored than it does, thanks to those spaces).

“Defragmenting” can help repair these spaces by reorganizing your data into the most efficient configuration your disk allows.  After defragmentation, most computers run noticeably faster, so if sluggish speed is what has you “needing” a new computer, let EarthLink help you first!

EarthLink’s PC Fine Tune, in addition to defragmenting, also fixes registry errors, improves start-up performance, and removes unnecessary files to give you more free space.

Spend money on a new computer, or just make your computer work like new?  With a FREE 30 Day Trial, you can’t lose!