How to Check Availability for EarthLink High Speed Internet Services

Let’s say you want to get high-speed Internet access at home, but you’re not sure what to get.

You know EarthLink has been a leading Internet service provider, or ISP, basically forever (19 years, to be more precise).

You probably have a friend or two who use and like our high-speed or dial-up Internet services.

So, you open your web browser and go to

high speed internet services - availability check

Now what?

Well, you could click High-Speed Internet in our site navigation to explore the product pages for our high-speed cable Internet, DSL Internet, Freestanding DSL (that’s DSL with no phone line required), and Satellite Internet.

But you might want to save yourself some time by confirming which of our high-speed Internet products are available where you live right from the homepage.

Simply fill out the very brief form in the box on the right-side of the page. It says Check Pricing & High Speed Availability. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Enter your home phone number (or click the checkbox if you don’t’ have a home phone).
  2. Enter your street address (plus apartment number if you have one).
  3. Enter your zip code.
  4. Click the Show Me button.

After just a few seconds, you’ll see a page that shows you all the high-speed services and plans that you qualify for at your home. You’ll see pricing information as well.

If you know which high-speed Internet service you want, click the Buy link to go to checkout. Otherwise click a Learn More button to find out more about each available service.

Dial-Up Internet and Wireless 4G Internet

The availability check from the homepage that we just explained is primarily for our high-speed residential Internet services. But if both cable and DSL broadband are not available where you live, you will likely see EarthLink Dial-Up plans listed in the results. Dial-up access is available virtually everywhere in the U.S., as long as you have an active home phone line. If you decide to go with dial-up, you’ll also want to verify that one of our dial-up Internet access numbers is a local call for you. We have thousands of them, so that’s likely to be true, but it’s best to be 100% sure.

Also, keep in mind that our high-speed availability check is only for residential services. If you interested in wireless, mobile high-speed Internet access, check out our 4G Internet On-the-Go service. Click the See Coverage Map button to check availability of this service. You’ll see all cities listed with service, and you can enter an address or zip code to confirm more local availability.

Can You Get High Speed Internet without a Phone Line?

Wondering if it’s possible to get a high-speed Internet connection for your home if you don’t have a home phone line.

We know this is an important consideration for the growing number people who rely exclusively on their cell phones and are dropping home phone service.

Well, at EarthLink, the answer turns out to be yes, yes and yes!

That’s because we offer three different kinds of broadband Internet services that don’t require that you also pay for a phone line.

People who choose a high-speed Internet service that doesn’t require an active phone line can cancel can cancel their home phone and save an average of almost $240 a year.

High Speed Cable without a Phone Line
The high-speed service that’s probably most obviously independent of a phone line is cable Internet access.

With EarthLink Cable Internet, your high-speed Internet service is delivered over the same coaxial cables that cable TV uses.

To get EarthLink Cable Internet, you don’t actually have to have cable TV, you just need to be in a serviceable area. You can check pricing and availability on the cable Internet page our website.

When you check service availability, you’ll also see which speeds are available in your area. Our most popular cable Internet plans provide speeds that range from 3Mbps to 15Mbps (that’s from 55x to 250x the speed of dial-up).

EarthLink has been a leading cable Internet service provider since 1997.

High Speed DSL without a Phone Line
Regular DSL Internet service is a “shared line” service, meaning the Internet service is delivered over the same copper phone line that your phone calls use, and it requires an active phone line. Our Freestanding DSL (it’s also called Dry Loop DSL) works in a different way and doesn’t require an active phone line.

Though behind the scenes Freestanding DSL works differently, it delivers the same broadband speed as regular DSL, up to 7Mbps (100x faster than dial-up), plus the same additional benefits.

Availability of Freestanding DSL is more limited than our regular DSL: it is only available in areas covered by Verizon.

From the  Freestanding DSL page on our website, enter your phone number (if you have one), street address and zip code to confirm if it is available where you live.

EarthLink has been a leading high-speed DSL Internet service provider since 1999.

High Speed Satellite Internet without a Phone Line
Satellite is the third type of high-speed Internet access we offer that doesn’t require a phone line.

EarthLink Satellite Internet, which we offer in partnership with HughesNet, still isn’t yet as popular as our other high-speed Internet services, but it’s becoming a much more attractive option.

Previously, satellite was the best choice only for homes in rural areas that weren’t served by any Cable or DSL Internet services, because speeds were slower and costs were a bit higher. That’s no longer true.

Now with HughesNet’s Gen4, you can get 2-way satellite Internet service with speeds from 10Mbps to 15Mbps (175x to 25x faster than dial-up). And HughesNet is the nation’s #1 choice for satellite Internet.

To see if satellite Internet might be right for you, go to the satellite Internet page on our website and click either Learn More or Get Started.

Let us know your experience without a home phone … or why you want to hold on to yours.