12 Reasons to Get EarthLink Web Hosting

Happy Holidays from EarthLink Web HostingAn early Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating the holiday tomorrow!

In honor of the 12 days of Christmas (which traditionally start tomorrow or the day after Christmas), I decided to put together this quick list of 12 reasons to choose EarthLink for Web Hosting or ecommerce hosting. My apologies to all those features and benefits I didn’t have room to list here (there were so many on my complete list I almost expected to see “a partridge in a pear tree”).

  1. Experience and expertise: EarthLink has been a top web hosting provider since 1995. With almost 18 years experience satisfying our web hosting customers, we’re a provider you can trust.
  2. Helpful support: We’re a customer-first company that believes in providing customer support excellence. We offer easy-to-use DIY support tools, support by chat, and helpful toll-free phone support.
  3. Build your own website services: We make it simple (and affordable) for you to make your own business website with our free, easy-to-use website builder. Choose from our vast array of professionally designed templates, enter your business information to customize, and click to publish.
  4. Professional website design services: Our web design pros can work with you to build your business website based on your requirements and provide ongoing maintenance. Our low monthly pricing lets you avoid the steep upfront costs of most professional website design.
  5. Ecommerce web hosting services: If you need more than just a promotional website, we offer DIY and professional web design sites with full ecommerce capabilities: secure credit card transactions, robust online shopping cart, and more.
  6. Affordable prices: We don’t believe in cutting corners to be the cheapest, but at EarthLink Web Hosting we believe in providing you a great value. Our web hosting and ecommerce services are feature-rich, but you don’t have to be rich to afford them. It’s actually a great investment in the future of your business.
  7. Free domain names: When you sign up for EarthLink web hosting or ecommerce hosting, you get to choose a free domain name for your website.
  8. Free mobile websites: Most of our web hosting plans include a free mobile website that’s optimized for smartphones and tablets. That way even more people can find your website.
  9. Free SEO tools: Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you generate more traffic to your website. Our free tools help you optimize your business website for search engines and also list your website on 60+ online directories and GPS systems.
  10. Free social media tools: Our free SocialStream tool can help you take better advantage of the benefits of social media. Manage multiple social networks from one simple interface and simultaneously post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  11. Free email marketing tools: Email is still an effective way to reach customers. Announcer Pro makes it easy to create compelling email newsletters, manage customer contact lists, and track in real-time the success of your email marketing campaigns.
  12. WordPress blog installer: WordPress is the #1 blogging software in the world, making it simple for you to build and maintain a blog for your business. Our WordPress Installer is designed to work seamlessly with your EarthLink Web Hosting account.

Happy Holidays from all of us at EarthLink!

EarthLink Web Hosting Helps Your Business with Social Media

EarthLink Web Hosting is here to help you get into a market you might not be thinking about: social media.  Facebook is huge (in 2011 in the United States, one out of EVERY five internet page views occurred on Facebook), and if your business doesn’t have a page, you are missing out on having visibility where most of your customers are every day.

EarthLink knowshow little time you have to add another project to your to-do list, so we’ve launched our “SocialPageCreator Pro” as a part of EarthLink Web Hosting.

SocialPageCreator Pro makes it easy to set up a professional Facebook presence, attract new customers, and get more people to “Like” your business.

If you select this add-on during sign-up for EarthLink web hosting or ecommerce hosting service (or call 1-800-201-8615  to add it), our experts will help get your Facebook page up and running quickly with an engaging, professional design.

SocialPageCreator Pro lets you use social media to announce your products and services, launch viral promotions, run special contests, and capture new leads.

It also includes a custom Facebook page tab to drive new “Likes,” and design your new cover image to make the most of Facebook’s new timeline format.

Get your business started on Facebook and reach those customers!

Use Facebook to Get EarthLink Customer Service

Lots of companies are on Facebook.  EarthLink is (as it EarthLink Business!), Target is, and countless other businesses (including Mom-and-Pop shops) are.  Facebook (and indeed social media in general) is a great tool for them to connect with customers.  Business entities like it because they can interact with their customers for free, and customers like it so they can keep up to date and…get customer service help?

Lots of companies are listening to their customers on Facebook, which means this can be a useful tool for getting some assistance from the company.  Here are some tips (these are EarthLink-specific, but they will likely help you with other companies) to getting EarthLink customer service help through Facebook:

  1. Commenting vs. Private Messaging
    1. You can either comment on the company’s wall (which is seen publicly) or send a private message.  Often, a public comment is most useful when you do not need immediate assistance (for example: “Hey, noticed that Hurricane Sandy has hurt service in Manhattan…let us know when it’s up!”) and/or everyone can benefit from the information in the comment (ex. “I just discovered my.earthlink.com …thanks!).
    2. Private messaging is more useful if you have a specific need (ex. “I want to upgrade my service, can someone call me?”), or are including personal information (see next point).
  2. Keep private information out of public comments.
    1. If you want a company to call you, it’s a great idea to include your phone number and account information, but do NOT post that on their public wall.
    2. Companies can message you BACK if you send them a private message first, but they cannot message you first (imagine the advertisement messages you’d get if they could!)
    3. If you need help, private message with your contact info, and wait for a response. (TIP: If you don’t get a response within a day, feel FREE to call-out a company with a “I messaged and haven’t heard back yet” comment on their public wall.
  3. Keep it polite.
    1. Most companies have a filter or policy to block comments/posts that include profanity or hateful speech.  Make your messages as polite as possible so the company will both see your message, and be ready to help you.
    2. Some companies have wall commenting turned off on their profiles, so keep it polite in the private messages with a “How can I request some assistance?” private message.  A company is on Facebook because they want to interact, so make the interaction as pleasant as possible for both parties
  4. Tag them when you like the service!
    1. When typing a comment in Facebook on your personal computer (NOTE: this doesn’t work on mobile devices), you can “tag” the company with a “@” beforehand.  For example, typing “@earthlink” will have a link to the EarthLink Facebook pop up in your comment…let them know you liked their service and let others know!
    2. TIP: some companies (EarthLink included) even select random people who tagged them to receive “thanks for tagging” prizes, so always spread the word about good service!

The Top 3 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos Being Shared on Social Media

Hurricane Sandy is everywhere on the news, and (for those with a reliable internet connection), on social media as well.  Many first hand accounts are being spread through social media, but so are a few fakes.  Here are the top three faked Hurricane Sandy photos to be aware of.

  1. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
    • This photo has been circulating as being taken during a downpour brought on by the hurricane hitting DC.  While it is a real photograph, it’s from September of this year, and was not taken during Sandy.  Below is a photograph that The National Guard shared that is actually from the beginning of the storm.
  2. Waves Around the Statue of Liberty
    • This photo makes the storm look more than terrifying; it makes it seem apocalyptic!  And there’s a reason…it’s actually from a movie.  Specifically, the screen shot is from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” in which NYC is flooded.  Someone added a news bar at the bottom to make it seem realistic, but the picture is indeed a fake.
  3. Clouds Over the Statue of Liberty
    • This photo is actually a composite made from two photos: one of New York Harbor, and one of a cloud formation from 2004 (that wasn’t even in New York!).