Free Software Download: EarthLink System Scanner

Is your computer brand new?

If not, it’s probably not fully optimized, not working as quickly and efficiently as it could be.

Is your computer fully secure?

If you’re not sure, you may be at risk of viruses, spyware, hacking, or identity theft.

No, our intention is not to scare you or to be negative.

EarthLink System Scanner - free download

We’ve actually got something positive for you. And it’s free.

It’s the new EarthLink System Scanner.

After a quick, free download, this simple program scans your PC and provides a detailed analysis of security and performance issues you may want to address (I found over 500 issues when I ran it on my own relatively new PC).

Why run it? Because the first step to a faster, safer computer experience is knowing the status of your system.

Some of the issues the EarthLink System Scanner identifies may be easy for you to fix yourself manually. If there are others you are unable to fix, click the Fix All button to see recommended software programs that can easily make these fixes for you.

The EarthLink System Scanner requires Windows 7, Vista or XP, and the download is approximately 7MB.

Learn more and download the free scanner.