2012 Was the Hottest Year Ever: Is Your Business Prepared for More Extreme Weather and Disasters?

Yesterday the National Climatic Data Center (part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA) released U.S. weather data for 2012.

It was really hot. And it was extreme.

The year was, in fact, a full degree hotter than the next hottest year—ever. And 2012 had the second most extreme weather ever. There were 11 climate-related disasters that caused $1 billion or more in losses, including Sandy and Isaac.

While there is still some political debate about climate change, the scientific consensus is that the planet is warming and that this warming will trigger more and more extreme weather.

For that reason, more and more businesses are taking extreme weather into their business continuity and data recovery planning—because catastrophic weather can very easily lead to catastrophic business losses.

Disaster recovery & business continuity - make sure your business is prepared for disasterCloud hosting and other virtualization services are inherently safer than having all your IT in-house and vulnerable to local weather and other extreme conditions. After superstorm Sandy, we were very happy to hear from customers like New Jersey-based Ciao Bella who reported that their EarthLink Cloud hosting services helped them remain fully operational and productive during and after the storm.

Our EarthLink Business and EarthLink Cloud divisions report that businesses contacting us about IT services are much more likely to require disaster recovery, business continuity, and data recovery services such as Cloud Server Backup  as part of their product requirements.

In times of crisis, a company’s data is the asset most at risk and hardest to replace. So it’s time to prepare now, before your business becomes a victim of the extreme weather that is becoming more frequent.

Let our disaster recovery and business continuity consultants provide you with a customized disaster and data recovery solution.


EarthLink, the Original Cloud Company

Here at EarthLink, we like to talk about ourselves as “the original cloud company” due to our long history providing a virtual environment to millions of customers. That is a bold statement, but considering that we’ve provided secure online billing, virtual customer care, email and ecommerce in the cloud with a high level of network security and PCI compliance since the 1990’s, EarthLink can back up this statement with experience and expertise.

Now, as we continue our transformation to an integrated communications and IT services provider for business customers, we’ve announced several recent IT Services product launches that underscore how far EarthLink has travelled down the path.

This week, EarthLink Business launched Cloud Workspace™, a hosted desktop service and our latest virtualization product. This customized environment enables customers to control business applications and data with secure access for employees from anywhere, from any device and via any high-speed Internet  or private MPLS connection. Cloud Workspace also helps to significantly reduce operating costs, eliminate capital expenditures, increase employee productivity with easy application access and reduce complex security challenges. Read more.

And in late April, EarthLink premiered three new IT Services packages designed to simplify the cloud so businesses can leverage the benefits of virtualization services. The Cloud Launch Pad, the Cloud Entry Bundle, and the Secure Email Bundle enable customers to economically partner with EarthLink to complement their internal IT resources by leveraging a comprehensive mix of IT Services and security experts in an enterprise class data center environment.

“With these carefully designed bundles, EarthLink has removed many of the real or perceived barriers for customers of any size to explore what the cloud can mean for their business,“ said Barbara Dondiego, EarthLink Chief Marketing Officer. “We often hear from customers that they want their provider to act as an extension of their internal IT team, helping them become more productive and effective. These bundles are a toolkit that enables that to happen easily.” Read more.

Watch for even more exciting IT Services product news in the weeks and months ahead as EarthLink enhances its suite of virtualization, data center, managed security services, and managed support services. By converging our extensive telecom assets with proven cloud-based IT technologies, EarthLink is well-positioned to offer both its existing and new business customers with an ideal blend of the services they need to run their enterprises as efficiently as possible.

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EarthLink Products in the News – IT Services and independenceIT

EarthLink recently launched its new EarthLink Business® IT Services suite of solutions. Following our late 2011 nationwide release of the EarthLink Complete™ suite of business voice, data, and Internet solutions, the launch of EarthLink’s IT Services enables customers to streamline their internal IT resources and offerings by leveraging our comprehensive mix of IT and security experts in an enterprise class data center.
“This product suite sets the foundation for customers to participate in the next era of business information technology, where everyone will have access to vast amounts of information in the cloud. Once only available to large enterprises with big IT staffs, we can now offer the benefits of virtualization to businesses of all sizes,” said Brian Fink, EarthLink Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. Read more.

The new IT Services core offerings includes virtualization services (cloud hosting, dedicated server, backup/disaster recovery, web hosting), managed security services (network/cloud security, endpoint /device security, compliance & enhanced monitoring, business continuity and disaster recovery), connectivity services (MPLS, voice & data), application services (secure email, email archivingemail encryption, secure file transfer portal), managed desktop support (monitoring, patch management, virtual help desk), and data center services (managed space and power).

Also on the IT Services front, on March 6th information technology services company independenceIT announced that later this spring, EarthLink Business® will offer its Total Freedom™ Workspace and Instant Freedom™ Workspace solutions as a part of its IT Services offerings.

“independenceIT’s cloud desktop workspace solutions will give our customers the flexibility they need to rapidly transition their businesses to the cloud,” said Brian Fink, EarthLink Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer. “The cost, access and technological advantages of cloud computing are well-documented; being able to offer our customers these advantages without forcing them to change how they work or the programs they work with is of tremendous value.” Read more.

EarthLink will issue its own press release as we prepare to go to market with the solution.

The news has generated quite a media buzz, including these articles:

EarthLink Implements Land Grab Strategy for Business IT Services
Telecompetitor – February 29, 2012
EarthLink is undergoing a well-documented transition from a legacy ISP to an integrated service provider focused on business services. They’ve made a couple of acquisitions, including Deltacom, to help accelerate this transition. Read more at http://www.telecompetitor.com/earthlink-implements-land-grab-strategy-for-business-it-services/

EarthLink’s iIT partnership taps into the mobile nature of its business customers
Fierce Telecom – March 7, 2012

EarthLink Business IT Services Suite Unveiled
TMCnet – March 6, 2012

New EarthLink Deal Lets Partners Sell Cloud Desktop Service
Channel Partners – March 6, 2012

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