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  1. > SLOW!
    > For the last month, earthlink webmail has been EXTREMELY slow, regardless of trying…
    > Are others experiencing this?
    > Are there solutions to this problem?
    It seems that there are basic problems at Earthlink as regards WEB mail.
    Over the past few months it has evidently been down a lot and when it works is SLOW!
    It is not clear if this is a problem with the Mail services or the WEB interface. If only the latter, one might use a local mail client or a better WEB mail interface (Google). Perhaps Eatrhlink should sub the mail services to Google… then perhaps we might have a nicer UI and not have to preen the storage so often, if ever.
    – Rick “Loyal TIAC (currently earthlink) customer since the last millennium”

  2. I have a bug to report that is about 9 years old. I set up to get a daily spam summery and have not received one in 4 years even tho I have tried setting it 5 times and done a live chat 4 times. I have used Opera, and IE 8 and Ie 6 and it still does not work at all. I seem to get none

  3. My daughter sent a message from Peru and it was blocked and deleted before I had a chance to read it. Other messages from her have come through. I thought my settings permitted me to receive all messages and determine if they should be deleted. What is happening? tg

  4. I like to use the emotion faces and other items…like the heart and flowers,etc. Is there any way to add more of these? Perhaps there is a place to find more but I don’t know where. Thanks, Joyce

  5. Date posted should be added to domain blocked, in blocked senders list. It would enable user to delete oldest post first when necessary if max has been reached in spam blocker.

  6. Could you have someone at corporate check the feedback mailbox a little more often?
    I know earthlink deactivates mailboxes when they haven’t been logged in to for more than 90 days so getting the following (edited to remove personal info) bounce message doesn’t give me confidence that the feedback messages are read, much less acted upon.

    That bounce was from a secondary mailbox where feedback is copied, and not the main feedback mailing list that is read daily by several people (which kept working). It’s been fixed now and I took steps to keep this from happening again.
    Email Guy
  7. why is it that i pay for earthlink’s service but still have to deal with advertising, poor mobile mail interfaces, and have limited space to store messages?
    And don’t get me started about the live support techs that don’t read the information you provide them in a chat session, ask you do check things unrelated to the problem, and treat you like you don’t know what you’re talking about?

  8. SLOW!
    Earthlink provides my sprintmail email service. For the last month, earthlink webmail has been EXTREMELY slow, regardless of trying different computers and different ISP providers (both cable and DSL). Messages take too long to appear. When saving attachments to email to a file, the download speed is 60kb/second, vs. the old 3mg/second!
    Are others experiencing this? Are there solutions to this problem?

  9. I just received the following email which sounds like a phishing scam …. sent it to Earthlink, but as of yet, no response from them …..
    Dear EarthLink Subscriber,
    As a result of incessant rate of Spam, we are currently upgrading EarthLink with a hard spam protector as such all EarthLink Account users must respond to this e-Mail immediately. Failure to comply with the above instruction will immediately render your e-Mail ACCOUNT deactivated from our database.
    Enter your data here:
    EarthLink e-Mail Address:
    EarthLink Password:
    EarthLink Member Service
    EarthLink Support

  10. I was with earthlinkfor 10 years. I later changed to Road Runner and Earthlink offered me a web mail box. I had it for over two years and was told it would be discontinued at the end of January.I can not longer access that mail box and the problem is I cannot get rid of the tab I used to access that mil box. It is no longer listed in Programs or any other place. I deleted it from the home page area and it still appears in a tab every time I open Internet explorer. I also deleted the earthlink program Any other sugestions?????

  11. I’m disappointed that my comments here are no longer considered worthy of approval. I submitted them in good faith, in a civil tone, with sufficient detail to explain the problems I continue to experience. I would think such feedback would be welcomed, but it appears you have decided to bury your problems rather than address them.

  12. For the last little while, everytime I delete a message from my suspect mail list I’m thrown out of webmail. It is often the last message in the list. This happens if I do it from the message, not if I check the box on the list and delete it. So I have a way around it, if I remember, but I’d rather not have the problem. Am I the only one?

  13. For at least a month, maybe 2 or 3. I attempt to login to webmail, and get a message that, “Due to inactivity, my account has expired.” However, in many cases, I had just turned on the computer and just started the webmail tool for the first time that day. When I try the second time, I am able to login to webmail. This happens regardless of which computer I use, or at which location I am at, or which email address I am trying to connect to. Other than that, I really like the webmail service you provide.

  14. Inability to “White List” Addresses
    I haven’t posted here for a while, but that doesn’t mean that the longstanding irritations I have experienced are no longer irritating.
    Perhaps the most obnoxious is the inability to “whitelist” sender addresses that I want to receive mail from. I believe that Earthlink must be the only major e-mail provider that lacks this capability.
    Today I visited the so-called “known spam” directory. Fully 2/3 of the entries (about 20 messages out of 30) were not spam, but were from regular senders whose messages I wanted to receive.
    I religiously use the “This Is Not Spam” link to transfer these false positives to my Inbox, but as far as I can tell Earthlink pays no attention to this. It calls to mind the credit card commercial where the bearded guy with a Slavic accent answers a customer service call with, “Hello, this is Peggy,” and then uses a manual calculating machine to compute the reward points for the calling customer. That is how I visualize the technical operation at Earthlink — working with a technical architecture that is a decade or more old.
    Why is it that other e-mail providers — who by the way don’t even charge for their services — can implement a whitelisting function?

  15. At least once a week, I get automatically logged out of my web-mail. My preference is set to 24 hours but today I got logged out after 5.

  16. When I try to log into my mailit comes on with unable to connect to server Try again later. This has been going on for over a month now. Whats wrong?

  17. In the old Web Mail I could print my Address Book in Internet Explorer by highlighting all Contacts or Domains to print, then selecting “File-Print-Selection” and then printing. I cannot do that with the new Web Mail because scrolling from the first to last Contacts does not actually capture all items. All items look highlighted but when I print, only the first 30 or 40 contacts print. Can you help?


  19. Webmail session timeouts continue. Same as reported by Peter Brooks on 9/26/10 (comment #563), my 24-hour session preference is routinely ignored and my sessions time out after only a few hours. Has been going on for a lot longer than just last September. Usually noticed in early afternoon after a morning log-in. May have been also noticed after midnight following an evening log-in. Perhaps timers are getting confused by Noon and Midnight?
    I too am using an older Webmail interface.

  20. I’m very good about using my Blocked Senders list. I have entered a domain there and messages from that domain keep getting through. They are using the same domain name but different “from” names which is different for each of the emails. Shouldn’t entering the domain name be enough?
    BTW when I report it as spam I don’t get an option of any other domain names to block, just the main one.

  21. Earthlink e-mail is really beginning to bug me.
    Down, up, SPAM reports refused, then not.
    Now, out of three Mindspring e-mail accounts, one is DOA.
    Won’t send/receive from the PC, webmail is down (top toolbar only…..sign out, now it claims there is a problem logging in).
    Same address, same password, network status claims e-mail issues earlier today “resolved”.
    They aren’t.
    Nobody to contact.
    Chat is worthless (I have saved chat sessions, and when Earthlink blocks me from reporting SPAM chat tells me “there is no problem”)
    Phone drives me nutz.
    Why is status not real-time?
    If earthlink is going to shut down ONE of my accounts, can they at least tell me why and for how long?

  22. There’s something odd going on with Webmail. Sometimes when I log in the version shows 6.1.24, other times it’s 6.1.23, but when I log out, that version reverts to showing 6.1.24. Weird.
    The main reason for this comment though is the current inability to transfer from the “old” Webmail to the “new” that I’m experiencing. I’ve tried for hours and I cannot get back into the “new” Webmail, no matter what I try (different machines, different browsers (IE8, FireFox 3.6.13, Opera 10.63) – all under XP Pro SP3 with all patches).
    I reverted to the “old” Webmail some time ago because the quoting mechanism when Replying to an email was broken during an earlier update (HTML email quotes OK, it’s plain text quoting that fails). It’s just so much hassle to have to keep entering “> ” manually for dozens of lines when it should be a standard function. By and large there’s nothing in the “new” Webmail that makes me want to put up with the unfixed quoting fault (which I have reported more than once, by the way).
    However, I spotted a bug I hadn’t seen before (spurious insertions of hex values in View Source for things like the equals sign (the View Source reproducibly shows instances of “=3D” where 3D is the ASCII code in hex for “=”, and there are other oddities, making View Source a little unreliable)) and I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t something unique to the “old” Webmail, so I tried reverting to the “new”. This is a process that sometimes takes two or three attempts before it “takes” – not sure why.
    But this time I’m unable to get back to the “new” version. No matter which browser I use, the process always times out and never completes. Any clues?

  23. I discovered an omission in Webmail today. I had an email in one of my anonymous email folders and I accidentally deleted it.
    No problem, I thought, I’ll just go into the Trash folder and restore it back to whence it came. Not so.
    The only Move To options available were the folders that are part of the regular email account; none of the anonymous email folders featured in the list.
    I feel that this is an omission (rather than a bug – it’s not a feature that doesn’t work correctly, it’s a feature that should IMHO be present and isn’t). Any chance of it being added to a future update, please?

  24. I just had the galling experience of writing a reply to an email and clicking Send, only to have Webmail suddenly announce that it was down for Maintenance (and sorry for the inconvenience), and all my work was lost. I had no other copy – I keep forgetting that I cannot trust Webmail to do the job properly (GMail doesn’t suffer from this problem – it saves a temporary copy of your edits as you reply to or write a message, so you never lose more than a few lines no matter what happens).
    It’s probable that there was a temporary file somewhere on my drive that contained most of what I’d been typing, but I have no idea.
    So here’s a suggestion. Call it a very strong suggestion. Provide a way for users to recover their lost text when Webmail’s pulled down for maintenance without warning. Offer the user a chance to copy to clipboard if nothing else. If there’s a temporary file somewhere, tell us exactly where it is and what it’s called so we can go and rescue it. But at least give us a recovery option. I know it can be done, because other services do it. Webmail needs to step up to the plate.

  25. In september 2010 I ceased to have access to my address book. I still cannot view, add or edit. I have reported this more one time. Is this permanent situation?

  26. Lose the moving adds you have added, it’s slowing things down . . . not what you want when checking e-mail. Also, it’s a pretty ballsy move on Earthlink’s part since you just raised rates!

  27. the same thing has happend to my account as this subscriber below. and again just a few minutes ago. what is the explanation? i’ve been with earthlink for more than 10 years and it seems to me that your security system has been breached. very disconcerting.
    Posted by: V. Heffernan | August 16, 2010 3:00 PM | (2706)
    This is crazy and I wonder if you can explain. When I view my messages in my web mail box, I sometimes find actual message sent by a friend with another name (instead of my friend) in bold listed with unread new messages. When I place my cursor over the name, my friend’s e-mail address comes up. Then when I open the message, it is indeed from my friend. When I return to the listing of messages, the real name of my friend is there instead of that other, unknown person’s name. This has happened more than once.
    Is someone else (from Earthlink… or???) “looking” at my mail or else is someone “using” my mailbox in some way? I really wonder what is happening and if you have an explanation.

  28. Under Help for Preferences, it says:
    When someone replies to your email, the reply automatically comes to the same address you sent it from.
    But if you want replies to come to a different address, type that address in the Reply-To box.
    The problem is I CAN NOT delete the displayed email address (which is the same one I send from). How do I delete from the box the duplicate displayed email address that I send from?

  29. Is it possible to include an option that would omit the list of messages blocked by my Blocked Sender List from the spam reports I get? I use the highest level of spam blocking, so if I add a user or domain to my Blocked Sender List, it’s because they are so persistently annoying that I don’t even want them showing up in my Suspect message list. I’d be really grateful if I could have that option.

  30. When, oh when will you begin allowing the addition of TLDs to the known spammer list? I get floods of spam from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and elsewhere that I’d like to block at the .ua/.ru/.lv TLD level to save space in my blocked senders list. This is especially true as I have no correspondents in any of those countries. (NB, I’ve seen the previous tapdancing and STILL want to block on TLDs.)

  31. When I open Web Mail, I notice my email address appears centered at the top, and the options (like Sign Off) appear to the right of it. I would think it would be more convenient if the options were more centered — perhaps if the email address were on the left (I really don’t need to see it, anyway), then the options would be centered and more easily accessible no matter where I am (lI never get to see the whole width — usually, I only see the left half, or so).

  32. Email guy,
    I think that I’ve found some issues with the search function. (The Live Chat folks were NOT helpful: I asked them to forward info to you , but I doubt they will).
    I have a lot of messages and the search function was completely hanging until I got it under 9999 messages. But now that I have done that search is still having trouble – for instance in my inbox a search on the word “Library” as subject will return only 5 messages when there are many more. A search on “Library” as sender returns more — including some that should also turn up in the search of “Library” as subject. One example is a message dated September 26, at 5AM , in my inbox, with ID “Message-Id: “. I will try to leave these alone so you can see them.
    What *are* the official limits of search? If I remember correctly, doing a “sort” on the inbox (say, clicking the size header) would only sort the first 5000 and then give you an option for the next 5000. Sort does not seem to offer me those options — should it be doing so?
    I’ve encountered sort problems over the last two days on two different computers and three different browsers, so the “Live chat” answer of “it’s a browser problem” doesn’t quite ring true.

  33. I reverted to the older Webmail interface because I got fed up with the failure of the “new” interface to quote correctly when REPLYing to an email and using plain text (the “>” symbols get dropped when switching from a correctly-quoted HTML format; I have reported it more than once and it hasn’t been fixed in a long time). I discovered that the older interface still quoted correctly, and since I always use plain text even when replying to HTML email (for some reason, Webmail’s editor can’t insert a blank line to break a quoted HTML block of text), I voted with my feet.
    I have noticed in the last week or so that I keep getting timed-out of Webmail – sometimes after only 10 minutes or so – when my preference is set to keep me logged in, even if inactive, for the maximum allowed time (24 hours). This is a noticeable change in behavior.
    Is this a problem at my end or EarthLink’s?

  34. I’ve checked in other posts to see if this problem was addressed and it seems I may be the first to experience this.
    I know there may be an ongoing clash between Safari and Earthlink and I thought it’s be best to bring it to your attention.
    A few times, I’ve been in my email and after a short while, no matter what I click with my cursor, nothing responds. It’s as if my email box is frozen. Yet, I can navigate back and forward with my browser buttons (Safari 5.0.2). In order to get out of my box, I had to hit the back button all the way back to my webmail sign in page. I reset my web browser and then signed in again. I tried to replicate the mail I viewed and things I did before the problem happened but, the problem didn’t happen again.
    I’m also one of the Earthlink users that had issues with my address book and Safari 5.0 when it came out. Fortunately that’s been resolved (thanks to you!).
    Thanks very much for your time and help!

  35. Asked multiple times, still no acknowledgment, can we disable virus notification? They’re all spam, and getting spammed by the virus catcher is just as annoying, and they can’t be blocked.

  36. For several days now emails have been slow to come in and again today, delayed up to 30 min from origianation. This is begining to get very annoying as I depend on alerts for my business. When will this be corrected in my area? Morehead City, NC

  37. I am able to send mail but not get it in my earthlink account, but it does show up in my hotmail accnt???? I do get a tiny amount of mail in my bo.
    this is very odd. And also, when I try to get mail w/ entourage on my macbook, I get a server error?
    Please advise

  38. My webmail storage space indicator is showing zero (0% of 200 MB used) with some 974 messages in my inbox.
    How can I get it reset so it accurately reflects actual usage and space remaining?
    Live chat was beyond useless, I’m sorry to say.
    Many thanks,

  39. When accessing webmail messages from myearthlink home page, sometimes it is almost instantaneous. Other times it takes 2-3 minutes which is very frustrating. Often, I close my internet explorer broswer and try the cycle again. Sometimes it helps, others it doesn’t. this happens despite having PC fine tune and running it frequently. Have you got a traffic control problem?

  40. Issues that I reported multiple times seem still to be unfixed.
    1. If I edit a Draft email and work on it for a while (sometimes only 30 seconds, sometimes several minutes) when I hit Send I get an error message that Webmail can’t find my email. I then get put back into editing mode. The only solution is to keep a copy elsewhere of the text I edited and then cancel the email from within Draft, at which point I usually get another Webmail message to the effect that there’s been a serious error and I should go back to the Webmail login page, even though I’m still logged in and everything else seems to work OK. When I check the Sent folder there’s definitely no entry there so the email really didn’t get sent. So I go back into Draft, re-open my original draft email, replace the contents with the saved copy of text, adjust the subject/To:, etc., as necessary and hit Send again, at which point it usually works. But I shouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops – it should just work. It always used to.
    2. The Known Spam folder still doesn’t show when it has content, and sometimes the Suspect Email folder doesn’t either. Once I’ve opened them and closed them, *then* they show a content count.
    3. The problem of failed quoting when switching from HTML view to Plain text view is still present. If I want to reply to an HTML email and convert it to plain text and have the HTML vertical line that signifies a quoted block of text converted to quoted message characters (“>”), it doesn’t happen (it always used to, before a recent update, and it still does, under the old Webmail). Rather than manually go in and edit the entire message, inserting “>” paragraph by paragraph, I have to abandon my reply and switch back to the old Webmail (thank goodness I can still do that!), which takes a little while. I begin my reply and save it as a Draft and then switch back to the “new” Webmail, which can take minutes rather than seconds, since the process of switching from one to the other doesn’t always “take” the first time, where I can now edit a properly-quoted plain text version of the email. It used to work fine – why is it taking so long to restore what always used to be there?
    Any idea when these are likely to quietly go away, please?

  41. I would like to submit a security enhancement for Webmail which would allows users to switch to-and-from a non-interactive view mode when fetching/viewing email — as of this moment there is a rather cumbersome process of having to select Preference -> Message Display -> HTML Message View then selecting (*) Off [Save] to avoid retrieving email laden with hyperlinks to unsavory websites, as well as providing an acknowledgment that one’s email address to which the email was sent is valid, which is logged for future spam or sold to others for the same purpose. This process must then be reversed to return to interactive mode once the messages have been cleared for viewing, in order to get full content. Furthermore, users should be reminded and cautioned when using the [Show Preview] option, as the preview will auto-retrieve interactive email content before it is evident the message is full of undesirable material as well as email address logging routines!

  42. Is there a possibility of asking advertisers not to use gyrating figures or jiggling icons? It is extremely irritating.

  43. Is Webmail being improved? The storage is low compared to free competitors, and so are the features, especially compared with Gmail.
    Is Webmail now offering more storage to pay for? I was paying $5/mo (on top of my Broadband subscription) for the maximum, and I’m running close again.
    I asked a number of questions here in 2007, but none have been addressed yet. Some of the questions are still valid, over 3 years later. What is the status?

  44. I must print my “sent” emails to keep an audit trail for my client files.
    When I choose the webmail option to print my “sent” email the recipient’s email address is automatically suppressed. This is trouble for me because (a) the copy I’m printing is not an exact copy of the email that was sent; and (b) many people have multiple email addresses and it’s not possible to discern from the printed copy which email address was actually used.
    For those of us who must keep an audit trail for our email correspondence these are big issues.
    Please change the routines that render the “sent” email message printable so that the recipient’s email address is no longer suppressed.
    — tom cone jr

  45. SETTING AN AUTOMATIC REPLY is a really handy feature of email when I cannot be on email for a few weeks, which sometimes happens. I used to do it on my earthlink program, but now that I am reduced to webmail only, can I still do this: You know, a reply like “J. Duckhorn is out of town and will not be answering email for a few weeks.”

  46. Internet Explorer 8 Incompatibilities
    Do you have a timetable for addressing incompatibilities with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8? For example, the javascript that shows a sender address when you hover over the sender name doesn’t work right, but quickly cycles on and off in an endless loop.
    I would prefer to use Firefox, but that browser has so many stability issues in its current version that I have been forced to IE 8, which at least keeps running.

  47. Recently got a new computer and downloaded the new Web Mail. It is so frustrating! When I go to junk mail and click on add to my address book the address comes up and I ok it. Nothing happens. The next day the same thing happens from the same sender, and the next and the next. I have moved one address 20 times and it still comes in as junk mail. Also, I have no send button so it will move at once. I have to turn off the email, sign on again, and it is moved into a junk email folder. I do miss the old system. It worked! Am I missing some setting I should have clicked on? Also, new mail into my in box comes in way down on the list instead of at the top. (I may be saving some old emails).

  48. I’m very much a human. If I were a robot, I would not have this complaint.
    Why do you allow those horribly annoying loop animation ads? They were bad enough when positioned at the top of our email inboxes, but this morning, one of them popped up on the side where I could not scroll past it.
    Horrible horrible horrible
    I was trying to write a SERIOUS email of great importance but couldn’t because of that concentration wrecking, stupid, animation. Had to resort to composing off-line and pasting into the email.
    I’ve been with Earthlink for many years, and this is the only thing I’ve ever felt compelled to complain about.
    PLEASE stop allowing these animations. They are counterproductive.

  49. About Noon today a new “feature” on webmail kicked in which is causing me a problem. I have a 400 mb mailbox, 94+ % full, with 15,000+ in the inbox. lots of other folders, too. I manage the space by sorting on Size to see the biggest emails. Worked this AM. Around noon I got an error saying column sort not allowed if more than 5000 items in a folder! IT WORKED THIS AM.
    In addition, I have a 2nd addy with 14,000 in the inbox there. The sort on the Size field works fine for that addy! Please fix it for my main addy.

  50. The signatures available in Webmail are essentially useless when using “rich text” and including the text from the email to which we are replying. This is because the automatic signature is placed at the very bottom of the email — after the copied text rather than after the text typed in.
    To be precise, the issue relates to the following issues with Webmail:
    1. Using rich text requires replying ABOVE the text copied from the email to which one is replying. Text placed below the copied text appears as if it were copied text in “rich text” replies. (In plain text, this is not an issue as new text can be placed above or below the copied text.)
    2. Placement of signatures cannot be controlled. Signatures are placed only at the very end of the email.
    3. Additionally, “rich text” or formatted signatures are not possible — posing additional issues in using Webmail.
    I would greatly appreciate having these issues addressed to make WebMail more convenient and more useful.

  51. cannot get into my spam pages. This is the section where I read the message and then allow them in my main e-mail. Please help.

  52. For the second time this year my Mailstation has began sending reject messages to everyone who mails me saying my mailbox has been inactive so long it’s closed. I use my Mailstation every day and receive messages via the auto “call” feature. Someone in the call center finally found the problem in October but now problem has re-surfaced. I’ve tried, again, in vain to get help through customer service-they keep asking me to try the same things that don’t fix it. Anyone have a suggestion?

  53. I would like to suggest that when work is being done on the webmail servers that a note be placed so users will know that maintenace is being done rather than being taken to the “first time user” setup screen. I am not a first time user and it would be less frustrating for me to know that work is being done rather than being asked to setup an account that has been active for years. Better user experience and whatever buzz words are current.

  54. Are you aware of the fake “virus” that hijacks webmail? It happened to me three times this week, on two different computers. In the course of reading & sending emails, the webmail tab suddenly changes to a screen that looks like a virus scan. It announces that it has found viruses and asks me to click to fix them.
    Can you prevent that from happening?

    I’m familiar with this virus, but it isn’t coming from Web Mail. That popup is coming from some other web site you have visited and may have already infected your machine. You need to run a scan to be sure.
    Email Guy
  55. “Send” has been malfunctioning for the last week or so. Often it simply sits there and does nothing, but it takes control of the browser so I have to wait until it finally gives up to try clicking “send” a second time. The second time typically works.

  56. Other than the duplicate send problem and the “server error” when sending, nothing seems to have been corrected since the version 6.1.10 rollout. I continue to get the error message that an attachment exceeds 10mb when I try to foward an email with a large file attached that is well less than 10mb. The error today was a file that was shown by webmail to be 8mb in the inbox, saved to disk it was 6,055kb. I understand the rest is email overhead.
    When I forward this email I get the “exceeds 10mb error” and am returned to the send message screen with the email intact except for the attachment, which has been removed. If I then reattach the same file from my computer and hit “Send” it is accepted once the file uploads.
    This is a workaround, but requires me to take the time to download and upload the attachment. What is the status on a fix?

  57. There may be a bug in the “add a folder” part of the webmail software.
    I find that when I add another folder, that I am unable to move a message into the new folder unless I close the webmail window completely and then reopen it again (using the same username!).
    Then, I am able to move the message into the new folder.
    Has anyone else noted this problem/bug?
    Thanks —
    — Dave

  58. Still getting the message “The message(s) that you selected does not exist any more in this folder. (The message may have expired, or you may have already moved or deleted it.)” when deleting the last message in my Inbox. This is really annoying and needs to be fixed. I’ve brought it up several times here and nothing has been done about it. You really need to fix this now.

  59. I got a message from eBay saying that I’ve sent emails to members using the return address Of course, that address is not registered with eBay, and their message, presumably automated, suggests that I could register that address with eBay!
    I couldn’t have sent a member an email directly from Webmail, since I always use their message system.

  60. For 4 days, I haven’t been able to send any attachments (no matter how small) via Earthlink (I’m on Mac Mail) or forward messages that have even a colored background or emoticon; very few web pages open, most that do, take about 30 seconds to a minute; I found that if I switch from… to… I can actually send a small (80kb) photo; I’ve been on hold forever and the one online chat with support was cut off. This is becoming serious – graphics communications is important to my business.

  61. Lately I’ve been getting lots of messages of blocked viruses. I’m very happy that you’re catching them so my computer doesn’t get infected. My questions is: Why did this just start? Did you just update your virus software? Am I somehow more suceptible to viruses now than before? Are there more viruses now that before? What gives?

  62. The daily Spamblocker report in my iPhone Mail preview states there is no content and when I open the e-mail, there is, in fact, a blank e-mail. The same e-mail report is readable, however, using Mail on my MacBook. The Spamblocker “Allowed Sender Requests” come in fine on my iPhone and I can let folks in directly using that e-mail.
    The spamblocker report is very handy so I can monitor my suspect mailbox without logging in daily to Webmail. However, it would be even more handy if it would show up on my iPhone as having content, especially when I’m traveling. This problem has been there since the launch of the iPhone.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  63. Every time I try to forward an email as an attachment, I get this error:
    “Sorry, an internal error has occured. Please click on the Web Mail link on the header and return to Web Mail.”
    Most of the times it also says email sent on top of it, but I would like to know why is happening. I’m running windows vista sp1 with Internet explorer 8.
    Thank you

  64. Is it me or does Webmail now have more problems than it did before it was “updated”?
    I just spent the most incredibly irritating twenty minutes trying to reply to an email. (I’d like to be able to laugh it off but it’s becoming such a regular occurrence that it’s hard to manage more than a forced grin).
    The message in question arrived in HTML format so I thought, no problem, I want to break it up into sections and comment on each one separately, so I switched to Plain Text view. For some reason I can’t seem to break HTML format emails up in the same way.
    At which point the quoted message characters (>) failed to appear. Rather than manually go in and edit the entire message, inserting “>” line by line, I abandoned my reply and opted to switch back to the old Webmail (thank goodness I can still do that!), which took a little while.
    So I began my reply and opted to save it as a Draft and then switch back to the “new” Webmail, which didn’t seem to “take” at first. A couple more attempts and finally I was back in the present but we’re talking minutes rather than seconds here.
    I spent no more than about ten minutes generating my reply, and then hit Send.
    Webmail told me the message was no longer on the server (so take it from my browser!). I tried saving it back as a Draft. Same (annoying) message. What does it matter that Webmail can’t find it on the server? It’s here in my browser – I just finished editing it.
    I selected all the text in the reply, copied it to the clipboard, crossed my fingers and opted to abandon the message. Then I got the “Sorry, an internal error has occurred. Please click on the Web Mail link on the header and return to Web Mail.” message that Bob noted (and I wasn’t even replying to an AOL email). That message is cropping up more and more lately, too.
    Still keeping my fingers crossed (all it takes is for the browser to blow up and bang goes the content of the clipboard) I opted to continue, pulling up the earlier Draft of the reply, dumping the contents and replacing it with the clipboard’s copy of my reply.
    Then I hit Send, and finally it went without any apparent problems.
    I had thought that the fixes made on 10/21 would have included these problems as well, but apparently not. I’m not even mentioning the sudden increase in my regular emails being classified as SPAM by the ELN filters (and when I say “regular” I mean emails that I’ve been receiving on a regular basis for *years*). And when will the SPAM folder finally report its content count visually like most of the other folders? It seems to have been years since I first saw it reported as a problem…
    Is there a timeline for fixing the items I’ve mentioned here, or should I start a course in transcendental meditation to try and cope with the anticipated frustration to come? 🙂

  65. When opening my E mail account, I now have to enter my full E address and my password. This just started today and it’s a pain.

  66. I would like to know why, using web mail, I cannot send any attachments. The button to select which file to attach is NOT there. It is most frustrating.

  67. I type, nothing appears for several seconds, then text appears, I type again and again nothing appears for several seconds.
    Why the delay?

  68. I’ve gotten two messages from eBay saying that I’ve sent emails to members using the return address Of course, that address is not registered with eBay, and their message, presumably automated, suggests that I could register that address with eBay!
    I couldn’t have sent a member an email directly from Webmail, since I always use their message system. It sounds like a problem with Webmail.
    Any idea what’s going on here?

  69. Lately I’ve been getting more problems when trying to edit a Draft message. The most frequent problem occurs when I try to save an edit after less than a minute’s worth of editing – the fleeting error message says the message is no longer on the server and refuses to allow saving under any circumstances.
    The only solution is to ensure the insertion point is somewhere in the message body, select all (Ctrl-A), copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C) and then paste (Ctrl-V) the message into a plain text editor such as NotePad for temporary safe keeping. Then usually I can cancel the draft and re-enter it, and then replace the current body text with my latest edit and then save (usually successfully).
    However, lately an attempt to do that has been met with another fleeting error – the Sorry, An Internal Error… that others are reporting (I’m using IE7 with all patches applied under XP Pro likewise). The instruction says to click on the Webmail link in the header and return to Webmail – except there is no such link.
    This is recoverable, as long as I make sure I don’t lose my edits by keeping them out of Webmail, but it’s annoying and frustrating (hence my report here).
    I’ve noticed that the amount of time I get to edit a draft and then have the first error occur (No Longer On The Server) is becoming shorter and shorter. Originally it was about 5 minutes, now it can be 30 seconds. I can identify no pattern of usage that leads to it.

  70. When sending or replying to email, I occasionally receive this error message: “Sorry, an internal error has occurred. Please click on the Web Mail link on the header and return to Web Mail.” The email sends, but what’s up with the error message? Seems to happen with greater frequency when sending or replying to email at AOL. What can I do to stop this from happening? Thanks!

  71. Hello- for the last few days my web mail indicates that I have 0 messages. This is not true. Also I have a different foremat when I get my email. there are logos in the information bar that I do not recognize. Also my send a message or “send” icon will not email certain forwards. It says they are too large. I have used “WEB MAIL” for a long time now so what’s up?

  72. This is not a biggie: Webmail offers Preview for all folders (even Trash) EXCEPT the Drafts folder. Maybe consider adding that feature to it?
    I don’t tend to use it as I’ve commented before, but for consistency it would be a good idea to make the feature universal IMHO.

  73. When I replied to a message that had been sent to my address and another, I responded to their questions in blue after each question and indicated that at the top of my message. Neither one received anything further than my comment about “responding in blue after the questions”. Yet, when they replied back to me with that comment, my entire message showed up on both of their messages. One is ELN; the other is not. Why is this happening and I’m wondering if other messages I reply to aren’t getting my responses either?

  74. Hi, Email Guy: there’s a new ad causing problems. It’s for Vyvanse (I think that’s the right spelling) and the basic ad is OK, but once it starts scrolling the LONG list of fine print, it slows down webmail actions like compose (you type a character and wait….then another and wait…..). If you hit the “X” in the upper right corner of the ad the scroll goes away and it resets to the beginning of the ad: but then shortly it comes back to the scrolling legalese again and slows everything down.
    This makes composing messages VERY annoying. Can anything be done?

  75. Third time Question
    My “Formatting and Color Bar” does not work.
    I am using the “Rich Text” line and using Internet Explorer. Why am I having trouble getting this function to work ?

  76. This tip may be useful for someone (it is for me :))
    Often I need to make notes for myself that I can access no matter where I am. Webmail fits the bill nicely. However, I discovered that sending myself even the briefest email note can take up space (minimum of 1K even if I only put my note in the Subject line).
    I found that using the Drafts feature is a better approach. Either create the note as a Draft with a unique subject line, or better still, when you save the note as a draft you can go into the Drafts folder and Move the note to another folder you’ve created specifically for such notes. The space saving depends on how big your notes are – the smaller they are, the more space you save.
    (For my 1K brief subject-line-only note it uses up only 470 bytes if I do it this way, for example).

  77. Attachments Disappear from AOL
    Routinely I cannot view (or detect) attachments sent from AOL accounts. Looking at the message source code reveals that they are there — Earthlink just refuses to display them.

  78. The past few days something is constantly trying to load on webmail (the box at the bottom, constantly clicking and looking for something). Parts of the page start to be seen multiple times. This locks up the page and I have to shut it down (cont, alt, del) because it is nonresponsive.

    This problem is fixed.
    Email Guy
  79. Faulty Redirect Programming
    On both the Windows (XP) and Macintosh (OS 10.4) versions of Firefox 3, my wife and I periodically receive this error message:

    Redirect Loop
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    The displayed URL on the most recent occasion was:
    I’m not sure what’s going on. It only happens in Firefox. My preference is set to “24 hours” for login persistence.
    Once I go back to the generic things behave again.

  80. Oops! Something wrong with new release. I use groups and the total number of recipients in each group in the Address Book does not agree with total email addresses in the Insert Recipients Box. Also, I use to be able to keep my name close to the top of the Insert Recipients Box using ‘ before my name. Not any more!

  81. Two days now my email account is very slow and today I cannot access my email, ready to move to another provider.

  82. For the last week, webmail service has not been functioning correctly. Pages time out or take up to five minutes to load. I tried to use the live chat feature and it did not work either. I called 800-327-8454 and got a recording saying “we are having webmail problems and are working on it”. Uhh…can I get any more detail than that? I use this line for some work related items and can’t have this service just croak for an entire day three times in one week. I have been a customer since 1999 and I want an explanation. I don’t want to leave Earthlink but I will if this isn’t resolved soon.

  83. The quota indicator problem that I reported on July 14 is still seriously out of whack. My usage indicator shows 35% used. Yet I am now getting “EarthLink Email Storage Space is Almost Full” messages which I have discovered must be taken seriously (in other words, those messages don’t lie, even if the quota indicator does).
    This is really wildly off — 35% versus “almost full.” And it’s a tremendous inconvenience, because there is no way for me to take care of the problem right now. Had the indicator worked properly, I could have stayed ahead of this.

    See if the guage is correct now. You are right that the emailed warnings are always correct, it is only the Web Mail indicator that is sometimes out of sync. I reset yours, which will also make your messages appear unread (bolded) in the Web Mail message listing.
    Email Guy
  84. I have repeatedly tried to unblock a blocked domain in email: I have gone to the edit page, highlighted, pressed unblock. Yet, almost immediately returns to the blocked list. I have been sent a number of emails from a friend with as part of the address. Yet, it is always blocked, therefore, deleted. I have tried seven times to unblock without success. What can I do?

    Are you clicking on the Save button at the top or bottom of the page, after you remove it from the list?
    Email Guy
  85. Hey EMail guy– I also very much like the new interface. Well done.
    Are there plans for itemizing individual folder sizes in the Inbox in future releases? While navigating the ‘Edit Folders’ option, I can add/delete/rename/etc. folders, but see nothing reflecting current folder size.
    This would be helpful when archiving and performing maintenance on one’s Inbox.

  86. When using Firefox and in Webmail set on Rich Text…. why don’t the standard Windows shortcuts work? CTRL-U for underline, CTRL-I for italics, CTRL-B for bold… CTRLV for paste and CTRL-z for undo work fine, but not U, I, B. those shortcuts work fine under Internet Explorer….
    Thank you

  87. Bug report: if I choose to reply to an HTML email but opt to switch to plain text, the “>” marking the quoted original content are dropped.
    I verified that this is definitely a change in behavior by switching back to the old Webmail and trying the same operation – the “>” are included, as expected.

    Thanks for the report.
    Email Guy
  88. Yes, please fix the mailbox usage problem I mentioned on July 14. It’s stating that only 33% of capacity is used, yet I’m being wallpapered with e-mail warnings that “e-mail space is almost full.” It’s aggravating to have a usage gauge that doesn’t reflect reality.

  89. Can you give a progress report on allowing top level domain blocking?
    Any estimated date for this to be implemented?
    According to search results* it was one of the “requirements” of the 6.0 release yet I cannot find how to block top level domains if it has been implemented. I know of the sublevel domain blocking but that is not effective enough and your spam filters are not doing an adequate job. TLD blocking was the one item I was looking forward to having implemented in the 6.0 release and am disappointed it was not included (or is buried so far that I haven’t been able to find it yet).
    * and replies 9 & 10 as well

    I know, I want it too. I don’t know when it will get put in. That said, in the past year we have greatly reduced the amount of spam that gets to people’s Inbox, by other improvements on our end, so we don’t get many complaints about spam any more. So the priority is lower now. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.
    Email Guy
  90. I just read where changes in font will be changed so that my choice will remain in effect from one area of interest to another. Congratulations! This will be a welcomed change.

  91. There is one feature that Eudoramail has had that I miss very much. It is the Redirect function. What this does is, let’s say that you had mail returned, say, because the send-to email was incorrect and thus needed to be changed. What the Redirect function does is allows the email to be resent as if it were originally sent, without the need to do messy editing. It is also very handy for situations in which the email was mistakenly sent to me and needs to be forwarded, but without all of the quoting or attachment stuff. This is far better than forwarding.

  92. Mailbox usage indicator broken
    It appears that the mailbox usage indicator bar no longer looks at anything other than Inbox. It ignores Sent or other folders. Thus, even though the indicator says I only have 37% of my capacity in use, I’m getting “mailbox nearly full” warnings because there are messages in other folders that are not being counted.
    This just happened fairly recently — within the last four weeks.

    That isn’t the cause, the usage indicator is looking at the mailbox index of everything in it. On rare occasions it can get out of sync with the actual mailbox contents. I can fix this for you, but doing so will mark all messages as unread (they’ll be bolded) in all folders. If that is ok with you, let me know and I’ll resync it for you.
    Email Guy
  93. Feature Improvement
    Will you please consider allowing e-mail forwarding to be address specific. I enjoy using the forwarding feature, so that messages can be automatically sent to my work e-mail address.
    The big problem is that I do not want ALL my address book contacts e-mails forwarding, I would like to be able to select them on an address by address basis?

  94. For the past 6 to 8 weeks I’ve experienced the following problem: I have Spamblocker set to High (so I have a Suspect e-Mail Folder). Intermittently e-mail from people who are in my address book arenot sent to my Inbox, but instead sent to Suspect e-Mail Folder (and message sent to the person to fill out form, etc.). Some e-mails get through normally, others don’t. I believe that once an e-mail from an address already in Address Book is bounced to Suspect, then it continues to be bounced (even though I Move/Add from Suspect Folder following the initial bounce), though I haven’t been able to test this thoroughly. The problem is not limited to a fixed set of addresses, but keeps occurring with additional addresses as I receive e-mails from addresses already in my Address Book. It seems to happen with older addresses, not ones I added recently. But, as I said, most e-mails manage to get through to my Inbox on the first try (80%+).
    I’ve reported this twice through a Chat Session. The 2nd report (last week) resulted in an escalation to Engineering.
    Has any one else encountered this problem. It’s maddening, both for me, but also for people who keep getting the “suspect” message whenever they send me and e-mail, notwithstanding that they’re already in my Address Book and supposed to get through no problem.

  95. Further to my Feb. 13 post —
    Attempting to delete an individual message while viewing it also creates an error. The screen says “sorry, that message is no longer on the server” but the message it not actually deleted.

  96. I’m not sure whether this is a new bug or a change in function by design.
    Previously, when composing an email, the Save As Draft facility would create a new copy of the current draft-in-edits each time it was invoked, leaving the original in place.
    This was a useful feature for me, because it allowed me to quickly and easily create multiple variations on an original draft and use any one of them as needed.
    Lately I’ve noticed that each time I use Save As Draft it overwrites the original draft, no matter whether I change the subject line and/or intended recipient list. This is less than useful (for me, anyway).
    Is this a bug or an intended action?
    Either way, it would be helpful when editing a draft to be able to choose to overwrite the original draft or create a new draft and leave the original in place.
    Many thanks,

  97. I noticed a new bug today that I haven’t seen before. I tried forwarding an email as an attachment (about 17K in size) and it failed to go (I checked both the entry in the Sent folder and the “echo” I always send to myself so that I know what the recipients actually received).
    I tried again using a different TO: address (no point annoying people with the same error) and this time it seemed to go OK.
    I saw no error message earlier that indicated a problem, so it may be something transient. Since the choice of attachment was made using a Webmail dropdown menu that rules out the possibility that I could just simply have forgotten to attach the message – Webmail offered me inline text and attachment and there was definitely no inline text, so I couldn’t have selected the wrong option by mistake either. Puzzling.
    Peter Brooks

  98. In December I posted the question below about why I could not post in HTML and the Email guy responded that I could find the option at the top of the page as “Colors and Graphics”.
    I emailed him directly the same question in March as I still could not find colors or graphic and I told him I used Chrome.
    My March question has NOT appeared here.
    I have since learned that the Plain/ Colors and Grapic option APPEAR ONLY in Firefox and IE.
    That is a shame.
    I write a blog for a Portland Maine newspaper and I monitor the browsers used by my readers.
    Since 1/1/2009, of the WINDOWS visitors, 60% have used Firefox, 20% have used Chrome, 10% have used IE, and the remaining 10% was either Opera or Safari.
    I hope Earthlink will fix this problem and not write code specific to only Firefox and IE, as Opera, Safari and Chrome are well known to more compliant than IE.
    “Posted by: Peter Hayward | December 3, 2008 10:08 AM | (27)
    If email comes in to me in html format, I get an opportunity to compose a reply in the same, but if it comes in plain text, or if I want to compose a message, I just get plain text composition.
    Is there an option hidden somewhere that I have not found where I can choose html composition either all the time or when I want it?
    It’s at the top of the compose page, click on “Color and Graphics”. That feature will be improved soon (in the next release).
    Email Guy”

  99. Why is this system incapable of allowing me to forward an email with maybe a cartoon sketch or some such included in the message as I have received it. When I go to forward same on to others, by using the forward – in-line text – the little sketches or pictures have a large blank box with a smaller one in the top left hand corner and it is impossible to “show picture”. Very annoying. The words of the story/joke are there, but not picture and I also don’t get any animation which I might have received in the original email. YUK

  100. OK – another Address Book related error to report. Sorry I didn’t spot it in time to include it in earlier reports.
    After I had deleted my address book entries (see earlier report) and then tried to import the version I’d only just saved, I noticed that I was getting a large number of incoming emails reported as Suspect.
    After checking over a period of several days, I’ve realised that all the entries in the Companies/Domains category have been deleted – but they weren’t included in the export of the Address Book that I made earlier.
    It would be useful to have at least one of the following:
    o A separate export/import for domains
    o The export of the Address Book to include the domains-only entries
    o The deletion of the Address Book to exlude the domains-only entries (perhaps have them deletable by a separate process, so that deleting the Address Book contents doesn’t affect the domains-only)
    Peter Brooks

  101. Following on from my earlier Address Book error report, there’s another issue that I’ve noticed from time to time but never reported.
    I discovered that I had multiple entries for some domains – six for alone – and it would be helpful for any domain entry to be unique (it would save space on EarthLink servers at least).
    Peter Brooks

  102. Usually after deleting some mail the used email storage space decreases. But it was the opposite yesterday. After deleting some mail the used storage space had a huge jump from 17% to 30% Today I delete some more mail and the used space remains at 30%.
    Why is such a huge increase of 13% of used storage space in one instant and remains there ?

  103. I came across a fairly serious Address Book error today. It’s in multiple parts but I’ll try to keep it concise.
    I needed to import into my ELN Address Book 100+ records of data extracted from a Netscape .ldif file to Excel .csv. I needed to (a) determine the correct structure to ensure ELN compatibility and (b) assign the entire dataset to a unique group name (there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that at all until after the import, when the new data will be mixed into the existing addresses – perhaps that could be looked at?)
    The easiest way to determine the structure of the ELN address book is to export to .csv, so I exported the entire address book for safe keeping, determined the structure from that, and discovered that the group assignments for address book entries are not exported, so that’s another item that would benefit from being looked at. The online Help file lists a structure that differs from the one I uncovered (my structure shows 31 fields, all unique, whereas the Help file shows many more than that, some of which are duplicated – another item that could be looked into).
    Having exported the entire address book, I then deleted all the addresses online, at which point the groups I’d set up were also all deleted (they could do with being retained – another item to look at).
    So then as a quality check I tried to import the .csv I’d only just created, at which point I received an error: “Your contacts could not be imported. The file containing your contacts does not appear to be formatted properly…”
    When I tried again to import the .csv file, I received a different error concerning the numbers of records (maximum 2,500), as it transpired that about 90% of the data in the .csv had in fact been imported after all (not sure why there was a problem – I’ve looked at the record immediately following the last successfully imported record and I see nothing untoward in it). So there’s another error – the import process appears to fail whereas it partially succeeds, but doesn’t give any feedback as to why it fails, or at what point, nor does it offer the opportunity to continue with the next successful record, nor does it provide any log file that can be checked for problems.
    The fact that the exported .csv file can’t then be re-imported suggests there’s some kind of disconnect that needs to be looked at.
    The errors are reproducible – I’ve checked and made screen shots if you need them.
    It would be helpful to be able to back up the Address Book (including groups and the records assigned to them) even as a proprietary format file if that helps, as long as it can be restored 100%.
    Thanks for reading 🙂

  104. Problems Moving A Message That Is Being Viewed
    Almost always, if you try to move a message that is actively being viewed (in other words, that individual message is on the screen), the operation will fail. An error message to the effect of “Sorry, that message is no longer on the server” will be displayed instead.
    If you go back to the message listing (i.e., click on “Inbox”) the message will still be there. Checking the box next to that message and invoking the “move” command normally works from here. But you can’t move an individual message while reading it, even though that tool is offered at the top while individual messages are being viewed.

  105. Since signing up for the e-mail Beta Test, I have lost my e-mail preview that normally appears on my Home Page. Even though I find e-mail messages in my Inbox when I sign in, they do not appear on my Home Page under the E-mail box section. This feature was working fine before switching to your Beta Test. I have read through all of your faq’s, but didn’t find any mention of this problem. I am president of a dance club and find this feature extremely useful when interacting with members. I would appreciate any help you can provide with this problem. Thank You.
    Earl Eakle

  106. An odd behavior that was seemingly fixed in the past has suddenly re-appeared.
    If I send an email to someone in my address book and CC: myself at the sending account, for some reason the CC copy now gets put into the Suspect folder (and of course the folder if unopened says 0 emails).
    I had a recent problem with a mail client where when I tried to send such an email, the client reported a failure to create a folder (it didn’t need to), even after half a dozen attempts. The client problem isn’t an Earthlink issue, naturally, but the mail server behavior is.
    When I went into the Earthlink Webmail front end, the Suspect folder showed a 0 count, but when I opened it, there were all the copies of my supposedly failed email. They should have gone directly into my Inbox on the Earthlink mail server side.
    I usually CC myself as a quality control thing – that way I know whether for example an attachment was lost (or I failed to add it in the first place) – but it’s annoying to have to keep adding myself to the Address book…

  107. Some weird quirks in webmail that should be fixed:
    1. The “Known Spam” folder always says there are (0) messages, regardless of how many there actually are… I’ve seen other posts about this problem before and it has yet to be fixed.
    2. When you try to have more than one folder open at the same time in different browser tabs (e.g. inbox and trash), chaos ensues. The trash folder will turn back into the inbox (or vice versa) as soon as you click on a link.
    3. Sometimes I accidentally delete something and have to go fishing through the trash for it. It would be nice if I could sort the Trash folder by sender and then click on “A” (for example) and see all the messages from senders that begin with “A” (similar to what you can do in the address book). Of course, you can use the search function, but sometimes you don’t remember the exact name of the sender…

  108. I am using Web Mail and want to send to Groups, either in the To box, the Cc box, or the Bcc box. Some of my groups have over 50 names.
    It does not allow me to use the Group name per se, as I get a message that a Group name is an illegal address.
    So then I click the Email Addresses link above the To box and click on a Group I want to send to. Up comes a little window with all the names in that Group, with three columns of boxes to check: To, Cc, and Bcc. There is an option to Check All.
    This Check All option would be workable if it worked for all three columns. BUT, it only checks the boxes in the To column. It does not have the feature of allowing me to Check All in the Cc or Bcc columns.
    For my large Groups, this is unsatisfactory and really defeats the purpose of having Groups. It is user-hostile, having to check the boxes individually for Cc or Bcc.
    Is there any way to enable the Check All feature to apply to any of the three columns?

    The way to send to a named group is to click the link on the left of the To line while composing (or CC or BCC) and that will open a popup window listing all your contacts. Select only the Group name you want to send to, and it will automatically populate all the addresses from that group on the address line. You can do this on the To the CC or the BCC and it only takes selecting a single item.
    Email Guy
  109. Thanks for having virus-detection available on Earthlink for my incoming email. It caught something this week. I know that when this was first suggested to Internet providers back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, some people didn’t like the idea because it could amount to invasion of privacy (needing to look at people’s emails). However, this objection was finally overcome, by making it an option, and I’m glad you have it.

  110. I am still having problems with Equifax ads as I see others are. If they were removed on October 24, 2008 then there are new ones that still cause problems.

    I see them *sigh*, they are back. Thanks for the report, I’ll take care of it.
    Email Guy
  111. Add my name to the list of people requesting a mobile web client for low-bandwidth usage – using a POP client on a mobile platform isn’t workable for infrequent use, as it downloads the last couple of weeks worth of messages which clogs a thin pipe. (Not to mention those companies that don’t allow changing the email settings on their devices – on those, web access is the ONLY available method to check your ELNK email.) Meanwhile, the current web client is just too big for low-bandwidth usage. Other ISPs offer IMAP as an alternative mail access protocol, which would enable server-side folder/message management which would make a stand-alone mail client much more workable.

  112. When I want to forward an e-mail, often one I have just received, I sometimes get a message: Can no longer read this message. It is no longer on the server” Please help.

    The most likely cause is that you are running other email software at the same time you are viewing Web Mail, and that software has downloaded the message and removed it from the server. You may find this FAQ helpful.
    Email Guy
  113. Just discovered Email Guy for Web Mail, which is great. Is there an Email Guy for Total Access? I have a couple of questions which relate specifically to Total Access and I need to know who can help me. Thanks!
    –john hammon

  114. Thank you for at last providing a useful answer to my query @ Where Did my Email Go? You have been the only person who has done this, and I’m including online help and livechat. I hope you don’t go away…. This Tech. Support group needs someone who can accurately put in layman’s terms how to go about correcting a problem w/Earthlink. Again many thanks!

  115. Webmail logs me off several times a day. When I come back to my computer after a period of not using it, Webmail allows me to read email and to compose email and then trashes what I composed when I try to send the email, and smirks at me with a message about timing out due to inactivity… right in the middle of a whole lot of activity. I lose all the work I put into the email and have to start all over again. Having just logged back in after being timed out I composet and sent the email again and was received another time out message and a message that my email was not sent. Please fix Webmail so reading email and composing email also count as activity.

  116. I couldn’t find this is the search, but I don’t know if it fits into the “webmail” problem category. But its been a significant problem for 18 months, and customer support can’t help. They’ve bumped it to engineering at least 2 times, but no one gets back to me as promised from that point on.
    Maybe someone else has run into this and can help. When people attempt to “reply” to my emails, mindspring frequently refuses it as undeliverable, permanent error. The error message shows that the “S” in mindspring has been deleted from my email address, and of course “mindPring” is not a valid reply address. i have sent a number of sample error messages to customer service, but of course they can’t duplicate it. I do have my spamblocker on high, but these are people that are in my address book. It’s been happening 2-3 times a day for the past month. Each time I call customer support, I have to go through more than an hour of escalating it through levels to a supervisor. Customer service won’t accept my statement that I’ve already tested all the fixes they have to offer.
    Help! I can’t afford to have my business email rejected daily when people are answering messages that I sent to them. My only solution right now is that I’ve listed an alternative email for replies on my Webmail preferences, so that I can bypass the mindspring email when people reply to me. That kinda defeats the purpose of having the service.

    Both the “From” address and the “Reply-To” address in any email you send out, are always set by the sending software, and never set by the EarthLink servers (or by any other email servers). If you are sending from Web Mail, the From line is always set to match the exact login you used in Web Mail. You can also set a Reply-To in your preferences (which you have apparently done). If you are sending from any other software, you have mistyped the entry in the settings of that particular software.
    Again, neither of these addresses is set on the server side, it is always inserted by the sending software as part of the message. Hopefully this knowledge will help you figure it out.
    If you’d like to send a message to email-guy at earthlink dot net, I can easily pinpoint the problem for you (assuming the email exhibits this problem).
    Email Guy
  117. Suggestion for a handy enhancement to the blog:
    When I go to and click on one of the “Categories” (Bugs, FAQ, General, Plans, etc) I get a list of the various threads – each with its own “+ VIEW” box and the date the thread was started.
    It sure would be helpful if that list also displayed
    (a) the total number of messages in the thread or
    (b) the date of the most recent post, or
    (c) both.

  118. I am unable to synchronize my mailbox and web mail address books.
    When I try, I get this message from Earthlink:
    An error occurred on the server while trying to synchronize the data.
    Error Message: net.earthlink.zoo.ZooException.addrbook.noupdate
    This is very upsetting.

  119. Just another long time user who wants to know when Earthlink will expand the 100MB limit on WebMail. It’s so behind the times that people don’t realize that sending me one large attachment is using up a big percentage of my mailbox. I have to go in and delete constantly and I’ve lost valuable things in the process. In the days of free unlimited storage, why is Earthlink so stingy with the storage?

  120. I have dial-up, so web pages are slow to download. I am using Explorer as a browser. I’m finding that often when I am writing email messages in Web Mail, the response time from when I type a character to when it shows up on the screen slows to many seconds. I usually have to kill the connection and start over. As best I can figure, it seems to be due to lots of resources being consumed by downloading ads. Are the ads changing after the page is first downloaded? In general ads seem to be the main factor in slow download time for my dial-up service, but this is worse than in general. Any suggestions?

    The behavior you describe probably isn’t related to the Web Mail service or to advertisements. No, they don’t change after download. Ads might affect initial page loading but have no effect after that. You might check your task manager to see what is using system resources and causing delayed typing. Run taskmgr.exe and sort by CPU usage. My guess is that some kind of web security software scanning is causing this.
    Email Guy
  121. With all the advances of Earthlink web mail, why in the world are there still only 4 (5?) fonts available to use when sending messages? There are limited colors to use, and no backgrounds that I can see. YES, I’m a girl! I would like to see many more options available to be able to change it up once in a while.

    Soon, Web Mail 6.0 will be released and will have enhancements to the rich text compose feature, including additional fonts.
    Email Guy
  122. Will we ever be able to access all (or selectec) mail accounts from our Main account window? Like we can get our anonymous account mail.
    I have a number of email accounts that deal with different situations. I really find it inconvenient to have to login and out over and over to get to all my mail.
    This would also be great for parents who need/want to monitor their children’s accounts for inappropriate activity.
    PLEASE !!!! make my world complete !!

  123. Charging your customers .99 cents to have the news headlines in our mailboxes removed is not fair. That needs to be a FREE service/option.

    There is no charge to turn off news headlines. Just click Preferences / General, and set it to go to the Inbox instead of the news page. The 99 cent option is to remove all advertising from all Web Mail pages (the banners). Web Mail is one convenient and optional way to access your mailbox, and EarthLink Web Mail has always contained advertising. But you can also access your mailbox using any other email software of your choosing, which would bypass the advertising.
    Email Guy
  124. Dear Webguy:
    I have multiple addresses with Earthlink and use Webmail exclusively as I have Vista and no other option.
    I would like to know how I can import my address book from one address to the other. I had assumed as they were all earthlink they would all be the same but they aren’t. Is there anyway that I can set it up so that the addresses are entered on at least two of the sites at the same time?

    You certainly have other options, but if Web Mail meets your needs then you don’t need to use anything else. But you can always access your EarthLink mailbox using any email software available, including Vista Mail, Outlook, or any other. Go to for configuration details.
    To export your Address Book from Web Mail, click Preferences, then the Address Book tab, then the export link near the top. To import that to another mailbox, use the same steps while logged in to that other mailbox, but click the Import link instead. It will prompt you for the file you already saved. That file can also be imported to most other email software.
    Email Guy
  125. Ok, I’m not paying the premium for “ad-less” email access, but the banners are REALLY annoying now. Advertisers used to have a modicum of courtesy and stopped animating their ads after a few cycles. No more. Lower My Bills ads (always the worst) animate constantly, as do many others. PetCareRx has a scratching dog ad that popped up for me on five or six emails in a row. The constant motion is so irritating, I have to move the window to clip the offending ad. I fail to see how annoying people sells products. I’m wrong I’m sure, but I won’t be patronizing them.
    You have control over this! Make it a policy that banner ads must stop animating after a few seconds.

    We do enforce a 15-second limit, and they should not animate again unless activated by your mouse. I looked at the PetMed ad and it does not comply, so I’ll get it removed.
    Email Guy
  126. Another little niggle – nothing really major.
    Today in Webmail I took a previously-created draft email with attachments, edited the draft, removed the attachments and sent the result off to a recipient.
    The BCC: for the email (I almost always send myself a copy to QA/QC the Send) showed that there was an attachment (the paperclip icon was present) – but of course there wasn’t one.
    I logged out and back in again in case it was just a persistence issue, but the attachment icon was still there. As I say, nothing major, but perhaps worth ironing out.
    Peter Brooks

    Thanks for the report. Consider the icon to mean, “the original email contained an attachment”. 🙂
    Email Guy
  127. Email Guy, thanks for your response to my post #465. My apologies for not being more specific. In fact, it is the WebMail program that I would like to be able to use from my iphone. Like many of us these days, I need to be able to access my email from several different devices and places and so I need the messages to stay on the server as happens with IMAP and WebMail. POP3 cliients that download the message so the local machine and remove it from the server won’t help me. I would like to continue to use my earthlink account and access it through WebMail since I have many messages stored in folders and my inbox, but I am increasingly in need of being able to access email through my iphone and yet leave the messages on the server. So my real question is whether there is a plan to support WebMail access from mobile devices. If not, is there any way I can achieve my goal of accessing my Earthlink email from my iphone while still keeping the messages on the server unless I explicitly delete them?
    Thanks so much for your help. You provide a great service.

    All POP software has an option to leave the messages on the server, and only retrieve copies. Check the account options in the software. You will find something like, “Leave messages on server”. Most mobile versions also have an option to only download headers so you can decide what messages to actually retrieve, saving time and space.
    We realize the need for a web-accessible email for mobile browsers (particularly so you can use folders), and it is something that I want to have on our roadmap for next year, but we won’t be able to do anything sooner due to other priorities.
    Email Guy
  128. “Features” suggestions, high priority IMHO. I would like to be able to set defaults for font, size, and HTML that are permanent until I decide to change them. In a year’s time, this would save me hours no doubt. I hope you will consider this (if you haven’t already — I’m new to this area).

    Yes, that feature is coming very soon. Not only will be you be able to save your HTML-compose settings, but we are adding some new options there and more fonts. And, your selection for plain text or HTML compose will be sticky between sessions (last one you used will come up).
    Email Guy
  129. When canceling a reply I have to confirm twice. Why? It’s very annoying. Similarly, when I attempt to open an attachment, I have to click the OK button twice, once to enable it and a second to execute. Both most annoying.

    There is only one confirmation to cancel a reply, to prevent accidental loss of a typed message. I don’t know what you mean by two. Attachments are not opened by Web Mail, that is handled by your browser and operating system. Web Mail just gives you a link to the file, and it opens like opening any other file. But if your OK button is coming up not enabled, that may be a problem. I’ve heard of this occuring on Firefox, and we’ll look into it.
    Email Guy
  130. EMail Guy, I read the response to the inquire last March 2007 in your FAQ about no support for mobile devices and I was wondering if there are any plans to support the iphone now that it is becoming so popular. I have been an Earthlink subscriber for over 10 years and use Web Mail exclusively for accessing my inbox and folders. I would love to be able to use it from my iphone like my friends that have gmail and yahoo accounts. Now that these devices are ever more popular, are there any plans to support them? If not, do you have any suggestions for those of us who depend on that kind of mobility and wish to continue using our Earthlink mailboxes?
    Thanks for your helpful support.

    It is only the Web Mail web site that doesn’t support mobile devices, but your mailbox has always been accessible by mobile device using POP. Just set the incoming POP server to in any POP client software. Most mobile devices either have email software preloaded, or it can be downloaded. Iphone definitely has the software already on it, and you just need to put in your account information.
    Email Guy
  131. This is a minor issue but I think it might be a useful-to-have. I’ve searched the FAQ and haven’t found anything there that answers my query.
    There are occasions after I have sent an email that I find I would like to send the same email to someone else. (If I know in advance, then I use the Drafts folder).
    In other email applications it’s possible to use an Edit As New function in such cases, or to Forward without quoting.
    Would it be possible to add such a feature – or even an option when in the Sent folder to allow a selected email to be saved to the Drafts folder – please?
    It can then be edited appropriately (new To:/CC:/BCC: recipients, modified salutations, etc).
    At present there are only two options that I know of – one is to copy the body of the sent email and create a new email/new subject/etc, paste in the body and make the necessary other changes. The other is to Forward the previously sent email and edit out all the quote symbols, which can be time consuming (this is all assuming Plain Text rather than HTML, of course. HTML has its own problems…).
    I haven’t seen an option in the Forwarding drop down list that allows a choice of quote/not quote.
    It’s just a thought, and I think something could be added without too much overhead.
    Peter Brooks

  132. EMail Guy – I use MS Outlook for my business email but EarthLink Web Mail for my personal messages (kept completely separate). Outlook includes a feature that slides up out of my System Tray to indicate that have a new email message. Top of my wish list for EL Web Mail is a applet that runs all the time, checks my email at regular intervals and notifies me if there’s any thing new. I seem to remember something like this as a small add-on app for cc:Mail that I used many years ago. I prefer to use Web Mail rather than Outlook or Outlook Express because I can check my messages on any computer I’m using anywhere and I don’t always have a web browser running. Seems like a bit of the Javascript under the ‘Refresh’ link of ‘My Email’ could do it with some tweaks/additions to run as a standalone. BTW – love the service with EarthLink (since 1999 and just upgraded to DSL). Thanks and keep up the good work.

  133. For several days I have been trying to fix an issue with WebMail Preferences. When I try to access them, I get “Sorry, an internal error has occurred.” I chatted with your tech support, they wer ABLE to create the same problem, and each time: We are escalating it! But it get nowhere there! The case # assigned was 140329930.
    What’s going on? If I cannot you cannot resolve it, I may have to move to another provider.

    I’m on it, and will resolve it. We may have to access your account, but it looks like support already did to reproduce it.
    Email Guy
  134. About Banner Ads…. my view on them…. Most are annoying with wiggling people or flashing colors, I usually try 3 or 4 refreshes before I drag them off where I cannot see them.
    I wouldn’t mind having them at the very bottom of the page or Ground level. See I pay for my email and service, it isn’t a freebie, I believe you get what you pay for and if you pay nothing expect nothing, but if you are a paying customer and have had the service for a number of years (3 or more) this should be offered as gratitude for being so dedicated.

  135. I have to wonder sometimes if you guys do any usability testing at all. Try going into the last (oldest) message in a mailbox, and clicking “Delete”. You will get an error message saying something like “This message no longer exists”. This bug has been extant for MONTHS. Ditto the bug where Known Spam will always show (0) on the menu, regardless of how many messages are actually in it. This bug has been there for YEARS.
    Another thing that has constantly bugged me about Webmail is that CSS in emails overflows into the rest of the page; i.e. the formatting within an email spills into the Earthlink interface in the rest of the page. I have noticed this bug becoming less frequent with updated Webmail releases, but it still happens. I will not even consider paying Earthlink for ad-free webmail until the service is up to the quality of what Google provides for free.
    For the record, I am mostly using Firefox 2 on Windows

  136. I accidently deleted something in my suspect mail – I meant to move it to my inbox. Can it be retrieved?

    It is in the Trash folder. Move it back to the Inbox from there.
    Email Guy
  137. Web Mail very Slow to Load. for the past five months i have to reload the webmail link several times (up to 20 or more) to get it to come up. What is this problem? I have noticed that this happens on other computers as well.

    This isn’t what most users experience and I don’t think the problem is with Web Mail. Try clearing your browser cache (delete temporary internet files) and see if that helps. Another possible cause is some security software or browser add-on you have running on the computer. Try temporarily disabling it to see if that is the problem.
    Email Guy
  138. I think the signout is kept at the bottom of the page right above the skyscraper ad on the left so
    the ad can be viewed and not missed. Just my thought.

    We never thought of that. Look at the latest post on the front page of the blog and you’ll see that very soon the Sign-out link will be at the top of the page. So you’ll never have a reason to scroll down there anymore.
    Email Guy
  139. Amen whoever had the idea of placing a signout link at the very bottom of a page needs to revisit good web design documents
    If the sign out was in the upper right or left (right would be preferred) it would be more accommodating to the user becaouse there are many applications that have it there. just my 2 cents.

  140. For the last week I havebeen receiving a flood of spam messages that seem to sail right through the maximum filter setting in spam blocker. The settings have not changed in more than two years, and the sudden gush of spam is the first of its kind that I have experienced. I’ve reviewed the settings and reported each new message as spam, but the still keep flooding my inbox. Has there been any change in Earthlink system that would explain this? Thanks. .. Mike

  141. Please, please, please relocate the “Sign out” button to the top of the page. I am so tired of having to scroll down to logout.

  142. Not sure if I’m posting in the right place… I use Opera which works well with WebMail. One small issue is the checkbox at the top of the Sender column (checkbox just to the left of the title ‘Sender’). In IE, selecting or deselecting the checkbox selects or deselects the checkboxes beside all items in the column. In Opera, nothing happens when I check or uncheck the box– none of the emails are selected or deselected. It’s not a feature I use everyday, but it’s handy when needed… hope you have a fix for it.

    We don’t have a fix for it. Opera doesn’t support the standard javascript methods used in that feature, and they should.
    Email Guy
  143. Email Guy,
    There is something that is bugging me. I just printed a message that all fit on one page, BUT, when it printed the ad on the left side of the page printed, too, on page 2 of 2, so I wasted a piece of paper. Is there a way to print just the messge?

    Click the Print button in Web Mail, not the print feature on your browser menu. The Print button opens a printable view containing only the message.
    Email Guy
  144. Web mail opens up too slow. When moving from Inbox to message, download is slow. When deleting, operation is slow. When moving from Inbox to Sent, opertion is slow. CLosing procedure is slow.
    Please send details about speeding up these procedures. I know it can be done. I also have a separate email account via Go-Daddy Web mail, and everything there opens, shifts, recycles, at almost instantaneous speed.
    I see no improvement in Earthlink’s web mails ervicve

  145. I appreciate Earthlink WebMail, BUT (!):
    It’s features are less robust and easy to use compared to MANY other email programs.
    To wit, here’s the worst problems and, even, “bugs”:
    1. I get KICKED OFF email when writing one for longer than 60 seconds so that means a person always has to “save to draft” an email while writing any more than a few words and/or a person has to assemble an email FIRST in Word, then copy and paste it into the body text for WebMail.
    Very annoying. I’ve lost more than one email because I did NOT save to draft in time. Bad bug. PLEASE fix. It’s annoying that Earthlink wishes to save $$ here for obvious reasons at the expense of our convenience.
    2. Color fonts to highlight your writing? Impossible, unless I’m missing something. Please advise if I’m slow to find this feature.
    3. Add larger font or easier to read font…..or a nice friendly font by which to assemble and send your email body text? No way. Again, if I am missing this feature and am Mr. Slow Guy, then please advise.
    I’d LIKE to have Comic Sans to provide a friendly, informal email body text. You can easily apply this font in Outlook Express, BUT not with WebMail. Frustrating.
    4. To be honest, the only reason I keep Earthlink and WebMail is because I’ve been present so long. To convert over and NOT lose email friends/addresses/business would be difficult.
    Have a great day! Now back to my frustrating email program: WebMail.

    To adjust font style, color, and size, click on Color and Graphics at the top of the compose view. If you are using Safari, it does not support that feature and the option won’t be visible.
    We’re working on an auto-save feature and a solution to prevent a lost session from causing a typed entry to be lost.
    Email Guy
  146. I have recently upgraded to Firefox 3.0.
    When I try to print my e-mails from print option in EL web mails, I get a heading correctly printed but the body of the e-mail is garbled.
    Has happened in last five cases.
    Not all messages are garbled some are just fine.
    Is it my end, FF3 or the senders end??
    Had NO problems with previous FF versions.

  147. human (last time I checked)
    No ads is a nice feature ESPECIALLY since you lose the encryption displaying the ads – Secure and non-secure content, or mixed content, means that a webpage is trying to display elements using both secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP) web server connections. This often happens with online stores or financial sites that display images, banners, or scripts that are coming from a server that is not secured.
    The risk of displaying mixed content is that a non-secure webpage or script might be able to access information from the secure content.

    That risk does not exist with third-party ad banners displayed inside an iFrame, as they are walled off from the rest of the web page by the “same origin” policy that all browsers enforce. In Web Mail there also is no risk in simply viewing an email containing mixed content, since any javascripts are automatically stripped from email content by Web Mail.
    Using the “secure session” option in Web Mail (which is the only time you would encounter mixed content) only benefits those accessing the site over a shared connection (LAN) or over wireless. The login page is always secure either way. You can read more about the mixed content issue in this FAQ.
    Email Guy
  148. my suspect email only show up when I go online to and access webmail. How can I get suspect email to appear on my email without having to go on line. my inbox messages appear both on web mail and my email. I get some spam on personal email but no suspect email. thanks wnm

    Suspect Email and the spamBlocker on High setting is a feature of Web Mail, and can’t be accessed any other way. You had to use Web Mail to enable that feature. Regular email software has no way to access that feature or those messages, since it can only access the Inbox folder. The High setting is a way to sideline all messages that are not from people in your online (Web Mail) address book. With other email software you should probably leave spamBlocker set to the medium setting, which simply filters out Known Spam. Or, if you are using spam filtering built-in to your own email software like you describe, then you may want to turn the spamBlocker Off entirely.
    Email Guy
  149. Why do you continue to allow Equifax to destroy the Earthlink web mail experience?
    If it continues, I will have to take my DSL account elsewhere.

    See above.
  150. Equifax ads still cause problems with login ids and passwords disappearing on webmail. See comment Posted by “Jerry Purdy on June 10, 2008 11:46 AM :” #2170 for the same sort of thing happening. When I searched using “equifax” as the argument I came up with several similar hits.
    Thanks for your help with this.

    Those problem ads are supposed to be excluded. Thanks for the report, I’ll get this fixed (those ad sales guys again…).
    Email Guy
  151. SPAM Filtering
    In the past two weeks the number of SPAM messages making it into my inboxes has increased dramatically, one box in particular – my box. I report them as spam and could live with just doing that but at the same time the number of legitimate messages being mistakenly classified as SPAM and routed to my suspect e-mail folder has also taken a dramatic increase. I could live with the false positives if so much spam didn’t make it into my inbox. I could also live with the increase in SPAM if there were no false positives (or even as few as there were as little as three weeks ago). The combination of SPAM getting through and legitimate messages not getting through is very frustrating. One other frustration is getting mailing list messages delivered to my earthlink inboxes more than twenty four after they arrive in a competitors web-based mail box. It may also be time to review earthlink’s policy of delaying suspect mail from being delivered promptly. Send it directly to my inbox or misroute it as SPAM; if it isn’t in one of those two places, I can’t act on the content.
    I have seen you comment about getting a user configurable white list implemented. I think it’s time to increase the priority of that planned change to Webmail.

  152. Hi, I have been trying to figure out how to send one message to multipal email addresses. Looked in several places, but all I can see is to add them to the address book, but how do you add multipals to the address bar,from the address book. I know this sounds stupid but just can’t seem to find it. Thanks for any help or suggestions. I did check in search also, but found no answer.

    Three ways. You can type them on the line separated by commas. You can click the link on “TO” and it opens a popup list of your address book to select multiple addresses. You can use the autocomplete feature (must be enabled in Preferences) where you just type the first letter or 2 and the contact pops up and fills in, and you can keep doing that any number of times.
    Email Guy
  153. My Mom has earthlink mail — and every time I send her an email with a photo attached she is getting this error — NEVER gotten this error before when I sent photos.
    “OEremoved access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail.”
    how do we stop this?
    Thank you for your time

    This is a setting in her email software (Outlook Express), that is either set to block whatever file type you are sending, or is detecting a virus in your files.
    Email Guy
  154. I am receiving msgs from Earthlink asking for verification of e Mail address password and birthdate. Is this someone trying to get info on me or is earthlink conducting this survey? It gave a deadline so I responded but have mixed feelings about having done it. The threat was loosing my mail service if I did not reply with info. I want to change my password so I am not being trapped in a harmful way. Can you advise me on this? Thanks Lee

    You need to immediately change your password. This was a scam, and any email like that is always a scam. We will never ask you for account information in an email. To change your password, click on My Account at the top of any EarthLink page, and log in there. Go to profiles and change the password.
    Email Guy
  155. UUEncoded attachments are not always recognized …
    I receive an email with a UUEncoded attachment. The first few lines of the displayed message are as follows:
    This attachment requires Adobe Acrobat. If you should require assistance call the
    Payroll Center toll free (877)291-9990 or e-mail
    When I open the mail from my POP home email mail program (Mac mail), the attachment appears properly, as a pdf file. When I open the mail in WebMail, it displays as the raw encoded text I showed.
    I note that the text is somewhat mangled; the lines are not all the same length, so the display text ecoding may be wrong, but it shouldn’t be displaying as text in the first place, but as an attachment.

    I’m not sure about the specific problem or if there is support for uuencode in Web Mail, but any modern email software should be using MIME instead. It replaced uuencode about 10 years ago. Ask your sender to adjust their software settings.
    Email Guy
  156. Regarding the stationary image messages: I have tried the Print option as well thinking like you that maybe the text would show up, it does not. I have turned off the options for images as well and that did not help either. The only way I could get it to work was to forward it to a Yahoo email inbox which will display the message on their web reader (not even using the image background) and then I forward it back to my earthlink inbox for replying. The message I forward from Yahoo evidently converts it all to text and then I can read it just fine.

  157. When will we be able to make corrections to our email address list. At present we must delete and re-create each entire set of data to make a simple change or correction.
    Count one more vote, please, to having the signout link moved to the top or our main.

    I don’t know what you are referring to by “email address list” but there is no list anywhere in Web Mail that can’t be edited. Please describe.
    Email Guy
  158. I am having problems in the webmail feature reading messages sent from friends that use backgrounds in the message body text. I see a completely blank page, none of their text. If I forward the email to something like gmail or yahoo mail it seems to be able to show the text without a problem. I can then forward it back to my earthlink address and it will display the text in the forwarded message. Is there a setting that I need to turn on to enable the earthlink webmail the option of ignoring images used as background in the message body? Or is this something that our webmail tool just is not able to handle very well?

    I’ve heard of this before, but rarely. There is evidently a particular formatting option in Microsoft Outlook for backgrounds or stationery that can’t be properly displayed in Web Mail. I’ve played around with those Outlook options and I can’t reproduce the issue. I don’t have a solution for it at this time. Yes, there is a setting in Web Mail Preferences to not display images, but I’m not sure if that will fix this problem. You might also try clicking the Print button (and then cancel the action dialog that comes up) and see if the message displays.
    Email Guy
  159. This morning when I got up about 5:30AM, my computer was off, when I turned it on and went into my emails, everything in my in box was gone. There were two messages that had just come in, but everything in my inbox was gone. Trash and sent were okay. Is there anyway to retrieve what was in my inbox???

    On May 27 at 19:21:32 EDT (the night before), you downloaded and deleted 145 messages using other email software installed on your computer, not Web Mail. You will find the messages in that software. See this FAQ for more help.
    Email Guy
  160. I have a question. My computer (MacBookPro) is in the shop getting repaired so I am using my old computer (Ibook) to retrieve my mail. Is there a way to set my preferences either on webmail or Entourage so that copies of all my mail stays on the server. Right now all my mail is downloading to my old computer and I would like to be able to eventually download that same mail to my newer computer. A lot of the mail is work stuff so by the time my computer comes back from the shop it will be about two weeks worth of email. Otherwise I am going to have to either use two computers for a while once my computer is out of the shop or figure out how to transfer the emails.

    Any email software you are using will have a setting to leave copies of the messages on the server. You don’t have to worry about this with Web Mail since it is only viewing the messages on the server and doesn’t download them to your computer. Just don’t delete them. In Entourage the setting is under Tools / Accounts / Mail (select account) / Options tab.
    Email Guy
  161. 1. How do I know what version of webmail am I logging into? Is it the latest version?
    2. Can I change my default font, size, color, pictures, for replying to an email?
    Thank you

    You are always logging into the latest version, and your browser loads it automatically when we update the server. The version number appears at the bottom right on the page.
    To format the text in outgoing messages, click on Color and Graphics at the top of the Compose view. That feature is not supported by Safari and won’t be visible if you are using that browser.
    Email Guy
  162. Yesterday for some time and today it is taking 45 minutes or more to receive email, even if I send it to myself. Any ideas? Is there a problem with the system?

  163. Whenever the Equifax ad shows up on the sign in screen, it wipes out my remembered logins and passwords. this doesn’t happen with other banner ads. Please tell Equifax I will not be doing business with them, so please stop forcing me to re-type my logins so they can get more screen time!

    I’ve asked that this banner be removed.
    Email Guy
  164. I used to be able to log on and simply get my mail. Now, I have to go through your news..don’t want it… and then wait for lots of unwanted stuff to download…up to 25 items… As a result, I use gmail more and more and am wondering why I still have you guys!

    Click Preferences on the left and change your “Default View” setting to go directly to the Inbox. There is also a direct link to this setting right on the News view.
    Email Guy
  165. Why does Earthlink continue to refuse to block spams from the notorious South American spammer and scammer – ?? Google this domain and you will see all the scams and complaints about them.
    I have been reporting this spam for over two years. They spam me from 7 to 10 times per day (and the spams are not even in English).
    While I can block them, what good does that do? My Spam Summary is filled with their spams when I examine it each week.

  166. I agree with Thumper (#425) that it would be nice to have a “sign out” link at the top of the screen.
    There is a simple workaround in the meantime: if you collapse all the folders by clicking on the “-” next to the Folders icon so that it becomes a “+”, the “sign out” link should now appear within easy access – no large amount of scrolling necessary.

  167. I am receiving Email newsletters from the at least one week late. By that time the news is OLD. When I contacted the they said:
    “Several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including,,,, etc are significantly delaying the delivery of your newsletters and alerts. Because these ISPs have mistakenly classified your newsletters as “bulk messages

  168. Two things:
    1) Why am I paying to view ads? Especially ads that slow the client display down?
    2) Why is logon Java Script based? I’d like to be able to turn Java Script off since that switch is not site specific in Safari.

    Javascript is used throughout Web Mail, as well as most other interactive web sites. You won’t be able to use Web Mail at all if you disable javascript (or many many other sites).
    You can read about ads in the FAQ.
    Email Guy
  169. Numerous times I have requested a ‘SIGN OUT’ near the top of the web page. Every time I exit my email I must scroll down to do so. Hopefully my request will be heard and realized.

  170. On several consecutive Sundays in February of this year, suddenly, and without warning, all messages in my INBOX were deleted. All other folders remained intact, but all messages in the INBOX were gone. Last Friday the same thing happened and once again, yesterday afternoon, all messages in the INBOX disappeared. I was in the process of moving one email to a subfolder and received a message that “that email is no longer found on the server”. When I refreshed the INBOX, ALL of the messages were gone again. Anyone else having this problem?

    You are deleting them with other email email software you are running on your computer, and you will find the messages present in that software.
    See this FAQ for help.
    Email Guy
  171. Is there a way to set up a new email notification when you are logged in to your email? When I have my email opened, the only way I know there is a new email is to hit check mail. Sometimes that can be annoying. It would be nice to have a new email notification to inform you of a new message especially if you are logged into you email for awhile and want to be notified of new messages.

  172. We like to access our inbox as quickly as possible, so the [news] stage between sign in and inbox is bad. Very bad. If you’re somewhere in the world on a slow internet system it can drive you crazy. And what is it anyway? Some forgettable news headlines.
    Forget the page and let us go straight to inbox.

    Click Preferences and change the setting to “go straight to Inbox”. We let you do that.
    Email Guy
  173. In the anonymous e-mail manage page, the blue delete selection is really far to the right from the actual anonymous e-mail address. Any chance of either underlining or moving and/or better matching the emails addresses to the delete function?
    I nearly deleted the wrong address.

  174. I am using Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 5 and I.E. 7.0 and Earthlink DSL. I keep getting “timeouts” when I click on some email messages and they never display. Instead I get a “load error” page. When I restart WebMail, I can sometimes click on the email and it will display OK.
    It also takes too long (~20 seconds) to delete an email and display the next email. Firefox has better performance than IE 7 but it is still taking too long to read and delete my emails.


    This sounds like either a connection or a browser issue, or both, but isn’t normal Web Mail behavior and isn’t what most users see. Try deleting your browser cache, and make sure you aren’t using any proxy settings in your browser. You might also try temporarily disabling any web security software you are running and see what happens. Other than that this one is outside my realm, and isn’t being caused by Web Mail itself.
    Email Guy
  175. Re: the response to #416:
    Initially I thought it was a style sheet issue but then noticed that only a handful of folders were affected; I’ve seen the style sheet effect many times before, and it *always* affects all folders in the same group in the same way (which makes sense since they’ll all have the same style). There’s no pattern that I can see. I took a screenshot and I can do a comparative screenshot of a known stylesheet effect, if you want to take it any further.

    Send me the screenshot. Also forward (as attachment) the email that caused it. Send to email-guy at earthlink dot net.
    Note: that email address only accepts messages I have asked for in advance.
    Email Guy
  176. Another odd one… This may have been present in earlier versions of Webmail but I’ve really only noticed it today:
    If I view certain HTML-formatted messages, the folder view changes to make some but not all folder names underlined/underscored. It never seems to happen with plain text messages, and doesn’t with one or two HTML-formatted messages.
    Initially I thought it might be just a style sheet effect (something you’ve mentioned is up to be fixed) but then realized that the underline didn’t occur for all folders, just a select few (I took a screenshot), and I’d expect any style to be applied across the board for the same objects.
    Nothing major, but worth adding to the fix-list, IMHO.

    It is a style sheet problem as discussed before, where emails using styles can sometimes propogate back to the page. Not all of the page links share the same style definition, which is why you see what you describe.
    Email Guy
  177. Me yet again.
    I now believe it is simply the passage of time, with no necessity of additional spam messages arriving. In my latest test, the counter reset to zero even though the number of spam messages didn’t change. I’m guessing that no more than 5 minutes elapsed. If that defines a “session” then your statement is correct, but I would define a session as being how long you have the browser window open without having to reenter your password.

    You’re correct about a session, but I think in this case the folder information is only cached for a limited time and then Web Mail refreshes it, bringing back the wrong display of zero. We’ll get it fixed.
    Email Guy
  178. Update on my comment of a few moments ago:
    Just before posting my comment, my Known Spam count displayed on my Inbox page (open in a different browser window) was 22. After posting the comment I went back to that window and simply refreshed the page. The count then dropped to zero.
    So I can reproduce this effect easily. Again, it just requires the passage of time, and my guess is that the passage of time is required in order for a spam message to arrive. In your tests, make sure you are using a mailbox that regularly receives a fair amount of spam.

  179. Email Guy wrote:
    The Known Spam folder will show zero until you click on it during that session. Then it will update and show the correct number in both the tooltip and the number beside the folder tree, for the remainder of the session.
    This is not really correct. While the number will become correct after visiting Known Spam, a number of actions in the regular mail area — viewing messages, composing and sending messages, etc. — will reset it to zero. It categorically does not remain correct “for the remainder of the session.”

    I’m not able to reproduce this, trying on several browsers. So I don’t know the circumstances that can reset it, and I know that isn’t what most users see. Either way, when we fix the bug it will fix it for all cases.
    Email Guy

    The reset seems to occur with passage of time (a few minutes). My guess is that it is triggered by the arrival of at least one more spam message in the “Known Spam” folder. Then, the next time you do anything in the regular e-mail area, the Known Spam count will reset to zero.
    All I know is that after visiting known spam and returning to the regular area with a positive balance, the count goes back to zero within a few minutes for no apparent reason as I go about my business. I haven’t been able to identify any particular action that resets it; again, it just seems to require the passage of a few minutes.

    Thanks for the info.
    Email Guy
  180. Email Guy wrote:
    The Known Spam folder will show zero until you click on it during that session. Then it will update and show the correct number in both the tooltip and the number beside the folder tree, for the remainder of the session.
    This is not really correct. While the number will become correct after visiting Known Spam, a number of actions in the regular mail area — viewing messages, composing and sending messages, etc. — will reset it to zero. It categorically does not remain correct “for the remainder of the session.”

    I’m not able to reproduce this, trying on several browsers. So I don’t know the circumstances that can reset it, and I know that isn’t what most users see. Either way, when we fix the bug it will fix it for all cases.
    Email Guy
  181. Tried numerous times to reach the email response team. Tried twice using on-line form. First request over 10 days old; second request over 5 days old. To date — no answer or case number. Tried live chat and phone and still cannot reach the elusive email response team. I am trying to get approval for bulk (limited) email. How do I reach the “team”?

    I’m checking the status of your request.
    Email Guy
    UPDATE: your request has been approved and processed.
  182. Thanks for the useful feedback. Screenshot duly submitted.
    I did see one folder where the name was fully visible in the view (no obvious truncation) but the tooltip still included it – but that’s no biggie. The folder was two levels down (i.e. a subfolder of a folder nested within Inbox, if that helps.

    I’ve reproduced and confirmed the tooltip bug you reported. It turns out that with any folder name longer than 18 characters, the tooltip will incorrectly show that the folder contains no messages. I’ve opened a bug to be fixed.
    Thanks for the report.
    Email Guy
  183. Hi
    You’re right – the underscore is a giveaway as to which folder belongs to the tooltip. Bad mark for me not spotting that (and me with an Observation Badge in the Scouts 40 years ago – oops).
    The AEA thing is new to me – I’ve not registered for it so to the best of my knowledge I have no such folders. I can provide a Word document containing screen shots of folders whose tooltips do and do not provide a folder name, as well as one where the folder clearly has messages but the tooltip says there are none (and these are all subfolders under Inbox), if that would help.
    I spotted another minor bug today, this time in the company domains list in the address book. If by chance there are two or more identical entries for the same company, and you select one of them to delete it, *all* of the entries for that company are deleted.
    It would be nice to have only the selected item(s) deleted.

    As for the folder names, I was mistaken about the rule used and had to check it. Anytime the folder name is truncated in the tree we do show it in the tooltip, to allow you to see the full name. If the full name is already visible, we don’t show it in the tooltip. AEA is a case where it is always truncated, but I was mistaken that the rule is limited to those.
    Please do send me that screenshot showing incorrect message counts (assuming it is not the Known Spam which I indicated we know about). Send it to email-guy at earthlink dot net.
    Note: that mailbox only accepts messages I have asked for in advance.
    I’ve noted the bug for deleting domains. Thanks for the report.
    Email Guy
  184. I don’t look for these – honest – but today I came across two minor bugs in the Webmail interface that I hadn’t noticed before. They’re both to do with the tooltip feature – if you hold your mouse pointer steady over something, if there’s a tooltip associated with the object you’ll get some info in a small yellow pop-up box, and often it’s very useful.
    If I use the tooltip associated with the folders in the left hand folder pane, when I hold the pointer over any given folder I’ll get the number of messages in that folder (which is already visible to the right of the folder) but I’ll also get the count of any unread messages in that folder – useful to me.
    Although the “New” in green to the right of a folder tells me there are unread messages in there, it doesn’t tell me how many. If I’ve checked through a folder and left one message unread in it, and another message comes in, I don’t have to open the folder to know that there’s more to be read.
    What I found was that in some cases even though there were lots of messages in a folder, the tooltip said there were none (I took a screenshot).
    Then I noticed that for some folders the tooltip would give the folder name as part of the info, and for others, it wouldn’t – and I haven’t been able to spot the pattern. (The folder name comes in handy where you have more than one folder in succession with the same total number of messages in it, but different numbers of unread messages – because the tooltip box is offset from the folder to which it refers, sometimes you can’t tell whether you have the right folder).
    Not biggies, but weird.
    WISHLIST: It would be nice to have the tooltip tell you whether there are any flagged messages in the folder as well, and how many.

    Wishlist noted. To your other items:
    The folder name is only given in the tooltip for your Anonymous Email Addresses, which are kind of like a mailbox of their own. The regular folders never show it, as that would be redundant. We decided to include it on the AEA folders since you can’t see their full name otherwise (the folder name is truncated by design for space reasons).
    The count on the tooltip will always match the number beside the folder name in the tree display. There is one case where both of them are incorrect, and we have to fix it. The Known Spam folder will show zero until you click on it during that session. Then it will update and show the correct number in both the tooltip and the number beside the folder tree, for the remainder of the session.
    Offset – the tooltip is always displayed for the folder you have your mouse pointed at, which underlines itself when you point at it. The tooltip is in the default position controlled by the browser. It has to be positioned to not obscure your mouse pointer (and vice versa) so it is directly under it, the same as all tooltips anywhere you see them.
    Let me know if you are seeing something different.
    Email Guy
    UPDATE: see correction below
  185. E-Mail Latency/Nondelivery
    Today the latency for incoming e-mail is terrible (6 hours or more) and I’m convinced that some messages are being lost altogether. Even a message I send to myself, within Earthlink, is not delivered for hours, and sometimes never.
    I hope this problem will be resolved soon. For people who rely on e-mail to conduct their daily business, the inability to receive e-mail is a major handicap.

  186. I came across a folder sorting bug I hadn’t seen before.
    I’d created five folders and they appeared to be in the correctly sorted order in the list of folders. But when I went into my Inbox and attempted to move some of the messages into one of the folders I’d just created, it was in the wrong place in the list.
    I ran a test to see if it was reproducible, and it is. I created five test folders: A, B, aa, bb and – (i.e. underscore). In the folder list they follow the expected ASCII sort order: A, B -, aa and bb.
    But when I went into another folder (I used Inbox but it’s true of every folder I tried) and clicked on the Move to… dropdown list, the sequence shown there is: -, A, aa, B, bb.
    This isn’t a huge problem but it would be nice to have it fixed at some point.

    I couldn’t reproduce this in either Firefox or IE on Windows. In my tests the two lists always match. I even did exactly what you describe.
    CORRECTION: I found it. Yes, when you create nested folders, the sort is affected by the dash we put in front of the name to indicate heirarchy in the dropdown list, and the second level appears to be using a different sort rule than the top level. Thanks for the report, and I’ll open a bug.
    Email Guy
  187. I understand the importantance of advertisements to Earthlink. But I protest the advertisements blocking portions of my email and the inability to close the advertisement in order to read the content of my email. Even when I am forced to click on the ad to further read the pitch and of course try to find the “close” box, there is no way to close the original graphic obstructing content of my email.

  188. I have not seen one improvement in the e-mailing that was supposed to happen shortly after 5.50 was released. The limited number of attachements to an e-mail. I work with a volunteer organization and several times a month have the need to send more than 3 attachments. I understand the overall limit on the combined size of attachments, but earthlink is one of the few e-mail programs if not the only one that severly limits the number of attachments.
    Up until now, I have been able to get around this by sending them from my work e-mail, but when I retire this summer, that will no longer be possible.

  189. Why doesn’t the address book always work as a whitelist? Newsletter emails to my wife are caught in the known spam folder even though the address is in her address book?
    The whitelist is already hard to use? Why can’t entire domains be whitelisted?

  190. Occasionally my inbox mail is displayed without the normal formatting, the lines are jumbled and sometimes not all the messages are displayed. When this happens, my suspect mail is displayed on a dark blue background. The sender information is printed in black (and is therefore unreadable) and the subject is printed in white. Is there something I can do to correct this?

    There is a known problem where sometimes the display of a particular message will mess up the page display, due to the code in that message. Simply viewing another message clears it up. This rarely or never happens with personal correspondence, but only with highly stylized spam or newsletters. We’re working on fixing the problem.
  191. Is there a way when you forward a message to remove the “>” in the body of the message? I really don’t like that.
    Thank you,

    Yes, you can forward the message “As Attachment” and the full original message is sent unmodified, exactly as you received it. When you do an “Inline” forward, the text is notated that way to distinguish it from your own new text. There is no way to turn that off. Of course you could delete the character from individual lines as needed, but that would be cumbersome for an entire message.
    Email Guy
  192. I use the library when I check for emails and do not like that your site saves my email address. When I use hotmail or yahoo they have a place to check for signing out or for not saving the address. I logged off your webmail and when I logged back on, the moment I put a “p” in the log on place, my full email address appeared. Are you able to correct this so our addresses are private on public computers? Thanks

    That was not saved by Web Mail, it was saved by the computer you were working at. On a public computer that feature should have been disabled. In IE the setting is under Tools / Internet Options / Content. In Firefox the setting is under Privacy. All browsers will have a similar setting. The setting will probably have to be changed by the Admin for that computer, and you may not be allowed to change it yourself. But you should definitely complain and make them fix it.
    Email Guy
  193. For a month now, spamBlocker has repeatedly blocked one particular contact’s address which I have then repeatedly reported as NOT SPAM. This address is has been in my online Address Book as a valid contact for nearly 8 years. I also do the “refresh my spamBlocker addresses” on the Address Book page after each report. I had this problem with another contact’s address about 6 months ago. Why doesn’t reporting the address as NOT SPAM do any good? I’ve read all the FAQs, all the postings on both blogs, and cannot find a solution to this problem. Is there some way I can report this glitch directly to the “powers that be” in charge of clearing addresses reported as NOT SPAM?

    I’m assuming you mean that the message is being caught in the Known Spam folder, not in the Suspect Email folder. Please send me a sample of one of these caught messages. First report it using This Is Not Spam. Then forward it to email-guy at earthlink dot net, using the Forward As Attachment option in Web Mail. You’ll have to first move the message to the Inbox to use that option. Also, in the email to me please paste in the full headers from the original message. To do that, use the Actions menu, View Headers, and copy the headers, then do the forward and paste those in your message body (with the original attached). I’ll find out what’s wrong. Send it to email-guy at earthlink dot net.
    Note: That address only accepts messages I have asked for in advance.
    Email Guy
  194. A labor saving step?
    On sign-in, why does the cursor default to my email address box as if I’m going to retype that, when actually almost always I’ll just be typing in password?

    This is fixed in the next release, due out in a couple of weeks.
    Email Guy
  195. Webmail seems to be i n c r e d i b l y s l o w at loading. It is to the point that I surf other pages while the login page loads, then surf other pages while it is trying to log in. What gives?

  196. When I go to Web mail, I can’t see any of the emails that show up on my home computer, which I use most of the time for my Earthlink Internet access and email. The email folders are all empty when I access my account from a different computer, but at home, I have emails in all the folders and continue to receive new ones.

    This FAQ will be helpful.
    Email Guy
  197. I find web mail slow on my high speed connection at work. I suggest that you make getting to email a one step process. After log in jump to the inbox. Navigate to other areas from the links on the left while in the inbox.
    I would like to see a sort feature added. True, you can sort by column. I would like to sort by a name or a subject.

    You can choose in Preferences to have the login step go straight to the Inbox. You can sort by Sender or Subject or any of the displayed columns. I don’t understand what other kind of sort there could be. Lastly, if you are getting slow performance over a broadband connection from work, I’d suggest troubleshooting it from that end, as many companies use various network filters that do slow down any sites with “mail” or “webmail” in the name, or it could just be some other network issue. Over any decent broadband connection, our web mail pages should load in a second or two (any page), and the login step shouldn’t take much more. We monitor this pretty carefully from all over the country.
    Email Guy
  198. When I open web mail I get two lists of news…one is Top News and one is US News…but many of the items are exactly the same. This seems a waste and is for some reason really bugging me. How about US News and The Rest of the World News. Although it is a “nice to get” feature, why not make it add real value.

    They should rarely show the same headlines, but I suppose it can sometimes happen. They are two different feeds direct from AP.
    We would like to add some preferences to let you choose from a variety of feeds there, but I don’t think we’ll get to that until later in the year.
    Email Guy
  199. I understand that spam — like viruses, pollen, flu bugs, and other things that make us sick — is everywhere in the online universe, but I am curious about an apparent trend.
    For years the typical spam email featured the exotic name of a female — “Natasha” or “Elvira” for example — along with a subject line that made no literal sense, something like “apocalyptic rutabaga fuitcake.”
    Almost advertised bogus penny stocks, viagra, toner cartridges, porn, sex changes, or some combination of them all.
    For me anyway, about six or eight months ago, the great majority of this spam halted (not complaining, mind you!). I have no idea…nor why they resumed maybe four weeks ago.
    Can anyone read the tea leaves? Is this someone trying out a new, nefarious intrusive technology?
    Or is this just a new generation of knuckleheads coming to the Internet?

    Yes and yes. Spammers constantly evolve new tricks to try to get around filtering technology, and filtering technology constantly evolves to try and catch them. As far as the kind of spam you get, that varies by user and also changes all the time.
    The specific event you mention six to eight months ago is the time period when we were moving to a new vendor for spam filtering. And they were catching things that had been getting through. Now some spammers have adapted again and are using new techniques, so filters have to catch up. This happens over and over.
    Email Guy
  200. I have very recently (week or two) been experiencing an annoying new quirk of webmail: when I delete a message, report a spam message, or send a message and revert back to the message list page, I will often (not always – no obvious pattern) have to hit refresh in order to make the message list page resolve. The first attempt often sits without resolving at all – a mostly blank page just sits there, with “done” announced at the bottom. Is this a bug you have heard about before?

    Yes, we have seen this happen occasionally due to certain kinds of message content. A solution is being worked on now.
    Email Guy
  201. We need a way to change the font when we compose a message. Some of the recipients complain they cannot read the message.

    By default a new message is composed in plain text (unformatted) which means it will be displayed according to the settings in whatever viewer the recipient is using, and they control the readability. To specify your font click on “Color and Graphics” at the top of the compose view. This feature isn’t supported by Safari and is hidden in that browser.
    Email Guy
  202. I too am getting the “web mail unavailable” quite often. It is getting very frustrating to keep up with my email.

  203. It would be great if you guys would allow users ( subscribers) to only have tp log-in once for both our Earthlink start page and Web Mail. It would certainly make it a little easier to jog from one to the other when surfing. Just a thought. I really hate to have to log-in to my start page and then have to log-in again to web mail. It’s just one of the little annoyances that would be very simple to fix.
    Gary Breland

    It might be convenient for some users, but for many others it would create security issues. The MyEarthLink page allows you to maintain a logged-in state between sessions (even after restarting your computer), so anyone sitting down at that computer can see your customized content on MyEarthLink. Web Mail does not allow this, and requires an affirmative login during that browser session before you can view your messages. Personal email has a higher security level than a customized start page, which doesn’t contain personal content like email. I hope this explanation helps.
    Email Guy
  204. Previously my account had about 75MB of archived messages from the past 3-4 years. But when I just signed on all but the past couple of months was GONE! I also use my Mac Mail application to check mail, and it, too, lost all the archive.
    How can I recover all my earthlink mail?

    On Mar 8 at 13:04:55 EST your other email software deleted 2435 messages from your online mailbox (about 42MB of messages). From the log it appears that you also deleted them from your other software according to a deletion rule you have set up in your Mac Mail software (or whatever software was used to access your mailbox at that time). I say this because another 112 newer messages were left undeleted in the same transaction, so you probably have an aging rule set up in your software to delete messages over some age, or to delete them only when you delete your local copy. This was a user-initiated action, and there isn’t any way that we can recover them for you. They might be in the Trash in your Mac Mail software, so check there. To prevent this from happening, check your deletion settings in your Mac Mail software. You may also find this FAQ helpful.
    Email Guy
  205. I have posted this in feedback. I really want to be able to set “Reply to” in Web Mail to blank. Not being able to do this causes problems with RootsWeb, on which service I admin over a dozen mailing lists. Ironically, Web Mail will allow a completely BOGUS address, such as, but not blank. Other e-mail clients, specifically Thunderbird and Eudora that I know of, have no problem with a blank “Reply to”. If you can help get this fixed, I would be grateful! — Darrell

    This is the first I’ve heard of a correct Reply-To header causing any trouble. It’s a completely standard email header that conforms to the RFC standards and it is correctly formatted. I’m not sure why that mailing list software would think a Reply-To header is bad. I know some mailing list software uses that header to direct responses back to the group instead of to an individual user, but it should simply rewrite the header to do that regardless of what the original sender included. It probably adds a new one when it is absent already. I think this problem is best fixed on the other end, but that’s my opinion. It isn’t something we are going to be able to put high on our list to change. Nevertheless, I have opened a bug for the developers to not include that header unless specified by the user.
    Thanks for the report.
    Email Guy
  206. For years the typical span consisted of a message from a breathless, exotic female pseudonym, such as “Natasha” of “Alexandra,” accompanied by a subject entry that was a non-sequitor, on the order of “anthracite carbuncle crabgrass.”
    On the rare occasion when I opened such a message, it offered porn, penny stocks, viagra, toner cartridges, or some such flim-flam.
    Typically I deleted these on sight. Earthlink’s spam blocker is quite effective, though, and the messages seemed to stop six months or so ago.
    Puzzlingly, within the last few weeks, my suspect mail has been catching them again, not an avalanche but two or three every time I check my email. Most seem to come from the UK.
    Any idea what is going on? Is this a new, devious trend? A conpiracy of fund-raisers from the political parties in an election year?
    Or is is just yet another generation of annoying dummies coming to the Internet?

  207. Many thanks for the tip on using Shift-Enter as a work-around for the double spacing bug occurring when composing in IE. If you folks knew about this solution when the bug was reported, it would have been helpful if it had been shared with us back then.

    We didn’t know. 🙂
    A user pointed it out. I’ll publish a tip about it.
    Email Guy
  208. I really did look through the faqs, but I didn’t see anything like this one. I frequently get suspect mail addressed to an ‘almost lookalike’ of my email. It is captured by spamblocker, which I have set on high, but I’m curious to know how it gets that far. Tonight’s example was ‘ Do wildcards work in email addresses?

    No, wildcards do not work in email. The message was actually sent to you with your exact address, but the spammer concealed that from you by putting a fake “To” line in the message. It is very common to get spam where you do not appear on the To line. See this FAQ for an explanation.
    Email Guy
  209. How may I print only the message portion of an email? That is to say: how to delete the sendees list from the printed page?

    You would have to paste the message in a text editor or document and print from there. The Print feature built-in to Web Mail is going to print everything.
    Email Guy
  210. In Ask EMAIL Guy you recieved a question as follows:
    Posted by: Jack Sanders | February 27, 2008 2:57 PM | (1937)
    How come the graphic mode of e-mail automatically double-spaces when you hit “enter” whereas the plain mode of e-mail single spaces when you hit “enter”?
    Currently when using HTML compose, the Return (Enter) key on your keyboard inserts a paragraph space instead of a single line feed. So only use that key when you want a new paragraph, and otherwise just type without using the return key, allowing the compose window to wrap your text automatically. Then it will be single-spaced. The action of the Return key will be fixed soon.
    Email Guy
    You might also inform JACK and others concerned about Double Spacing while in HTML versus Single Spacing. In lue of the forth coming fix there is any easy alternative.
    There are cases where people do not wish to use word wrap, case and point a separation between paragraphs and double spacing may appear undesirable. What is happening is a carriage return is being placed or inserted versus a line return when the user hits the Return (enter) key by itself. Solution instead of hitting the Return (Enter) key alone by itself, hold the CONTROL key down when hitting the Return (Enter) key and you will get a single spaced line return.
    Hope This Helps !
    -Russ (Doc) D.-

    Actually I think it is Shift-Enter and not Ctrl-Enter that will give you a normal line break (when using IE / Windows, which is where the problem usually occurs).
    Thanks for the tip.
    Email Guy
  211. I am fed up with the webmail page. Earthlink is so busy painting adverstisements on the page that it takes longer to load and the painting interferes with entering name/password. The cursor is often not active during this period so I mistype. I am paying $50 a month for earhtlink and consider the webmail page to be ‘unprofessional’ at best, and an indication that earthlink has a dirregard for its customers at best. I have found the only way to deal with the situation is to wait until it finishes painting. Because the earthlink service unable to cope with a lot of users I guess, that may take a minute or so during peak times. Even off peak it is not that fast. And for the bean counters, I never read the ads anyway so it is just something I see as an annoyance and it is what I tell people about if they ask about earthlink.

  212. I am showing my wife how to use Webmail. I first entered my user name and password and told it to save to this computer (iMac). But when we try to login with my wife’s user name and password, it keeps going back to mine. How can I get out of this dumb cycle?
    SR Sr

    For a shared computer, you don’t want to use the “Remember my login” checkbox that appears on the Web Mail login page, as that can only do one address. Uncheck that and don’t use it. Instead you will use the autocomplete feature that is present in your browser. Your browser can save multiple entries to the same entry box, and to access them you simply click in the box and then press the down arrow key on your keyboard. If the feature is turned on in your browser then you will see all entries ever entered in that box, and you can just select the desired one. You browser will also save the associated password for each entry, if desired.
    See this FAQ for more information.
    Email Guy
  213. I went into my email on Monday 02/19/08 and all my email in the inbox had disappeared. Please help me to recover them. Thanks

    I’ve checked your mailbox logs. On Feb 18 at 17:08:06 EST, other email software running on your computer retrieved and deleted 42 messages from your mailbox. You will find the messages stored in that software now. Since that time, I see that software emptying your mailbox more times, every day. All your messages will be found in that software.
    You will find this FAQ helpful.
  214. Why have I been receiving the message SO VERY OFTEN THE LAST WEEK re: webmail being temporarily unavailable, please try again later? It seems that it has been unavailable quite a bit; is there some problem???

    Well, there’s a problem if you are seeing that, even though we haven’t had any outages or down time. Most users are not seeing that screen and you shouldn’t be either. I’m checking into it.
    Email Guy
  215. Re my previous post on spam and the domain:
    Thanks for the quick response.
    However, please don’t mischaracterize my post. I did not suggest that the problem was only my problem, or only with the .com domain. That’s my problem — and probably the problems of many others. I certainly realize this happens when .NET is spoofed as well, and did not intend to slight other users. I feel sorry for us all. Spoofing of my actual .net email address probably happened to me back when spam was so manageable that it wasn’t a problem. Now, when I get 5000 a week, not so manageable.
    My comments about forwarding reflect the explanations given to me by high-ups at Earthlink (not your standard customer service tech on the phone). So if the problem is not technically forwarding then I stand corrected. However, I still maintain that using both domains for email, despite the convenience, should be a thing of the past. People do make mistakes, but should still take responsibility for what they type. It’s not that hard to say “my address is That’s net.”
    And of course it increases my chances — doubles them, in fact — that my address or anyone’s address will be spoofed.
    In any case, I’m glad you are aware of the problem and are working toward a solution.

    I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll see if we can check how often the alias is helping users get their email, vs. how often the problem of spoofing occurs using .com. I’m pretty sure the problem is a lot more widespread simply using the regular .net address, but your point about increasing your chances is probably true.
    We have to solve it either way.
    Email Guy
  216. Here’s a problem no one has discussed, which I have discussed with senior techs and beyond at Earthlink corp, AND NO ONE CAN/WILL FIX.
    When ELink first started biz, most people weren’t used to the .net in an email address. everyone used .com. Since elink was .net, in order to make sure people got email possibly misaddressed to username@earthlink.COM, they set up automatic forwarding.
    If a spammer uses your elink address at .com instead of .net in their mass mailings, the rejected emails (rejected by spamblockers everywhere) will BOUNCE BACK TO YOUR MAILBOX ANYWAY. The subject lines will be MAIL SYSTEM FAILURE, MAILER-DAEMON, etc.
    And you can’t stop it as long as Elink has forwarding in effect. Setting spam blocker to high doesn’t stop it. Uploading your address book doesn’t stop it. Blocked sender address doesn’t stop it.
    Elink has to flip a software switch somewhere to change an outdated policy.
    We now have many domains (.net, .gov, .us, etc etc) and emailers are familiar with .net
    domains as well. if they misaddress an email they should get a bounceback with a note asking them to verify the address and check the domain.
    this would say elink thousands of spams, staff time, not to mention keep my mailbox clean.
    i have had almost 3000 spam email bounce backs to the .COM version of my email address in five days.

    I’m happy to talk about it here, thanks for asking.
    While I understand your frustration, you’ve mischaracterized the problem somewhat. This happens just as much when a spammer spoofs an address in their outgoing messages, causing lots of bogus bounces to unsuspecting users. That’s an issue we are working on a solution for (and so is the rest of the industry). See this post for more information.
    We own the domains for and and both are valid email addresses for your mailbox and always have been. There is no forwarding taking place as you describe. It is a valid address that we accept for your mailbox. Lots of companies do this to keep you from missing emails when someone makes a mistake addressing it. People make this mistake this a lot.
    You’re right about the original reason, people thought everything was supposed to be .com. But that reason isn’t much less valid today, and most personal email addresses still end with .com. We are one of the few major email providers that is using .net so it is still somewhat uncommon. In fact, originally when top-level domains were laid out for the Internet, .net had a special purpose that didn’t include commercial (com) email providers. But those distinctions went away a long time ago.
    So providing this convenience to users isn’t increasing the chance that your address will be spoofed, although in your specific case it may seem that way. Just as many of our users get these bogus bounces to their .net address. The real problem is finding a way to keep you from suffering when your email address (either one) is spoofed in the From line by a spammer. The post I referenced above talks about that some, and we are working on a solution.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Email Guy
  217. reference message (1875)
    I found the messages. They were sucked into Outlook on my laptop. This is really wierd since I haven’t opened Outlook since I got the computer. Nothing was configured for it. Any explanation as to why they were sucked over there? I am using Vista operating system. Could that be the issue?
    Thanks again

    It was probably configured as the “default” email program on the computer. So if you ever click a link to an email address on a web page or in a document, it will open that software and check your email automatically (unless you turn that setting off). The account was probably set up in it when you originally set up your EarthLink account.
    Email Guy
  218. Regarding your response to post #371. I keep hearing you say there will be an ad-free option coming “soon.” I just got a POPUP survey ad this last time I logged in!. I am a paying customer, and I don’t appreciate having to deal with advertising just to read my email. This so-called “soon” had better be really soon, or I’ll be closing my account. Earthlink, you’re on notice…

  219. How do I complain about the adverstising content that appears to the right of my screen when I log into my e-mail? (I assume it is futile to complain about the fact that it appears at all!) I do not appreciate opening my e-mail account and seeing a woman’s nearly bare butt cheeks!!!!! This is soft porn and not appropriate in this venue.

    I found the ad that you must be referring to, as we do take these reports seriously. Many of our ads come from an agency and they are not all pre-screened, but we do have strict standards they must adhere to. What I found was an advertisement for BodyShape by Hydroderm, a cosmetic cream. I saw a body suit cut high on the thighs, showing a side view of a woman’s hip in a before and after view. The view was from the side, not the rear, and it was apparently intended to show the skin on the hips after using this product. The Victoria’s Secret ads we run are a lot racier than this, and they are considered mainstream and seen everywhere. So I respect your opinion, but I think this ad doesn’t rise to the level that we would censor it, although I can see how it might offend some viewers. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t want any advertising in Web Mail.
    So thanks for the report. There will be a new option for ad-free Web Mail coming soon, so watch this blog for news.
    Email Guy
  220. I know your desire is improvement, but the changes you keep making on Webmail are NOT for the better. I do not like the split screen. I have kept my earthlink address just because you did not do this. I prefer to be able to see my message in total. Also the size that one can view has been reduced. This is a real pain because for most messages I can not see the whole message at once. Are you moving towards conveniences for those that check their emails on their cell phones to the detriment of those who read their emails on their computers? I know you want to provide employment for your programers, but ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’.
    Also, every week there seems to be a large amount of time when I can not access my email account. This is getting boring and has created some real problems for me. Why is this happening?

  221. When i try to reply to an email i receive, the address appears, but the cursor does not allow me to enter the comment section. Therefore, no replies allowed. This is not consistent, but happens most of the time. This began soon after you did your recent “upgrade.”
    a second question: how do i delete “file” where i have been saving email messages related to a particular topic and change the title for that file?

    To rename a folder in Web Mail, click on “Folders”.
    On your first question, we didn’t change anything that would affect this. Generally the cause of this kind of problem will be some third-party security software (usually ad blocking software) running on your computer. You could try temporarily disabling whatever you might be using and narrow down the trouble. I suspect the problem is occurring only when you are replying to HTML messages, since those replies are composed in what is called an “iFrame” and such frames are often mistaken for ads by ad blocking software. You can confirm this by clicking on “Plain Text” at the top and see that the problem goes away and you are able to enter your reply.
    In particular I know that Norton Security has options that can cause this exact behavior when they are enabled. The problem isn’t in Web Mail, but is likely in some kind of web security or blocking software you are using.
    Email Guy
  222. hi,
    I want to commnet on the fact that the ads are really annoying. I pay for your service; I am a business customer. Earthlink makes tons of cash for their service, so I don’t see the use for the ads.
    additionally, the ads take my time so they can load, so the mail page can display properly. If this were a free service, I understand, but it is not. as a service to your customers, get rid of them.
    when you click on the earthlink business link, you are pummeled with childish ads and silly animation that does not fit a business profile, unless your business market is for teenagers, you should change all this.
    thank you,

  223. I have a serious problem with the auto focus on the Email Address field on the login page.
    Here’s my problem. I’ve already gotten my email address typed in and tab to the password field. suddenly while I’m typing my password the form auto focuses to the email address field and I’m typing my password into the email address. I don’t notice this and hit enter and now my password has been sent at the end of my address. This requires me to constantly clear remembered field values making the fact that I don’t want the form to remember my password, and yet still remember items I frequently type into fields completely useless.
    Is this really necessary? How many people can’t figure out how to get to the field and need the page to do it for them? If this is something that you feel is necessary and that people can’t get by without it, can you at least have it happen as soon as the form finishes loading rather than wait until the entire body of the page has loaded.
    This happens on a fast connection as well as a slow one, so that is not the issue. There is something in your page that delays the page and I can almost always type in my email address and password and be on my way (hitting the enter key) long before the login button finally appears.
    I find the feature to be a security risk because more than half the time I am sending part or all of my password as part of the email address.

    That problem is fixed in the release scheduled to go out next week. In the meantime, it isn’t a security issue, but it is definitely an annoyance. Whether the information is sent to the server as the username part or as the password doesn’t change the security. Your login information is always protected by an SSL (encrypted) connection. If your concern is that you don’t want the password saved on your computer at all (maybe the computer is shared) then that is a valid concern. It will be fixed next week.
    By the way, you can delete single entries in the browser’s saved form entries, without having to clear the entire list. Just click in the username box, use the down arrow key to open the list of saved entries, scroll down using the down arrow key to the one you want to delete, and press your Delete key, or Shift-Delete if you use Firefox. One of those keystrokes will work on all browsers.
    Email Guy
  224. I need to add to the comments about spam by Laura on 1/25/08.
    I, too, have noticed a large, sudden increase in porno and prescription spam on my Earthlink account…upwards of 12-15/day.
    I was at a loss for why this was happening as I had made no changes in any settings which had heretofore worked just fine.
    I understand the checks and balances Earthlink has set up to monitor the spamblocker’s performance.
    I respectfully submit that if your customers are suddenly noticing an increase, then no matter what your internal surveys are showing, there is a problem if customers are sudenly noticing more spam.
    Please fix this.

  225. What happened to the tag icons (flag, reset as not read)? They seemed to have disappeared
    around Friday (Feb 1). There used to be a pull down box that let you flag messages and so on..
    now its gone?

    Nothing changed on that date, and that feature is still present. I suggest you clear your browser cache (delete temporary Internet files) and restart your browser, and see if things clear up.
    Email Guy
  226. Recently (Ask Email Guy; #1782) someone asked about Spell Check with Safari. You replied, “…Those features aren’t supported in the Safari browser. Try Firefox on the Mac, and those features will work…”
    Sorry, but spell check IS available in Safari (and Web Mail) by:
    while in Safari>Edit>Spelling…then choosing spell check. It will work while composing emails. Also, OS X has a feature that, when in doubt, one can highlight a word and right-click and choose Dictionary (or Spelling).

    I was referring to the features built-in to Web Mail. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Email Guy
  227. How can I make “the date” appear on all incoming messages? Some (earlier ones) have the date, but more recent ones only record the ‘time.’ I imagine it’s a simple click. Please tell me how.
    Thanks very much.

    All messages contain both the date and time they were sent, and the timezone of the sender. The message list display in Web Mail is programmed to display the time on today’s messages, adjusted for your own timezone, and to display the date on older messages. But when you actually view any individual message, look at the Date line (just under the Subject) and you will see the full time and date on every message. And if you want to see the raw, original Date header as sent (in the sender’s timezone), use the View All Headers feature.
    Email Guy
  228. How can I insert graphics into either the body of an email, or along with my signature?

    Web Mail does not have a feature to insert pictures inline in composed messages. We do plan to add that feature. We also plan to allow rich text signatures using the same editing toolbar used for messages, so you will have the same ability when we make that enhancement.
    Email Guy
  229. Anonymous email DOES NOT WORK. I used one to register a comment on a political web site and received a reply ( a nasty one!) at my primary address. The sender snidely commented that he could tell I had used a cover address, and that he was responding on my “real” address. had created a new account with a new username, password, even some false background info (region I lived, age, etc.) and used only anonymouse address.
    SO – don’t promise too much with your “anonymous” email addresses – they don’t work!

    They work, your assumption is mistaken. All email sent to your anonymous address is always delivered into the mailbox for which you created the anonymous address, that is how it is supposed to work. It is not a separate mailbox, it is simply a way to conceal your real address, and it absolutely works to do that. It is an alias. It isn’t possible for anyone to discover your real address just by knowing your anonymous one, the sender was not being truthful with you. They simply sent the message to the anonymous address you provided, knowing that the message is delivered to your real mailbox. If you only provided them the anonymous address, that is all they know. Use the View All Headers feature to view the message and you will see that it was sent to the anonymous address. If this is not the case and the sender did in fact know your real address, they did not discover it from the anonymous address or in the way you described, that just isn’t possible.
    Even when you send out a message from Web Mail using the anonymous address, the real address is completely concealed and can’t be discovered by the recipient.
    Email Guy
  230. Within the past three weeks, I’ve been receiving a lot of porn spam, and I have Spam Blocker set at medium. In the past, this setting used to catch all of my spam mail, but now it’s catching maybe 50%. I also notice that Brightmail’s logo is not on the page as it used to be–did you switch to another company?
    I use Outlook Express, and it’s tiring to have to access Web Mail and clean out the spam before I download it into Outlook Express.
    I’ve had this account for almost eight years, and have never had this problem in the past. I realize that spam is increasing, but this is the only place I’m having a problem.
    Thanks for listening, and I do like the changes in Web Mail. It’s very easy to use, especially for my web site traffic (under a separate e-mail address). I’ve been told it looks very professional, and it’s all your doing! 🙂

    Spam will vary up and down a lot over time and vary to different recipients. We track our spam catch rate pretty carefully, and overall our performance has been much better with our current filtering solution (Cloudmark) than it was before. The number of “This Is Spam” complaints from end users is pretty consistently running at less than 1/10th what it was six months ago. That’s one of our most important benchmarks to guage performance. We also use so-called “honey-pot” mailboxes where we count the ratio of caught to uncaught spam, so we know that overall we are doing better. That doesn’t necessarily reflect what you see in your specific mailbox.
    You may recall last summer that spam getting through to the Inbox had gotten very bad, and then it got dramatically better in the fall when we made the change. But there will always be fluctuations in the catch rate as spammers find new ways to beat filters. We do our best to catch most of it without having too many false positives.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Email Guy
  231. Hi,
    I notice that when I access my webmail that the “http” in the address bar has an “s”. Thus, https://
    My question: Is it true that by adding the “s” to the http adds a level of security that protects my webmail. If so,……what is protected and how?

    The Web Mail login page is always HTTPS to protect your login information. The rest of the Web Mail session isn’t secure by default, but has the option in Preferences. The “S” stands for “secure” and it means the information being sent between your browser and our server is encrypted, and thus can’t be read if someone intercepted your data. This primarily protects users on unencrypted wireless connections (or older weakly encrypted), and on Local-Area-Networks where you are susceptible to having your communication intercepted. Most other users probably don’t have a need to change that setting, and it can slow down some browsers. Search the blog for https for more discussion. Other Web Mail services usually don’t even provide the option for a secure session (after the login) like we do since it isn’t much benefit for email, which is inherently unsecure when in transit over the Internet anyway. The secure browser session is only guarding the one hop from your computer to our web server. If you are on a home dialup or DSL connection, it isn’t making your email more secure. As I mentioned, it is primarily offered for users on wireless or LANs.
    You can’t just add an s to any site and expect it to work, the site has to support https connections. In Web Mail, you can enable it in Preferences.
    Email Guy
  232. Hi-a friend sent me an email invite to try Pandora, an internet music service.
    It seems that invitation has done something to make itself the “default opening page” for my webmail account. I have deleted the message, and now webmail opens with the following error:
    The message(s) that you selected does not exist any more in this folder. (The message may have expired, or you may have already moved or deleted it.)
    I’m using Firefox Browser, and have foraged around and deleted any cookies related to earthlink and/or webmail. This seems to fix the issue until I close Firefox. When I re-open Firefox, the problem re-surfaces.
    I use webmail exclusively to access my account-have not setup an outlook client, and would prefer not to unless I must.
    Any help is appreciated….

    It sounds like the email had a link in it to “Make this my home page” and so instead of making the original web page your home page, it made that email message your home page. To fix this in Firefox, browse to the Web Mail login page at Then in Firefox click Tools / Options / Use Current Page. That will reset your homepage to the Web Mail login page.
    Email Guy
  233. Two really annoying things about the new Webmail version:
    1) When forwarding a message in the past, I was able to edit it before I sent it. Now when I click on the text in the forwarded message, a four-headed arrow shows up (it looks like it was created as a graphic file), and I am unable to edit the text because a circle with a slash through it appears when I click on the text. There is no “select text” option as with Adobe, and the options in the formatting line aren’t helpful. Please restore the option of editing forwarded messages.
    2) When I use the “Search Messages” option to create a subset of, for example my Inbox, with my desired search parameter, there is no “Next” button as there is with the full Inbox when reading through messages. Therefore, I must go “Back to Inbox search results” in between viewing each message. This is really annoying and time-consuming, especially with a relatively big subset. Please provide a way to view consecutively each returned record with the desired search parameter, just as there is with the global folders such as Inbox, Sent, etc.

    The image and behavior you describe sounds a lot like some third-party security software on your computer is blocking input to that box. We didn’t change anything on that, and there is no image present in Web Mail itself like either of the two you describe (four-way arrow or circle with slash). I think that is coming from some other software or from your browser. You need to check your security settings. If you tell me what browser you are using I may have other suggestions.
    You’re correct that search results cannot be browsed with a Next/Prev button like folders can. This has not changed either, and that’s the way it has always been. What you may want to do is turn on the Preview (button at upper right) and then you can just click and view all the messages in the Search results without changing pages. Another suggestion if you use particular searches commonly, is to just create a folder, do a “select all” on the search results (top checkbox), and Move the messages to their own folder. You can create custom folders by clicking on Folders. Then you will be able to navigate those messages the way you describe. If you have a lot of results, you might also want to increase the messages-per-page setting in your Preferences / Web Mail Options. Then you can select and move them all at once.
    We plan to add a Saved Search feature in the future, where you can save results as a virtual folder and not have to move the messages like I described.
    Email Guy
  234. Lately I seem to be getting a lot of undeliverable email. I called customer service and asked why and they told me that the max email file size was 1MB (I’ve read here that it’s 10MB… someone should send them a memo). It’s possible that it’s linked somehow to my and my wife’s acquisition of iPhones last October, but I can’t be sure. Here’s the weird thing: sometimes I’ll view the email on one platform, like my desktop, but later I’ll get a message for undeliverable mail, and it’ll be the same email that I already viewed earlier in the day. We use a mac with OS X 10.3x and we both have iphones. We also share the same email account and so will look at the same messages at different times of the day. Does any of this make sense?

    The maximum message size is 10MB, which is the total of the message content plus any attachments. That is the limit for both incoming and outgoing messages. I don’t think that has anything to do with the problem.
    When your iPhone or any other POP email software times-out two separate times trying to download the same message, that message is then moved to the Undeliverable folder which can only be viewed from Web Mail. That is done so one problem message doesn’t prevent you from downloading all your other messages. This will usually happen on larger messages as small ones are less susceptible to a connection timeout during download. You get two tries to download any particular message before it is moved. That is the only circumstance that will place a message in the Undeliverable folder.
    Yes, I would guess that the iPhones are much more likely to time-out trying to download email than when you are on a hard connection on your computer. So that explains why you are seeing the problem more now.
    Email Guy
  235. mail messages tht I have deleted AND erased in my email program still show up in my webmail. I have to spend too much time deleting messages from my webmail box, many of which I have already deleted from my email Inbox.

    You have set your email program to leave copies on the server when downloading messages to your computer. So you have two separate copies of the message, and deleting one isn’t going to delete the other one. See this FAQ for more help.
    Email Guy
    On your helpsite for other mail programs, there is no help for any programs listed. Please advise, thanks.

    This error indicates that the settings aren’t right in your Netscape mail program on the outgoing server section. Step-by-step instructions are here:
    Netscape 7.x is shown, and that is the last time Netscape included an email application with their browser. So you may have Netscape 9 browser but your Netscape email has to be an older version.
    Your settings should look like this:

    You must have the full email address in the login box and not just the username part. The other possible cause of the problem is that you have the port set to 25 instead of 587. That will only work if you are connected to the EarthLink network. If you are connecting from somewhere else, you have to use 587 since external networks often block port 25. From the error you describe, I suspect that is the problem.
    If all the above is correct and you still can’t connect, there is probably a firewall on your end blocking it. Investigate that.
    NOTE ADDED: Some versions of Netscape won’t let you add the domain to the “User Name” box on an existing profile and will reject a full email address when you try to edit it. If that happens, you have to create a new email profile in Netscape, and the new profile wizard will let you put the full email address in that box.
    Email Guy
  237. I send out email newsletters to subscribers, and one of my subscribers on Earthlink is saying that she cannot see the message we send out. I’ve only received this complaint from her (so far!) and would like to test how to fix it. How can I test webmail without being an Earthlink subscriber?

    I’ve heard of this from one other newsletter publisher before too. I’m guessing you may be using the same newsletter software. We never figured out the cause. You are welcome to send a message to me at email-guy at earthlink dot net and I’ll take a look at it. And if you are knowledgeable about email source files and MIME formatting and want to troubleshoot the problem (which helps us both) then I can set you up a mailbox. Send email to that address to discuss it, and send from the address you provided with this post.
    Note: that mailbox only accepts messages I ask for in advance.
    Email Guy
  238. My webmail box has a lot of addresses I don’t use. How do I delete those without deleting all my addresses?
    Thank you.

    Click on Address Book on the left side of the page and you will then see the full list of your saved addresses. Then to delete any of them, check the box beside the address and click the Delete button.
    Email Guy
  239. It seems that when I open my email through webmail on different computers I sometimes do not have all of the emails from the previous computer. Am I imaging this or do I need some different settings?

    The only way this is possible is that you ran other email software in between, which downloaded the messages to your computer and deleted them from the server. See this FAQ for more help.
    Email Guy
  240. Unable to Move Open Messages
    Consistently, if an individual message is open, the “Move to …” function breaks. Instead of moving the message, an error message is displayed stating that the “message is no longer on the server.” Meanwhile, the message in question remains where it was (although sometimes it disappears for a while).
    It is possible to move messages to other folders only from the list view, by checking one or more boxes and using “Move to …” However, trying to move an open message always fails as described above.

  241. My whole online email file – approx 70 megs is erased. I did not erase the file. What is going on!!!!! I need to have it retrieved. Is that possible?

    Those messages were retrieved and deleted by the other email software you are running on your computer, and you will find the messages there.
    This happened on Jan 9 at 07:44:23 EST
    when your other email software was used to delete 2902 messages from the server.
    Email Guy
  242. Greetings. I am basically pleased with the improvements made to the Web Mail. However, I was using the Earthlink Total Mail system and I found a few features that were very helpful that might help here:
    1. On the other mail system, I could set up a decision profile that stated if the subject, from, to, etc., contained or ‘=’ this, then file the email into the following folder.
    Saved me hundreds of hours just basic filing/sorting.
    Could we get such a system in the Web Mail?
    2. I could highlight a block of messages and move them, delete them, or do any filing/moving that is typical of a wordprocessor of Windows Explorer.
    Could this feature be added to Web Mail?
    3. The creation and manipulating of file folders was far superior to the Web Mail. When I click on ‘folders’ on the left side of the Web Mail screen, there is an add, change, delete, and move with limited application.
    I also found that there is a limit to the number of folders that I can create. This is very difficult for me to live with. Can we get this feature be made into a Total Mail type feature?
    Thanks for the time.
    Regards, Steven Welsh

  243. Why is it when I reply to a message I can choose different fonts, sizes and colors etc but when I click write message I don’t have these choices? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    When you are writing a new message (not replying) there is a toggle at the top of the page for “Color and Graphics” to turn on the rich text toolbar. Soon you will be able to save that setting, but for now plain text is always the default and you must click that to toggle it. But when you are replying, the mode is automatically selected according to whether the original message was plain text or HTML (rich text).
    Email Guy
  244. sometimes i log on to my webmail(from this computer) and it tells me i have 0 messages. This is impossible- i always get auto messages from certain websites i subscribe as well as regular email. Why is this?

    It is because you are frequently retrieving and deleting your messages using the other email software installed on your computer (I’ve confirmed from the logs), and then your messages are stored in that software and no longer on our server. If you wish to leave your messages on the server to be viewed in Web Mail, you have to change the settings in your other software, or just only use Web Mail.
    See this FAQ for more.
    Email Guy
  245. Several issues:
    1. today I have had my e-mail session abruptly terminated(I’m using safari) regardless of what I am doing with it.
    2. I would like to have mailbox on my apple into which I can put e-mail I want to keep in my hard drive
    3. I would like to save my “sign in” info on my apple (we have it automatically on my husband’s Dell)–checking the box to direct this has been useless. I geta blank sign in and password box each time I log onto e-mail.

    To your second question, you can access your EarthLink mailbox with any email software you choose to use, including the Apple Mail that comes on your computer. Any email software except Web Mail (web-based email access) will save everything on your hard drive. Web Mail on the other hand, is intended to store everything on the server so that you can access it from any computer. Many people use both. See this FAQ.
    To your third question, see this FAQ.
    On the Safari crashing, we have had a few reports of some bugs in the newest version of Safari that was just released, and we are looking into it. In the meantime, try using Firefox on the Mac.
    Email Guy
  246. Earthlink currently has the best e-mail service, but not everybody knows that. I started using computers back in the days of BASIC but didn’t return until recently. Now, I’m learning to use Windows 98, at age 55. Upgrade? No money. My big upgrade was from dialup to DSL. Back on dialup, I inserted a CD Rom from Earthlink, and got good service, an excellent toolbar, pop-ups from Yahoo completely blocked, and really fast, despite being dialup! What I did that was AMAZING was when I converted to DSL, using the Earthlink dial-up format! No better software in the world, and I’m currently on MSN, former AOL, Net Zero, Yahoo, and former Google. Earthlink is best. Ultimately, my software got corrupted, and I’ve been unable to reinstall the old-fashioned earthlink dialup: No ads, no spam, easy to use, loads in 2 seconds, and will notify you if you have mail waiting the moment you turn on your computer. Not only that, but SpamBlocker will automatically sort your email, and not bother you at all unless the message fits your paramaters required. Please do not change your email.

  247. Why do I pay $14.95 a month for email, so Earthlink can make money by advertising on my paid for space? It takes up space and is anoying…so much so, after my 1 yr plan of phone and email is complete, I’m out of here! What do others think about paying for earthlink’s advertising income?

  248. I am having difficulty accessing the e-mail for our group. I changed the password several weeks ago and everything was fine. However, now I can no longer open our mail. Thank you for any help you can give us. Rick Geddis

  249. I haven’t noticed any improvements to the e-mail system. Whatever you have done has had no effect on me whatsoever.
    I wish the advertisements didn’t take so long to download. They take longer than any other e-mail program I use so I know it can be done. I have to wait for them to download before I can type in my e-mail address and password otherwise it gets screwed up. It is so annoying that I’m planning to leave Earthlink soon.
    Of course I would never, ever support one of those advertisers.

  250. Thanks for the way to use the group way to forward email. Sorry I missed the reply. Now for the rest of the problem. I get several emails that have been forwared several times. I do not like my emamil adress spread all over, nor do I want to sift thru numerous forwards to get to the message. Why can’t I go to the message and just forward it?

    If they sent you a nested message (message as attached file rather than inline), you can only forward it that way. There isn’t any way for Web Mail to unwrap that structure and forward only the root of it, other than just copy and paste it to a new message. Sorry, I know it is inconvenient, and I’m aware that there are email programs that have this ability. I’ll put this on my list.
    Email Guy
  251. Email Guy wrote:

    The Known Spam folder link appears directly under the Suspect Email link in Web Mail, and you can also access it by clicking directly on SpamBlocker and you’ll have tabs for both on that page. That folder is never hidden unless you turn spamBlocker completely off.

    I’m not sure why the Known Spam folder did not appear for me, unless it only shows when it is non-empty.
    In any event, after working with the options, it is clear to me that there is no real point in changing my account to the “High” setting. I would still need to keep patrolling the Known Spam folder for false positives, because adding senders to the address list would not prevent email from those senders being flagged as spam.
    I hope that someday Earthlink will choose to implement spam processing that allows true whitelisting — i.e., the first stage is checking senders against an approved sender list developed in some fashion. (It does not necessarily have to be the same as my address list; frankly, there are a number of approved senders who are sending from addresses that do not receive mail, so adding them to my address list just clutters it.)

    I agree. I’m working on getting the order of precedence changed on those filters, so that we check your whitelist first, and known spam last.
    Email Guy

  252. There are two features in the mail program Eudora that I really miss that are not present in any non-Eudora products I know of. These are:
    Resend: This allows all diagnositc and routing headers that were added on mail that is returned to be resent, usually with a corrected email address, as if it were being sent for the first time. With all non-Eudora products, a time consuming and awkward cut and paste process is required to prepare it for resending.
    Redirect: This is designed for items correctly received, but does not belong to the original recipient. This allows the item to be resent to the corrected address and received by the correct recipient as if it were never incorrectly sent. Again, this would eliminate the rather messy and inconvenient cut and paste process before resending.
    With the widespread use of HTML tags, without these two capabilities, the probability of preserving the intended integrity of the body is almost impossible.

  253. On December 5th, I checked my email before I went to sleep (I use webmail only, no email stored on my computer). When I woke up on December 6th, my entire Inbox had been emptied. I had two new emails received that morning, but none of my (years of) inbox mail. I still had my Suspect emails, and most of my sent emails, but nothing in my Inbox before the morning of 12/6.
    I called the Earthlink help number, and spoke with several people about restoring my Inbox. They tried to download some sort of program that would allow them to take control of my computer, but I refused to allow it, as I was at work by that time, and unwilling to put unapproved programs on my work computer.
    After a very long time on hold, and speaking to several people, I was assured that my email would be restored within 10 hours.
    It is now 4 pm on December 7th, and I still do not have my Inbox email restored.
    What should I do? I know that I did not delete my inbox, nor did my husband and we are the only two people who have access to my email account.
    Please restore my inbox.
    Thank you.

    Your messages were retrieved and deleted by the other email software you are running on your computer, and you will find the messages there.
    On Dec 5 at 23:34:19 EST your other email software downloaded and deleted 153 messages. The only copy of those messages is now on your computer and no longer on our server.
    See this FAQ for more help. When you run other email software (not Web Mail) you must set it to leave the messages on the server if you want them to be accessible to Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  254. I use Mac OS X 10.4.11 with its browser Safari 3.0.4
    Since you changed the webmail version, my browser does not want to fully update the webmail page after I delete, empty trash, return to inbox, etc. It displays some of the page (typically, it will get as far as the first couple of inbox lines) and then gets stuck and never finishes fully displaying the page. I have to click in the URL bar and hit enter, frequently several times, before it will display the full screen. When this happens, it shows “completed N-1 of N items” (e.g. 3 of 4 or 21 of 22, etc.) in the bar at the bottom of the browser

    The only suggestion I can give you is to clear your browser cache and restart the browser application (be sure to close it completely, not just the window). That may clear it up. There isn’t any compatibility problem with that browser.
    Email Guy
  255. Email Guy wrote:

    Using the High setting has no effect on whether you can save and view the Known Spam messages, it is a separate setting. In your spam settings you want to turn off the setting to delete Known Spam immediately, and then the most recent 100 messages or those up to 10 days old, will be saved in the folder for viewing. This is independent of whether or not you use the High setting.

    This does not match my experience. When I experimentally changed to the “High” setting, the Known Spam link went away and was replaced by a link to Suspect Email. I could see no mechanism for reviewing and retrieving false positive messages caught in the general filtering. Thus, as far as I can tell, in the “High” setting any false positives caught in the Known Spam step will be lost forever. The Suspect Email link only presents mail that survived the first two steps but does not come from an approved sender.

    The Known Spam folder link appears directly under the Suspect Email link in Web Mail, and you can also access it by clicking directly on SpamBlocker and you’ll have tabs for both on that page. That folder is never hidden unless you turn spamBlocker completely off.
    And those messages are not deleted unless you change the setting to automatically delete them:
    But even if something very strange is happening and that folder link is not visible to you, the tab on the spamBlocker page can never be hidden and you can always access the folder there. Click spamBlocker, then click the Known Spam tab.
    Email Guy
  256. Web Mail, Firefox, Windows XP SP2.
    When typing my e-mail address and password into WebMail, there is a little sidebar ad that is loading.
    When the ad finishes loading, it switches the cursor back to the e-mail address entry box.
    If you happen to be typing your password at the time, all or part of your password shows up IN THE CLEAR, appended to your e-mail address. Needless to say, this is something of a security risk.
    I haven’t checked whether this occurs on Internet Explorer, or on my Mac browsers, but Firefox is my primary browser at work, and it’s an issue — especially since my IT dept started blocking POP e-mail, and I’m forced to use WebMail to check EarthLink e-mail.
    Norm Evangelista

    This moving cursor is a known problem we have to fix. The entry isn’t saved unless you click the button too. To delete a saved entry in the box, see this FAQ (3rd paragraph from the bottom).
    Email Guy
  257. After delving into the spam filtering issue further, I have discovered that the Earthlink setup is even more unsatisfactory than I had thought.
    If I understand the published information correctly, at the highest setting, the spam filtering goes through these stages:
    Brightmail general “Known Spam” filtering –> Individual checks for the sender address in the user’s address book.
    In other words, only messages that make it past the Known Spam stage are ever checked against the whitelist.
    This would be even worse for me than the present situation, where I have the medium setting activated, because at the highest setting, the user has no ability to “rescue” non-spam false positives from Known Spam. Access to the Known Spam listings goes away at the highest setting. Any false positives will be lost forever in Known Spam.
    Now, given how many false positives I am already experiencing from the Known Spam/Brightmail filtering, I can’t afford to lose the ability to extract the false positives. Too many legitimate messages end up in the filter, and while I dutifully send the “This is not spam” message for each of them, I am quite disappointed by Brightmail’s ineptness in correcting this problem of repeated false positives on the same senders.
    The current Earthlink system gets the whole process exactly backwards. The first stage of filtering should check the incoming mail against a whitelist maintained by the user. Anything on the whitelist should be delivered, no questions asked. Then, in the second stage, non-whitelisted mail should be checked against Brightmail’s general rules (which seem to have fallen very far behind the state of the art in spam filtering).
    I had not realized until now just how “not ready for prime time” the Earthlink approach to spam actually is.

    Thanks for the feedback, but some of your information is incorrect.
    I believe I mentioned before that we don’t use Brightmail anymore for spam filtering, but that isn’t important. Using the High setting has no effect on whether you can save and view the Known Spam messages, it is a separate setting. In your spam settings you want to turn off the setting to delete Known Spam immediately, and then the most recent 100 messages or those up to 10 days old, will be saved in the folder for viewing. This is independent of whether or not you use the High setting.
    When you find a false positive, please use the “This Is Not Spam” button to report it to us, and it will get corrected. We are working with our filtering vendor to minimize the number of false positives. The flip side is that the amount of uncaught spam that makes it to the average user’s Inbox is down over 90% in the past six months. But false positives should be rare, and we’re working on keeping that down.
    We do not have a whitelist to bypass Known Spam filtering, and I agree that would be a nice feature.
    Incoming messages go through three steps of filtering, and when one step “hits” then the following ones are bypassed. First is the Known Spam filter. Positive verdicts go straight to the Known Spam folder. Next is the Blocked Sender List. Hits to that are deleted. Next is checking the contact list (address book) when you have the High setting turned on. Matches there go to the Inbox, and non-matches go to the Suspect Email folder.
    I don’t disagree with you that this is not the ideal order of processing, but that is how it currently works.
    Email Guy
  258. I don’t understand why I keep getting threatening messages that I have used up most of my 400 MB when the graph on my Web mail page says I have used only 40% of the available space. When I called Customer Service about this, the person saw the same 40% figure and said he would report it, but I have received no feedback or answers to my queries, and I keep getting these threatening messages whenever I hit 40% (I keep deleting stuff, so it hits 40% when I haven’t had a chance to get to my e-mail for a few days). I pay for the extra space, so I don’t understand why I am being threatened in this way. I would sincerely appreciate an answer! Thanks!

    The courtesy warnings sent to you when you approach your storage quota are correct, and the display in Web Mail can sometimes become incorrect over time. I can fix that for you. There is a warning email sent out when you hit 91% of your quota, which in your case would be 364MB. You can trust that message to be right, and the display in Web Mail is just out of sync.
    If I rebuild the index in your mailbox to fix the storage display, it will reset all your messages to an “unread” state. If that is ok, send an email to email-guy at earthlink dot net telling me it is ok to do so.
    Note: that address only accepts email I have specifically asked for in advance and all others are deleted.
    Email Guy
  259. A refinement to my suggestion that whitelisting be permitted for addresses that otherwise are caught by the BrightMail “Known Spam” filters at the middle security setting:
    Implement a feature whereby each message pulled out of the “Known Spam” filter using the This is not spam button will, by default, offer the user the ability to approve or whitelist that sender’s address. (I say “by default” meaning that there would be boxes that could be unchecked if, for some reason, the user does not want to whitelist a particular address.)
    Such a feature is fairly common in other spam-catching systems. For example, the Postini system implements it quite effectively. I realize that it represents extra infrastructure, because now each user’s mailbox will (potentially) contain rules for intercepting spam, rather than Brightmail being able to use across-the-board rules. But the number of false positives I get is troubling. These occur on very mainstream publications, such as e-zines from Publishers Weekly, press release mailings from PRNewswire, and so on. It would be a tremendous improvement to make it less critical for me to patrol the (not-aptly-named) “Known Spam” folder each day.

  260. How can I send email with WEBMAIL and be able to change fonts, size,etc?

    At the top of the compose view there is a link to change to “Color and Graphics” mode. If you are using the Safari browser, it does not support that feature and you won’t see the link. You could try Firefox on the Mac and the feature will work.
    Email Guy
  261. My browser tells me earthlink’s authenticity certificate has expired and warns me that by logging in to my webmail, I may be accessing a fraudulent website and losing my secure information. I’m assuming the certificate has just lapsed, but hypothetically, how do I verify whether a link is “real” or a hacked redirect. Thanks, Peg

    The certificates for Web Mail are fine, and you are probably getting a bad error message from some security software you have installed, not from your browser. One possibility is here.
    Email Guy
  262. Wish list or bug: Logout should always work.
    I use webmail to check on my mail during the day while at work. Sometimes, when I go home at night, I forget to sign out. When I get in the next morning, my session is still on the screen.
    I know that I have exceeded the inactivity timeout threshold, and that me session isn’t really active anymore. So I know that the first thing I need to do is log in again.
    Here’s my complaint / wish:
    If I select logout, I get an ugly error screen telling me my session has expired. I already know that– I was trying to get back to the login screen. The logout function should still work whether I’m still logged in or not– it should just take me to the log in screen. You don’t need to validate my logged in/out state and throw an error and tell me I need to log in again when I’m tryign to get to the login window to begin with!

  263. I don’t agree that there is no way to identify the account from an “anonymous” email.
    Below is what is in the first line of a test message header I sent myself:
    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ([])
    by (EarthLink SMTP
    I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that my email address is:
    What am I missing?

    The header you show did not come from the message sent from EarthLink Web Mail using an anonymous email address.
    It appears to be from a forwarded message that was forwarded from your EarthLink account (your real one) to a gmail mailbox, and that is the header from the forwarded message, not from the original anonymous message. Or the message was sent from gmail, I can’t tell without the rest of the headers, but it was forwarded at some point and went through a gmail server. If you set your EarthLink account to forward messages to another email service, the forwarding is done from your real account. That has nothing to do with the anonymous email feature. The actual original anonymous message sent by EarthLink Web Mail absolutely does not contain this information in the headers, which you can verify by viewing the actual message in your EarthLink mailbox, not a forwarded copy of it. It is truly anonymous. I suggest you send an original anonymous message from EarthLink Web Mail directly to your gmail account, and then view it on gmail to confirm for yourself that it will not have any way to identify your real email address. It won’t. I’m totally sure of this, as I helped design it.
  264. Is there a reason I have to enter my full email as an id? Why can’t I choose something shorter and unique, like 99% of the other secure systems I use online? My standard id is my name, “devinmckinney”, just without any suffix to it. As it is, I always have to type in “” as well – even though I don’t see any particular reason that that has to be part of my id. And if I make a mistake with my password, it clears my id and I have to do it again. I know, I could tell it to remember my id, but that’s not a safe thing to do.

    Since we support many domains and not just, it is necessary to enter the full address. There isn’t anything unsafe about saving the email address entry on your own computer, and you don’t have to save the password. Just check the box on the Web Mail login page to remember it for you and never type it in again. This is different from using your browser’s autocomplete feature, which does optionally remember the password too. But you can turn that off in your browser settings. This FAQ may help too.
    Email Guy
  265. I am receiving “delivery failed” emails about emails I have never sent. The attachment is not from me and the recipients are not in my address book. Should I be contacting Customer Service for this?

    See this FAQ.
    Email Guy
  266. After the last update I noticed that the “Move To” drop down menu is limited to a certain amount of characters. This seems to have been reduced from previous versions and I do not like how small it is. I have folders with somewhat long names. Some have the same first name and I have no way of telling which folder I am moving the emails to because I cant see the end of the folder. Please make an option to widen the menu or just widen it a little.

  267. With all the govt snooping going on, how long does my email exist after I’ve deleted it? I know I have to empty the trash can, but does the email still exist somewhere out there in cyberspace? tks.

    No copies exist on EarthLink servers. When you empty the trash in Web Mail (or retrieve/delete your messages using other email software), those messages are immediately and permanently deleted, and there are no copies.
    Email Guy
  268. I keep submitting this suggestion, and it keeps being ignored. Therefore I am submitting it again.
    Please add the ability to “whitelist” either specific sender addresses or entire sender domains to the “medium” spam filtering option. This would solve 99% of the work I have to do in retrieving false positives from the “known spam” folder.
    Also, at least half of my spam would go away if I could block all incoming e-mail addressed to “” I never give out the “.com” version of my address, and it is used only by spammers.
    Please consider these suggestions. I will keep submitting them until they are at least posted.

    All of your previous comments are published (about fifteen of them). Try the blog search feature.
    I agree it would be nice to have a whitelist to bypass the spam filters. We don’t have plans to add this feature in the near future. Our false positive rate is very low but it sounds like you have been disproportionately affected. Please report false positives using the “This Is Not Spam” button in Web Mail so that we can make corrections as needed.
    Email Guy
  269. Overall the E-Mail is setup is pretty good, although it seems there are limitations on number of folders.
    The E-mails are also an original idea and useful.
    I wish the system would self center better (similar irritation at and it takes 2 or 3 movements of my mouse to click on the log out. The log out should always be towards the center of the screen. I often just close the Microsoft X in the upper right corner.

  270. Hi,
    All I wanted to say was Earthlink Web Mail is a very good product/service and I like that I can still reach it from the springmail link! The interface is easy to use an very intuitive.
    Keep up the good work!
    “No sir, it’s not a computer problem, it’s a reading problem.”

  271. I’m writing to tell you about something that has happened to me quite a few times in the last few months. On these occasions I have written email messages, which sometimes turn out to be quite long. I spend a long time writing and revising each one. When it is time to send it, I press the send button and the log-in screen comes up with a message that my on-line time limit has expired and my message can’t be sent until I log in again. Once I have logged in, however, the message has been blown off, and an hour or more of work is gone.
    Based on unpleasant experience, I should know by now to either repeatedly save all messages I am working as drafts or cut & paste my message’s text back into the message (thereby temporarily saving the text I have just completed) before clicking on “send,” but sometimes I forget.
    It seems to me that the fact that I am typing text into a message should be enough for Earthlink to know that I am still logged in and working. While writing a message using a sophisticated e-mail carrier service, that IS the assumption one’s mind (or at least my mind) makes.
    Has anyone else had this problem? Can you do something to prevent a person from losing all their work this way?
    Thanks for looking into this.

    We’re working on a solution to this, including a periodic auto-save so that a loss of session won’t result in a loss of work.
    Email Guy
  272. The stinking ads make me hostile to any email I recieve. I pay for this service, I should not be attacked by earthlink spam.
    There are cheaper email and DSL.

  273. I can understand a 5 mb limit on sending attachments, but a 3-image limit? how does one send more than 3? I often have to send sample jpegs to accompany stories; they are low res; even ten images may not equal 5 mb. now I have to send multiple emails to accommodate this.

    The total message size limit is 10MB. Soon you will be able to attach more than 3 individual files. To send more than that now, you should use a zip file.
    Email Guy
  274. A suggestion: It would be nice to be able to download one or more emails from the Inbox and leave
    all the rest behind. Maybe a specific download folder would be the answer: just move the needed
    emails from the Inbox to the Download folder, then from there to our individual computers.
    I hope you seriously consider this suggestion.
    Thank you, Paul Etx

    It works the other way around. The Inbox is the download folder, and it is the only folder that can be seen by any POP email software on your computer. Leave the messages you want to download in the Inbox, and move the ones you don’t want to download, to another folder. The select-all feature and the checkboxes make this take the same amount of effort as what you describe. You can select all, uncheck the few you want to download, and then click Move. The desired ones will be left in the Inbox. To create new folders for organizing your messages, click Folders.
    Email Guy
  275. Ever since you started popping up your new MYEARTHLINK start page after each time I sign off from my e-mail, it cuts off my browser as well as itself after a few minutes. I always check my e-mail on-line in order to weed out any spam that has escaped your notice and any large files I my not want to download to my mail program. Having to restart my browser each time after I sign out of Earthlink because your new START Page pops up and causes an error is very irritating to say the least. How can I prevent this START Page from displaying? I have Mac OS 10.3 and Safari 1.3.2.
    I see that “Will” #308 has similar problems with this uninvited page!

    See this FAQ.
    Email Guy
  276. For many years, the sort feature ignored “Re:” at the beginning of subject lines, so a sorted list of messages grouped replies together with the original message. At some point that feature was eliminated, and now messages whose subject lines begin with “Re:” are sorted among the messages whose subjects begin with the letter “R”.
    Please restore the “natural” sort order and sort messages without consideration of the “Re:” at the beginning of the subject.
    Thank you.

    I assume you are referring to the Sent folder, as that is where you will have replies. We haven’t changed the behavior of the sort to my knowledge, and I believe it has always been a simple alphabetical sort of the full subject line. But I’ll check on this. I would suggest that to get the behavior you want, sort by the Recipient column, not the Subject column. Maybe that is what you recall doing in the past.
    Email Guy
  277. Still would like to see the “Sign Out” at the top of the items, below the “News Headlines” would be nice.
    Also, “Known Spam” always at zero (0) even if it has 1 or 100 message there. Go figure.

  278. The spell checker in web mail certainly could stand some improvement. I find quite a few common words that are not in the dictionary, and spell checker identifies them as misspelled words. Also there should be a way to add words to the dictionary (like in the Word spell checker.) That way, names of friends or places won’t keep being identified as misspelled words.
    Thank you

  279. This is in response to Zorica, message 297, October 25, 2007 9:10 PM:
    I have never liked emoticons, smileys, etc. I would not want Earthlink’s WebMail to adopt any kind of system where, for instance, an eight typed before a closed parenthesis would be converted to a graphic smiley face. I take part in some online forums where this is done. Sometimes someone will type a message listing things that happened, with the years in which they took place are in parentheses after each list. If that year ends in an 8, the designation shows up as, for instance, “(196[smiley graphic]” instead of “(1968)”. And it is so maddening when it shows up in one of my messages, since I’d never in a million years intentionally use an emoticon.

  280. I use Web Mail to check several email accounts. When I signed out of an account, the system used to take me back to the sign-in page. Now it takes me to My Earthlink, and I must re-launch Web Mail before I can sign in to another account. Very bothersome. Is there a switch where I can select my own default location after sign-out? I very much prefer to return to the sign-in page. Thanks.

    Did you look in the settings before asking? 🙂
    Click Preferences / Web Mail Options and you’ll see the switch. There is also a FAQ on this blog describing it.
    Email Guy
  281. I’m still waiting to hear about my problem of SENDER and SUBJECT overlapping so I can’t read either one properly. I’m using a friend’s computer (a MAC) and her Safari browser is version 1.0.3 Is this my problem? It wasn’t doing this until your recent upgrade.
    Thanks and I am following the ground rules and this is my third posting.
    Jane Fritz

    Safari 1.0 and Mac OS9 haven’t been supported for a long time, although it may have worked for you. If you have OSX, update the browser to Safari 1.3 or change to Firefox. If you have OS9, you could try one of these newer browsers for OS9:
    iCab –
    Select the Classic Mac download.
    Netscape –
    Scroll down to “7.0 English – Netscape 7” and download the “Mac PowerPC” version. That is the newest netscape/mozilla browser that will run on OS9.
  282. Your new vertical ad for Papa John’s Pizza on the right side of my monitor is causing my browser to crash. Every time I open WebMail and that ad appears, I get all kinds of errors and I have to do a hard shutdown. It doesn’t happen with other ads – only the new Papa John’s ad. Please get it off there. I can’t access my WebMail until you do.

  283. After clicking the link to go to webmail, you are asked to sign in (username & password) … could you please consider sending directly to e-mail rather than routing through News Headlines – you require us to click on Goto Inbox when that is really where we wanted to go in the first place …

    This FAQ tells you how to change that setting.
    Email Guy
  284. On opening my suspected spam folder: how about making the default choice “delete and report as spam”? Presently, I see ‘move to inbox’ – chances are, if it’s in my filtered spam box, it’s NOT something I want to move to inbox. It would save a few clicks and time to have the option appear immediately to delete and report as spam.

  285. This is a usability issue – when reading a message, the Delete button is to the right of the “forward…” pull-down box. When looking at a folder like the Inbox, the Delete button is to the left of the “Move to…” box. the Delete button (and other similar buttons) should be on the same side all the time. It gets a bit confusing when the buttons are in different places depending on the display you’re looking at.

  286. Keep receiving messages from Earthlink that my storage space nearly full. It shows 95% full but does not go down after I delete some emails and put others in archive files. Is deleting messages from web mail critical or from my Outlook? The current problem is that I do not get new email to my Outlook and wonder if I am not getting some email into web mail. Isn’t storage space for web mail and Outlook different?

    This FAQ will help.
    Email Guy
  287. One small “wish list” item…
    It sure would be nice to have a way to mark one or more messages as “seen” or “unseen” without having to open it/them. My old ISP’s webmail had that, and I used it all the time.

  288. my inbox has been hovering above 98% full for eons. i eagerly await the increase from the current 100mb limit. recently when i was away for 5 days a friend sent me a 7mb video, rather than a simple 1kb email with a link to one of the 12 occurances of that EXACT SAME VIDEO found on youtube. that 7mb email blew out my inbox, and i bounced messages for about 24 hours until i returned home and discovered the full inbox. i’ve since educated my friend about sending URLs rather than full huge video files. good thing he sent me that file near the end of my trip and not at the start.
    however, after that 24 hour period when any new email to me was bouncing back to sender, i received calls from people wanting to know why i changed my email address for the 1st time in 10 years, without notifying them! when they received earthlink’s bounced email message they were unable to interpret it–they thought my account had been closed, since most bounced emails one receives are due to wrong or closed addresses.
    therefore i’d like to suggest that you modify the bounced email message sent out due to a full mailbox from the current
    “User account is overquota”
    which non-techies seem unable to interpret, to a more human understandable message such as
    “The person you emailed has a full inbox and can no longer receive email until s/he cleans it out. Please resend your email tomorrow, or call them and inform them that their mailbox is full.”

  289. Some features I would like:
    1. Unless I do not know how to do this . . . I would like the default setting for my email to be the one where I can choose fonts, font size, bold, underline, etc. I do not think there is a setting in preference to make that a default setting. It would be great if it was. I constantly forget to choose that and in the middle of the email, I can’t change it or all I typed is lost. So that change would be great.
    2. Emoticons. Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE add emoticons. I’m lost without them.
    3. What would REALLY be terrific is if the face of the emails was FUN. These boring, old-fashioned colors are just depressing. I know I could have my page, but those features are limited; it’s cumbersome to load, cumbersome to use, so even though I’ve tried, I’ve just gotten frustrated with it and gone back to the same old opening page. Anyway, more colors would be wonderful for the spirit, or at least the option to customize it.
    4. And it would be be utterly, incredibly fantastic if that utterly horrible advertisement on the right size was simply: NOT THERE! How annoying to be bombarded by it and all the other little advertising, but I guess you won’t do anything about that.
    That’s all for the moment.
    Thank you!

  290. I think this is a legal question (and I can’t find it popping up when I search): any chance y’all can set up the webmail inbox with a filter that lets us see *just* our new/unread messages on the page, a la Outlook? It would really help me clean out my mailbox more quickly.
    Thanks much! Jason

  291. It would be helpful if one could have more than one email open at a time (as in Outlook) for webmail. Will that ever be an option? Sometimes it requires getting information from more than one email to send information forward.

  292. Email Guy,
    Maybe somebody else has asked this, but is it possible, or could it be made possible, to subset my address book? To have what would amount to four or five mini address books? I have some contacts that I am only interested in in a particular context. I would like to see those contacts all together, by themselves.
    Bill Denholm

    Use the “Groups” feature in the Address Book. Assigning contacts to a group allows you to display that list by itself, and to send email to all members of a group at once. Just “Add Group” and then assign members to it from your contact list.
    Email Guy
  293. When I read mail from the website directly as when I am travelling, the advertisement on the right side of the screen cuts off the previous width used for reading the email message.
    It is a lot of trouble to use the horizontal scroll to go back and forthe to read each line in its entirety. Every think was just fine for me before your updated changes.

  294. I think that there should be a way to hold a message while you seek information elsewhere. For example, I typed in an email address, wrote a lengthy letter and then when attempting to ‘send’ I was told the address was not valid. I could not save as a draft (because address was incorrect) and I could not move away from the email I’d written in order to find the correct address. There have been times when I’ve wanted to pause while composing an email in order to find information and lost my email when I moved away from the file. What is the solution? I’m certain there is one. Help.

    Use multiple browser windows, or a tabbed browser (IE7 or Firefox). Then you can move between multiple tasks. You can have more than one window of Web Mail open at the same time, as long as they are using the same account. Simply right-click a link on the page and select “Open In New Window” or “Open In New Tab”. Be careful when moving or deleting messages, as you get the two windows out of sync. But to just open another window to view another message or to view the address book, works fine.
    Email Guy
  295. Get rid of the ads, both the link for grocery coupons above my name on the left side of the screen and the animated ads on the right. They are most annoying and instrusive. I’m paying you for service, I shouldn’t have to be subjected to this blatant advertisement.
    Thanks – Mike
    p.s. I wrote about this a couple times before and cannot find any of my previous posts on your blog.

  296. The text is much to small and thin on my web mail to be seen easily. I want to use the color and graphics without losing the email address I’ve already checked from the address book. I wish I could check which typeface and size I want, like in preferences. I don’t want to reset type setting every email I write.

  297. I woke up this morning, 10/24 to an inbox of ZERO (0.) Last night I had 1380 inbox messages! Of course I am extremely upset. Any solution?

    Your messages were retrieved and deleted by the other email software you are running on your computer, and you will find the messages there. See this FAQ for more help.
    Email Guy
  298. Hi Email Guy,
    I was just about to post a suggestion and notice that Bill Denholm has suggested almost the same thing. In addition to the ability to report spam, I wonder if you can add an ability to report phishing posts, which might be linked somehow to Earthlink’s scam reporting service at
    Or is this unnecessary because messages reported as spam are routinely examined for phishing content already?

  299. Still having problems as in message dated June 10, 2007 3:35 PM (195).
    I suppose it’s because I’m still using dialup, and the ad’s are loading slowly while I’m typing.
    In review: during login, the cursor will pop back up into the username ( text box even though I’ve “tabbed” it down to the password text box. This causes the password to be printed next to the username like: me@earthlink.netPASSWORD. Now it is happening 2 or 3 times while I login, so I have to wipe the password out of the username text box and repeatedly tab back to the password text box.
    I’m using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox at all times. Might be 3-4 days late downloading the latest version, but I keep it fresh unless the new version is buggy.
    Thank you.
    Kris Harrison

  300. I don’t know if this item should go under bugs or suggestions for future release, but the spell checker dictionary is extremely limited.
    It gives a suggestion for the correct spelling about 10% of the time. I find myself having to copy my text into Word for spell checking.

  301. Do I need to log-out of the e-mail page or can I just move on, or close my browser?
    Someone has decided that I should be using the new “my earthllink” page, so everytime I log-out of e-mail, I am forced to see that gross page. (I really don’t like other people making my decisions for me!!!) So . . . I am trying to find a work-around that will let me skip that step.
    I check e-mail from several locations, so I would really prefer not to use outlook.
    (I would even rather use outlook and change my “home site” to some other website, than be pushed into using that goofy new “my earthlink” page.)

    Closing your browser does log you out of Web Mail. You can click Preferences / Web Mail options and change the setting to not go to that page on logout.
    Email Guy
  302. Email Guy,
    There is spam, which everybody gets and which most people largely ignore, and then there are hoaxes, which try to fool you into sending money of giving personal information. Some of these are easy to spot, some less so. I would like to see a separate category for the hoaxes, since, to me, they are not the same as spam.
    Bill Denholm

  303. Hey Email Guy 🙂
    I have a suggestion for the sign in page…
    I’ve noticed for awhile that the order of elements within the sign in widget are out of order when you tab through. So instead of going from Email Address field to Password field to Sign In button to “Remember my email login…” option, it jumps from Sign In button to “Forgot your password” to in the universal nav.
    I feel the former would be an intuitive tab sequence for general web use.

  304. Recently I have had to add two additional steps when accessing my email. One is that I get the message…
    “Confirm: You are about to log into the site “” with the username “webmail”. but the website does not require authentification. This may be an attempt to trick you. Is “”
    the site you want to visit?”
    Then I have to click “yes”. Then I get an Earthlink webpage titled “Earthlink: We Revolve around You.” Then I click “webmail” and “sign in”.
    In the past, these two steps have not been required. How can avoid these messages?
    Jiim \
    Recently I have been receiving the following message when accessing my email:
    Confirm: You are about to log into the site “” with the name “webmail”, but the website does not require authntification. This may be an attempt to trick you. Is “” the site you want to visit?”
    Then I have to click “Yes”. I get the Earthlink “We revolve around you” webpage, and I have to click “webmail”, then “sign in”.
    Before I didn’t have to use these three extra steps. Now I do. Can you tell me how to avoid having to do that each time?

    These messages are coming from some kind of security software you are running on your computer, and not from our web sites.
    To access Web Mail, you should put in your browser. Set that as a bookmark or favorite and use it. If you still get these messages, look into what software they are coming from.
    Email Guy
  305. I use a 15″ screen and the positioning of a vertical ad bar on the right side of the screen has significantly diminished the subject line. Some subject lines are confusing because they are truncated. Is it possible to wrap the subject line so I can read the entire line? It was much better when you did not have the vertical ad.
    Also, I read e-mail from the browser and am not interested in the news page. It would be nice to have an express entry directly into e-mail. I use dial-up and all unnecessary screen renderings slows down my browser.

    When your mouse is over a subject line, the entire text pops up. On the login page, you can set that by clicking Preferences / Web Mail Options, and you can choose to skip the news view.
    Email Guy
  306. I would like to see the search “in folder” default to Inbox. So many times I have hit “search” only to get the “please select a folder to search”. 99% of the time I meant to search Inbox

  307. Text edits in messages -> highlighted text with control-c or control-x:
    Keystroke short cuts in editing or manipulating text are no longer seamless in writing a message. Anytime text is highlighted to be deleted or copied/pasted, an annoying menu appears “Copy text to clipboard.” This must be acknowledged before proceeding with the cut or copy. It also appears when text is highlighted to be edited for font, point size, or color. This causes an extra step, a stumbling block to efficient keyboarding. It also breaks traditional word processing rules, used in many other applications making such keyboarding a heavily ingrained habit.
    This behavior wasn’t in earlier versions of webmail. I can’t find anything in Preferences to change it. Or is this a bug? Any help or info would be appreciated.

    I think this is due to the security settings on your computer or browser, being set to prompt you before allowing your clipboard to access the web page you are viewing. It could also be due to you changing the text editing feature on your computer, or installing a new editor or clipboard. This isn’t a change in Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  308. When I log on to your webmail Internet Explorer says that there is a certificate error even after I continue to login. Your’s is the only server that generates this error. Any advice?

    I’m sure the certificate is fine, and the most likely cause of this error is explained here.
    Email Guy
  309. Email Guy,
    I have hundreds of messages in some of my folders. It would be nice to be able to move more than 10 (one screen) at a time.
    Bill Denholm

    Click Preferences / Web Mail Options, and you can set the messages-per-page as high as 200 if you like.
    Email Guy
  310. I use webmail on my old HP windows 98 computer. My uncle pays for this earthlink account as a gift to myself and my children. When I first used webmail I had not reset the “From,s Name” in preferences>Web Mail options to my name.
    I have worked with your online chat tech people (who were all great) and I have always received the same advise on how to change the “From” name to my name. The instructions have always been the same.
    Log into webmail. Click on preferences>webmail options>scroll down untill I find the for From’s Name> type in my name> hit the save button at the bottom of the page.
    I know that it is correct now in the preferences as I have changed it as well as one of your techs (Paul K.)who I supplied with my password. He went into my account preferences and changed it. He even sent me an email to show that my name appeared at the top in the “from” box.
    I am still having the same problem though. When I go to a site that has a “contact us” button and I click on it; the “from” box still shows my uncles name, not mine.
    I asked a co-worker about this and they said it has something to do with my computer hard drive and that it would be very difficult to find and reset.
    I am no computer tech. I know I need a new computer but was hoping that you might be able to advise me on how I might remedy this problem. It is very confusing to people I email and several respond to my uncle not me.
    I hope this does not go against the ground rules. I read them and think I am not breaking them. I hope to hear from you.
    Michael Turpin

    Your From name is set in each email program you send messages from, and it has no effect on any other email program you use. You have set it in Web Mail, but what you describe is sending messages from other email software. You need to change the setting in that software.
    Email Guy
  311. About the PRINT button – you might want to point out that if you can still get to print-preview by cancelling and clicking on FILE “in the usual manner”.
    Also – about MOVE – it can actually happen too fast so you have to check the folder to be sure the msg got to the right place – that is NOT a time-saver.
    Otherwise- ok

  312. I am using Firefox
    Once Webmail was upgraded to 5.5, and after opening a message, NONE of the buttons in the new toolbar would work.
    I suspected a conflict with one of Firefox’s many addons/extension. After turning off all of my extentions, rebooting Firefox, then turning on each extension one at a time, and rebooting Firefox each time, I narrowed it down to the culprit!
    For whatever reason, Webmail 5.5’s button bar WITHIN AN OPEN MESSAGE (not in the initial message list) conflicts with ADBLOCK PLUS, version (the current release). It disables the entire Button Bar!
    I’ll send this note to the AdBlock Plus developers as well.
    Just thought you should know!

  313. I’m wondering if you moved the ‘spam’ and ‘delete’ buttons. For the last 2 days I have been hitting spam every time I want to delete a message. Either I am not paying attention (likely) or something changed. If something has changed, then I’m not sure it feels intuitive to me. Otherwise, love everything!

  314. Email guy,
    Now that more folders are possible, I have been moving messages to new folders. I have a problem, though, and it is not a new problem. When I view the messages, they are not in a sequence that I like. Typically, these would be messages to and from a particular person or company. It would be nice to view these messages in date/time order. But the only way I can view them in that order, now, is to sort them. It would be nice to be able to specify a default sequence for these folders, say, most recent to oldest.
    Bill Denholm

  315. Can’t say I’m crazy about the new WebMail layout but it’s ok EXCEPT the new “Print” option replacement for “Printable Version” – it does not allow me a “preview” where I can see what pages I want to print. I can still get preview via FILE but that prints the whole WebMail screen page – would really love to see the old option back. Any hope for that?

  316. I find the new type face difficult to read. Is there an individual choice of fonts? If not I strongly vote to go back to the previous type face.
    Thank you,

  317. Is there a way to get certain banner ads removed? The latest Dermitage banner ad is VERY unappealing — watching a woman’s face get covered with wrinkles and then uncovered again; it’s truly disconcerting and makes me never want to see hide or hair of this product. Somehow I don’t think that’s what the marketing folks had in mind with their ads — to turn people off. Reminds me of one time when the Web Mail page showed a woman driver with what looked like a big hamburger or sandwich that she was having trouble managing. That ad went on FOREVER. Ugh. How about some banner ads that are actually appealing to the eye??
    Thanks for listening and for directing this comment to wherever it needs to go.
    ~ Suzie B. ~
    Longtime Earthlink user

  318. In Web Mail, Is there a mechanism to be able to use different MS Word style fonts, bold, underline, colors of text, etc.?
    I seem to be able to do this when REPLYING only to others who have written me; never when I am writing an original mesage.

    For an original message, click on “Color and Graphics” at the top of the compose page. Soon this will be easier to use and you will be able to save it as your default.
    Email Guy
  319. When I sign out of a Web Mail address I’m sent to the “new” page. Then Safari quits when I click on Web Mail, which requires me to reopen Safari, go to to my “old” start-up page, click on Web Mail there and start over. Is this going to be another Beta ? Please leave well enough alone or check to make sure new plans work with a Mac.

    This is a known problem with older versions of Safari. You can change the logout destination to not go to that page, but instead return to the Web Mail login page. See this FAQ for instructions.
    Email Guy
  320. 1. In webmail address book the “insert checked address” (paraphrased) is not available unless selected (checked) addresses are on first or last page. please make it availble on any/all pages.
    2. automate spell check .

  321. I’m curious after all this time, Webmail doesn’t offer more -basic- features that other webmail does, such as content filtering and mark-as-read options, etc.

  322. Why do I have to type “” every time I log in?
    Every time I log in I have to type my full email address, “”. Even though you probably know for sure that I am “”. Seems like a waste of time, couldn’t I just type “devinmckinney”? It’s not a lot of effort, but it’s one of those things where every time I do it I think, “why do I have to type my whole email, don’t they know what the extension will be?” so it’s a little negative experience with every single login. Those little negative experiences add up.

    Our Web Mail site supports over a hundred domains besides which is why it must be required. However, there are ways you can avoid having to type it in. I use multiple Web Mail accounts and I never type any of them in. See this FAQ for some help.
    Email Guy
  323. I wish you would get rid of ads on the email. I don’t understand why
    we should have to put up with ads on a paid service. Especially please
    get rid of those from “” as they have a very slow server that
    takes forever to load. I expect ads on a free email service like Yahoo, but
    not on one I’m paying for.

  324. Um, I’m also an Embarf, er, Embarq customer who is losing his earthlink email account. I have one question, though; why do I need to pay for premium access? From what I can tell on the site, there is a free email account that I can use. I don’t need all the premium junk; the only thing I use this account for is email, and I have my own spam & spyware filters. Is there some rule somewhere that states that I can no longer use the free earthlink email because I was once a member?

    Only new email addresses can be put into the free email system, and existing mailboxes can’t be transfered to a free account. The mailbox you have now isn’t free, it is paid for by your service provider. So the only way you can keep your earthlink address instead of changing to the Embarq address (since they are moving their hosted email), is to convert the account to Premium Mail at $3.95/month. It has exactly the same features you have today. Free email has several limitations and less features.
    Email Guy
  325. I was just wondering, the “search” feature of the mail in webmail allows one to search through header, to and from field but it would be a lot more useful if it could actually search through the body of stored messages. Any plans on upgrading webmail so it will be able to do that?

  326. The “Smileys” and other advertisements that keep flashing on the right side of my mail are extremely annoying. There must be a less irritating way to run advertisements (if you must).

  327. I check the FAQ and tried searching but didn’t find anything on this topic.
    There’s a bug in the Web Mail software that unchecks the “Save a copy to your ‘Sent’ folder.

  328. Good morning E-Mail Guy. I wrote to you a few days ago about a billing issue that I had with Earthlink that related to the Embarq-Earthlink situation. I want you to know that this morning I received a personal call from Earthlink, and the situation is resolved. As I understand it you forwarded my message to someone who could resolve the issue. THANK YOU………THANK YOU…….THANK YOU.
    Judy Collins

  329. I am thinking about dropping Earthlink dial up after 12 years. What I want to know when I leave can I keep my email account? And my webspace?

  330. Several times recently, when I either forward an item or write and send a new e-mail and then I go back to Inbox, every item that was in Inbox has disappeared. I’ve tried using the Support sytem to ask about this, and just haven’t been able to get through. I’m not terribly sophisticated about all this stuff; at age 59+ I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks. It’s really frustrating to see all my Inbox e-mails just go “poof”. Is it me? Thank you very much. R.S.V.P. John

    What has happened is that while you are viewing Web Mail in your browser, you also have other email software running on your computer at the same time (like Outlook Express or EarthLink Mailbox) and that software is retrieving your messages from the server and putting them on your computer. I’ve confirmed from your mailbox logs that this is what happened. Those messages are then no longer viewable in Web Mail, which only views messages on the server. The messages will still be viewable in the software that retrieved them, and you will find them there.
    See this FAQ for help. There is a setting you can change in the other software to leave a copy on the server, or you can simply not launch that other email software if you prefer to only use Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  331. I have checked the FAQ’s.
    Some people have asked about why in Earthlink someone cannot mark already read e-mails as “unread”. The question was asked, but I never found an answer.
    I want to do that with some of my e-mails without actually having to re-send them to myself, THUS losing the original person’s identification.
    Can I do this? I can do it in Hotmail, and since Earthlink is much more expensive, I SHOULD have this ability.

    When you have the Preview pane turned off, there is a link in the upper right of every message view to “Mark Unread”. You can’t do this from the preview, so if you have that on, click on Hide Preview first, then go to the messages you want to mark as unread and use the link for that.
    Email Guy
  332. To the fellow who lost his e-mails in Webmail. I use Webmail exclusively, and of course those messages are on the server. Recently while trying to enter Webmail from the desktop, I hit the Outlook Express (OE) icon by mistake, and instantly my entire Inbox was emptied into OE. This was heart-stopping when Inbox registered zero (0). Yikes! Once I learned what happened, I recommend the following: 1) Move the OE icon far away from the Webmail icon (or delete it); 2) Set up a new folder (we now have plenty!) to store Inbox messages you wish to hold for a while, and regularly move them from Inbox to the new folder. (OE only sucks up the messages in Inbox.); 3) It will be difficult to move the Inbox messages already moved over to OE back to Webmail, but you could send them back to yourself or copy & paste them one at a time, as necessary, back to Webmail’s ‘Write a Message’ (this assumes, as I do, that you want to handle these Inbox messages from Webmail); and 4) Keep messages in the inbox to a bare minimum.

  333. The Known Spam folder shows (0) even when there are messages in there. It does not display the number of messages or the tag “New” until you’ve opened the folder (by which time you can see how many messages are there). I’ve been routing Known Spam messages to this folder instead of deleting and just displaying the graph of results because I suspect some “good” mail has been tossed out with the evil. This behavior, of not updating the count of messages, has been consistent for several days, since I changed the setting.

    Yes, this is a known problem to be fixed.
    Email Guy
  334. The newer high-impact blinking ads on the right of email correspondence are obnoxioius and make it very hard to concentrate on reading—This really interferes with personal communication in my opinion—

  335. RE: Change Name
    how can I change the name in my web mail address
    from: Fred marberry(desielle Marberry) to
    desielle Marberry only, recently made changes. Only have a web mail address, receive mail but when reply to e-mails I can’t change the name to desielle Marberry, it will not let me.
    when forwarding e-mails to friends., Fred Marberry (desielle Marberry) keep coming up how can I change this

    Click Preferences / Web Mail Options and scroll to the bottom. You will see the setting there. Edit it and click Save.
    Email Guy
  336. I read a previous question addressing this, but when I did what you requested and contacted Embarq , they said I must contact Earthlink. We have had an Embarq DSL account with an Earthlink email address for many years. I do not want to change either. What can I do to keep an earthlink email address once Embarq changes over in Oct? Can you give me a number to call at Earthlink or a form to fill out or something? What is the cost of an earthlink email account only?
    Thanks, Freddie J.

    To keep your EarthLink mailbox, you can now call 1-800-EARTHLINK and ask to have your mailbox converted to a Premium Email account. You can see details here.
    Email Guy
  337. When logged into Web Mail, the “Sign Out” link is at the left side of the page, towards the bottom. After I read mail messages, delete unwanted mail, etc., the screen refreshes and resets at the top. When I go to “Sign Out” of Web Mail, I then have to scroll back down the page to access the “Sign Out” link. Would it be possible to either move this link to the top of the page, or add a duplicate link at the top so that it’s immediately accessible? I realize this is a relatively minor issue, but it’s something that consistently frustrates me when I’m using Web Mail. I otherwise find Web Mail pleasant and convenient to use. Most of the other web sites I use on a frequent basis, which require a login, have their Log Out/Sign Out links at or near the top margin of the page.
    Thank you for considering this suggestion,
    David J.

    Yes, it will be at the top in an upcoming release.
    Email Guy
  338. What the hey?! I’m on the verge of switching ISPs for the first time in ten years thanks to EL’s “let’s fix it even though it’s fine” policy. First it’s constantly disconnecting whenever I’m on webmail (and I have dialup, can’t afford anything better), then it’s the start page coming on whenever I switch my EL accounts (personal and business), now they’re trying to force the new version of the start page? I am very happy with my personal start page the way it is, I’ve been happy with the way it is for years, it works for me — and now I’m having a terrible time switching from one account to another through the forced-upon-me new start page. I already complained about being rerouted to the start page whenever switching accounts, totally and absolutely unneccessary.

    To change your signout setting to not go to that page, see instructions here.
    Email Guy
  339. Does anyone else get a double period when exporting the address book? I get address-book..csv instead of address-book.csv

  340. I have done several searches and read more problems than I cared to about old issues, to this point I have not found this problem mentioned. It’s minor, but can be aggravating.
    At times I use Reply All when I need to send a message to people I don’t normally correspond with. Many times some of these people are also Earthlink customers with Spam-blocking set to High. This means I get back a number of the standard messages with a link to open a separate window with the Spam-blocker response page.
    It has my name and email, I add a message and guess at the code, then hit enter. I get back message accepted, so I close the window. I then click on the next message in my inbox, and am immediately jumped to the webmail login page, with my information blanked out! I re-logon, rechecking the “remember this Id” box, get back to my inbox and select the next Earthlink Spam message, which blows me away again after completion. This is repeated for each Spam-blocker message.
    There is no reason I can see for that Spam-blocker response page to blank out my Logon screen info. Is this a known problem, and can it be correted?

    This is a known problem, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release.
    Email Guy
  341. Hello, e-Mail Guy,
    There is an undesirable interaction between the Firefox 2 Add-on (a.k.a. extension) named “FlashGot” and EL Web Mail, running on Mac OS X.
    Normally, when you click on an attachment in received e-mail you get a window asking if you want to open it or save it to disk, with an option to checkmark an “Always do this” box.
    With FlashGot installed that window never appears and FlashGot fails to do anything more to help the user. (It’s supposed to automatically pass the request to your favorite download manager.)
    Uninstalling FlashGot (via Tools>Add-ons) and relaunching Firefox fixes the problem.
    I Hope This Helps,

  342. Hi, many thanks for lots of upgrades completed and in progress, including the # of webmail folders and moving to 1 gig mailboxes, and I love those protection pack names for allowing me to sign petitions and still protect my privacy.
    My problem is the screen re-draws. Up until a few days ago I had the option to right click on a message to open it in its own window. Now that same right click action opens a new webmail login screen instead of the message. I had only recently discovered how much time the “open message in its own window” saved me and I hate to lose that.
    I read somewhere on this blog that you have 15% of Earthlink customers who are still at 800×600 screen size. I wonder how many of us are still at slow-slower-slowest dialup? There is no DSL available in my area, and the phone lines on this road are so old that a file that should have downloaded in 6 minutes at 19.2 K took 11 hours. So you can imagine how long it takes me to open and close every message in my email.
    When I could open each message in its own window, I did not have to wait for a screen redraw to view my Inbox index page again, I could just close the individual message window and presto! there was my Inbox again.
    So, is there any way to get this feature back, and cut my screen re-draw time per session literally in haaaalllllffffffff? Thanks for looking into it.
    Also thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us to go back to the login screen after a session. I hated that news page so much I finally just gave up and closed the browser to end a session instead of logging out. I also wanted to add my voice to the people who are tired of animated ads. I have a minor seizure disorder and those things scare me. They do Not feel good.
    I also wonder if it will ever be possible to copy whole folders in Webmail to Weblife? I am so glad to have access to better backup management via Weblife, and I would love to empty my webmail mailbox of all that old archive stuff that I rarely need access to, but must save for business reasons.
    Thanks for whatever you come up with about these things.

    We haven’t changed anything to prevent you from opening a message in a new window using your browser’s right-click menu. It works for me right now. Something is not working right in your browser and preventing the session cookie from being recognized in that new window, so it thinks you aren’t logged in. Perhaps you have some new or updated security software that is interfering?
    Thanks for the other suggestions.
    Email Guy
  343. Please stop the advertisement that flashes with a countdown of 180 seconds on all screens. If a person has an eipilesy condition, the rate of flashing may set off a seizure. Besides, its very annoying.

  344. I have only one question which is,How can I take a message from god know’s what an put in in my spam blocker so that address or message will not keep comming back on my web mail?As they keep comming up then I can add them to my spam blocker as I see fit. Thank you

    Click Preferences / Blocked Sender List. Any domain or address you add to that list is totally blocked from delivery to your mailbox. If you want to block the entire domain, that option appears when you click the This Is Spam button while viewing or selecting a message.
    Email Guy
  345. Hi.
    The “” ad that’s been running on 8/10 is abusively distracting and its high-speed blinking literally made me give up sending emails this morning. Attention-getting is one thing, but this ad actually interferes with use of your service, which, incidentally, I pay for and expect to be able to use without getting a headache.
    Any thoughts?
    Jon Munk

  346. I spent a total of 6 hours on Livechat and on the phone yesterday and today with Earthlink trying to find out what happened to the emails that were in my inbox. I had over 200 emails that I had saved for reference and ongoing buisness. As usual I went around the block numerous times even telling the technician my email address 4 times, this was after he read it back right the first time. My emails were never deleted by me or they would have ended up in the “trash” and I would have been able to retreave them back. It was never explained were the emails went, so after going through some of the most grueling clicking and changing stuff I was directed to use Windows Mail as my default email. I didn’t want that and was assured that the emails would also show up in my Earthlink “webmail” box, which guess what, they haven’t. I am so frustrated in talking to somebody 4000 miles away I could scream. There is definitely a communication problem. Why can’t we explain our computer problems to somebody that not only understands our language but our American way. All I want is my emails back and my emails to continue to go to my Earthlink Webmail. Frustrated with no common sense technicians!!! It’s real simple, listen to the problem, cut through the chase, and get it done! I think “don’t worry” is the national catch phrase overseas. We are not worried we just want the problem solved, period.

    I’m sorry for the bad support experience you had.
    I checked your mailbox logs. You had 139 messages in your Inbox, and on Aug 8 at 18:13:39 ET they were all retrieved and deleted by the other email software you have running on your computer (not Web Mail). You will find the messages in that software now.
    Please see this FAQ for more help and instructions to change your email settings to leave the messages on the server.
    Email Guy
  347. Please get rid of all these trashy, busy ads on the email pages. They cause problems in receiving and loading, are memory hogs, are unwanted and unsolicited. Along with a large number of friends, we have decided to never use any company or service that is advertised on email spaces/pages. Clean it up PLEASE!

  348. In response to this comment:
    This is just to say “Thank you” for resolving my 3 week old problem with spam blocker. Neither the online Chat Support technician nor the telephone support technician helped me. One message to you and the problem got solved. I posted my original plea for help on 8/5/07 and you got it fixed by 8-6-07. I appreciate the help. This is a good service to be able to use for help.

    Glad I could help.
    Email Guy
  349. Many Earthlink subscribers have multiple logins and addresses under their account. For example: I have 4, one of which is my wife’s. My son-in-law has 2, one for family, one for his personal and work. When using webmail the way it works now, one has to logout, then re-login to check his other addresses. This is unwieldy, and doesn’t allow for any integration at all of ones account.
    It would be nice if one could marry multiple addresses under one account under the same login similar to the capabilities that available when using Yahoo mail. It would really be nice if one could have multiple top level folders representing the various respective inboxes.
    For my part, I’ve found this to be bothersome in that I rarely have time to go through all the hoops of checking my logins, so sometimes I miss messages. My son-in-law, however, finds it so restrictive that he has decided to switch services.
    Any thoughts about such integration for the future.

    Yes, this feature is on my list, but it probably won’t happen until next year.
    Email Guy
  350. I forgot my password how do i get another one?

    Click on MyAccount at the top of any page, and under the login box on that page there is a link that says, “I forgot my password.” Click that, and you will be able to provide validation information to reset your password.
    Email Guy
  351. I am unable to see my e-mail.
    I am able to sign in but then receive a screen than is blank.
    A note says “Done” at the bottom.
    Do I have a browser issue, or has my e-mail account been compromised?
    This is happening on both of my e-mail profiles, (one for home and one for business), for at least a week.

    This is a browser issue. Try deleting the browser cache (temporary internet files) and restarting the browser.
    Email Guy
  352. The good: I’m a long time user of Earthlink and wouldn’t have anything else.
    The bad: please, PLEASE get rid of the ads on the webmail pages (In, Out, Trash, etc)!!! Put them anywhere else, but NOT there.
    I want to check my email, and not have ads loading, flashing, jiggling, taking up space, etc. Especially “Doubleclick”, which my spychecker usually catches and blocks. It’s all VERY annoying.

  353. Good Morning,
    I have chatted on-line regarding this problem and I have downloaded Earthlink’s Protection Control Center and paid for the upgrade ” Attack Shield On.” The original problem is still happening. When I log onto Earthlink’s Web Mail, I am presented with a screen asking me to Accept a Web Site Certificate by an Unknown Authority. ( * ) I have responded with ” Do Not Accept…” each time. It still returns – time and time again. Please advise how to rid myself of this troublesome issue. I have screen shots but still have found no way to send these to EarthLink for evaluation.

    We are reporting this now to doubleclick for investigation.
    Please send your screenshots to email-guy at earthlink dot net. They will be helpful, since this is not happening on all browsers and I can’t personally reproduce it on any browser. We have had several other reports however.
    Note to others: that address only accepts messages I have specifically asked for in advance, and all others are immediately deleted.
    Email Guy
  354. Is there any way to email photos as part of the body of the email rather than as an attachment, and if not, do you expect to have this feature any time in the near future? Thx.

    Web Mail does not currently allow inserting pictures inline in an original message. We will be adding that feature this year.
    Email Guy
  355. Why do I have to include in my e-mail address when I am logging in. I am on the earthlink website-why would I be logging in with any other address. This seems like a ridiculous waste of time to type that every time I want to check my e-mail. Even lame sites like juno don’t require that for login.

    The EarthLink Web Mail site supports several hundred domains, and not just You can use the “Remember my email” feature on that page to enter the address for you, and your browser also has an auto-complete feature to enter the address for you.
    Email Guy
  356. Please, please get rid of the ads that move around all over! My poor ol’ tummy gets churned up with all the graphics moving all over. The ol’ head gets weary, too.

  357. Earthlink email is very unreliable from outside USA. I have the same problem all over Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. Either I can’t get the log in page at all, or after logging in the inbox gets a blank page. Reloading the page many times usually works, after an average of 5 times. I don’t have any of these problems with yahoo email.

    I suspect the reason is that Yahoo is co-located in all those places with local servers (since they have worldwide customers), and our servers are all here in Atlanta. So the issue is network connectivity from those locations, it has nothing to do with the reliability of EarthLink services.
    I know this answer isn’t very helpful to you as you just want to get to your email when you are traveling, but the problem isn’t something we have any control over. And since our users are all in North America (when home) I don’t expect we will put any servers in Europe or Asia.
    Email Guy
  358. Ads in web mail:
    Everyone accepts the need of ads in a business if one is to stay in business.
    But. When I read of hackers using those ads as a gateway for virus I am wondering if you
    need to think of profit above service to your customers.
    In the long run you will lose. I go to web mail to get my mail. I do not go there for any other reason.
    I read a statement in the past that you had complaints and you were working on the ad removal….
    I would like you to be true to your statements. The clock is ticking far to long.

  359. You guys really got to remove those advertisements from the webmail page, or at least offer an option to turn them off. Some of them lately are really messing up the ability to navigate, write, and read email messages. The only other option might be if you limited the ads to just those that have very little graphics and not active content so that those will load up quicker to keep from grabbing at the cursor all the time.

  360. When signing on, we have to type our entire email address as opposed to just our user ID. A minor inconvenience, yes… but life is full of ‘minor inconveniences’, and this can be easily addressed (in my humble opinion).
    I realize you service earthlink, mindspring, and who knows what other email addresses. Why not (for speed and convenience sake, add a drop down selection or check box to make this more user friendly?
    I know this sounds like whining (admittedly it IS)… but… can you please address this?

  361. Twice today, I have been interrupted during the writing of a long email, after the interuption I came back, finished the email and pushed “SEND”
    The login screen appears telling me that I have been logged out due to inactivity and the entire email message that I just spent the last thirty minutes on is GONE. I can’t use the back button, the message is not in drafts.
    Any productive suggestions?

  362. How can I set the default for all outgoing emails to “Color and Graphics” instead of having to do it each time?

    Currently you can’t, but you will be able to do this in Web Mail 6.0 in a few months, including saving your font settings too.
    Email Guy
  363. I’m frustrated that earthlink has decided to force me to add one more step and one more page to the process of logging into email. I’m referring to the news page. When I log into my email, I want to go straight to my email page. I am not interested in getting my news from earthlink or in earthlink deciding what should be the top newsworthy stories for my day. In a busy world, getting to your email should be an efficient process. Having to wait for the news page to come up, only to then again ask to see your email only slows everyone down, particularly when I have no interest in your news page.
    Thank you

    Click Preferences / Web Mail Options and you can turn off the news preview there.
    Email Guy
  364. I noticed that this question was asked before but have not seen an answer. Earthlink limits its users to 3 attachents per e-mail transmission. As a business user, I have, at times, a requirement to send documents sudivided into multiple files, therefore the need for multiple attachment sending capability. Most times I am required to send 10 – 12 files, therefore requiring 4 – 5 e-mails in sequence.
    Will there be a time, or a capability for certain users, to be able to send more than three (even if only up to your maximum total size capability – which would not affect me anyway). ??

    You will get this ability with Web Mail 6.0, in the next few months.
    Email Guy
  365. You could make the email a thousand times better if instead of getting a list of news links when logging on I actually got my email. Why not also tell me what newspapers to read or the blogs *you* think I should read. I can find the news I want to read for myself from the sources I trust.

    You can click Preferences / Web Mail Options and turn off the news preview there. We also plan to add some options later for you to choose among several news categories for that page. By the way, the source there now is just the Associated Press.
    Email Guy
  366. For the last two days, whenever I open my email, the internet browser crashes after a minute or two. This only happens when I read my email (not on other earthlink pages) and has happened at two different computers. ?

    With problems of this sort, please let me know the browser version and OS and I’ll try to investigate it. In the meantime, try clearing your browser cache (temporary internet files) and then restarting the browser, and see if that helps.
    Email Guy

  367. In the past few weeks I have begun to lose contact with the Yahoo Groups to which I subscribe, because Earthlink is “bouncing” the emails. Once an email or two is “hard” bounced, Yahoo simply cuts me off without warning. After a day or so I figure the groups can’t be *that* quiet, and so go to Yahoo and find a message saying I’ve been cut off and must reactivate my groups.
    They explain the cause as:
    “Last Bounced Message
    Remote host said: 550…Due to extended inactivity new mail
    is not currently being accepted for this mailbox. [RCPT-TO]”
    What is the problem? (Clearly it’s not that I am “inactive” because I retrieve group emails several times per day)

    This intermittent problem, which has been occurring for a few weeks now, should be permanently fixed tomorrow. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Email Guy
  368. I actively use two earthlink email addresses (personal and business) under the same account. Must admit the extra clicking to get away from myearthlink when traveling between the two accounts is frustrating.
    Please add me to those who would rather logout to the login page than to myearthlink. Did the opt out feature or selected bypass in setup become available June and I missed it?

    It became available on 7/6. Click Preferences / Web Mail Options.
    Email Guy
  369. Please allow us to use the enter key to single space to the next line when composing an email while using the color and graphics.. It is too time consuming to type the email and then have to go back through it to put in the return, just so it is single spaced. It was just happening when replying, but I notice now it is even happening on originals that I send. I really hope this will be fixed.

    This is a known problem and it will be fixed.
    Email Guy
  370. I would like to see a feature added that automatically updates the inbox, so I do not have to manually click the inbox to ascertain if I have new emails.
    I know some email systems have a pop-up box to notify users of new emails. Is that a possibility with webmail?

    Automatic interval checking for new messages is coming to Web Mail in a future release.
    Email Guy
  371. Quote:
    Posted by: Don Helms | June 12, 2007 3:30 PM | (198)
    I use Web Mail exclusively for all of my Earthlink email. I absolutely do not like having the ad at the right side of the page. At least when it was at the top I could easily ignore it. I also don’t care for change that takes me to the Earthlink Homepage when I log out of Web Mail. For me it would be better to simply close the page when I’m finished with my email. I’m looking forward to an email page without any banner ads. I pay a premium price for my Earthlink cable service and shouldn’t have to be bothered with banner ads on a page I pay for. Something that would make Web Mail a lot better, would be the ability to insert pictures into the body of my emails like I can with Outlook. If this is already possible, I sure haven’t been able to do it or find instructions for doing it anywhere. Other than those things I can’t thinbk of any other problems with Web Mail.
    Bump up for lack of appropiate response.

    You can set the logout destination now (as of 7/6, my response is delayed) in Preferences / Web Mail Options. We are adding the ability to insert pictures inline in an upcoming release. We are also adding an upgrade option to have ad-free Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  372. Spam filter upgrade needed
    Earthlink has an unfortunate gap in its spam filtering, which requires choosing between two second-best solutions.
    The middle level of spam filtering uses only the BrightMail system (whatever that is), and doesn’t allow whitelisting of desired addresses. Therefore, it becomes essential to review the “Known Spam” directory frequently to fish out the false positive mail that was not spam at all.
    The only way to get whitelisting is to turn on the most intrusive level of spam filtering, by activating the challenge-response feature. However, this is not acceptable to me because I have too many correspondents and don’t want to alienate them with the obnoxious challenge-response scheme.
    The solution for my situation would be to allow me to whitelist sender addresses while in the middle-level strength of spam filtering. I would expect that to solve 99% of the false positive problem, and it would not be an inconvenience to me to whilte list the senders who keep getting (incorrectly) snagged as a means of avoiding frequent review of “Known Spam.”
    I realize that this introduces an additional layer of processing, which is presumably why Earthlink has not done it. However, I have the impression that the other big players in hosted e-mail have this capability, and Earthlink ought to consider adding it.

  373. Two points that would improve my Earthlink service:
    1. Allow me to sign in to several earthlink addresses at once.
    Oh boy, would I love it if I could have my account for correspondence from professors and classmates and school, as well as my home account, as well as my job search account open at once, rather than having to keep closing one to open and check for replies or send mail from another.
    2. Allow an option to see both sender and recipient columns in folders.
    Here’s an explanation of why this would be helpful to me: You have your limit of forty folders. I don’t like it, but I guess I understand your reasons–adding more folders would slow down service. I use folders to help me find mail I want to refer back to easily. Because of your folder limit, I have to double and triple up content for each folder. (eg. instead of having one folder for my friend Mary, another for Susie, and another for Sally, I have a folder for all three.) I put my sent messages in with received in the Dad folder, for example. Works great. But in the folder with Susie, Sally, and Mary in it, it is harder to figure out which reply went to which friend with all my sent messages listed simply as being from me. Hope that is clear.
    Can Earthlink add this functionality?

  374. All my e-mail problems re: attachments,forwarding,’choice’ bar (font,
    size etc. ) & more were solved by downloading Internet Explorer 7.

  375. I have two different e-mail addresses on my account. I would like an easy way to switch between them. Right now, I log out and it takes me to the Earthlink home page, then I go to web mail and type in my login and password. If I could keep both open at once in separate browser pages, that would be helpful.

    You can do that if you use two different browsers, like one account open in IE and the other open in Firefox. You can’t do it in the same browser as they use the same session cookie even with different windows or tabs, and only the last one logged in will be active in that browser.
    Email Guy
  376. Hello Email Guy,
    1. I would like an updated functionality feature for email folders.
    I would like to be able to use a check box to download a specific email folder, or group of email folders.
    I have repeatedly asked tech support to relay the request for this feature up the food chain, for years, without progress.
    They have not indicated, if it is already possible to do this, by an existing method that would not involve checkboxes.
    So it is reallly wonderful that you are in a position to respond to this request.
    2. Of course, any limitation on the number of email folders available also seems like an unnecessary obstacle for user customization.

    Using Web Mail, messages are kept on the server and viewed one at a time in your browser, and never downloaded and stored on your computer. To download messages to your computer, you must use email software installed on your computer, like Outlook Express or others. But those programs can only access the Inbox folder, and other folders created in Web Mail can only be viewed in Web Mail. So what you are describing isn’t possible with either Web Mail or with POP email software. It would only be possible with an IMAP email service, which we do not offer (and very few email providers do).
    There is a limit of 40 folders in Web Mail.
    Email Guy
  377. Hi,
    We’ve used earthlink as our primary e-mail address for quite some time now. Our service provider, Embarq, has informed us that they no longer have a “relationship with earthlink”, and want us to change our e-mail address over to theirs. We don’t want to do this! We need to keep our provider and our e-mail address’. What steps do we need to take to ensure this happens?
    Thank you!

    Contact Embarq customer service and tell them this. They have options available for you to keep your EarthLink mailbox.
    Email Guy
  378. How do I access alternate email IDs from webmail?

    All mailboxes under your account can independently log in to Web Mail. To see your active mailboxes, go to My Account (click at the top of any page) and log in there with your master account. Your mailboxes are listed under profiles. Each profile has its own password, which you can also set there.
    Email Guy
  379. I hate your stupid headlines, it’s just one more page to overlook and wait for my computer to cycle through.

    Click the link to the top right on that page that says, “Choose my default view” to turn off that page.
    Email Guy
  380. Early this morning, around 3:00 AM, I tried to retrieve my web-mail messages. When I clicked on Webmail from My EarthLink Start page, I got the following and I was wondering why?
    There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.
    This organization’s certificate has been revoked.
    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
    Click here to close this webpage.
    Continue to this website (not recommended).
    More information
    If you arrived at this page by clicking a link, check the website address in the address bar to be sure that it is the address you were expecting.
    When going to a website with an address such as, try adding the ‘www’ to the address,
    If you choose to ignore this error and continue, do not enter private information into the website.
    For more information, see “Certificate Errors” in Internet Explorer Help.

    This is a bug in your security software, the certificate on Web Mail is fine. Norton has a fix for their bug here. If you are using something else besides Norton, look there to resolve this problem.
    Email Guy
  381. Don’t like the advertisements at all. They just take up space and take time to load. If I wanted advertisements on my web mail page, I would have subscribed to a free service.

  382. The login page keeps putting my cursor back into the username ( field even after I’ve placed it in the password field. This happens on both dial-up and high speed connections. Windows conveniently remembers what I type into the username box so when part of my password gets added to the end of my email address, it is there forever, until I cleanup all my temp files and cookies and start over. I realize this is a known problem, but it cant be that hard to fix since the fifty or so other login/password screens I use seem to work as they should.
    Actually, the main two reasons I use web mail are so that my messages and replies stay visible from all the computers I use and I like the way the spam reporting works through the web mail interface. So, I stopped using the total access mailbox on my home computer. Thanks!

    To delete a single entry from your browser’s form autocomplete history, put the cursor in the box, press the down arrow to open the list, use the arrow key to move to the item you want removed, and press the Delete key (Shift-Delete on Firefox/Mozilla browsers). The problem you describe will be fixed soon.
    Email Guy
  383. Hi,
    I was just curious to know if anyone besides myself is offended by the Victoria’s Secret adds featuring half-naked women. I believe this cheapens the dignity of women!
    Marc Tritel

  384. why when I request my E-Mail am I addressed as: galen donahue?

    Click Preferences / Web Mail Options and scroll down to the setting for the From name. Whatever is entered there is what is used on your outgoing email when sent from Web Mail. Any other program you send email from will have its own setting for this.
    Email Guy
  385. I use Web Mail exclusively for all of my Earthlink email. I absolutely do not like having the ad at the right side of the page. At least when it was at the top I could easily ignore it. I also don’t care for change that takes me to the Earthlink Homepage when I log out of Web Mail. For me it would be better to simply close the page when I’m finished with my email. I’m looking forward to an email page without any banner ads. I pay a premium price for my Earthlink cable service and shouldn’t have to be bothered with banner ads on a page I pay for. Something that would make Web Mail a lot better, would be the ability to insert pictures into the body of my emails like I can with Outlook. If this is already possible, I sure haven’t been able to do it or find instructions for doing it anywhere. Other than those things I can’t thinbk of any other problems with Web Mail.

  386. The advertisement y’all wedged in to the right of my inbox/preview window makes it so small I have to keep scrolling back and forth to read my messages. Any chance you could just use pop-ups like the rest of the civilized world so I could just block ’em and be done with it?

  387. The login page keeps putting the cursor back into the username ( field even after I’ve placed it in the password field.
    It’s annoying, because I type everything very rapidly and sometimes don’t realize that either my entire password or the last half of it is appended onto the right side of the username until I get the “invalid username or password” error causing a do-over.
    I don’t have anyone around when I log-in, or I could suggest it’s a security issue, because the password is revealed instead of ******.
    For on-line (sniffer) and firewall failure security reasons, I don’t want to “have my computer remember my username/password” so that option is off.
    The login page did not do this previously; I am assuming it has something to do with the Earthlink advertising that I ignore anyway.
    Thank you.
    Kris Harrison

    Yes, this is a known problem that we are working on.
    Email Guy
  388. I really dislike the placement of the long block ad on the RIGHT side of the webmail screen. It reduces the width of the available screen for messages to the point that the subject lines of inbox messages are cut in half. If the ad has to be someplace, instead of hidden, it is far better on the top of the inbox giving more width to the inbox (and other folders) message subject lines.

  389. I feel I must add my opinion about this horrible advertisment situation on webmail. If not for the fact that so many people use my longstanding mindspring address, I would simply use my FREE Yahoo account for email. I can actually read a complete message without having to use the scroll button on every line to see what is there. Wow–Imagine that!!!
    Now, you say that one may be able to get a premium email account with earthlink for more money that doesn’t subject the customer to this nonsense. What are you people thinking? We are paying good money for our earthlink accounts!! It is an absolute insult to suggest that we have to pay more to get rid of the advertisments that ruin our webmail access!! I would suggest if you don’t rectify this situation, you are going to have customers walk away. I have already done this in the similar situation with movie theaters. I decided quite awhile ago I’m not going to pay $15 to go see a movie in a theater and be subjected to advertisments (as well as obnoxious talkers). Better to wait for the DVD and enjoy the movie at home for a third of that sum without the commercials. Too bad for the movie theaters that are going out of business, but they didn’t treat their customers with respect.
    Please get rid of the advertisements, or put them where they don’t interfere with the message box. This situation is completely unacceptable for a service we are paying good money for.

  390. It is the biggest time-waster to try to find a e-mail address listed in the blocked e-mails!! I’ve gotten a message saying that a particular e-mail is blocked and can never find it without going through the entire (several hundred) list and then still cannot find it? There must be an easier way?

    We’re working on making that easier to manage, including sorting the list and checking for duplicates.
    Email Guy
  391. Email Guy,
    A nice change that you could add to the WebMail login would be the use of a dropdown input box for all the domains that Earthlink supports. As an example, Earthlink bought out Mindspring which had bought out Netcom. My domain is I have several accounts and have to retype the domain part each time I check an accounts mail. How about an input for the username and and a drop down selection list for the domain name??
    Love to hear a responce.

    It’s a good idea, but the list would contain over 100 domains, which is a little bit unwieldy in a drop-down selector. Still, it could be done and it is something I will consider. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Email Guy
  392. i HATE the new position of the advertisement in my webmail inbox. it’s a nuisance and i wanted to find a way to complain about it when i saw this “ask email guy” link on the webmail login page. i’m glad there has already been a discussion about it and there will be an ad-free webmail coming. i do not like that i have a narrower email area due to an advertisement.

  393. I set up an email profile for my son under my account but we can’t access it from web mail (or at all). I just get “server not available” or similar. Any suggestions?

    Parental Controls blocks Web Mail by design, and there is special email software for those users that allows you to monitor them. See this FAQ to get the software, or turn off Parental Controls in My Account.
    Email Guy
  394. I have my email application on my home computer set up to download my emails off the server so that they no longer appears on the Earthlink website. However, recently some emails do not get erased off the website, even though I have a copy of them on my home computer. The oldest email on the website account right now is from February, though most of the other mail is no longer there. But today, there were over 25 emails still on the website, even though the email application on my home computer was open and showed copies of the same emails. I using the Mac mail program and I have a long list of messages on it. Could my home email application be too full?

    Check the setting in your Mac Mail. You can delete the copies directly from Web Mail to get them back in sync.
    Email Guy
  395. Starting yesterday I get certificate errors about the akamai certificate (a mismatch) when I log into my Earthlink mail. I realize that Akamai is a legitimate provider, but I am always concerned about mismatch errors because that could be a sign of hijacking. Is this problem being worked? I am using Firefox

    Yes, we are working on it now.
    Email Guy
  396. Webmail has stopped remembering my password. I log in often, so this is annoying. How can I get Webmail to remember my password again? Thanks!

    This is a feature of your browser, not Web Mail. See this comment and this FAQ for help. There are some other helpful comments in that thread too.
    Email Guy
  397. Why does it take so long for my webmail to load?
    I’m on dial-up, so everything goes a bit slow. But earthlink webmail takes me literally three minutes to load just the sign-in page to the point that the “sign in” button finally appears. Then it takes another two minutes for the messages screen to load.
    Once in the messages, everything goes fairly quick.
    Is there a reason it takes so long for the start page to load? How can I (you, we) fix it?

    This isn’t a typical experience, and that page should load almost as fast as your Inbox page. We monitor it 24/7 from automated remote agents around the country using IE6, and we see it always loading in about 3 seconds on a good connection. Something else is wrong. You could try deleting your browser cache and see if that helps. You could also try temporarily disabling any security software or firewall you are running, to see what happens. You also might try it with another browser on the same computer and see what happens. All I can say for sure is that this is a connection issue and it isn’t that the page itself is taking that long to respond.
    Email Guy
  398. I do not want this ad banner; now moved to a vertical location down the right margin, which I find even more anoying.
    I pay for this service and I should not have to navigate through advertisement in order to read my mail

  399. One feature lacking from Web Mail and Total Access is the ability to download the Sent emails from Web Mail to Total Access. I would like to see this feature added.
    Thanks, Sally Lay

  400. Dear Email Guy,
    Do you ever answer real problems or just the easy ones? I have two pending questions dealing with the Web Mail address book, and I bet I’m not the only one with these issues. But, no response or solution offered. If tech support could do better than copy and paste an FAQ, that would be great, but so far they haven’t offered any fix.
    So, how about it? Importing CSV from Thunderbird doesn’t work and syncing the OSX Address file doesn’t work. With the latter problem, tech support suggested bypassing my router. Great. I not only have to reconnect my ethernet cables, it would seem I have to change my network settings back to nonLAN. That’s a great fix.

    Bob – I have your other question still pending as I have someone looking into the problem before I answered it, so I’d have something to tell you. I try to respond to all questions that fit the published topic of the blog, and yours is certainly valid.
    Your router and network setup has absolutely nothing to do with this problem, so do not make those changes. I apologize that you may have been given bad advice.
    Do this – send me the problematic CSV files that you are trying to import, to email-guy at earthlink dot net, and we’ll troubleshoot them. Send from the email address you provided here, and I’ll be expecting it.

    Note: that address only accepts messages I have specifically asked for in advance, and all others are immediately deleted.

    There are some known issues with importing that we are working on fixing, but usually it boils down to one entry somewhere in the file that confuses the import process. One change we are making is the ability to intelligently skip those and notify you.
    For future reference note that I don’t always respond to questions published in the Open Thread, but I do respond if they are in Ask Email Guy. This thread is really intended to promote user-to-user help, and I’m working on getting threaded replies implemented to facilitate that.
    Email Guy

  401. Different issue with adding addresses to Web Mail.
    I export my address book from Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 as a CSV. When I import the file, I get names, but no e-mail addresses. I tried editing the file and eliminated a couple of fields between the name fields and the e-mail field. Didn’t help. Further editing of the file, in Xcel, rendered it corrupt as far as Web Mail is concerned.

  402. When I try to sync my Webmail address book with the OSX address book, I get an error that says:
    Unable to Sync
    The Web Mail server is not responding. Check your Internet connection. If you’re still having problems, please try again later.
    I’ve tried several times over the course of a couple of days. There’s nothing wrong with my connection. What gives?

  403. Hi email guy,
    I am an embarq customer, and recently had to switch to embarq mail.
    I understand i can no longer access my earthlink mailbox, and my regular email is being forwarded to this new email account, as far as i know.
    My question is why is my suspect email not being forwarded. I happen to know that there may be email in my earthlink suspect email that is not being forwarded. I understand that it is suspect as spam, but there should be a link to that suspect email folder for the same time as earthlink is forwarding email (oct 31,2007).
    Please advise. Thanks, Dorothy

    Suspect email is not forwarded, only messages that are delivered to the Inbox. You could ask Embarq to turn that setting off (High spamBlocker).
    Email Guy
  404. I’m president of my local homeowners association and want to send a group e-mail to all homeowners (I’ve got about 40 e-mail addresses). However, to respect the privacy of other owners, I don’t want the individual recipients to ‘see’ the e-mail address of the other homeowners. What’s the best way to accomplish this? I sometimes receive e-mails addressed to “undisclosed recipients”. How is that type of group set up?

    Put the addresses on the Bcc line (blind carbon copy). That line is not sent to any of the recipients. You will need to put your own address on the To line in Web Mail as it requires an entry there (a bug).
    Email Guy
  405. Certificate Warnings when entering myearthlink for webmail
    I recently had to begin access earthlink through roadrunner cable system. Was required to go with CA’s EZ Firewall, Anti-Virus and E-trust pest control. Previously I used McAfee
    When I enter earthlink areas, I get the message that the certificate for is not compatible with I’ve checked the earthlink areas to discover that is ok and is ok but not the Is this a ligit site? where can I find all the sites that are approved or needed by earthlink users?
    Thanks for your response. I tried to get an answer via simple e-mail but was always refered to other FAQ site that didn’t answer the question.

    Anything that ends with should be ok on any web site, and it is safe for you to allow it. Here is their Wikipedia entry and here is their company site. Both EarthLink and some of our content partners use their services. It is legit.
    Email Guy
  406. What problems could be responsible for my emails being returned with messages such as Connection Refused and 421 Service Temporarily Unavailable? his is happening only to my husbands work domain. He states it must be with my Earthlink account because he is getting other emails. Please advise. Thank you.

    This problem is on the other end. It means the server at your husband’s work location is not allowing the EarthLink mail servers to connect to it to deliver your message. This could be due to problems with their mail server, or it could be due to them intentionally blocking connections from EarthLink servers for some reason.
    Email Guy
  407. Get rid of the advertisements. They slow you down when trying to sign in. If this was a frees site, like g-mail, I can understand. But this is a paid service, why do we have to put up with the junk!!

  408. I correspond on a regular basis with another Earthlink customer. Every email I send him results in an automatic response back from the server that there is no such valid email address (but tells me there is no such instead of address). All my messages are actually received by the intended recipient. How come I get the bounce report?

    It sounds like your recipient has his own account set up to forward to that bad address, and leave a copy in his real mailbox. You should advise him to remove that forward in his forwarding settings under Preferences.
    Email Guy
  409. in regard to post 169 –the answer is to turn this off?
    this must have happened when the earthlink tech from overseas insisted on taking control of my computer and trying to fix the other problem I had mentioned that has not been resolved yet.
    Thank you

    Perhaps he thought that was the setting you wanted. But yes, you want to turn it off now. No harm done.
    Email Guy
  410. I would like to have the BLOCKED SENDERS feature modified so it can accept wildcards that would allow us to block entire top-level domains. For example, if I wanted to block ALL emails from a particular country, such as Italy or Germany or Mexico, I would like to be able to enter *.it or *.de or *.mx instead of having to list each and every specific domain. With top-level domain blocking, our blocked senders limit of 500 entries would go MUCH further. As it is, we have to enter each domain separately, which means that if we want to block 100 domains from the same country, it uses up 100 of our 500 entries. But if we could block whole top-level domains, we could block ALL domains from any given country with only 1 entry. I’ve had to clean out or entirely wipe out my entire list several times, just trying to make room for more blocked senders. Top-level domain blocking would completely solve that problem.

    I agree, and we are adding that ability soon.
    See this post for some other tips, including how you can already block subdomains using wildcards, which is effective for most international traffic.
    You may also be interested in this post.
    Email Guy
  411. Just curious as to the dependability or anonymity if you will, of the Anonymous email feature. I don’t use earthlink as my main internet source but still use it occasionally. My question pertains to whom will the Anonymous Email NOT keep from reading emails.

    I’m not sure I understand your question. The purpose of the Anonymous Email is to keep your real address private. In that regard, it is 100% effective and dependable. Your anonymous address can’t be traced to your real address. It is an alias to the real address, so you can give it to people or use on web sites, without giving out your real address. And then you can delete one anonymous address and create another any time you want to. You can use up to 10 at a time.
    Email Guy
  412. Can’t find the answer anywhere else. Since about 11:30am I have gotten the following when trying to log on to my email – Sorry. Login to mail server failed. Please try again. – Also a friend called and stated he try to send me an email which was undeliverable as no such address. Can you advise what may be the problem. I have not been able to find an answer anywhere.

    Each of those things means that the account is disabled. Please contact customer service.
    Email Guy
  413. Now I have a problem with my web mail inbox. I open Outlook Express and there is my mail, no problem. I open earthlink web mail to view spam blocked mail and email that I deleted in Outlook Express is still there in my earthlink web mail inbox. I never experienced this before. It seems that things are out of sync. This is happening about the same time as this unwanted news links started to appear.
    These little things plus trying to communicate with your techs overseas will cause me to make a change shortly.

    There is a setting in your Outlook Express under the account options (Tools / Accounts / Properties / Advanced), to “Leave a copy of messages on server”. You have that option turned on.
    Email Guy
  414. Recently I noticed when I go to my email I don’t get my in box any more I get a new page that tells
    me what’s in the box and gives me news headlines . I don’t need more crap in between me and my
    mail. you have slowed down my bussines on the internet . If Iwant headlines I’ll go to the home page and the email page allready tells me how much and what kind of mail I have . This page should disapear. It is the kind of thing that could cause a person to search for another service provider.

  415. More on the double spacing:
    After I was musing on txt vs html email, she found an option to turn html off. It seems that’s fixing the double space problem on replies, at least on an email she’s gotten this morning. But I don’t know it will cause her other problems yet. I warned her that links may not work, etc, and if it annoys her then to turn it back on and use the backspace work-around for now.
    Thank you!!

  416. i seem to fit the recent pattern of being unable to reforward forwarded attachments. you dealt with this in your May 2 email. I will try to back track on whether any came from Yahoo or possibly originated there. Will return here when I have more info.

  417. I’m helping a friend who’s a long time earthlink webmail user. Recently she’s starting having trouble with double spacing and she can’t get single line spacing at all. If I check her webmail messages in browser, it shows all P tags, no BR tags. But when sent from Outlook, they come across as BR tags. This is happening both at her home and at work.
    I’ve checked her earthlink webmail options on her home machine and I see nothing obvious to fix this. She’s using XP with MSIE 6. Windows updates (with MSIE 7 blocked) didn’t help. Is there some option I’m missing or is it a bug?
    Thank you!

    It is a bug, and it occurs when replying to HTML messages. We are working on fixing it. In the meantime, you can backspace to remove the extra line feed after entering a hard return. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Email Guy
  418. Get rid of the advertising, please! It’s cheap to be hit with banner ads, especially in a service we’re paying for.

  419. Is it possible to take away the News feature from the email box? I’d prefer to see directly my email. I’ll appreciate if the news is just an alternative on a different box. Thank you.

    To turn it off, click the link on the upper right that says “Choose my default view”.
    Email Guy
  420. Is there a way to disable News Headlines. I don’t think it should be a part of WebMail, especially the default page. I use WebMail to see my INBOX, not the news!!!!! Get rid of it!

    Click on “Choose my default view” on the right side, and select Inbox there.
    Email Guy
  421. Why do we always have to type in “”? Why can’t it be a given that when you are on earthlink web mail that that is what it is?
    Kevin O

    Well, that isn’t always what it is. We have many domains that use Web Mail, not just That is our most common email address, but there are over a hundred others that we own and have active users under (like for example).
    Email Guy
  422. Is it possible, when using the “this is NOT Spam” button from the “Known Spam” folder, for e-mail(s) that are not spam, to have a “check page” (similar to when reporting spam – with a cancel button that returns you to “known spam”) and, possibly, a couple of radio buttons for why the e-mail(s) is/are not spam? I would suggest “I have requested this e-mail” and “I have given this company my E-mail address in the course of business in the past year” (or words to that effect…)
    I belong to a couple of Yahoo! (Y!) groups that are consistently put in the “known spam” folder and would like for them to be taken out of the category. Policing the Y! group for spam should be the Y! group owner’s job, not Earthlink’s… (all Y! group messages are requested…)

    It isn’t necessary to provide any additional information other than the simple report that the message is not spam. Messages are marked as spam either for all EarthLink users or not at all. False positive reports are all investigated and news groups should not be caught. I’ll check on this one in particular to see what is going on with it.
    Email Guy
  423. I have been experiencing complications with spellchek for quite some time; spellchek either does not spell check, or eliminates the text, or rearranges the text, or duplicates the text of the e-mail I’m checking. And, if and when it does work correctly — and I can never determine why that is — its vocabulary is markedly remedial.
    And, as noted previously, I constantly — and still — lose attachments when forwarding.
    I can no longer access webmail from my personal PC phone as I used to several months ago.
    Thanks for your help,

  424. When I send my e-mail pictures do not go with it and they recive blanks and how do I get the pictures from att on my e- mails

  425. As far as I know, I do not produce this error message: “Sorry. We cannot read this message. It is no longer on the server.” It pops up by itself. I wish Web Mail had the capability to produce a log of such evets, and you could see it. For now, however, this error message come on its own, and goes on its own. You and other Web Mail staff need to figure out why its pops up so needlessly, and often. I am clueless here. Thank you.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that in my prior response here. The error message definitely comes from Web Mail. What I was asking is if you can describe the exact steps you perform before this message appears.
    Email Guy
  426. How do I get “support” to actually follow up with a problem. After using web mail successfully for years, about a month ago my mail box was reduced rom 100 mb to 10 mb for no known reason. I have spent hours on the phone and in chats and every single person I spoke to promised that the problem would be fixed “within 24″ hours”. Last night one guy said it would be fixed in 20 min. (of course it wasn’t). The next guy I chatted with said the engineers would fix it as soon as they were done with the weekly update and then had the gall to tell me that “they just came back from the server room now and will work on your problem first.” I have been promised phone calls 3 times and have never had one. I have tried to use e mail, but your system always leads me to “we don’t handle that problem with e mail, use live chat.” I have been in chats every day this week, every one resulting in a promise that it would be fixed in 24 hours (or less!) and not one producing a result. I can’t imagine that this is really a terribly complicated problem to solve; it is obvously at your end and does not involved a bunch of unknowns or variables. I am so close to changing isps, but really don’t want the hassle. If I knew then what I now now I certainly would have just changed, but that is not the case, so at this point I would just like someone to fix it. I thank you for any direction you can give me to get over this hurdle. By the way, I have full transcripts of all chats except one.

    We’ve checked your mailbox quota and it is actually set to 110MB. When you log in to Web Mail you should see 110MB over the quota bar. This must be an artifact of the migration from your old provider (I see from your address you were part of an acquisition).
    Email Guy
  427. Several items that would really improve Webmail:
    1.) GET RID OF THE ADS. If this were hotmail or some other free service, I could understand the ads. But I pay $50/month for Earthlink and I shouldn’t have to put up with the ads.
    2.) Let me forward mail directly from my “Suspect Email” folder. I frequently get phishing scams that I forward to the scammer’s domain admin. The way it is now I have to first move the mail to my inbox (which of course adds a contact), forward the email and then remove the contact.
    3.) Give me the option to turn of the “Are you sure you want to empty the trash folder?” message. This is very annoying.
    4.) While in my “Suspect Email”, give me the option to change the default action for checked items from “Move to Inbox and Add Contact” to “This is spam”. If you accidentally hit enter without changing the option, you suddenly have a bunch of junk contacts to clean up. When the option is “This is spam” and you hit enter, you still get to review all of the emails that are about to be classified as spam.

  428. FYI: On the list of comments and the times they were posted: The times are marked with EST for Eastern Standard Time. We are in EDT or Eastern Daylight Time. Should you wish to have a designation that does not refer to standard or daylight time, you may choose to use ET.
    Nancy Krupp

    You’re referring to the comment listing page, and yes I’ve pondered before how best to handle that. This blog (and the author) lives in Eastern Time. I’m not sure that ET is typically used to represent a timezone, but my alternative is to remove the EST, or to toggle between EDT and EST twice a year on the code for that page. Let me think about it, but thanks for reminding me.
    Email Guy
  429. Hi. I have had several issues with EarthLink email for years, so I am glad to take this opportunity.
    Issue 1:
    I was an Earthlink subscriber for a few years in the late 1990s, and my email address was When I tried to upgrade to Earthlink’s DSL Earthlink wasn’t able to make it work for years, even though I spent many hours with Earthlink and its subcontractors and partners to try and make it work, so I switched providers. I originally picked earthlink as my first ISP because it had been rated as best for tech support, but that reputation must have based on the company in the days before I joined.
    In 2004 I was thinking of switching back to to Earthlink, but only under the condition that I get my old email address back. They agreed. Since it was not being used by anyone else, they promised me that I could get it back. But once I paid up and switched, they were not able to make good on the promise.
    Can you help me get my original email address back?
    Can I have several email addresses on my account? If so, will each account have its own login and storage on webmail? Or do they all go to the same place? I haven’t been able to get this question answered either from research or sending messages.
    Is there any way to make webmail perform faster, and can it have greater storage for free? Free web email providers are providing faster service and with much more storage.
    I use email for my business, and several of my clients’ emails have been blocked by earthlink without my knowledge. This wastes my time and turns my clients off. Sometimes I only find out by chance that they couldn’t reach me by my earthlink email, and if I do hear from them on the phone, we have to use my back up webmail address from freemail providers. This is very inconvenient for me, and it makes me feel nervous and foolish for paying Earthlink for unreliable service that wastes my time and puts me at risk.
    I think that the problem on your end is that Earthlink is confusing my clients’ emails with spam that might be coming from their providers, even though my clients are not spammers at all.
    Sometimes I do get spammed, but I’m limited by Earthlink to blocking only 500 addresses. Too bad, because new addresses are being used all the time, and allowing your customers to add them to an unlimited common list might be a way for your company to see where the real spam is coming from.
    One reason I never picked AOL as a provider is that they, by default, strip away the original threads of emails. Earthlink didn’t do this, but on my Eudora, this started about a year ago. Long threads are getting cut, or snipped, and this is very inconvenient, since I have to hunt elsewhere for the original message to copy and paste the thread in. Can you please bring us back our full threads?
    I’m glad there’s a real person again in charge of some part of customer and tech support at Earthlink. At least I hope that you are in charge. So many ‘people’ I’ve dealt with seem to have so little access to knowledge, information, or power to actually do anything to really help, rather than waste our time because they try to solve other problems we aren’t experiencing, and when we tell them they don’t understand we get switched to someone else and we have to start from the beginning again.
    My sense is that operations are spread over the globe and that no one is really in charge of customers and solving their problems as a way to save money on costs so that profits can be higher. Technology has many issues and good support is indeed expensive, but Earthlink continues to position itself as being in that business. I’m looking forward to experiencing that.
    Good luck.

  430. I have my folder list expanded in the navigation pane to the left w/in Webb Mail. Would it be possible to move the “Sign Out” link/command up near the top of the list of command, maybe under “Write Message” so that you don’t have to scroll down the Web page just to signoff?

  431. Hello earthlink,
    Currently I’m using earthlink premium mail services.All are perfect except for the too limited 100M store space.When I used it for some days my mailbox was full then I needed to delete messages by hand.But those messages were somewhat important to me.So I just forwarded them to Gmail and this let me use Gmail more often than earthlink webmail.I wonder do you have the plan to increase more store to us since at this time store device like harddisks are so cheap?And you have 100M for both free users and premium users,this is also unfair I think.

    We plan to increase the minimum mailbox size to 1GB this year, and there will be upgrades available or included with some plans.
    Email Guy
  432. Have you abandoned the idea of fixing the glitchy web mail access in favor of letting advertisers post whatever sort of poorly scripted banner ads they want? I get one crash after another just trying to read my email – only on Earthlink’s web mail – other sites run fine. I can bank and do whatever I need to do elsewhere but to merely delete entries from my inbox is a glitchy, time-wasting chore due to lockups on your site.

  433. A few things:
    1) I just got a really cool web-enabled PowerVision phone. What sucks it that I don’t have a direct way to access my Earthlink WebMail account! There have been some hints that work is underway on a WAP interface to Earthlink WebMail. I really want to encourage that–the sooner the better!! With my new phone, I can’t connect my computer to the Internet through the phone–so it would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to check my email. Please!
    2) For security reasons, I want to browse ALL email in “text” mode until/unless I decide it is from a known party & is safe–THEN (and only then), I need two options: First, the ability to view the message in HTML format if it came that way. Second, the ability to OPTIONALLY cause the images to be downloaded. Right now, this is a big problem for me when I try to use WebMail–once I set WebMail to “text only”, I haven’t figured out how to re-render a specific message in HTML format and, optionally, download images after that.
    3) I wish ALL the references on the WebMail web pages were through HTTPS. I purposely enable warnings for mixed pages–and WebMail usually throws a bunch of mixed HTTPS/HTTP references.
    …Rob S.

  434. I have multiple email accounts and get a huge amount of SPAM. It doesn’t matter what level the spam filtering is set at, I have tried them all. I also report all spam and maintain huge blocked sender lists. The weekly spam report in many cases indicates that I continue to get spam from the same sources over and over again. This happens so often that I wonder if anything is done about reported spam.
    All of this could be improved if I could use generic allow/block lists. For example I would allow *.com, *.net, *.gov, *.edu, everything else would be automatically discarded saving time and disk space. On the block side when I block a site I don’t want to have an entry for every sub-domain, for example block * not and Wild cards sould be allowed anywhere in the entry. All block list entries should be time/date stamped when they are last referenced, have use counters, and the list needs to be sortable by name, by use count, by last reference so if I want to remove an entry it is easy to find.
    There also needs to be a way to use a common block list for all email accounts and/or a way to block copy between the account block lists and automatically remove entries not referenced for 180 days.
    Computers are to automate and improve our lives, lets automate some of these functions into the email processing. Quickly.

    We will be adding the ability to block top-level domains in a few months, and also display a sorted block list to make it easier to manage. We don’t have plans to show hit counts on blocked addresses or domains, although that would be a very nice feature if it were practical to do.
    It won’t be possible to block top-level domains while excluding sub-domains underneath those using wildcards. You’ll have to just block the specific sub-domains instead. That kind of complexity can be done at the end-point if you use just about any installed email software on your computer (outlook, eudora), but would be very difficult to implement on the server side at the individual user level during the delivery process.
    Email Guy
  435. In the address book:
    I was cleaning up addresses and domains alphabetically. Once I deleted an address in the filtered view of any particular letter, the ‘all’ view came back by default. Can the filtered view remain active until ‘show all’ is clicked?

  436. Re: Why is the Blocked Senders list limited to 500?–That’s an interesting oxymoron you’ve created, Email Guy: “honest spammers”??? We really should be able to block any (and as many) spammers as we deem necessary. As others have pointed out, it’s usually bad advice to click on an “unsubscribe” button–it simply alerts spammers that they’ve reached a legitimate email address. I’m already using earthlink’s highest available level of spam-blocking (limiting email to those listed in my address book), but I still have to spend time every day going thru the Suspect Mail, just in case there’s something there I do want to see, and it’s a big waste of time. I understand your point about “maintaining good performance for all users” while processing millions of emails, but couldn’t earthlink offer some premium tier of service for an extra fee that would include an unlimited Blocked Senders list? I’ve now followed the advice of one of the bloggers–deleting the Blocked Senders list when it reaches 500, but keeping the list in a document on my computer and checking to see if I continue to get spam from those addresses. Want to know how long it took to copy 500 names?

  437. Login page loses / re-establishes focus on the username field after the page completes loading, which means if you can type fast, you’re punished by having half of your password in one field, and the other half tacked onto the end of your email address. Yay! Now I get to type it all over again.
    Ads suck. Many people complain, but nothing changes. I pay over $100 for service through my local phone company; the only way to get high-speed internet access in my area. With a sticker price like that, I shouldn’t have to look at ads. It’s like if HBO stopped a movie every 5 minutes to show a commercial.
    Lay it out for us: What’s more important Earthlink? Your customers or your advertisers?

  438. Thanks for the response on the stripped attachments. DIdn’t see the original you sent. However, this is only a recent problem, in the past 3 months. I’ve received many things from people using Apple Mail and have never had problems with their attachments. Also, I don’t believe all the emails I received with stripped attachments were even from apple mail. Some of these clients are very PC oriented and I’d be shocked they are using Apple Mail to send email.

    We’re not aware of any other case where you cannot access an attachment sent to you. If you have an example, please forward it to me using the Forward As Attachment option. Send it to my email-guy address you have used before. You can also use the View All Headers feature to see if it was sent to you using Apple Mail, and that one is a known problem and has been for quite a while.
    Email Guy
  439. When forwarding Webmail with attachments, the attachment does not get attached to the formarded message. How can this be fixed?

    This is now fixed (3/28).
    Email Guy
  440. Please, please, please expand the capacity of the Blocked Senders List on Webmail. I use the highest level of spam-blocking available on earthlink, but a good deal of spam still gets through. I need an unlimited Blocked Senders List (or at least a lot more than 500) so that I don’t have to waste so much time going through Suspect Mail. I’ve already exceded the limit of 500, several times. When I reach that limit, I delete all the names and start over, hoping that many of the spam addresses/domains will already be obsolete, but it’s crazy to have the arbitrary limit of 500 blocked names.

    See the post on this topic in the FAQ.
    Email Guy
  441. I have just visted your blog for first time. noticed that patches are sent to fix certain problems in web mail. do i have to do anything to get them or is it automatic? I have been having a problem when forwarding mail. ones i send tell me they get nothing! I tried for 2hrs to get phone support but never got connected. I hope the patches you send will fix the problem. I use web mail at home rather than mail box. I think web mail is so easy to use that I use it all the time. thank you hope you can help.
    Gene Howe

  442. I remembered some other things I would really like to see get addressed in Webmail:
    – Allow us to skip the To: field as long as something is in CC: or BCC: (I saw you agreed with that in the “why do I get spam” thread, so I’m just voicing a “me too!” here)
    – Expand the size of the CC and BCC fields. I rarely send out emails to large groups, but one of the few times I wanted to send a personal announcement to the majority of the people in my address book, I couldn’t get them all into BCC. I don’t remember exactly any more, but I also may not have been able to get them all into CC *and* BCC.
    I found this comment of yours:
    “Marsha – I was unaware of this, so thank you for pointing it out. I’ll get it fixed asap. In Web Mail, the recipient limit is 100 per message, but it should allow any combination of To, CC, and BCC to add up to 100.”
    I’d like to have the limitation raised, but I think there is more to it than just that. I know my current address book has 125 entries, but I don’t think I hit this limitation back then. Why do I think that? Because it stopped in the middle of an address, as if there was a character limitation on the field.
    Actually, I just did an experiment. I started a message, clicked on BCC to add the first 99 addresses in my book, and clicked ‘insert checked contacts’. The last full address in the field was #17 on the list, and the next person had just the start of their name. There are exactly 400 characters in the field. Sounds like a character limit to me! Can that be raised, by a lot? Thanks!

    I think the character limit will be removed, and we will only enforce the recipients-per-message limit as I described previously.
    Email Guy
  443. Certain emails when viewed in the Show Message Preview mode, do not show the Subject, From/To, and Date information. These fields are blank. When viewed in the Hide Message Preview mode, this information is present. I have just noticed this today. Don’t know how long the problem may have existed. Is this a known bug or problem?
    Thank you.

  444. Login Bug. When I type my ID into the Webmail page and tab to the next text box to type in my password, it goes to the first position in the ID text box so when I type in my password, my password is revealed. This doesn’t always happen so maybe it’s in an instance of that page in your code(?).

    See above, its a known problem we have to fix.
    Email Guy
  445. Two items. Some might consider them a bit niggling, but I post them nevertheless.
    I am on dialup, and when I attempt to log in to webmail, I can either wait ages for all of the graphics to download, or I can type ahead, but if I type ahead, I run the risk of my password showing up in the address box because while I am typing the site has reset the cursor position from the password box I was typing in to the address box I had already finished with. Please fix this.
    The second is rather small, but it bothers my eye, so to speak. After logging in, there is the menu on the left. All of the items have a space between their icon and the actual link. Except the “feedback” link, that is. It is butt up against its icon and therefore visibly out of line with all of the other links.

    The issue with the cursor moving out of the login boxes when the ad banner loads is a known problem that is on our list to fix. No excuse, but this one isn’t unique to us, it happens in a lot of web sites. The missing space on the Feedback link will also be fixed, but yes that is rather small. 🙂
    Email Guy
  446. Wondering when this problem will be fixed. (Email guy responded a month ago that they would look into it and still waiting.) It’s regarding: the emails that come to me with the attachments stripped from the email in Webmail. I can’t see them in WebMail. But, if I have the email forwarded to gmail, there they are. Any ideas how long this will take to fix?

    This happens with email sent from Apple Mail due to the way that software sends attachments. This has never worked in Web Mail, it isn’t something that got broken recently. However, I do hope to have it fixed soon, but unfortunately I don’t have a time to give you.
    Email Guy
  447. Second attempt at getting an answer: When I go to “printable view” in my web mail, I get a type size that is so large that it runs right off the printed page so that I cannot get the full text! How can I reset this point size in “printable view” back town to 12 point? This is important, as I have’
    many occasions when I wish to keep a printed record of an e-mail message/receipt/etc.
    Many TIA,

    That is controlled by a combination of your browser settings and the original message content from the sender. You can try reducing the font size in your browser settings. It isn’t modified by Web Mail in that printable view page, and no style sheet is applied, it is the original content as rendered by your browser. IE6 in particular has big problems printing web pages, and you can find more info and some workarounds by searching Google. The issue of content being off the right margin is well known in IE6. Some of this is fixed in IE7, and some other browsers do better at printing Web pages.
    Email Guy
  448. A comment about messages coming through that aren’t from people in the address book. I have an e-mail forwarding account with my alumni group. Any mail sent to that address comes to my earthlink account and shows that it comes from me.
    Be careful where you leave your addresses.

  449. I am having a problem reading my emails in my inbox (earthlink webmail) Everything loads fine, but some emails have a blank subject. As the loading finalizes, (jst before the “Done” appears) the emails with blank subjects spread a bit vertically (in other words they occupy about twice as much space as other emails in the INBOX page. Then the emails lock up so clicking on any email does not respond. I also notice the the page become very, very long.
    I have done a virus scan and a spyware scan and everything looks fine. I even tried reloading Total Access but it locked up the system because during the reload certain files would not respond. Can you help?

    This is the problem described here, and the fix should be released on Wednesday. It is caused by long subject lines requiring an ellipsis.
    Email Guy
  450. My email is getting blocked by earthlink with the same message listed below:
    There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient’s email server. Please contact
    your system administrator.
    I have emailed earthlink my mx records numerous times with no success. Any suggestions?

    I have someone checking this and if there is no reason for the block then it will be resolved within 24 hours.
    Email Guy
  451. How do you “undo” a delete in webmail? I was cutting a large piece of text and after I highlighted it, I didn’t get the control key down at the same time as I entered C (for copy). Is there any way I can undo my mistake. I’ve tried “edit” in the browser, but undo isn’t there. Any ideas?

    If you are using Windows, the way to undo your last text edit in any application (including the browser) is Ctrl-Z. That will put back the text you just cut out of any text box. There is a similar keystroke for Macs too (I think Option-Cmd-Z). You should investigate standard keyboard editing commands.
    Email Guy
  452. When checking e mail remotely, I would prefer to only have to sign in by the part in front of or to the left of Thus leaving that portion off.

    For automatically entering login information, virtually all browsers have that feature built-in. It wouldn’t be practical for us to attempt to do it as we support literally hundreds of different domains in Web Mail. It would also conflict with the autocomplete feature in your browser. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, you simply use your down arrow key in a form entry box, then hit enter, and it fills in your last entry. Other browsers will have a key to do this as well. I understand that this is not always desirable when using a computer other than your home computer (but the browser is still going to remember it unless you turn that feature off).
    Email Guy
  453. on Mar 9 I wrote:
    “On the “This is Spam” confirmation page, why do the subject lines wrap at the end of the bar with the “submit” and “cancel” buttons? This behavior is in Firefox – OK, not the very latest version, but I can’t keep downloading FF. (that’s 8 Mb each time… and I’m still on dial-up…) This line (on my 1152×864 19″ CRT screen) is only about 5 inches long with my setup.
    I just checked with IE6, and the behavior doesn’t happen with that browser – but I only keep IE on the computer for Win update, and for some Micro$oft oligarchy-related websites that won’t run in anything else. (I.E. I don’t surf WebMail with it…)”
    This got fixed on the 11th, then un-fixed on the 13th, now it is (for the moment, at leastO re-fixed.


  455. ON the Web Mail help page, it tells me that there should be a button next to “write” on my write page, that will allow me to change fonts, etc. But, there is no such thing anywhere on my write page, and my husband and I are unable to fine any way to change fonts, etc. A few days ago, it all changed from what used to be our standar fon (i think Arial) and now everything is in the less-readable courier.
    How can I get this fabled “color and graphics” link as mentioned on my help page ?? Or even a simple fonts menu would be very much appreciated. It would great to be able to underline and bold, too.
    Thanks, D-

    That feature isn’t currently supported for the Safari browser, and should be visible on most others. We will be adding support for Safari in a future release.
    Email Guy
  456. Can the default setting for “Display Images” be changed to “Hide”? The comment inext to the “High” radio button states that selecting “High” provides more security, yet the default is to “Show.”
    Setting the default to “High” would greatly reduce the spam a customer receives. As long as the warning message that comes up when reading an email that has blocked images in it includes a link or reference to Preferences for the user to be able to change the “Display Images” setting, changing the default should not result in an increase of customer complaints and/or tech support requests. Besides, the complaints regarding having hiding images as the default will be far fewer than complaints regarding the increased amount of spam that comes when one opens an email with a web beacon/bug in it (and Eathlink receives less spam to process too!)
    Earthlink may want to make selecting between showing and hiding images as part of the mandatory account setup routine. If part of the setup routine the user can be told why it is important to keep the setting at high and remind them that it can be changed at any time in their preferences. I think that Earthlink would do a great service to its customers not only by changing the default to “Hide,” but also concurrent with changing the default to actually force a change to “Hide” in all email accounts and send an email notifying all accounts of the change that includes an option to change the setting to “Show” by checking a box and replying to the email (similar in concept to the options available to the user in the spam summary emails you send out).

  457. I have the following questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the handling of Spam by SpamBlocker and Earthlink email:
    1. Much Spam uses forged From lines. Does SpamBlocker check and see whether the domain listed in the From line actually matches the IP address of the email’s origin in the unalterable part of the header? If they don’t match, shouldn’t the message be flagged as Known Spam?
    2. Can the SpamBlocker verification page be programmed to give the user a choice to block the sender or domain for every address separately when marking multiple email messages as Spam at the same time?
    3. Can the Spamblocker be programmed to verify -all- user decisions made regarding disposition of all email messages in the Suspect Email page? It already asks the user to confirm that email messages marked as Spam are, in fact, Spam. This would be immensely useful in the “Move to Inbox” and “Move to Inbox and Add Contact” options because unintentionally moving them to the Inbox (which is easy to do by clicking on the wrong item in the drop-down list) allows one to unintentionally open the email (or download it to a client and open it) and thus confirm to the Spammers of the world that the user’s email address is valid and thus be target for an even greater flood of Spam. I accidentally moved a piece of Spam to my Inbox and when I opened it the web beacon sent the confirmation to the Spammer and the amount of Spam sent to my address has increased dramatically. Luckily, most of it is flagged as Known Spam, but five or more a day get by SpamBlocker and require me to flag them as Spam or be deleted as a flagged domain in my Blocked Senders list. [I know about blocking images, which protects against web beacons, but, for some reason I had not activated this feature on the account/machine/client that I read the email on. My guess is that most people don’t know about blocking images to protect from web beacons, or see blocked images as a nuisance and don’t activate it (and then complain about all the Spam they get)].
    4. Can the Suspect Email portion of the web site be programmed to -not- automatically open up the next email when an action is taken on an email that is opened on the Suspect email screen? This would prevent a user from inadvertently confirming their address as good to spammers (see #3 above)

  458. This is my second posting. regarding the locked links, no subjects, and extended page on web mail. Please note I am using Firefox 1.0. I use it on three computers. It works fine on 2, but not the one where I just installed the lastest service pack 2, genuine advantage(from Microsoft), and IE 7.
    Thats the problem.
    Please check out the information regarding the specific errors I have posted
    on my personal web site. These are the acutal JAVA errors listed in my Firefox java console.

  459. I hope you guys can make Webmail similar to Gmail, Gmail has a feature that will refresh your email from time to time. You dont have to click CHECK MAIL. I really enjoy webmail I hope you can have that feature in webmail.It will be so nice.

  460. on Mar 9, I wrote:
    “On the “This is Spam” confirmation page, why do the subject lines wrap at the end of the bar with the “submit” and “cancel” buttons? This behavior is in Firefox – OK, not the very latest version, but I can’t keep downloading FF. (that’s 8 Mb each time… and I’m still on dial-up…) This line (on my 1152×864 19″ CRT screen) is only about 5 inches long with my setup.
    I just checked with IE6, and the behavior doesn’t happen with that browser – but I only keep IE on the computer for Win update, and for some Micro$oft oligarchy-related websites that won’t run in anything else. (I.E. I don’t surf WebMail with it…)”
    Then on Mar 11, I wrote:
    “This now seems to be fixed…”
    Well, on March 13 at 1000 PDT, it’s un-fixed! What changed?

  461. I frequently get messages from people I send forwarded email to that the attachment isn’t there. I’ve made sure I send it as “attachment” and that still doesn’t help. To other earthlink and aol users there is never a problem. Is it that other servers block attachments?

  462. About remote WebMail: Thanks for the information but I’m not sure I understand the implications. When I’ve been away, the only thing that seems available to me is to sign in to the server from the remote computer where I can see my inbox and I believe that’s via MSN.
    I’m a little lost here – Is there a way of signing into Earthlink as I do on my home computer and then getting to WebMail via my usual browser, Firefox or is that just not possible or reasonably feasible?

    You can get to Web Mail from any computer over any Internet connection (EarthLink connection or not) and all you have to do is open any browser to and simply enter your login information. That is one big advantage of Web Mail over using installed email software.
    Email Guy
  463. on Jan 9, I wrote:
    “On the “This is Spam” confirmation page, why do the subject lines wrap at the end of the bar with the “submit” and “cancel” buttons? This behavior is in Firefox – OK, not the very latest version, but I can’t keep downloading FF. (that’s 8 Mb each time… and I’m still on dial-up…) This line (on my 1152×864 19″ CRT screen) is only about 5 inches long with my setup.
    “I just checked with IE6, and the behavior doesn’t happen with that browser – but I only keep IE on the computer for Win update, and for some Micro$oft oligarchy-related websites that won’t run in anything else. (I.E. I don’t surf WebMail with it…)”
    This now seems to be fixed…

  464. if i am not an earthlink subscriber, may I still keep and use earthlink web based mail with no charge?

    Yes. Get a free email account here.
    There are certain restrictions on free accounts. You cannot downgrade a paid subscription and keep the same email address; free accounts must be opened with a new email address. There is a limit on daily outgoing messages, and if you go over it the abuse department will assume you are a spammer and close the account. And you don’t get the spamBlocker on High option where you can selectively allow only specific senders.
    Email Guy
  465. In response to Judy’s comment at about failing to receive attached images, Email Guy wrote “If that sender is using Mac Mail, then this is a known problem. Mac Mail sends file attachments in an unusual way that isn’t understood by Web Mail. We will be fixing this. In the meantime you could ask them to send the files to you ‘As Attachment’ rather than inline with the message.” I wonder if this is actually the same issue I mentioned in the 2nd paragraph of my January 3rd post at – although in that case, I never mentioned Mac Mail; I pointed out that Thunderbird may send messages with an arrangement of MIME parts that Earthlink web mail doesn’t understand.
    I have now done some experimenting with Apple Mail. I’ve determined that if you’re using the Apple Mail included with the current (10.4 “Tiger”) version of Mac OS X, and you compose in “Rich Text” and your message includes attached images (and no attachments of other types), you get this troublesome arrangement of MIME parts. You get exactly that same MIME arrangement if you compose in HTML in Thunderbird with inline images (and no regular [non-inline] attachments) and you send the message as Plain Text + HTML.
    Regarding Email Guy’s suggestion “ask them to send the files to you ‘As Attachment’ rather than inline with the message,” there are no such options in Apple Mail. Whenever you “Attach” something in Apple Mail, it always tries to display the attachment inline (at the insertion point) if at all possible. It does this even in Plain Text emails, resulting in rather strange MIME structures there as well.
    For people sending images with Apple Mail, if they wish to be compatible with the current Earthlink webmail, they should compose in Plain Text instead of Rich Text. And even then, because of Apple Mail’s attempts to display attachments inline, they should insert all attachments at the end of their message, after all text (otherwise, some recipients will have trouble reading some of the text).
    For people sending inline images with Thunderbird, the simplest solution is to send HTML-only instead of Plain text + HTML.
    Another interesting observation about Apple Mail: while “Rich Text” means HTML in the current (“Tiger”) version of Apple Mail, previous (10.3 “Panther” and earlier) versions generated “text/enriched” format when the user selected “Rich Text.” Relatively few email programs produce text/enriched format (maybe Eudora does it too). Earthlink webmail doesn’t understand text/enriched, although it doesn’t cause too much harm (such messages get rendered the same as Apple Mail’s “Plain Text” messages). Apple Mail’s “Rich Text” has nothing to do with the “Rich Text” in Microsoft Outlook, which is a private format known only to Microsoft that generates WINMAIL.DAT files as discussed at

    Bob – Your testing and observations are always extremely helpful to me. I will be passing your comments on to the developers to see if we can fix the issue with properly handling messages generated by Apple Mail.
    Email Guy
  466. Not sure how to create a post in the “Bugs” section. Anyway, I’ve run into a problem when you’re the recipient of a Spam checking message from webmail and you’re using webmail.
    I’ll receive a 2 KB message from someone saying I need to respond to a webmail page in order for them to receive my message. I click the link and enter the code and then receive the message that all is okay. Fine — but here’s the problem.
    When I then return to my webmail session to continue reading my mail, I’ve been bounced out of Webmail with a message “You’ve been signed off because of inactivity” — even though I’ve only taken 30 seconds or so to respond to the webmail link.
    If I have several of the “click this link for me to receive my message” messages, this means I have to sign back into Webmail each time. This can’t be right — I’ve begun just ignoring the “click this link” messages because it’s too much trouble to continually sign back in each time.

  467. Will the number of attachments be increased soon instead of its limited three in Webmail?
    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  468. On the “This is Spam” confirmation page, why do the subject lines wrap at the end of the bar with the “submit” and “cancel” buttons? This behavior is in Firefox – OK, not the very latest version, but I can’t keep downloading FF. (that’s 8 Mb each time… and I’m still on dial-up…) This line (on my 1152×864 19″ CRT screen) is only about 5 inches long with my setup.
    I just checked with IE6, and the behavior doesn’t happen with that browser – but I only keep IE on the computer for Win update, and for some Micro$oft oligarchy-related websites that won’t run in anything else. (I.E. I don’t surf WebMail with it…)

  469. I use 8 email addresses, and forward the 7 subaccount addresses to the main account. When I want to respond from the address to which the email was sent, I need to log off the main account and on to the other subaccount. The other option is to not forward and check 8 email addresses. It would be useful if the main account could select from a drop down list of the subaccounts (similar to how it’s done with the protection pack addresses), or to have the option of responding using the email address to which the original email was sent. Thanks.

  470. an artist friend, also an earthlink subscriber, sends images of paintings and announcements of her exhibitions to many friends, including my non-earthlink husband, but I can’t receive them. What is up here? Thanks.

    If that sender is using Mac Mail, then this is a known problem. Mac Mail sends file attachments in an unusual way that isn’t understood by Web Mail. We will be fixing this. In the meantime you could ask them to send the files to you “As Attachment” rather than inline with the message, and that should work.
    Email Guy
  471. Is there a way to make the font larger in the plain tab for emails sent and received? It looks like it hs gotten smaller since the last update to webmail.
    When I forward an email containing pictures or animations, why don’t the pictures, etc forward. They show up as a box with a little x in the corner.


    The spamBlocker plugin for Outlook Express does not support IE7. Since we’ve discontinued that plugin, there is no update planned. SpamBlocker needs to be managed from Web Mail or from the EarthLink Mailbox software. You can continue to use Outlook Express, but you’ll have to go to Web Mail to manage your spamBlocker.

    Email Guy

  473. I wish the flickering commercial for would be banned. I find it quite offensive and am wondering if it is a cover for a porn site.

  474. Kinda a hassle to go to, and not be able to enter the webmail logon and password right there on the home page, then be automatically redirected to one’s inbox. I’d also like to see the ability to attach more than three files at a time. When I’m sending a friend a series of photos on a particular subject, I have to send multiple e-mails. It would be nice not to have to do that.

  475. Gary – click Preferences / Web Mail Options and turn on the Secure Session option. For more information, search this blog for the phrase “secure session” (in quotes).

  476. Howard – if you are using spamBlocker on High, then messages sent to yourself are going to end up in the Suspect Email folder unless you have also added yourself to the address book. This behaves exactly like messages from anyone else, and it goes through the normal delivery process. If for some strange reason you are sending a message that gets flagged as Known Spam, you can check this by turning off the setting under spamBlocker / Settings for “Delete Known Spam Immediately” and then check for your message in that folder.

  477. When I send a message to myself, I never get it, only the copy that’s in the Sent box. What’s
    happening? I used to get it in my Inbox for the purpose of checking out grapics and animations to see if they are going thru alright. Not getting my messages anymore.

  478. What’s up with the Web Mail interface. The logon (signin) page is soooooo unispired, so 2001, it should have been retired years ago. Please do all of us a favor and hire a designer to create a page that’s wonderful to look at, and maybe even change a graphic or two from time to time (ref Google homepage). Is this too much to request?


  480. Why won’t earthlink allow pictures, backgrounds, fun font styles and colors within the email? I like earthlink–but wish I had the ability to have fun emails like my friends. I would love to insert pictures in my emails, add emotions, etc. Are there plans for integrating these features into email?

  481. Re: Karen Brown’s comments of 02/08/07 Amen. And ditto. Just wasted space. I will not purchase anything from these clowns and I sure won’t click on them. Is thee any info about the actual success rate of these ads? I’m guessing there are advertising agencies involved. I’d like to know if anybody actually pays attention. If people do I’d like to offer my get-rich-quick [“I made 20, 000 in my first month and I’m a complete moron. ] scheme. These ads probably are worth a bit to Earthlink inc. but as far as I can see, they’re just in the way and counterproduc tive. Altho, I wonder if all these re-financing ads indicate something about the real situation of the US economy.

  482. I have difficulty with the new Earthlink Web-mail as I live in a rural area and am only privy to slow dial-up. It took forever to load the home page due to the graphics. Is there some way those of us who are unable to get high speed or DSL to use the older version. It took quite a while to load, but only one-fourth the time the new version did. Thanks in advance for your consideration for those of us who are underprivileged. I hope you will get the high speed or DSL to the rural areas SOON!

  483. I’m a bit on the slow side, just turned 65, am disabled and am sort of robosapiens…tho I’d rather be a Geico caveman. But if I’m allowed in view of all the above persiflage…I had no idea how complex the world of e-mail can be and all the attendant appendages…I want to thank you for providing this opportunity for direct contact. Just when I’d decided that I had had it with important messages being dropped because I was bumped…I mean had it with Earthlink. thinking People’s PC or Optimum on line. I actually saw the info re: the blogs…I usually just see red. I made the mistake of downloading that latest MS dog IE7. But I do intend to go Mac. I don’t care if Bill Gates thinks Mac’s commercials are unfair. MS products always seem defective or plagued with bugs. But, thanks for this chance to express sincere gratitude for providing a site which may help me function a bit less in a cyber road rage fashion. The opportunity to find solutions [oops, there are no solutions only opportunities for further problems] well, at least that Earthlink is making the effort is very much welcomed.

  484. Bob – good to hear from you again, your information is always useful.
    On the trick to insert images, I’m pretty sure it can also be made to work with images actually placed in the message (from your hard drive) if you copy them from an HTML document or file or from another email (depending on format), but that is unsupported and I don’t want to start too much instruction on it here. I’ve done it successfully by fiddling around with it. We will be adding a feature to make it easy.
    As for forwarding messages with images, I never meant to imply that it didn’t work in most cases; it does. But there are some known cases where it does not work, and if you use the “As Attachment” option you will have 100% success in forwarding the exact message you received, with all its parts. We are working on some of the known problems. Your additional information on this is helpful and I will pass that on to my developers.
    Would you be interested in doing some pre-release evaluations of Web Mail builds for us? Send me a message at email-guy at earthlink dot net.
    Note – that address only accepts messages I specifically ask for in advance, all others are deleted immediately.

  485. Hi Email Guy,
    Following Dan’s query on Feb 7 about inserting photos into the body of a (color & graphics) email at you wrote: “There is an undocumented and unsupported way to do it…” I tried that trick and got it to work in both Firefox and IE, but found that it works only for images that are already on the web somewhere; it just inserts an ‹img› tag for a remotely hosted image. You still ought to provide a way to insert pictures that are on the user’s hard drive. (I also noticed, as indicated in my posting of Jan 10 at that the generated HTML is rather different whether using Firefox or IE.)
    Back on Jan 1, Marianne had asked in the posting at about preservation of images when forwarding an email that already contains inline images. You replied that “When you forward these messages, the pictures are sent with the message, just not inline.” I’ve done some experiments and found that the current version of webmail almost preserves such inline images.
    You can, of course, preserve the forwarded message exactly by using the “As Attachment” method. But even if you forward inline, inline images are almost preserved. Results do vary depending on whether the inline images are remote or attached, so I’ll discuss each of those cases:
    If the inline images are remote, the ‹img› tags pointing to the remote images are preserved exactly. As one idiosyncrasy, during the process of forwarding the message in webmail, you actually see the remote image, even if your webmail preferences are set to hide images! Once the forwarded message reaches its final recipient, display of the images depends on whether their email software is configured to display remote images.
    If the inline images are attached, they are nearly preserved as inline images (except for one small MIME error) and some recipients will actually see them as inline images. During the process of forwarding the message in webmail, the images are not displayed (you see only blank space, even if your webmail preferences are set to show images). But the images are still in the final delivered email. Recipients using some programs, including Entourage and even webmail itself, do see the images inline in their correct positions. But recipients using other programs, such as Thunderbird, see the images as regular attachments–not inline images. Of these three, Thunderbird is the only one that gets it right. For proper inline images, the html code containing the ‹img› tag and the attached image should be in the same multipart/related MIME section. But when Earthlink webmail forwards an email, it defines only a multipart/mixed MIME type, as appropriate for regular attachments but not inline images.

  486. I have a suggestion. I have a dial up connection. I suggest you remove all images from the log on page so that people with dial up connections can log onto email faster. Or if you don’t want to get rid of all images, then give us the option to log onto a page that does not have images on it and that loades quicker. Thanks

  487. Dear E-mail Guy,
    Why re-invent the wheel? Just take the best e-mail format out there (hint, earthlink isn’t very good) and copy it. Then, and only then, try to improve upon it.

  488. Robin – unfortunately this isn’t the right forum for email fraud problems. Try this link.
    Jeannene – the error message is telling you exactly what is wrong. If you have forgotten your password, click My Account at the top of any page and change your password there. You’ll then need to change it in the other email software you are using, which apparently has it stored correctly in there.

  489. Help! I’m a newbie at WebMail.
    I want to be able to access earthlink email when I’m away from home, especially from the office computer, but when I try to sign in to WebMail I’m told “username or password is incorrect.”
    My husband and I share the computer at home, with different email addresses. He has no difficulty logging on the WebMail when he’s away from the home.
    Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong?
    Thank you!

  490. Dear Earthlink:
    Wouldn’t it be possible–at least when I’m reading my e-mail–for this to be the ONE PLACE in my entire Internet “experience” where I wouldn’t have to be distracted by dancing, jiggling, and obnoxious cartoonish figures wanting to sell me something? Please … couldn’t this be the ONE place where I could have some “peace and quiet” while I’m working? I don’t know about other users, but if I did even pay any attention to whose ads they are, I would go OUT OF MY WAY to make sure I would never be one of their customers.

  491. Sonia – The bounce message should give a reason. I can help you interpret that if you provide me with one. Send it via the Feedback form in Web Mail.
    Dan – There is an undocumented and unsupported way to do it, but not an easy way. We do plan to add this feature later. For now, if you have your Write Message view on Color and Graphics mode, you can cut and paste pictures from any web page or any HTML document, into the message. For example, click “Write Message”, click “Color and Graphics” at the top, then right-click your mouse on the Web Mail logo in Web Mail and select “copy”. Then put the mouse in the message window, right-click again and select “paste”. That will work fine in IE. With Firefox or Mozilla, you have to actually select the image area by holding your mouse down and moving over it, then right-click and select “copy” (not “copy image”).

  492. Ken – Groups or Mailing lists are just associations of multiple contacts in your contact list. When you export, you are simply exporting a contact list, and the associations are not a part of that. They would not be understood by any other system or software. As for problems using sync, I have passed that on to our Address Book folks, I had thought that problem was fixed.
    Tony – You are seeing all messages present in your Inbox. The rest have been removed by your other email software and are only present on your other computer now, not on our server. See this article for more info.

  493. I’m staring to use web mail remotely and when I enter I get only 2 or three most recent e-mails. The remaining e-mails are not available. Is there a way to see all the e-mails in my in box?

  494. I’ve been having untold problems attempting to sync AddressBook between WebMail and my two computer. Could you clarify one area of concern. When I attempt to export/import my AddressBook, it seems that Mail Lists either disappear, are emptied, and/or never get imported. Is there a reason?

  495. Carmine – You can’t change the height of the preview window. The width of it changes with your browser window size, and uses most of the available space. Perhaps we could allow the height to also expand for people who use larger display resolutions, I’ll give that some thought.

  496. Is there a way to change the size or format of the preview pane in webmail? Currently, longer messages do not display fully but there seems to be a lot of ‘white space’ around the preview pane window that one should be able to take advantage of. I can’t seem to find an option anywhere to deal with this and the only time the preview pane is mentioned in the preference list is whether one wants to turn it on or off.

  497. Both the MIME type issue and the filenaming issues are fixed in the upcoming release that should go live in about 3 weeks. These bugs are afteraffects of the change we made in December to support international characters in Web Mail.

  498. A very un-computer literate friend is having the same problem with Firefox as that first reported by Martin LaBar (62). I have run experiments and have determined that the problem she is seeing is spaces in the file name. When I send “this is a test.doc,” I get mime type of octet stream and can neither save nor open the document. When I send “test.doc,” I get a “you have chosen to open….” box with the appropriate selection of WORD but the button to open is still grayed out. and I can only cancel. Selecting the “Save” radio button doesn’t allow me to save either. If I right click and select “Save link as..” I get a dialog box with MsgAttachment as the file name and the “Save as type” field is empty and cannot be written into. If I append .doc to the end of the file name, it saves correctly. This is beyond the capabilities of my friend and would not be an acceptable work-around for her.
    We have two problems here: First, something is going on with the way you present file names with blanks in them to Firefox. Second, according to the Mozilla forums, your servers aren’t presenting the appropriate mime types when one clicks on the link to the attachment.
    BTW. You never replied to Martin.

  499. Jonathan – Our list would contain hundreds of domains, so it wouldn’t be easier for you. Right now you have at least two ways to not have to type in the domain. You can use the provided checkbox to save the full email address in a cookie, or you can use the autocomplete feature that is present in all browsers. And browsers all give you a choice to save form entries except for passwords, so you still don’t have to save the password. I understand that neither of these is practical when you are on public computer. In those situations, you just have to type the full email address, and that shouldn’t change. But for the majority of users at home or at work, these methods work well. I would also suggest that saving your email address without the password isn’t a risk at all in most situations, if you use a good password. Use one with mixed case and containing both letters and numerals. If you need to hide your email address from other people that might have access to your computer, then you just have to type it in every time, as the price to keep it hidden.
    There is one use case where a saved domain instead of the full address would actually benefit a lot of users, and that is families sharing a computer. I’ve considered using two separate entry boxes for username and domain, so you could save only the domain. But I’m not convinced that the added complexity is a good tradeoff. It might create more usability issues than it solves. Right now the best choice for those users is to not use the checkbox on the page, but instead use the browser’s autocomplete list, which will remember everyone in the family. Just press the down arrow key after clicking in the box, to activate that list on most browsers.

  500. I think it would be a good idea to have a drop down box containing all possible domain names (e.g., on the email sign-in page. For extra security, I usually erase all stored passwords and other form information after each internet session. This means, of course, that when I go to check my email next time, I have to re-enter my email domain every time. Since is a relatively long one, it seems to me that it would be faster if it were either already entered (if is the only domain name used by earthlink) or if there was a drop down box that allowed me to select it with just a couple of clicks.

  501. Susan – Hmmm, that’s interesting. I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time. I can’t think of why you would see this sympton. Even for the ad servers, whether you use https or http won’t matter to those servers, so it is still something weird on the network. The difference in response speed for a server over https or http (secure or not) would be barely noticed. So something else is happening here. I just don’t know what. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this. Maybe another reader has some ideas.

  502. Hm…..if it’s an SSL problem, why doesn’t it ever happen during the login process (which, of course, is still secure)? It also doesn’t happen with other secure sites. It’s only Earthlink webmail on pages that display ads.
    I did simplify things a bit when I said “dial up” — in the last couple of weeks, when working from home, I often use a graphite AirPort to dial out to the internet via it’s built in modem, and connect to it from my laptop via wireless. My effective speed is, of course, dialup; but I can work from anywhere in the house… so I do think carefully about security, since the traffic between my laptop and the AirPort is of course as vulnerable as any other home wireless network.
    The webmail problem started *before* I got the AirPort up and running — it first happened when I was using a direct modem on the laptop, which I still do on the road — and the AirPort made no difference to the symptoms of the problem.

  503. Susan – This indicates a problem with using an SSL connection on that computer, or with that browser, or on that local network. On our end it doesn’t make any differenece and would not cause the behavior you describe. There isn’t any way to toggle that setting other than go to the Options page and change it. Maybe you could save a bookmark to that page, do it, then click Back.
    When you are on a dialup connection, there probably isn’t any benefit to you to use the secure mode. When you are in the library, there might be. A secure session keeps someone else on your network from being able to snoop your traffic. But the chance of that happening over a dialup connection is extremely remote. It could be done if someone targeted you specifically and had the access to do it. They would probably have to work for the phone company, or for the network the traffic is going over (in some cases that isn’t us, we use other networks). And then they would have to figure out your current IP number, and specifically snoop for your traffic with that IP number, out of all the traffic that might be going over that wire, catch all your packets and reassemble them. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge, special software, access to capture the traffic, and a reason to even go to all that trouble. Very very unlikely to happen.
    But in a shared network like the library, or any workplace network, and on home wireless networks, the need for a secure session goes up.

  504. I wrote at the beginning of the month about having an intermittent problem with webmail that it would not properly load/display my inbox, or a message, or whatever (although the ads always load, sigh). Sometimes it would work just fine; other times, no go. I normally use dialup but have seen the problem on a highspeed connection at the library. Consensus seemed to be that I needed to upgrade my browser, but I have limited choices due to being an older mac running OS 9. (Bob, thank you for suggesting Netscape 7; I have an older netscape on this machine and don’t want to go to 7 because I hate the way it handles address books, mailing lists, etc — my father went to 7 and it’s been totally aggrivating.)
    I’ve found what seems to be a workable solution — and that is to
    *NOT* use secure session. I made the change a couple of days ago and have not seen the problem since. Maybe Mail Guy can tell me why.
    That said, I would like an easier way to “toggle” a specific session — or message — to secure mode. 99.44% of the time I’m really not worried about security for the display of individual messages — but once in a while I am. I can generally tell from the header before I read the message, so it would be nice to have a fast, simple way to change to secure mode briefly….

  505. Since January 1, 2007 I keep getting a message that your web site has an expired
    security certificate. I am not able to open my Web mail at that
    point. I have succeeded in opening the Web mail once in a blue moon. I have tryed the support area and can not get though. Any suggesstions?

  506. I wanted to ask about the address book feature
    I have 3 major email addresses at the moment. Because of the spam blocker I am forced to keep 3 address books one for each EMail. That also means that I have to keep updating 3 address books whenever I make a change.
    I would also then like an easy way to update one address book from the other so that once I know one book is is right I can overwrite all the others. It is like on a cell phone where one can empty the sim card and then copy from the phone to the sim card. Bottom line I would like to be able to sychronize all the address books or just have one that serves all my EMail addresses across all of my EMail addresses.
    I know one can import and export but that makes duplicates and all sorts of other hassles then I have to print the addresses out and cross check them with each other. I would just like to make the whole process easier.
    I would also like to be able to have multiple categories of address books the way I do in Outlook. I have business, casual and friends. I hate having them all bundled into one book.

  507. Mike – No, we currently do not have plans to offer direct IMAP access. Right now the only way to move your messages offline is to first move them to the Inbox, then POP them. We may be able to find another solution for this besides IMAP, I will give it some thought. Some sort of folder export feature perhaps.
    On the searching, I’m glad you pointed that out, as I knew I had answered this question before. It turns out that the new pagination I put on these long threads breaks the search. You may get a hit but then when you come to the page you are only seeing a portion of the thread. I’ll see if I can fix that.

  508. The blog search function didn’t find this topic, but are there any plans for ELN to support IMAP? I’d really like to copy folders to offline media easily.

  509. I should qualify my comment at the end of my earlier post about HTML code generated by webmail’s Color & Graphics feature. I wrote that, when using a trick that allows using Color & Graphics in unsupported browsers, I found Color & Graphics to be totally non-functional in an old Netscape 7 browser. That was actually in Netscape 7.02 which was based on Gecko/20030208. Meanwhile, in Netscape 7.2, based on Gecko/20040804 (about a year and a half newer), Color & Graphics works fine, just as in recent Firefox, SeaMonkey and Camino browsers.

  510. I’ve been looking at the HTML code generated by webmail’s Color & Graphics feature, and have some suggestions for improving it. These fall in three general areas:
    1) Absence of ‹html› and ‹/html› tags surrounding the code. This can make the email look more spamlike when evaluated by spam filters. For example, it adds more than half a point to the score assigned by SpamAssassin. So, you ought to add those tags. Along these same lines, I noticed another error in HTML structure: some ‹PRE› and ‹/PRE› tags after the closing ‹/body› tag.
    2) Email addresses as strange, unknown HTML tags. When an email message is forwarded (inline) in Color & Graphics mode, if the header of the forwarded message includes email addresses in angle brackets such as ‹›, those angle brackets are retained in the HTML code, making those addresses look like unknown HTML tags. Your code apparently does try to “balance” the tags, so it adds even stranger looking ‹/› closing tags near the end. Of course, none of this is visible when viewing the resulting HTML email normally, because these are interpreted as unknown HTML tags and aren’t displayed – which means that the viewer can’t see the email addresses in the header of the forwarded message. The correct approach should be to change the angle brackets surrounding the email addresses to (amp)lt; and (amp)gt; entities, where “(amp)” denotes ampersand.
    3) Strong browser dependence. The generated HTML varies greatly depending on which browser you run webmail in. For example, when making text boldface: If you’re using IE, you get ‹STRONG› tags; if you’re using Safari, you get ‹B› tags; and if you’re using Firefox, you get ‹span style=”font-weight: bold;”›. This last one, using an inline style attribute, is the most “modern” version. But, for this application, it’s better to use the older, simpler tags like ‹STRONG› and ‹B›, to provide compatibility with as many recipients’ email software as possible.
    You apparently implemented Color & Graphics first for IE/Win using an IE-specific feature. That probably sped up the implementation in IE/Win, but only postponed the issue of implementing it in other browsers. I don’t know whether you’ve continued to use browser-specific features for these other browsers, although it seems likely, given the big difference between code generated by Firefox and Safari. The best approach, even if it takes some more work, would be to use a browser-independent method to produce the same HTML code with all browsers.
    Note: You’re probably wondering how I tested Color & Graphics in Safari, where the feature isn’t supported yet. Well, I found a case where your code apparently doesn’t do enough browser checking, so allows using Color & Graphics even in unsupported browsers. Using this trick, I found that the implementation in Safari is currently incomplete, but some features (such as boldface) do work. I found that SeaMonkey and Camino work exactly the same as Firefox, so these browsers are being unfairly excluded by current browser checking. I also found that in some old browsers, such as Netscape 7 and IE5/Mac, Color & Graphics is totally non-functional.

  511. I have 2 questions…
    1st – Im having a bit of a problem retrieving email.. I’ve had my Job send me a couple of pdf files (small files) and each time when they were sent – its returning with a undeliverable status or giving the impression to have gone through. I haven’t been receiving them, so my solution was to send an email to them to send the files by clicking reply. With doing so, the same is happening as mentioned above.. I don’t know why I’m not getting them, because I’m able to receiving text only emails.
    2nd. I was thinking about using my outlook 2007 as my default email client (to stop toggling between the two – work on one, personal on E-MB) but i notice that spamblocker is for 2003. And this is an need, just because i get a lot of spam on the personal accts… Do you know if SB is going to be upgraded to be compatible to Outlook2007? If not Oh well, I’ll be ok.. “)
    Thanks a bunch

  512. For about two months, my Earthlink web mail, using Firefox, has done some strange things with attached .jpg files, both sent and received. (I have been using Earthlink web mail, under Firefox, for about 2 years) Several things seem to be happening, but the most common one is that, when I receive a .jpg file, most of the name, including the .jpg extension, is removed, meaning that, in order to view the file after downloading, I have to go back and rename it to add the extension, and that, if we get two files named Family Christmas 1.jpg and Family Christmas 2.jpg, when they are downloaded, the second one wipes out the first one, and I have one file, named Family, with no extension. The full names, with extensions, are visible as attachment links. I hope and pray that, if I find a solution to this, the other problems will also be solved.
    Here’s one of the other problems. I sent two files, about 150 kb each, as attachments. When I checked the Sent Items folder, the file was about 9 Mb, and both of the attachments included “null” as part of their names. It wasn’t part of the names originally.
    In desperation, I tried using Earthlink web mail under Internet Explorer, and it seems to work just fine, but I don’t want to use IE for anything, especially for e-mail, if I can help it.

  513. Hey E-mail guy!
    Gotta say,it is nice having someone here to offer these tid-bits.
    Quick question:
    Will web mail ever switch to a format that allow for proper punctuation when using plain text? I really try to use apostrophes and such when required, but the current system turns them into garbage.
    Even when I leave proper english aside, and type as I talk……. (Pause, pause, pause) My multiple periods even give me problems. :^(
    Any fix seen for this without going HTML?

  514. Two questions:
    1. Is there any way to turn off the twitchy advertisements that now come with Web Mail? I am not happy that I am paying for you to advertise at me but I am especially irritated/distracted/bothered by the hyperactive offers of mortgages – the very twitchy dancers(?) were especially unpleasant. I get migraines and the “dancers” are bad enough to trigger them.
    2. Earthlink is not a free or very inexpensive ISP so why are there all of these advertisements?
    Tried writing to Support but no response.

  515. Is there a way for me to export an archive of a webmail folder, so I can save it locally and reopen it later for review?
    Here is whay I ask:
    I have used web mail frequently to access my personal email and send messages when I am away from home, and have built up a large number of sent messages in Webmail. I want to archive them, like I do my messages at home, so I can open and search them later by to, from, and date.

  516. Here is what I’d like to be able to do (regarding spam blocking):
    1. Allow Earthlink to block emails considered to be spam, as well as ones from domains and email addresses I’ve specifically requested to be blocked
    2. Receive emails from anyone else, not just ones that I’ve stated as being permissible.
    3. In conjunction with the two conditions stated above – Be able to specifically request that emails from various domains and email addresses that Earthlink had considered to be spam not be considered to be spam after all and thus be delivered to me.
    It appears that, right now, in order to have #3, I have to give up #2. In other words, I have to specify everyone that can permissibly send me emails. I don’t want to do this because as the contact point for some organizations, I am continually receiving legitimate emails from people who had never written to me before.
    Please consider making future enhancements that allow the combination of all three of the above features. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do in this area.

  517. For Susan: I thought you might be an OS9 user when I saw your first posting about using IE5. iCab may be your best choice of browser, as it’s the only current browser still developed for OS9. I have no experience with that browser. Email Guy also suggested it’s worth trying Mozilla, which ought to be better than your old IE5. Unfortunately, the old Mozilla that worked with OS9 doesn’t seem to be available any more. There is, however, another option: get the latest Netscape that worked with OS9 (which is essentially equivalent because all Netscape versions since 6.0 have been based on Mozilla software). This appears to be Netscape 7.02. To get it, go to and click “Versions 7.0x”. Then scroll down to “7.02 English – Netscape 7” and download the “Mac PowerPC” version. The 20MB file will probably take about an hour to download with a dialup connection. But Netscape 7 is probably supported a lot better by Earthlink webmail than your old IE5.

  518. On the topic of Content-Disposition headers and nested RFC 822 parts, there are two separate issues: how to set Content-Disposition headers in a message you’re sending, and how much to honor those headers in a message you’re displaying. As far as I can tell, the Content-Disposition header, if used, is a recommendation, not a requirement, for how mail clients ought to display the content (RFC 2183 uses the word “should”).
    I noted that Mozilla Thunderbird always sets “Content-Disposition: inline” when sending with the “Forward As Attachment” method. This seems reasonable, to encourage the receiving mail client to display the forwarded message inline as a convenience to the reader (in practice, some but not all mail clients will honor that recommendation). The Mozilla people are, of course, very aware of Internet standards.
    When displaying a message, each mail client can decide whether to honor Content-Disposition headers, and different choices may be appropriate for a desktop program or webmail client. Entourage apparently honors the Content-Disposition header (although its display can be really lousy if the MIME part is a forwarded message containing complex HTML). Thunderbird appears to ignore the Content-Disposition headers when displaying a message, relying instead on its “Display Attachments Inline” user setting, which can be found under its “View” menu. If this setting is enabled, as it is by default, all reasonably displayable attachments are displayed inline; if not, none are displayed inline.
    In the case of a webmail client, due to bandwidth considerations, it may be most appropriate to ignore the Content-Disposition headers when displaying messages, and to not display any attachments inline (like Thunderbird when its “Display Attachments Inline” setting is disabled). This keeps the operation “lightweight” by avoiding sending too much data at once.
    As for nested RFC 822 parts, RFC 2183 specifies that if a multipart section is being displayed, then the mail client can check the Content-Disposition headers of the subparts in deciding whether to display those parts. So it’s just a matter of working down the tree. Of course, the issue is moot if you’ve decided to ignore the Content-Disposition headers when displaying messages.

  519. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure if this will interfere with RFC 822 nested message parts (e.g. original also contains attached files, which could also be messages or message parts themselves, etc.), but we’ll look into it.

  520. Another followup on my comment to Marianne, with a suggestion for Email Guy: In implementing “Forward As Attachment” in webmail, try specifying “Content-Disposition” for the forwarded message as “inline” instead of “attachment”. This ought to increase the number of recipients who see the forwarded message right away instead of having to click to open the attachment.
    As a precedent, Thunderbird specifies “Content-Disposition: inline” when it does “Forward As Attachment” and the result does get displayed inline by more email clients (e.g., Microsoft Entourage on Mac).

  521. Susan – well, unfortunately we don’t really support OS9 either, you are somewhat on your own with that. I agree the browser by itself probably isn’t the problem. You can try clearing the cache in it. But I think your symptoms are at least partly due to connection issues on this computer, due either to the modem settings or the TCP settings. Pages partially loading is a clear symptom of connection trouble, and could occur on dialup or broadband. I recall that OS9 can be finicky in that regard. I can’t help you much with those as I forgot all my OS9 tips years ago, sorry. But if you are familiar with such things, you should check them. As for browsers, the one usually recommended for OS9 now is called iCab. You can find it at
    As for Mozilla, the security problems in older versions are going to exist in just about any old browsers that will run on your machine. The IE that you are already using is probably much worse in that regard. So do try Mozilla. Another option is Opera.
    Bob – I agree, this is on our list. Suppressing included/attached images is only for performance reasons or personal preference. Remote images also add the security aspect, so both options should be available. To add to your note, remote images are quite often used to track when you have viewed a message, raising you to the top of the spammer’s “good” list. The image retrieval code in the html will identify you to the spammer.

  522. Email Guy,
    I think the option in webmail to show or hide images ought to be expanded to three choices:
    * Show all images
    * Show only attached images (Default)
    * Hide all images
    The current option makes no distinction between attached images (which may take some time to display if you have a slow connection but are basically harmless) and remotely hosted images (which might be considered a security threat because they may be web bugs). Many current email programs do make this distinction and, by default, suppress remote images while displaying attached images. This should also be the default behavior in webmail.

  523. For Marianne: I assume that when you say a message is no longer in webmail and “has already been delivered to my inbox,” you’ve actually downloaded it to email software on your computer, so the “inbox” is in that other software, not webmail. Most email programs do have a “Forward As Attachment” feature, so if you hunt through your software’s menus, you may find it. Even so, the “Forward As Attachment” method isn’t a panacea. Email Guy wrote that the recipient may have to click to open an attachment. In fact, depending on the software in which you do “Forward As Attachment” and the software used by your final recipient, there are three possibilities:
    1) [Best case] Recipient sees the forwarded message right away, doesn’t need to click anything.
    2) As described by Email Guy, recipient must click to open an attachment in order to read forwarded message.
    3) [Worst case] Recipient gets a message with a seemingly unopenable attachment.
    I’ve seen case (3) when “Forward As Attachment” is done using SquirrelMail (another webmail system used on some systems) and the recipient is using a Microsoft email program such as Outlook Express (It happens because SquirrelMail gives the attachment an “.msg” extension that the Microsoft programs don’t like).

  524. “Susan – we no longer support IE 5.x on Mac, and don’t test on it. I would suggest trying either Safari or Firefox. Microsoft and Apple have both discontinued support for that browser. Hopefully using a newer one will resolve this issue for you. If you still have trouble, I’ll try to help, but I can’t really help you with IE 5. It sounds like the problem is connection related, so the browser may not be the issue anyway.
    Posted by: Email Guy   |   January 5, 2007 1:04 AM”
    G3 iBook running OS 9 here… far as I know safari was never publically available for OS 9, and mozilla says os 9 can only handle firefox version 1.2 or older, which mozilla strongly suggests not be used due to security issues. Is there a different browser you would suggest, for an OS 9 machine? Upgrade to X is not an option.
    And since it *does* work sometimes, I hesitate to say the older browser is entirely at fault here. I don’t think it’s connection speed either, as I’ve had the problem at least once on a high-speed connection at the public library.
    What experimenting and data gathering would you suggest for trying to figure out what’s really wrong here?

  525. Susan – we no longer support IE 5.x on Mac, and don’t test on it. I would suggest trying either Safari or Firefox. Microsoft and Apple have both discontinued support for that browser. Hopefully using a newer one will resolve this issue for you. If you still have trouble, I’ll try to help, but I can’t really help you with IE 5. It sounds like the problem is connection related, so the browser may not be the issue anyway.

  526. For some months now I’ve been having a VERY frustrating problem with webmail. Frustrating because it’s an intermittent…
    I generally access webmail from a mac over a dialup connection, using IE. Quite often when I log in, the inbox page won’t load correctly — some of it may load but the rest will be blank (although the ads always load eventually, how annoying). If the inbox doesn’t load, a shift-refresh is required to get it to load eventually (sometimes it takes many attempts). Once the page finally loads things may appear OK for a while, then I’ll have the problem again.
    This also happens when trying to work with individual messages. For instance I might read a message and try to reply to it, and the reply screen won’t load. In this case a shift-reload won’t help, as it generates a message about missing parameter — so I have to go back to the message and start again. Sometimes even that won’t work. I spent a very frustrating half hour one day trying to just read and reply to one, simple message.
    I believe this got a lot worse as the banner ads got larger and (I think) more graphics-heavy; but I can not provide firm data on that.
    Since there are times that everything works fine, I don’t think the issue is that my (older) setup is incapable of working with the current versions of webmail………..but I don’t know what the problem is. Any suggestions? I do pop one of my email addresses, but this one needs to stay as a webmail address.

  527. My comment is for Bob who posted in response to a question I had about inline pictures being dropped when I forward emails. I can’t figure out how to get this follow-up question to “Bob”, so here goes: I understand what you are saying about changing from “inline” to “attachment” before I forward it. I am able to do this only if I am reading my email thru webmail. If it has already been delivered to my inbox this option is not available. If you know of how it can be made available thru the inbox, please let me know. Thank you.

  528. Bob – yes that’s correct, the “Forward As Attachment” preserves the exact original message, but the recipient will receive it as an attachment and have to click to open it. Then the display of it will depend on the email software being used, but should generally have the desired effect.
    As to the other bug you refer to, yes we’re aware of it. There are a couple different MIME types not displayed correctly in Web Mail, and those should be fixed soon. The general rule for display of the kind of message you refer to, is that the viewer should default to the richest type/part available in the message unless the user has deliberately opted to display only the text part. Web Mail doesn’t always follow this convention, and so for certain message types, you can’t easily view the HTML part.

  529. To follow up on Marianne’s question, a possible way to preserve the inline pictures is to change “inline text” to “as attachment” in the selector next to the Forward button before clicking Forward. This ought to pass on the exact message as originally received, including the inline images.
    Meanwhile, there’s an interesting bug involving webmail’s display when receiving certain messages with inline images. It occurs for messages with both plain text and html versions (and inline images in the html version) that have been sent by certain email programs. The MIME parts in such a message may be arranged in different ways. Microsoft’s email programs (e.g., Outlook Express and Entourage) do it one way, while other programs (e.g., Thunderbird) do it another way. For messages with the arrangement used by Thunderbird, Earthlink’s webmail fails utterly to display the html or the images (instead, it displays only the plain text version).

  530. Why am I able to read some emails from a source, and yet, others from the same source are blank ? It happens from from various email carriers. When I view the same email from home (Outlook Express) I do not have this problem.

  531. Bertha – no email has been lost or removed from your Inbox, and EarthLink will never delete messages from anyone’s Inbox. I checked your account logs, and you are running other email software besides Web Mail to check your mailbox, and that software is retrieving the messages to your computer, and then deleting them from our server. Thus they can no longer be viewed in Web Mail. You will find this article helpful, including a link at the bottom to change the settings in your other email software.
    Marianne – Web Mail does not currently support sending messages with inline pictures. We hope to add this capability in the future. When you forward these messages, the pictures are sent with the message, just not inline. All original message parts and attachments are always sent when you Forward a message.

  532. Whenever I receive an email, forwarded or originated by the writer, that contains pictures within the body of the email (in other words when the pictures are NOT attachments), when I forward it on to others the pictures always get dropped. Could someone solve this problem for me?

  533. I have been losing my e-mail from my inbox. Some I have opened and some I have not. Some I really wanted to keep for a while. I had not gotten a chance to transfer the ones I wanted to my save file.

  534. Echinacea – we haven’t seen this behavior or had other reports of it. I’ll watch for it and we’ll track it down if it is affecting other users. At this point, I can’t explain it. We all (my team) use Web Mail heavily on multiple browsers and haven’t ever seen this. Other users please comment.
    Katharine – this means one of the addresses you entered is mis-typed and has a format or punctuation error.
    Herb – You’ll need to download your mail using email software on your computer, not Web Mail, which only views messages on the server and doesn’t put copies on your computer. Any email software will download your entire Inbox, but unfortunately can’t retrieve other folders as those are Web Mail-only folders and not available to that software. You could move batches of messages to the Inbox for retrieval by your software. Use the Folders link in Web Mail to easily move messages around.

  535. [1] How do I save my web mail on my hard drive ?
    [2] Do I have to give a separate file name to each e-mail message that I want to save ?
    [3] Can I save many separate e-mail messages at one time to a hard drive folder that I’ve created ?
    [4] How do I flag a successive number of e-mail messages ?
    [4] Can I save an entire web mail folder such as somerthing I’ve called ‘ sent-June 2006’ to a hard drive folder at one time ?

  536. OK. my e-mail isn’t working today so I went to spring mail to compose
    a letter to send to several clients.
    When I went to send it — the letter was blocked.
    Then, when I went to save it — the letter was blocked.
    And somethign came up saying I was trying to
    save an “illegal address”
    what does that mean?

  537. When the browser refreshes it shifts the entire page up and down slightly. This causes you to select the wrong link when it shifts suddenly. For example, you go to click Inbox and as you are pressing the button the browser finishes loading the page (probably due to the advertisements loading) and it shifts up slightly causing you to end up selecting the link just below it. You then have to backpage and select again. This is very annoying….cant someone code the HTML so the link portion on the left hand side stays put? (or just get rid of the advertisements so nothing loads after the fact and causes a change in content). This happens on Internet Explorer and Firefox in both Windows 2000 and XP on different networks.

  538. I love the way when one begins typing a name on a “to”, “cc” or “bcc” line, a number of appropriate suggestions appear from ones address list.
    Recently, however, when I am forwarding a message, this feature does not work on the “to” line. It does work on the “cc” line so I type there and move the address up to the “to” line, but it is a bit of a nuisance.

  539. Two problems. Until recently, my user name and ID would come in when I opened computer in the morning. Now I have to enter them. Also, I used to be able to use”nicknames”. Now if I do, it says “illegal address”. Can it go back to automatic open and be able to use nicknames.

  540. I wish that Earthlink would allow you to use some function key to automatically type in the username when logging into webmail. It doesn’t do any good for me to save it, because my wife also uses the same machine. Is there any chance that this will be a feature in the future?

  541. John – thanks for your suggestions and comments. Here’s a few notes on them:

    • Downloading folders – it isn’t actually possible to download anything using a POP client except the Inbox contents, and that is a limitation of the POP protocol. We have toyed with the idea of a virtual Inbox to do what you describe but it just isn’t practical. You have to move messages to the Inbox to download them with POP. That said, a way to easily retrieve an entire mailbox outside of Web Mail would be a nice convenience for some, but it isn’t something we are pursuing at the moment.
    • Tagging messages – yes this is coming in 2007, along with some advanced search options to make use of that feature.
    • Back up – check out our Web Life site. It isn’t exactly what you are describing, but you may find it useful.
    • An interesting idea.
    • A common misconception is that attachments are separate from the message content of an email. An email message and all its attachments make up one big block of MIME encoded text, and there are tags inside it to tell email viewing software (and Web Mail) how to separate the parts and to decode the non-text parts for viewing. But while that message is transported or stored on a server, it is a single monolithic text body and must be saved or deleted as a whole. It would not be prudent for us to mess with the integrity of an email message and try to do partial deletions of the content inside that message. I think that might also violate some universally accepted standards (RFCs) for handling messages.
    • See above. Special handling of attachments is really only possible once a message has been copied to your local computer, and then email software on your computer can extract parts and present them to you in useful ways. However, even on the client side, software doesn’t let you easily mess with the integrity of the original messages.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.

  542. I’ve been a user of WebMail, via Earthlink Springmail, since before Earthlink; it seems 10 years of more. There have been many improvements, but some maddingly missing ones.
    (1) Folder management: It should be simple to download the content of selected (sets of) WebMail Folders to a specified off line mailbox by POP access. Its do-able now, but not without nuisance.
    (2) Message retrieval and review. It should be possible to tag messages for sorted display, search and retrieval. Simply add an 8 character (one byte) sort word to the subject of each message, and allow users to sort folder content based on its content. No need to get elaborate at the get go. The first ‘elaboration’ would be to allow tag searches to cross folders. The second would be to move all messages with a common tag to a specified existing folder.
    (3) Back Up. It would add an income stream to Earthlink, and cost not much to implement, but give peace of mind as well as reason to use more Earthlink if … you would offer your users an option to purchase a readily processable format copy of all of the messages stored in (selected web folders.) I would pay $10 for a CD, “as/of” the first of every quarter, with a copy of ALL my WebMail content, including preference settings, address book etc. It would be best if this copy were in an “open” format. Say, messages in XLS; other info in html.
    (4) Wrinkles. Offering the capability to bundle and forward a block of messages, say the content of a single folder, or a subset of it, to some other Earthlink email address’s inbox, would be a valuable option. This would permit users to retire an overused email address, without giving up the online history that might be of value to future conversations. It would also help in “eluding spammers”.
    (5) Efficiency. How about enabling users to dis-attach (and trash) attachment items from stored email. Often I get an email whose mainline content I would like to save, even ones with advertising content, but I cannot afford to save the 10Meg attached collection of mindless GIFs, whether baby pictures or smilies.
    (6) Organization. Similarly, but with usage value, how about enabling users to remove attachments and store them in a special “attachment folder”, where they would be named with their attachment file names with date-time-tag suffix, user-tag-able as above, and indexed by FROM email address (one), and subject SUBJECT (first 20 characters), and citeable as source for attaching to an outbound message. This really cuts down on needless use of bandwidth and user TIME in forwarding or sending attachments. Dialup customers would love this feature.
    —– I could go on, … but one last nuisance in using online WebMail is the tendency of the typing cursor to skip randomly and to delete strings of text randomly. This is a nuisance with ALL WebMail. If you were to be able to over come this nuisance, you’d add a very fine “USER FRIENDLY” touch to the EARTHLINK Experience.

  543. Red – Thanks for your comments. Yes, of course there is a large team that works on Web Mail and other email features, but if you mean this blog, everything written here so far is done by me personally. And since I enjoy tinkering with HTML, CSS, and javascript, I designed this blog site myself and had a lot of fun doing it (I’m not a developer at EarthLink, I’m a Senior Product Manager). I also review the feedback mailbox that contains the messages sent from the Feedback form in Web Mail, and I answer a portion of those directly every day. We have always monitored that box to spot recurring problems so we could fix them, but we are using it more interactively now. Posting questions or suggestions here is more likely to get my attention and a response as I can’t answer all the feedback emails. So far the traffic here is manageable for me.
    To your questions: we do not currently have a way to save the HTML compose (color and graphics) as your default for new messages, although it does default if you are replying to a message that already contains HTML. There are a lot of requests to have a setting for that, and I plan to include it in a future release in which we will also be improving the rich text toolbar functionality.
    As for saving your domain on the login page, for simplicity I think we are going to stick with the Remember Me checkbox that fills in your entire email address, rather than add another control just for the domain. I realize some users don’t want to save their email address, especially on shared computers, so they just have to type it in. We support literally hundreds of domains (not even counting the many web hosting customers with custom domains) so a drop-down selector wouldn’t be practical. I’ve considered using an autocomplete feature but that would conflict with the feature that already exists in most browsers to do this for you.
    Thanks again for your comments.

  544. Email Guy – You’re doing a wonderful job, no wonder we have finally started seeing improvements, fixes, and enhancements… In the past I would ask while on the phone with support about the possibility of a feature, or answers to some problem and they would say gee thats a great idea or good question – why dont you send a suggestion to this email address. We would and (simple or not) it would often be like sending to a black hole or shouting into a cave with never a peep from someone or something (even a robot). All the power to you guy ! – Cheers from the Users – Keep up the good work, we look forward to your (and the teams) continued efforts. I’m assuming you have a team working with you or are you shouldering the entire responsibility? Anyway – Great work.
    Two Questions:
    Question#1 – I have never found a way to have my email preferences set so it defaults to color and graphics (html) versus plain. I know most of us would prefer color (html) which is common place today as our default if possible. P.S – Thanks for getting the spell checker added to the color and graphics version.
    Question#2 – Over the years Earthlink has merged or aquired several other entities, when you currently go to log into Webmail your asked to enter your entire webmail email address or EarthlinkID and your password which can be rather long and time consuming when you think about it. Is there anyway you folks could add a third box or radio button in the login screen (something along that line) which when used also with the ‘remember me’ check box would remember which domain we belonged to? (e.g In that way we would only have to enter the first part of our email name or user ID and the password or would that be near impossible with the current system and make it easier for security breaches. Just a idea !
    BTW – Thanks again for the Forum and the help.

  545. Phyllis – the group will show up in your contact list in the Address Book, and in the spot for email address it will show “multiple addresses”. Click the Edit link beside that.

  546. How can I delete group addresses? I belong to a dog owner group,and have members in a group email marked “Dog Park”. How can I edit this group in Webmail? I can’t seem to make any changes. Thanks.

  547. Krisk – I think you will find these two articles helpful:
    If you want to block all of it takes only a single entry in the block list. Domain and subdomain blocking has always been allowed, you only need to use the last two segments or more, and that acts as a wildcard for any address ending in that substring (subdomain).

  548. No doubt everyone has been invited to share $ millions of dollars in “accounting overages” with various, respected Nigerian ministers of finance and captains of banks and/or petro industries. Then there’s Mariam Abacha, a name that will forever be associated with tireless efforts to establish new and unblocked email routing to decry the loss of her husband to rebels and establish herself as one of the world’s foremost charitable causes. These scams and others warning of attempts being made to compromise your accounts at banks, credit unions, PayPal, brokerages, and mortgage companies have joined a steady background of advice that $ millions await your filing a claim at famous and legitimate sounding lotteries. Then there is the nearly genuine Barrister telling of the recent and untimely death of a distant, rich uncle whose estate distribution awaits authentication of your name and personal statistics even though that uncle’s name sounds unlike any in your known geneaology. In time, blocking these domains will exhaust the 500 domain name blocking limit at Earthlink and the cottage industry of those who openly steal for a living (as opposed to Wall Street who uses hedge funds) soon finds new ways to invade your inbox with newly acquired skills. This does not even address all the porn, scam pharmacies, and penny stock offerings that hit the inbox every hour.
    The point is this: the 500 name limit is too small – so maybe a larger limit or even a string match could be implemented in which, for example, all variants of “tiscali” would result in a block rather than wasting the 500 limit on listing all the domain variants for “tiscali”. Perhaps the Geographic region of the IP address could be employed to isolate certain nations or regions known for spammers and con artists. With any luck, this could be paid for by some of those annoying “dance” animations from mortgage brokers . . . maybe?

  549. Earthlink no longer gives me enough time to type out an e-mail … I get a note after I send it that my session has timed out and that my message may not have been sent .. this happened to me twice today and is very frustrating.. I am not a sloww typer .. This is the first time I have ever had the problem and I have been an earthlink subscrber for over 7 years..
    Lee Maurath

  550. Kris – the mail2web is a POP account connection to your mailbox, meaning it is just a way to view Inbox-only in a browser. It does exactly the same thing that Outlook Express and all other email software does. It isn’t a way to view and manage Web Mail folders, which use IMAP, and it can’t access any of the other Web Mail features like spamBlocker, Anonymous Email Addresses, and all the other features. That said, it isn’t a bad suggestion, I’m just not sure that there is much of a call for such a product, since every computer already has an email program on it that does the same thing.
    Entering your account info in Outlook Express or similar software only takes a few seconds more, and you only have to do so once. If you set Outlook Express (or any other email program) to “Leave Messages On Server” then you have the exact same functionality plus a whole lot more. And since we changed to authenticated SMTP (outgoing mail) you can send messages from any connection anywhere in the world using regular email software and don’t have to worry about being off-network. Just set the outgoing server to and port 587, and it will never be blocked on any network.

  551. Just a curiosity question here.
    Q> What are the chances of getting a text only, inbox/server only mirror website – like mail2web uses – for Earthlink?
    Reasons for question:
    1) Speed – I travel and speed is noticeably faster on mail2web so that is what I use the most – plus the banner ad at the earthlink top, while revenue generating, slows things down on most conncetions except the fastest of broadband connections……
    2) Whenever there was an issue in the past and I had the need to contact Earthlink help, the tech reps have actually told me to utilize mail2web as a workaround to technical difficulties going on at Earthlink – seems like Earthlink could use a backup plan?

  552. Ruth – there was a problem this morning on one set of servers that affected your domain and a few others. It has been fixed, and any pending messages you had should have come in.

  553. I can send, but am not able to receive any emails this morning (7:45 Pacific time). I have sent emails to myself from 2 different accounts and nothing is coming into the inbox. Normally, I have 10 – 20 emails every morning.,

  554. So I am ready to move to gmail, and my move my web hosting business elsewhere, because:
    The message reply and conversation handling is much better. When will Webmail group messages?
    The systray mail notification. Very nice, do not have to logon in all the time to check and view mail
    And the same notification app allows you to use gmail as the default mail system for mailto links in web pages. Very handy for me at work when I do not want to invoke my corporate mail client when responding to email links in web pages.
    I still have not found out how to make color and graphics my default choice for message composition.
    So that is that. The new interface looks better, but I am looking for features.
    Thanks for listening

  555. Eddie – I’m sorry for your frustration, but I’m a little confused about the problem or what we can do to fix it. We haven’t changed the Web Mail interface in a long time (not necessarily a good thing) and it looks the same and has the same features. What in particular is causing you trouble?

  556. earthlink just changed screens from what was an easy to use simple email check to a more complicated one that is very hard to get into. so, i’m changing net providers within the next month. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. the govt does that all the time to “simplify” tax forms and we all know what happens each time they do.

  557. J. – We have this bug on our list. It happens occasionally depending on the timing of the page loading. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  558. I am disappointed that you haven’t addressed the issue of moving the cursor into the prior field when I am in the middle of keying in my password. I have dial up and I have keyed my user id and am working on my password when your software is forcing the cursor back into the user id field. Then I have to start all over again.

  559. Why is it so hard to connect to the web mail server? It usually times out before
    ever connecting, either when signing on, or when sending an email, or clicking on any folder. My husband and I both have had this problem with earthlink and in the past year it seems to be getting worse. We’ve been on the phone with tech support, we’ve had your guy out to the house to check our set-up (its fine), we’ve had the phone company check our wiring (its fine), we’ve gotten your latest router (it didn’t help much).
    Still, more than half the time, we cannot send or receive email. And often we
    cannot connect to ANY site, although the web mail server is the absolute slowest.
    We are seriously considering switching to cable, this is so agravating! Rebooting the router occasionally helps, but usually not.
    Bonnie Sandler

  560. Taylor – make sure you have his address in your contact list in all lower case letters. Then on the Address Book page click the button that says “Update SpamBlocker Addresses”. That should clear it up.

  561. My son’s e-mail address was changed at his work. He sent me an e-mail last night. I received a notification through Spamblocker that he was requesting to be added to my address book.
    I clicked on the site given in order to accept and add his new address, however, the information and e-mail was not there. I manually added his new address to my address book. He send me a test e-mail this morning and again, he is showing up as requesting to be added to my address book.
    What is going on?

  562. Vince – You can sign up for any number of free email accounts at any time whether you are a subscriber or not. Obviously we don’t want you to discontinue your other EarthLink services. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

  563. So are you telling me that if I discontinue my service with Earthlink, I can still sign up for 10 free email accounts through web mail?

  564. Vince – actually our Web Mail is free. As a paid subscriber you get Internet access, email service using any software you like (without ads), and all the other stuff that comes with the service. But the Web Mail is free to anyone. Unfortunately we don’t turn them off when paid users also access it, and I understand the frustration with that. See the link above for more info.

  565. I agree with Rich S. and have email this question several times via the “give us feedback” link in webmail. (Which of course, go completely ignored.)
    If Earthlink is going to augment their income by going to an ad based service, then by all means they should become a FREE service like the others (and I would promptly find a different provider).
    As long as we PAY for Earthlinks service, we should not be seeing advertisments.

  566. Why are we bombarded with ads on our webmail? I expect them on
    a free service like Yahoo or Hotmail, but not when I’m paying $20 a
    month. We ought not to have to put up with advertising on a paid

  567. We are investigating a known problem this morning where Web Mail is showing an incorrect spamBlocker setting. This should be resolved soon. In answer to your question Pat, click spamBlocker / Settings and look down to the setting labeled “Send an Allowed Sender Request to unknown senders (who aren’t in my Address Book):”. This setting only appears when Suspect Email Blocking is turned on at the top. Again, these settings may temporarily appear incorrectly in Web Mail and not reflect your actual setting. This should be fixed shortly.

  568. I had previously set SpamBlocker to intercept Suspect Email. This morning I’m told that this setting will send an email to the suspect email sender and that I don’t have the Suspect Email intercept set on. 1) In these days of Spam, I do not want every spammer to know they’ve got a valid email address. Is there any way to intercept Suspect Email without sending a return email? 2) Even though I’m told I don’t have the Suspect Email intercept set on, there are 2 messages showing in my Suspect Email folder, but I can’t get at them.

  569. S. – nothing changed on how this works. Check your setting by clicking spamBlocker and making sure it is set to High. Only on that setting would you have this folder. If the setting is correct, then delete the browser’s temporary files (clear cache) and close and reopen the browser. That should clear it up.

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