Time for a Website Hosting Service Switcherew? Plan for a Change for the Better

Website hosting companies. Here they come. There they go. Always looking for a piece of the pie…often luring with flashy advertising, rock-bottom rates and lofty promises. Yet, over time, they disappoint their customers.

Between the high downtime and poor service response rates, it’s enough to make even the most patient small business owner demand a change in guard.

If you’re considering switching your website hosting service, consider what you might have to gain. Perhaps use this “transitional time” to conceptualize a website that not only looks better but also draws more attention to your business than ever before.

Right now, you might well be asking yourself…

Will the “Pain” Be Worth the Gain?
Sometimes change is hard. Other times, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. If you’re looking for easy and effective, EarthLink website hosting and ecommerce plans might be the way to go.

Choose a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) EarthLink Website Hosting plan and build your own website without the sweat equity. It includes — at no extra cost (unlike some of our competitors who charge for it) — a Website Builder tool anyone can use.

  • No special experience is necessary…no knowledge of HTML is required.
  • You simply choose what you want your website pages to look like (from a choice of pre-set web templates, customized by industry, including real estate, construction, etc.).
  • Or if you want to publish your own site, you can easily upload using FTP.

EarthLink plans are created to give small businesses a big advantage by including all the features needed for a full website presence.

  • With an advanced SEO tool, optimize your website by selecting/submitting keywords pertinent to your website so it gets found in search engine results.
  • Create engaging customer communications and drive traffic to your website by sending graphic-rich emails.
  • Through Web Analytics, see the traffic coming to your website, how many daily visitors you’re getting, how they found your website, and so on.

Select DIY plans take it even further. Get found by listing your business website in 60+ directories to help with search engine ranking and with an additional mobile website, you can be sure you don’t miss those customers addicted to their tablets and smartphones. Got stuff to sell? Maybe it’s time for an EarthLink eCommerce DIY plan.

As good as that all sounds, maybe you still have more in mind — as in less work.

Opt for a “Do-It-For-Me” EarthLink Website Hosting plan and let the pros take it away. This includes all of the features described above and a one-on-one needs assessment, design and copywriting of your business website by highly trained pros, along with monthly website maintenance.

Will I Get My Money’s Worth?
A few bucks here. A couple of dollars there. It adds up. And while you may be paying less for your current website hosting service, you may also be getting a lot less.

EarthLink website hosting and ecommerce plans pack a lot of value for the money with features such as SEO tools, email marketing, mobile and directory listing. Perks you might not have thought you needed…but later realize are absolutely essential to your business.

Will I Be in Better Hands?
There’s something to be said for experience. And not many website hosting folks can say they have it. In the website hosting game since 1995, EarthLink is where cutting high-tech expertise meets good old-fashioned customer service. And that goes a long way.

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