Use Facebook to Get EarthLink Customer Service

Lots of companies are on Facebook.  EarthLink is (as it EarthLink Business!), Target is, and countless other businesses (including Mom-and-Pop shops) are.  Facebook (and indeed social media in general) is a great tool for them to connect with customers.  Business entities like it because they can interact with their customers for free, and customers like it so they can keep up to date and…get customer service help?

Lots of companies are listening to their customers on Facebook, which means this can be a useful tool for getting some assistance from the company.  Here are some tips (these are EarthLink-specific, but they will likely help you with other companies) to getting EarthLink customer service help through Facebook:

  1. Commenting vs. Private Messaging
    1. You can either comment on the company’s wall (which is seen publicly) or send a private message.  Often, a public comment is most useful when you do not need immediate assistance (for example: “Hey, noticed that Hurricane Sandy has hurt service in Manhattan…let us know when it’s up!”) and/or everyone can benefit from the information in the comment (ex. “I just discovered …thanks!).
    2. Private messaging is more useful if you have a specific need (ex. “I want to upgrade my service, can someone call me?”), or are including personal information (see next point).
  2. Keep private information out of public comments.
    1. If you want a company to call you, it’s a great idea to include your phone number and account information, but do NOT post that on their public wall.
    2. Companies can message you BACK if you send them a private message first, but they cannot message you first (imagine the advertisement messages you’d get if they could!)
    3. If you need help, private message with your contact info, and wait for a response. (TIP: If you don’t get a response within a day, feel FREE to call-out a company with a “I messaged and haven’t heard back yet” comment on their public wall.
  3. Keep it polite.
    1. Most companies have a filter or policy to block comments/posts that include profanity or hateful speech.  Make your messages as polite as possible so the company will both see your message, and be ready to help you.
    2. Some companies have wall commenting turned off on their profiles, so keep it polite in the private messages with a “How can I request some assistance?” private message.  A company is on Facebook because they want to interact, so make the interaction as pleasant as possible for both parties
  4. Tag them when you like the service!
    1. When typing a comment in Facebook on your personal computer (NOTE: this doesn’t work on mobile devices), you can “tag” the company with a “@” beforehand.  For example, typing “@earthlink” will have a link to the EarthLink Facebook pop up in your comment…let them know you liked their service and let others know!
    2. TIP: some companies (EarthLink included) even select random people who tagged them to receive “thanks for tagging” prizes, so always spread the word about good service!

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