Web Hosting – Why EarthLink is a Great Choice, pt 2

Last week we presented the first 5 points on this list, explaining the base reasons that EarthLink the best web hosting service provider.  This week we bring you the other five…the “frosting on the cake” if you will.  And, of course, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us (1-888-532-5004)!

6. FREE S.E.O. Tools. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you drive more traffic to your website through customers clicking on your search engine results. Our free tools help you optimize your business website for google (and other search engines); it also lists your website on 60+ online directories and your physical location on many popular GPS systems!

7. FREE Email Marketing Tools. EarthLink’s Email Announcer Pro makes it easy to create email newsletters, manage customer contact lists, and track the open and click-through rates of your email marketing campaigns!

8. FREE Social Media Tools. Our free SocialStream tool lets you manage and post to multiple social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN) from one simple interface!

9. WordPress blog installer. EarthLink’s WordPress Installer is makes setting up a blog on your site through WordPress (the web’s top blogging software) …all within your EarthLink Web Hosting account!

10. We want you to succeed!  Our support staff is here to help you with questions, comments, and to resolve any issues that may arise.  EarthLink also has a variety of self-help tools to answer your questions any time of the day.  You’re our customer, and we care about you…when you succeed, we succeed!

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