Web Hosting – Why EarthLink is a Great Choice, pt 1

The world of web hosting can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be.  As you’re researching, EarthLink wants to point out 10 reasons why EarthLink Web Hosting is the best choice out there.  This week we’ll cover the first 5 reasons (the basics), and next week we’ll round off the list with the final 5 (the “frosting on the cake” reasons).

1. Experience. New tech companies seem to pop up daily; it can be hard to see who is trustworthy and who won’t make it through the year (leaving your service up a creek without a paddle).  But EarthLink has been providing web hosting since 1995. 1995.  18 years of experience speaks a lot louder than the ad campaigns of start-ups.

2. Do-it-Yourself and Do-it-for-Me professional Design Options. If you want to build your website yourself, you can code it, or choose from a wide selection of professionally designed templates.  (This is as easy as selecting a template, entering your business information, and clicking to push the site live.)  Or, if you’d rather have a designer make your site, we have in-house professionals ready to help you (all for a low price that’s included in the hosting package)!

3.eCommerce Options. Both our Do-it-Yourself and Do-it-for-Me hosting packages can include full ecommerce (in-site shopping cart) capabilities so you can process orders within your site.

4. Value. EarthLink has found the perfect balance between cost and capabilities.  We’re not the cheapest and weakest out there, and we’re not the priciest and fanciest, but we are the most experiences web hosting provider offering robust plans at affordable prices.

5. Free Domain Names. EarthLink isn’t going to nickle-and-dime you.  Your URL is free with any web hosting plan.


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