2012: the Year in Search, the Year on Twitter

As 2012 winds to a close, Google and Twitter, two of the most influential Internet services, have released some fascinating (and sometimes moving) end of the year summaries.

2012: the year in searchGoogle Zeitgeist 2012

I guess it’s fair to say we were searching for something in 2012. Or should I say 1.2 trillion things. Because that’s how many searches Google reported we made on their Zeitgeist 2012 website.

Click to watch The Year in Review video for a moving look at the year’s milestone moments, or browse through the 11 categories to see the world’s most popular search terms of the year.

In Events, Hurricane Sandy, Kate Middleton Pictures, and Olympics 2012 topped the list. In Consumer Electronics, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S3, and iPad Mini took top honors. For People, it was Whitney Houston, Kate Middleton, and Amanda Todd. For Athletes it was Jeremy Lin, Michael Phelps, and Payton Manning.

Be sure to click Select a Country and select the United States to get a much more detailed view of what we were searching for. One interesting tidbit: of all the “How to…” searches, “how to love,” “how to rock,” and “how to vote” topped the list.

2012 Year on Twitter

For a Tweets-eye view of the year, head on over to Twitter’s 2012 Year on Twitter website.

In the Golden Tweets section you’ll learn that the year’s most retweeted tweet (and the most retweeted ever) was President Obama’s succinct “Four more years,” sent out to followers just before he came out to acknowledge his re-election in person.

Justin Bieber had the #2 tweet of the year, the poignant “RIP Avalanna. i love you.”  He sent out to mark the passing away of a 6-year-old fan who was stricken by brain cancer.

Pulse of the planet highlights the year’s most tweeted and retweeted events: the Summer Olympics, U.S. Elections, MTV Video Music Awards, Super Bowl, and more.

Only on Twitter chronicles the year’s events that really came to life on Twitter. Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab live-tweeted the Curiosity rover’s landing on Mars. Astronauts on the International Space Station tweeted about their unique view of superstorm Sandy. And a James Cameron sent a tweet from the Mariana Trench, 35,755 ft.  below sea level.

Visit Trends to see all the topics and hashtags that surged in popularity during the year and check out New voices to see all the celebrities, politicians, and other noteworthy people who joined Twitter during the year.

If you’re one of our dial-up, DSL, cable Internet or other high-speed Internet access members, let us know which of these events, people, or topics you searched for or Tweeted about in 2012.

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