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You’ve made it to the EarthLink blog, where we post articles we find useful, news-worthy, informative, or just plain fun. Whether we write the content it or are just sharing it, we know our tech tips, internet news, and online deals (including many from here at EarthLink!) will help you make your web experience that much better. Think of this blog as your own little slice of the internet. So welcome, and be sure to bookmark us and check back weekly for fresh content!

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  1. Yet another change with absolutely no notification from earthlink. Wouldn’t be too bad except some things have disappeared and do not appear to be retreivable. What happened to email guy’s blog? Specifically the “Tell Us About It” and “Known Issues” areas. I can’t find them anywhere and email guy’s blog was the single most useful way to get an answer about issues with webmail.

    • The email blog is important to us, so we made sure it had a place in our new layout. You can either find it listed as “Webmail” in the “Consumer” drop down, or bookmark “http://blogs.earthlink.net/category/webmail” if you want to link to it directly. All past articles are here, and this is where new ones will be published. Our comments are now serving as the “tell us about it” section (and just like you did, we hope people reach out to us through these), and each article now includes tags. Tags are keywords that describe content in the article; you can either click on these at the end of articles to see others with similar themes, or use the “search” box in the upper right of the page to find something specific. It’s our goal to make sure your online experience will be as informative and functional as it’s always been!

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