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I’ve heard a lot about “cookies,” and I hear from some people that I should always delete my cookies, and that I should never delete my cookies from other people…but I’m not even sure I know what a cookie IS!

Can you tell me what they are, and if I should delete them or not?

-Confused internet user


Dear Confused,

Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer so the website can give you a tailored experience.  Cookies are the reason you often see adds for specific products you’ve looked at online before, and why you’re sometimes directed to specialized web pages instead of generic ones.

It’s perfectly fine to always allow cookies, and unless a support person tells you to delete them, or you just feel like starting fresh, you don’t need to worry about constantly clearing your cookies.

The EarthLink blog has a good article on what they are (and it has links to info on how to delete your cookies too!), HERE.


How do I make the type larger on my webmail?

-Kathryn Kinney


The webmail application itself has no way to do this, but most browsers do.  Look at the “view” settings in your browser and you should be able to enlarge your font.  If you can’t find it, google “How do I increase the font size in [your browser here]” and you should find some easy directions!


2 thoughts on “Ask EarthLink

  1. Received and e-mail with “Important Message from EarthLink: Database migration, account to be deleted”. Is this from you?
    Msg wants me to confirm my account…. Doesn’t smell right.

    “If your account is not updated within 48 hours then your ability to access your account will become restricted.

    We apologize for this inconvenience

    EarthLink Services Team.”

    • You’re right. Smells phishy (as in a phisher email, designed to steal your personal information).

      Be careful. And remember, if you ever do go to update your personal information on our My Account site, type the EarthLink URL directly into your web browser rather than clicking a link from an email. Sometimes those phisher emails look real but will redirect you to a look-alike scam site.

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