“Back-up”, I say, and “Back-up often.”

By Ben Halpert, Founder Savvy Cyber Kids, an EarthLink partner


They say death and taxes are the only things that are inevitable. I’d venture to say that at some point in your life, you can also count on losing data. Everyone does.

The story of how you lost your data might be a good tale… a malicious hacker up to no good randomly unleashes a ransomware attack on your computer. You no longer have control of your PC or Mac. You know, the computer with all your financial documents, family photos and important work presentations, it’s now encrypted and unless you pay ransom in the form of bitcoin, you will never get it back. Truth be told, even if you pay, you might never get it back…

Of course, there are less dramatic ways to lose your data. Your hard drive could simply die. A virus could infect all your files. Your basement office could flood. Water damage would pretty much be the end of your computer hardware. Your home could get broken into and your computer stolen. You child could drop your laptop, irreparably damaging it. Hey, your house could burn down with your computer in it. OK, that’s a little dramatic again.

The point is, no matter the details of how you lost your data, the solution to eliminating or at least drastically limiting the consequences, all rests with you. If you back-up your data on your computer on a regular basis, tell that hacker a few short expletives and go reformat your computer. Your data is safe. Flood, fire and theft can too have limited consequences. Unlike data, hardware can be replaced.

There are many ways to ensure your data is backed up. Here are just a few options:

– Use your device provided backup options
– Use cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, etc.
– Use backup specific services like Earthlink Online Backup, Carboninte, etc.
– Use local backup options like USB drives

Be careful out there. The digital world is filled with minefields. Remember to stop clicking stupid links from unverifiable or suspicious sources. You might find yourself with a nasty virus. So, follow my advice and be prepared for any of a number of situations where your data could be compromised:

“Go now. Back-up your data. And back it up often.”

 Clumsy children and hackers, beware. You have lost your powers of destruction.



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