Timezone fix

In the latest maintenance release of Web Mail, which went live on 9/13, one of the significant issues we fixed is the longstanding timezone issue that affected some users. A small number of users would sometimes have the wrong timezone displayed in Web Mail and also stamped on outgoing messages. It would always be ET (GMT-5) even when they were in another timezone. This should be fixed now.
Please let me know if you encounter a problem with this again.

Mobile Email problem fixed

Last night we fixed the problem where certain domains could not view their mailbox using Mobile Email on their mobile device. These included ix.netcom.com and a few other non-earthlink domains used by our customers. Users reported that when they log in, their messages were not shown. If you log in with those accounts now, the mailbox contents will appear the same as seen in regular Web Mail.
This problem was discovered due to feedback here. Please continue to report any problems.
Other than that we haven’t seen any major problems with the launch, so in a week or so our monthly eLink newsletter will mention Mobile Email and encourage all users to try it.

Couple of issues that will be fixed shortly

UPDATE – the double sending problem will be fixed on Wed 10/21. Thanks for your patience.
With the last release there are a couple of problems affecting some users. On certain browsers in certain configurations, the Send function in Web Mail is sending two copies. This will be fixed soon. The other new issue is that some users of IE are getting a message “An internal error occurred” after sending a message. The message is sent correctly and only the error message is wrong. This also will be fixed shortly.