Printing bug that began 1/12 is being fixed

A number of users have reported a problem that began on 1/12. Rather than post and answer those individually I’m addressing it here.
When printing some emails directly from Web Mail, some users are getting only the headers on page 1, then a blank page or two, then sometimes the rest of the body prints and sometimes not. This does not happen with all users or all printers, but we have had enough reports to know it is a problem.
This problem is being fixed and the fix will be released soon. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, some users have suggested that they can print successfully by copy/pasting the message to a document and printing from there. I know that is very inconvenient and we will have it fixed soon.
UPDATE – this is now fixed and should be working fine.

Workarounds for double-spacing in HTML Compose

Currently when Internet Explorer users compose an HTML message in Web Mail, the Return (Enter) key on the keyboard inserts a paragraph space instead of a single line feed. You are using HTML compose (as opposed to plain text) by default when replying to an HTML message, or if you have started a new message and selected “Color & Graphics” on that screen. This allows formatting the text in your message.
The “doublespace” problem has been reported by a number of users and we intend to get it fixed soon. In the meantime there are a couple of things you can do. The best solution may be to use the Enter key only when you want a new paragraph, and otherwise just allow the compose window to wrap your text automatically as you type. Then it will be single-spaced. Any email viewer your recipient is using is going to wrap the text for them too.
If you need to insert a single line feed, a couple of clever users pointed out on this blog that you can do so by pressing Shift-Enter instead of just the Enter key. That will put in a regular line break instead of a new paragraph. Incidentally, it isn’t actually “double-spacing” as some have referred to the problem; if there were simply two line feeds you could backspace off one of them. You can’t. It is actually an HTML paragraph tag being inserted.
As far as we know the problem does not occur on other browsers, just Internet Explorer. But it will be fixed soon.

Getting attachments sent from Mac Mail

Users report problems when viewing messages sent from Mac Mail software, particularly when the message includes file attachments.
If your sender from Mac Mail attaches the file before they enter the message text, you sometimes won’t be able to see the attachment in Web Mail. It seems to only fail on plain text messages, not on HTML text. If they reverse the order and enter their text before they add the file attachment, you will get the attachment just fine. This problem is unique to messages sent from Mac Mail.
There is a related problem where if the Mac Mail sender attaches a file, and then enters HTML text afterward, then sometimes you will get the attachment but won’t see the text. Reversing the order when sending fixes it, and it also doesn’t seem to occur with plain text, only formatted text. This problem is NOT unique to viewing messages in Web Mail, but happens in most (or all) non-Mac email programs when viewing these messages from Mac Mail, and this one is definitely a bug in Mac Mail. It will happen when viewing the messages in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, and most other email programs.
Both of these are due to the unique non-standard way that Mac Mail constructs multi-part messages, and these don’t happen with email from other sources. We will try to get it fixed, at least the attachment problem. The text problem mentioned second is in Mac Mail and we may not be able to do a workaround for it. Apple should fix it.
In the meantime, ask senders using Mac Mail to enter their message text first before attaching files instead of the other way around, and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Follow-up notes to 5.54 release, 2 bugs

After a number of user reports, we were able to reproduce two bugs that seem to have been introduced in this latest release. We’re working on fixing them now. Both are just minor annoyances so it may be a few weeks before we get the fix out, but I wanted to let you know that we are aware of them already.
Here’s the two bugs:

  • ( FIXED ) – When you have checked the box on the login page for “Remember my login” this prefills your username when you navigate to that page. When you use that feature, the input cursor should load in the password box automatically so that you can begin typing, but it isn’t. The cursor is coming up in the username box whether you have that saved or not. So you have to click the password box or press the tab key to put the cursor in the right place. It will take that extra step until we get this fixed.
  • ( FIXED ) – When you have changed your Preference setting for the “Signout Destination” and set it to go to the Web Mail login page, that’s what you expect to happen. There is one circumstance where this is failing, and the logout is always going to the MyEarthLink page (the other option in Preferences). If you have used the column sorting feature during that session, by clicking on the Sender or Subject column header (or any column) above the message listing, then when you sign out it will go to MyEarthLink regardless of your preference.

I’ve awarded this second one our “Bizarre Bug of the Year” prize, which began just this year (just today in fact). What does column sorting have to do with the logout preference? I’m sure the developers will figure it out.
Thanks for the reports that helped us find these.