Couple of issues that will be fixed shortly

UPDATE – the double sending problem will be fixed on Wed 10/21. Thanks for your patience.
With the last release there are a couple of problems affecting some users. On certain browsers in certain configurations, the Send function in Web Mail is sending two copies. This will be fixed soon. The other new issue is that some users of IE are getting a message “An internal error occurred” after sending a message. The message is sent correctly and only the error message is wrong. This also will be fixed shortly.

22 thoughts on “Couple of issues that will be fixed shortly

  1. My wife and I are still encountering problems with failures in sending web mail. She is on a Mac running Firefox on OS 10.4.11; I am on Windows XP running Firefox also.
    The symptom is repeatable: After hitting send, the browser takes control (all buttons dimmed) and nothing further happens until several minutes later when the operation finally times out. The second time, often, the send will work.
    This is a fairly recent problem, no more than two weeks old.

  2. I’m still getting the error that the message may not have been sent and to try again. I just had to send a message three times. I use Firefox 3.0.15 in Windows XP Pro. Hope this is fixed soon. The email recipients are getting annoyed by the multiple messages.

  3. I am able to receive e-mails with attachments and pictures but no longer can send attachments or pictures with my e-mail. I am not sure what the source of the issue is but reading the other comments, I am suspicious that new upgrade may be the source. I have a Mac OS X 10.4.11 and use Safari 4.0.4. Any ideas?

  4. After reading an email when i try to return to inbox either by clicking the IE back arrow or clicking the inbox, webmail takes me back to the email sign-in page. Then when i log back in i get the ‘unknown webmail error’ and have to click webmail again. After a few times of this it becomes very annoying.

  5. Could this be the reason I cannot send files over 5 MB without getting the message the file can’t be sent because it excedes the 10MB limit?

  6. Having trouble with composing e-mail, when I send, I receive “Unknown Web Mail Error” after it kicks me off line. What’s up??

  7. I have set up a mail account in Windows Mail and with that I can send pictures – it should be a good backup mail system for times like these.

  8. It is now 11/6 and still no statements regarding these problems – not to mention the lack of a fix. What is the situation anyway? Has the problem been identified…what does “working on it” mean?… if it’s this bad why not go back to the previous version?… can’t someone in Earthlink cobble together a bit of info for us unhappy, frustrated, paying customers?!???

  9. I’ve gotten the “Unknown webmail error” deal a few times, too — and I’m using Firefox 3.0, not IE, if that helps you guys track the glitch. Thanks for all the great work perfecting this stuff!

  10. Thanks for the blog. I was getting that an error has occurred recently after sending and now I see you are working on it. I don’t have to try to call. But I see your message was posted about this on Oct 5 and now it is Oct 28 – when the correction take place for all of us?

  11. One more piece of info on my entry of 10/25 re “Web Mail Unknown Error”: way over on the edge of the page is “Web Mail version 6.1.10” – if that’s any use.

  12. On Oct. 24 I started having a problem: I wanted to reply to an email and also attach 3 small pix. After I clicked send a new window came up with the “webmail unknown error” message plus the following: “Sorry, an internal error has occurred. Please click on the web mail link on the header and return to web mail”
    After many experiments I have narrowed it down to attachments. I have tried to send emails to one of my other email addresses, to other people outside of earthlink (with pix attached) and all that happens is the above message page comes up and nothing at all is sent. Spent time talking to Earthlink help on this but the conclusion was that my mail was going through even though the message showed up…however after that conversation I determined that, in fact, no email was going out if it had attachments.
    Would really appreciate any info on the problem and if it has even been recognized as a problem and if it is being worked and when it might be solved or where else I should go or what else I could try. Thanks in advance.

  13. Why is it that I can receive Large emails, but when I try to send them, it won`t let me send anything over 10 mb? Will that ever change??

  14. My web mail is taking a long time to load and most of the time it times out when trying to load the page and after logging in. Has this issue been reported? Please let me know as I am having a great deal of difficulty and have already troubleshoote with both Earthlink and local cable company.

  15. 2 problems:
    I too am having a problem with trying to reply to or forward, some e-mails that I receive. The problem occurs when I select the forward or reply button. I get an unknown error page display and can get no further. Does not happen with all e-mails I try to forward or reply to, just some of them and I can not see anything those e-mails have in common… nor are they always from the same sender, and with and without attachments.
    I also have a problem with sending some e-mails with more than 6 or 7mb size… the error message reads that the e-mail is too big to send.
    Both problems commensed at the time of the new changes.
    Thank you.

  16. I haven’t seen any other comments about this particular “bug” I have been experiencing sporadically for the past month or so. Sometimes when I login there is no “Known Spam” folder listed. Sometimes clicking “Check Mail” will cause the folder to appear when the page reloads other times I have to logout and log back in for “Known Spam” to show in the left sidebar. Doesn’t seem to matter whether there is anything in the folder or not when it isn’t shown. Also happens on a couple different operating systems with various browsers on multiple computers which makes me think it’s something on your end rather than on my particular setups. A minor annoyance rather than a severe usability problem but since earthlink is still misclassifying wanted mail as spam despite numerous reports that “this is not spam” I am forced to check the “Known Spam” folder for legitimate messages and when that folder is not listed I wonder what might be in it.

  17. When I send I get two errors at times Problem with Server and Unsuccesful email at this Time
    Or something like that.
    It also puts them in my drafts folder and it shows in my sent folder..

  18. I now have a problem when replying to some messages. It lists an “unknown webmail error.” This has happened even with addresses in my addressbook and not with all replies. It began around the time of the new changes. I have a Mac 10.4.11 and use Safari 4.0.3 .

  19. Thanks so much for addressing these two annoying issues. Otherwise, WebMail seems to be getting better all the time!

  20. This “double-send” problem just appeared on my (and my wife’s account) and has been causing much grief hee. “Fix it!”, my wife insists!

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