How to Add a Website Photo Gallery

photo gallery demo - coppermine website photo gallery

Want to add a photo gallery to your website? How about a slideshow?

If you’re an EarthLink Web Hosting customer, it’s simple with the Coppermine Photo Gallery. Coppermine is integrated into your Web Hosting Control Center, which makes it easy to use with your EarthLink-hosted website.

Here’s how to get started with Coppermine Photo Gallery:

  1. Sign into your Web Hosting Control Center at with your web hosting domain nameusername and password.
  2. From the Build tab, click on the Coppermine Gallery icon.
  3. Click Install Coppermine Gallery.
  4. Fill in any required fields listed under Application Configuration (Database user and Database Name may be filled in already), enter your Administrator details, and select a directory for installation or create a new directory then click the bottom button to install Coppermine.
  5. After the installation finishes, click the Go to Coppermine Gallery link to open your new gallery page in a new browser window and get started customizing it.
  6. Click the Config button to get access to all your photo gallery settings and preferences. You’ll want to adjust many of these before you start uploading pictures. You can add a gallery name and description, change the gallery theme, define the width of the main table for your images, choose the number of albums to display and the number of columns for the album list, set the size of thumbnails (in pixels), choose to show a caption below thumbnails, set the maximum length for an image description, choose to create intermediate pictures and set how big they should be, specify allowed file types, and much more.
  7. Click the Categories button to set up categories for your photo albums.
  8. Click the Albums button to create Albums within your categories.
  9. Click Groups if you want to change permissions for the default groups: Administrators (you, for now), Registered, Guests, and Banned.
  10. Click Users to add users; at this point, you or whoever you designated as your administrator will be the only user.
  11. Now you should be ready to add your photos. Simply click the Upload file link at the top of the gallery page. You can upload up to five photos at a time. Click the Choose File button to find photos on your computer to upload. Or enter the full URL pointing to an image online that you wish to use. Click Continue when you have selected all the images.
  12. You should now see a confirmation that files were uploaded. Click Continue to add those files to the albums you have created. Use the menu to choose an album name, then title the file/photo, enter a description, and choose keywords. Click continue until you’ve done this for all files you are uploading. Click the Upload file link again if you need to upload more photos.
  13. When you are logged in as an administrator, you can click on any of the photos to crop or rotate them, edit the file information (change the title, change or add a description, add keywords, delete comments, etc.), or delete the files. Other visitors can click on images to rate them.

There are many, many ways to customize and modify your website photo gallery over time, but the instructions above should point you in the right direction. Good luck.

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