Internet Access Lets People Exploit their Silliness Publically

Thanks to companies like EarthLink, most of America has internet access (or at least access to a library or public service with internet).  This has led to a growth in online shopping, communication (through email, social media, and the like), blogging, news availability, and…silliness.

We’ve all heard about the online trend of posting photos of planking (taking a photo lying flat as a board in a public place), and now it seems the internet wants to one-up itself, because “milking” has started cropping up.  “Milking” is the (silly) practice of pouring milk over your head whille in a public or outside space.  …that’s it.  See the photo to the right.

Whatever you use the internet for, do it responsibly.  And even if you don’t want to participate, perhaps we can all be glad that the internet provides an outlet for even the most pointless of silly activities?

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