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Users often ask how to navigate quickly to a page in the middle of their message list when they have hundreds of messages saved. It can be tedious to keep clicking Next, Next…
Currently we don’t have a “jump-to-page” feature, but there are a couple of shortcuts you can take. You can increase your messages-per-page setting in Preferences, from the default of 20 to as high as 200. That might solve the problem, but know that over dialup the pages will be slower. Broadband users should all just set this to 200.
You can also use a trick to sort of have a jump-to-page feature. After you have navigated to the second page in your message list, look at the URL displayed in your browser and you will see something like “?start=101” and the number will be in increments of your messages-per-page setting, plus 1, referencing the first message on that particular page. So you can just type over that and hit enter to go to a particular page. In my example, the messages-per-page is set to 100, so I could type 101, 201, 301, etc to jump to any page. The page indicator shows you how many pages you have, so if have 20 pages of 100 messages (2000 messages saved), and you want to jump to the middle, you could enter “start=1001” to go directly to the middle page.

One thought on “Jump to a page in your message list

  1. When printing Sent emails the following is printed at the bottom of each page:
    (The symbols to the right of the first = sign change from email to email.)
    I want to get rid of this, since the last line in my email text, if the text covers more than
    one page, gets printed on top of the preprinted stuff.
    How do I get rid of it?
    Thank you, BJ

    Printing the URL is an option in the settings of your browser. In most browsers, click on File / Page Setup to change those options. You have yours set to print the page URL at the bottom of the message. You can just delete the part that says “footer” if you don’t want that.
    Email Guy

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