Managing Your EarthLink Web Hosting Account

One of the great benefits that all EarthLink Web Hosting and professional website design customers can take advantage of is the EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center.

We’ve previously posted about several of the sections of the Control Center, including how to build your website, how to manage your domain email, how to manage your website, and how to manage your domain.

Today we’ll focus on the Manage Account section of the Control Center. It offers you one centralized place to access essential settings information, account statistics, alerts, available services, important account-related dates, disk usage, and more.

So let’s take a look.

manage-web-hosting-account-in-control-centerLog in to Web Hosting Control Center

As always, you should start by going to and logging in with your Web Hosting domain name, username, and password. (If you have multiple domain names, you can access them all by using your primary domain information.)

Then, simply click the Account tab at the top of your screen to go to the Manage Account section of your Control Center.

Show-and-Manage-domain-name-in-Web-Hosting-control-centerManage Account Tab

If you have more than one domain name, the first thing you’ll want to do is use the Show & Manage menu to select the domain you want to manage.

Client Settings 

Click the plus sign (+) next to FTP Settings, Mail Settings or FTP Dropbox Settings to verify these account-related settings. You’ll need the FTP setting if you are going to FTP files to your website (rather than only using our built-in Site Builder to control your website). Use the Mail Settings if you want to set up an email client to access your domain name email or use our Web Mail for Web Hosting.

web-hosting-account-statistics-in-control-centerAccount Statistics

This section gives you a quick look at a few of your most important stats:

  1. Disk Usage: see how much webspace you are currently using and what the limit of your web hosting plan is.
  2. FTP Users: Just a reminder of how many people have FTP access to your domain.
  3. Bandwidth: Similar to Disk Usage, it’s a snapshot of how much bandwidth (also called web transfer) you’ve used this month and your monthly Web Hosting account limit.

Assistants Manager

Click the Assistants Manager icon if you want to add users to your web hosting account and assign them specific privileges. See our previous post on adding web hosting assistants.


It’s a good idea to click into the Alerts page of your Control Center every now and then to see if there are any issues that require your attention. Alerts listed here may be billing issues, system updates, announcements of planned downtime and other important information. Click to open and read any alert you have and then click the X to close the alert. Then choose to Mark as unread, Mark as read or Delete.

My Services

Click the My Services icon to view all available services as well as upcoming billing dates for all your web hosting services. This section gives you a quick look at this information only; if you need to modify any account information or make a payment, click the My EarthLink Account icon instead.

My EarthLink Account

Clicking My EarthLink Account opens a new browser window with our My Account portal, the place to go when you want to make any changes or updates to your Web Hosting account. See our previous post about My Account for more information.

Disk Usage

The Account Statistics section we mentioned above already gave you a quick look at your primary account statistics. Click into Disk Usage if you want a bit more. You’ll get a more detailed look at your available disk space, used disk space, free disk space, available bandwidth, current bandwidth, and email boxes. All stats are in megabytes (MB) except mailboxes, which show current number of boxes and the total allowed for your web hosting plan.

The statistics listed on top of the Disk Usage page are for the current month only. If you want to see how this information compares to other months, use the drop-down menu to select previous months.

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