More Ways to Use Domain Email

Domain Email from EarthLinkA couple of weeks ago we posted about the value of using domain email for business communication and provided tips for choosing the best domain email addresses.

Last week we followed up with an overview of EarthLink Web Mail for Hosting and Domain Email customers.

This week, as promised, we show you how to use your domain name email addresses with email software on your PC or with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler: all you need to do is configure the mail settings for the email software or app on in your PC, tablet, or smartphone using the following information as a guide.

Settings to Configure Your Domain Email On an Email Client or Mobile Device

Email Address (your full email address) 

Incoming (POP) server (mail. followed by your domain name)

IMAP – Incoming / Outgoing

Outgoing (SMTP) server


Account / User Name (your full email address)

Use the password you created along with the email address. If you have previously signed in to EarthLink Webmail for this email address, it’s the same password.

If you are using secure mail, the port numbers are as follows:

  • POP = 995
  • IMAP = 993
  • SMTP = 465

One final reminder: remember to use your own domain name wherever it says above, and use your own mailbox name where it says mailbox.


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