Quick Tips on Holiday Photo Sharing

With holiday dinners, parties and gatherings coming up, it’s a fact that pictures will be taken.  Lots of pictures.  EarthLink put together this short tip sheet to let you know how to get the most our of your photos using technology.

1) If a friend or relative can’t join your for the holidays, stage a photo with a space for them to remind them you miss them

  • What could be sweeter than emailing someone a photo of you at Christmas dinner with an empty chair reserved for them?
  • A visual representation of how you miss someone is a sweet gesture

2) Properly post party pictures

  • Make sure that the people you are posting pictures of approve the photos ahead of time; no one likes a post-eggnog photo going public
  • If the event was private or intimate, make sure you shore the photos only with people from that group so your other friends don’t feel left out

3) Sparingly share pictures of your presents

  • Feel free to show the world a few of your most appreciated presents (like the scarf a friend made), but uploading pictures of all your spoils could come across a bit “braggy.”

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