Remembering Steve Jobs

The technology industry lost one of its brightest stars last week. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, one of the most famous and respected CEOs of his time, died last Wednesday at the age of 56.

Steve JobsHis vision, passion & leadership will be missed.

Jobs was a technology visionary credited with helping the personal computer industry to take off, developing the influential Macintosh computer, reinventing the digital music player with the iPod, launching the first successful online music store with iTunes, exploding the market for touch-screen smartphones with the iPhone, and creating a vast market for tablet computers with the iPad. He also helped make Pixar into the world’s most successful animation studio.

The Washington Post ran a great retrospective of Steve Jobs that includes a photo gallery with highlights from his life. To hear Steve Jobs speak about his life (and thoughts about death), watch this TED video of his commencement speech at Stanford University.

At EarthLink, his vision, passion and leadership will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


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