Cell Phones: The Risks You Should Know About

Risks of cell phones

These days, most of us can’t live without our cell phone. However, it can be dangerous to be attached to a device without knowing how it can be hacked. Some security concerns include dangerous app downloads and changes to default settings.

iPhones: WhileApple is known for tight security measures and therefore safer security measures on its cell phones, some users may be tempted to jailbreak their iPhones to get around restrictions. Jailbreaking is not recommended because it invalidates iPhone’s warranty, renders Apple’s security measures useless, can cause crashing and instability, and may even “brick” or freeze the phone.

Androids: To offer more freedom, Google allows users to download cell phone apps from outside the Play Store. But this opens users to risk, as attackers can try to distribute malicious apps.

  • Avoid apps from outside the Play Store
  • Scan apps outside the Play Store for malware before installing
  • Enable the “Verify Applications” setting to regularly scan for malicious apps (even apps from the Play Store)
  • Be suspicious of apps that ask for excess permissions

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